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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 25, 2019 7:00am-7:15am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin an impeachment looms over president donald trump u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi announced congress will start an official inquiry into a legit high crimes and misdemeanors the actions of the trump presidency reveal it dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office of our national security and to trail of the integrity of our election to president must be held to . no one is it the wrong. at the un brazil's president
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again refused to believe the facts about fires in the amazon saying the fate of the rain forest is personal business. and over ruled by the supreme court in a blow to british prime minister boris johnson all of the new judges agree that his move to suspend parliament was unlawful johnson vows the ruling will not get in the way of brett. and william blue cross welcome to the program only 2 presidents have been impeached in american history donald j. trump may become the 3rd after months of speculation nancy pelosi the democratic speaker of the house of representatives has announced her congressional committees will form an umbrella inquiry its goal to gather to gather the evidence necessary to impeach trump it's the 1st step on
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a long and uncertain path that could see him removed from office. it was a long time coming but nancy pelosi has finally made the announcement many in her party have been waiting for all. the actions of the trump presidency revealed dishonorable fact of the president's betrayal of his oath of office betrayal of our national security and the trail of the integrity of our elections the president must be held accountable no one is above the law strong words from the speaker but why now a complaint about donald trump from a whistle blower has focused tara tensioned it alleges the president put pressure on ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son biden just happens to be one of the potential challenges to trump in the american presidential elections next year we have a president who believes there is no limit to his power the president believes he
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can do anything and get away with it but the president believes he is above the law pursuing the leader of another nation to investigate a political phone go up when this election is not the conduct of an american president. the president in question knew the inquiry announcement was coming and he wasn't impressed look it's just a continuation of the which are the worst we'll show you in political history you have the strongest economy then you have the best unemployment numbers we've ever had. trump has faced down multiple scandals since taking office and with republicans controlling the senate even if he is impeached whether he is removed from the white house is another matter entirely. now for more let's bring in our washington correspondent all of our salad all over good to have you with us this morning so tell us this in korea that nancy pelosi was mentioning what's it going to be looking for. right so the allegation against the president
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trump is that he abused his power when speaking to the ukrainian president on the phone when he se admitted when talking to reporters was trying to get dirt against joe biden the leading candidate of the field of contenders in the democratic party in the run up to the 2020 election campaign no nancy pelosi said that he violated the constitution in doing so that he betrayed the american people but let's not forget this is not only of all this phone conversation this is about everything the president has done all the allegations of misdemeanor since he took office and in particular also about the findings of the mother report there are many allegations here among them of structuring of justice and now again the abuse presidential powers of course there are 6 committees right now investigating that have been investigating for quite
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a while and they will certainly continue to do so but now under this new umbrella which is the impeachment inquiry now that certainly sounds like the democrats have a lot of power they control the house of course but that doesn't make impeachment any easy task so tell us a bit about the challenges that they're facing and going down this road. right you mentioned the democrats control the house and this is 3 basically a very feasible step that they will have to take moving forward to your the house of representatives will then vote on the findings of this inquiry and there is just a simple majority needed and the democrats control the house so this will be feasible to democrats uniting behind this idea of impeachment right now later the final verdict has to be spoken by the senate and this is where 2 thirds of senators would have to vote for impeaching trump and that senate is controlled by republicans this is very highly unlikely because simply half of the republican
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senators would have to change sides here and if you consider the partisan politics that we're witnessing here in the united states at this point this is all just a very big leap into the unknown for the democratic party now you just laid out 2 of the major steps of the impeachment one that takes place in the house and then in the senate but there's a lot of other moving parts with this particular case so it could be very long and drawn out lay out what are those next steps that the democrats in the house are facing when it comes to pursuing this inquiry. well president trump today on wednesday has announced that he will publish the redacted version off the transcript of this phone conversation but there are reports saying that the expectations should not be too high of course president trump feels very safe and secure in publishing this transcript it's said to be rather weak than in addition to that the government has announced that it would publish redacted version of the
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complaint made by the whistleblower that could also happen as soon as and when state but all eyes really are right now on the whistleblower himself who is supposed to deliver 2 testimony at the house intelligence committee perhaps even as soon as wednesday as well or later this week and while we don't know exactly what piece of evidence he will deliver there the expectations are certainly very high all right oliver saladin wash and thanks very much for joining us and keep us posted. for now at least it's business as usual for the president in new york trump addressed the u.n. general assembly directing much of his ire at iran which the u.s. and its allies have accused of supporting terrorism and attacking its neighbors but what they're going to do about about it remains hotly contested as our correspondent there reports. a lot of pressure in washington presidents trump
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took the stage at the united nations on tuesday to once again promote america 1st policy be proud of your country hold on to youth over and see the future belongs to patriots not globalist this was his message however it was those in favor of multilateralism who were in the spotlight at the u.n. france and germany talking to iran in the u.s. trying to prevent state conflict from as collating into all out war it's not clear yet if they will be successful but at least they are trying. and also at the u.n. brazilian president gerry boyle sonar used his time before the general assembly to angrily defend his environmental record he accused critics of lying about fires in the amazon though he did acknowledge that some were set intentionally this year has seen some of the of the worst places ever in the rain forest
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for the amazon rain forest is ending at its highest rates in almost a decade images like this worry environmentalists they see the rain forest. and climate change and they accuse brazil's president of allowing deforestation to go on checks. the u.n. giant both in our i met fire with even more fire telling his audience the amazons a matter for brazil. it is a fallacy to say that the amazon is the heritage of hume. using and resorting to fallacies to certain countries instead of helping lie in the media and behaved in a disrespectful manner and with a colonialist spirit coolio you. the man that names captain cheney's song has promised to open up the amazon for farming and mining the
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clearing of trees has encroached on land belonging to indigenous communities representatives of those communities were in new york to hear both scenarios speak . his speech at the u.n. was to please economic sectors mining timber harvesting and business these through the economic sectors of the ones causing and promoting genocide of the brazilian indigenous peoples. both in our own maintains his policies will improve the lives of everyone in the amazon he calls it progress but it won't cost. now to some of the other stories making news around the world chinese president xi jinping has officially opened beijing's new mega airport located in the south of the city the airport cost $16000000000.00 and boasts the world's biggest terminal building a starfish like structure designed by the late architect zaha hadid it will
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eventually handle $100000000.00 passengers per year. opera star placido domingo has pulled out of performances at new york's metropolitan opera after allegations of sexual misconduct domingo have been due to appear in a production of macbeth starting on wednesday dozens of women have come forward accusing him of harassment which he has denied. visas to see the european union's top court has ruled that google is not required to apply the right to be forgotten rule to search results outside the e.u. google had argued that if forced to do so worldwide it would allow authoritarian governments to cover up human rights abuses. a black panther that was roaming the rooftops of a northern french town a few days ago has now been stolen from a zoo it was put in after being caught zoo employees discovered the animals petted and broken into overnight the pet there was due to be we homed at
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a rehab rehabilitation center for domesticated wild animals. u.k. lawmakers take up their seats in the british parliament again today after the supreme court ruled that bourse prime minister boris johnson had unlawfully suspended it johnson said he strongly disagreed with the court ruling and that it would not deter him from ensuring that the u.k. leaves the e.u. on october 31st. judges filed into the courtroom to deliver their highly anticipated ruling their verdict unanimous a stunning rebuke to the prime minister the coup is bound to conclude. that the decision to advise them not just to prove parliament was unlawful because it had the effect of frustrating preventing the ability of parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification the effect on the fundamentals of democracy was extreme no justification for taking
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action with such an extreme effect has been the fool the coup. so the court said the government suspension order was no and void and that parliament should resume business immediately. common speaker john bercow confirmed m.p.'s would sit again starting wednesday. news of the ruling reached prime minister johnson in new york where he's been attending the un climate summit so obviously this is a budget that we will respect with respect the judicial process to happen so i strongly disagree with what we justices and i don't think. it's right but we will go ahead. while the ruling doesn't affect bragg's it directly it does mean parliament won't have to wait until mid october to have its say in the process. the decision like drags it has divided the public but these
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protesters welcome to the judge's decision. i might say for democracy a great victory for british democracy it's good to see the cool it's reaffirming the rights of the electorate sr it's a nice story it's elected representatives what the government's doing on threats of a night like opposition leader jeremy corben who's been struggling with labor's own braggs of divisions at the party's annual conference called on johnson to step down or if you don't think i have to fight to misled the country this unelected privatisation should never really thought. i knew. the prime minister's next move may be anyone's guess but he'll return to london to face growing pressure over his brags that strategy and his leadership. they're watching your news i'm william glow cruft up next hour documentary dead
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donkeys fear no hyenas part to deafen aka want to miss that so stay tuned after a short break and in the meantime visit our website you have your dot com for all our latest news. org paul follow us on twitter at the date of your news. it's all happening too much of it coming. your links to news from africa the moral majority links to exceptional stories and discussions continue on loconte debut suffocating program tonight from funny to me from the z. it's now i would say demi come.


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