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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2019 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin tonight to our u.s. lawmakers about to start impeachment proceedings against president for the answer to that look to this woman the west house speaker nancy pelosi the top democrat in congress she is set to make an announcement any moment now on that very topic it comes in the wake of new allegations against the president. while the heat is being turned on him in washington the president is in new york focusing the united nations on iraq. have
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a duty to. no responsible government should subsidise. trump says the top economic sanctions on tehran will be tightened also coming up over rule by the supreme court in a blow to british prime minister boris johnson all 11 judges agreed that his move to suspend parliament was unlawful 'd. it's good to have you with us we begin in the united states where house speaker nancy pelosi is making an announcement expected to be about impeachment proceedings against the u.s. president let's listen in point to my president trying to bring that the complaint is both an urgent concern and credible. and it's disclosure he went on to say
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relates to one of the most significant and important of the director of national intelligence is responsibility to the american people on thursday the inspector general testified before the house intelligence committee stating that the acting director of national intelligence blocks him from disclosing the whistleblower complaint this is a violation of law the law is unequivocal the d.n.i. is staffed for. it says the d.n.i. d.n.i. director of national intelligence shell provide congress the fall whistleblower complaint. for more than 25 years i've served on the intelligence committee as a member as the ranking member as part of the gang of 4 even before i was in the leadership i was there one when we created the office of the director of national intelligence that did not exist before 2004 i was there even earlier in the
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ninety's when we wrote the whistleblower laws and continue to write them to improve them to ensure the security of our intelligence and the safety of oversell blowers i know what their purpose was and we pursued it with balance and caution as we wrote the laws i can say with authority the trumpet ministrations actions undermine both our national security and our intelligence and our protections of the whistleblowers more than both this thursday the acting d.n.i. will appear before the house intelligence committee at that time he must turn over the whistleblowers for complaint to the committee he will have to choose whether to break the law or honor his responsibility to the constitution on the final day of the constitutional convention in $787.00 when our constitution was adopted americans gather on the steps of independence hall to wait the news of the
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government our founders had crafted they asked benjamin franklin what do we have a republic or a monarchy franklin replied a republic if you can keep it our responsibility is to keep it. our public indoors because of the wisdom of our constitution and shined in 3 co-equal branches of government serving as checks and balances on each other the actions taken to date by the president have seriously violated the constitution especially when the president says article 2 says i can do whatever i want for the past several months we have been investigating in our committees and litigating in the courts so the house can gather all the relevant facts and consider whether to exercise its for article one powers including a constitutional power of the utmost gravity approval of articles of impeachment
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and this week the president has admitted to asking the president ukraine to take actions which would benefit him politically the action of the truck the actions of the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections therefore today i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry and directing our 6 committees to proceed with their investigations under that umbrella of impeachment inquiry the president must be held accountable no one is above the law getting back to our founders. in the darkest days of the american revolution thomas paine wrote the times have found us the times found them to fight for in establishing our democracy the chimes have found us today not to place ourselves in the same
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category of greatness as our founders but to places in the urgency of protecting and defending our constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic and the worries of and frankly to keep our public i think our chairman chairman chairman now there chairman shifa chairman now there of judiciary chairman chief of intelligence chairman angle of foreign affairs chairman cummings of oversight and chairman cummings i've been in touch with constantly he's a master of of so much but including inspectors general and and whistleblowers congresswoman richie neal of the of the ways and means committee congresswoman maxine waters of the natural services committee and i commend all of our. members our colleagues for their thoughtful thoughtful approach to all of this through their careful statements god bless them and god bless america thank
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you so much worse than it. was all right that was the u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi right there delivering it and announcement of historic announcement one that she has tried to delay as long as in her eyes it's possible saying that she is asking the health of representatives to begin impeachment proceedings against president donald trump was take the story now to washington d.c. our correspondent all over salad is standing by so this is the moment when the democratic party officially ends what has been months some would say several years of of caution they've decided to take this decision tonight i mean we've heard some parse words from palosi dishonorable a breach of constitutional responsibility and a betrayal of his office referring to president rob so all over where does it go
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from here. all right this is a big step for the democratic party in particular for nancy pelosi who has not been very vocal on the idea peaching president so she always urged her fellow party members to hold back but it seemed like this phone call with the ukrainian president was sort of like the straw that broke the camel's back she announced formal impeachment proceedings well that certainly means 1st of all that the committees that are already investigating those 6 committees that they will certainly continue but this will happen under this new umbrella now the umbrella of the official impeachment proceedings that will later be have to be confirmed by the house of representatives which will be feasible a simple majority is needed here to be passed by the house of representatives that is controlled by the democratic party of growing number of democrats as we speak is
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uniting behind this idea but then in the 2nd step of this is where it's getting more complicated the senate will have to approve this and this is where the republicans have the upper hand and in addition to that 2 thirds in the senate are needed to approve the impeachment of president trump so this is at this point and unlikely scenario but the impeachment proceedings are triggered right now. she used very strong words and accusations against president trump that he violated the constitution of the trail of the oath of office and so on and so forth and as you say the proceedings they begin in the u.s. house of representatives when they come to trial it is the u.s. senate that trying to the president on the impeachment charges and as you say you need 2 thirds vote of the senate of the republican controlled senate to vote for articles of impeachment it's unlikely so how do we explain the palosi the leading
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democrat taking this decision if if she doesn't think that she can get a conviction in the u.s. senate then why is she taking this. well that's been the big question here for 4 months basically and let's not forget we're also talking about the mother investigation not only about the phone call with the new or with the new ukrainian president so basically the democratic party feels trapped they believe that it's their democratic duty to hold the president accountable for all the accusations made in the mala report for obstruction of justice for instance and right now of course the important accusation against him is that he has been abusing power by trying to damage the most important 3 presidential candidate of the democratic party who very likely at this point at least could be his contender in one year from now so what they're of course they want to move on here 2. with
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a risky situation resulting out of this no daal president trump already said that he believes that will foster and his chances of being reelected this impeachment inquiry because his rhetoric has always been that this is a witch on that they're just trying that this is rick that they're trying to get rid of him no matter what and he will certainly use this argument from now on even more so in the full read that you go what about the u.s. president and that the transcript to this station with the ukrainian president. the phone conversation is something that nancy pelosi mentioned in her announcement and we've got reports that donald trump saying he will release that transcript to morrow what do you make of the timing of this do you also think will it make a difference in the decision to start impeachment proceedings. 0 one thing
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is pretty clear and that is that president from must be very certain of there is no evidence inside of that transcript that as we speak the whistleblower that leaked this information urgently wanted to testify because he believes he has additional information on how to deliver and that was accepted so he will testify before the intelligence committee later this week and this might be the crucial moment that we have to watch to find out what other evidence is there and present as well that's a very important point to make our correspondent oversell of the story tonight with that announcement that the u.s. house of representatives will begin impeachment proceedings against u.s. president donald trump all over thank you for the u.s. president today he put the global lens on iran at the united nations general assembly he castigated the islamic republic for what he said is state sponsorship of terrorism and he also fired verbal shots at china within the u.s.
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is currently engaged in a trade war all of this within the walls of a global leadership institution created to ease and resolve conflict. john was some meat to use if the u.n. general assembly for catching up on their sleep on the u.n. secretary general shelton needs to issue a stern warning. i hear the possibility of a good night for auction. the world splitting into we did 2 largest economies on hers creating 2 separate and competing well we to be their own dominant currency trading financial rules their own internet and our official intelligence capacities and their own 0 geopolitical and military strategies and i hope those words of caution seem to have little effect the united nations and every now meant for multilateral cooperation turned into a stage for
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a national agenda especially us president donald trump was eager to point fingers 1st he lashed out at china for both countries. the 2nd largest economy in the world should not be permitted to declare itself a developing country in order to game the system. at others' expense. for years these abuses were tolerated. ignored. or even encouraged next trump reaffirms that iran was responsible for recent attacks on saudi oil facilities he urged other nations to curb the support for the islamic republic all nations have a duty. no responsible government should subsidize iran's bloodlust. as long as iran's menacing behavior continues sanctions will not be lifted they will be tightened but china and iran are scheduled to
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address the assembly in the coming days they must now decide whether they want to follow the secretary general's cautions or risk further deepening their conflicts with the united states you're watching u.w. news stephen beardsley is up next with the business thank you for that. earth's. means of species. worth saving. given those are big changes and must start with small stares global interiors tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around.


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