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this is g.w. newsmonger from berlin tonight a phone conversation that now has the potential to end the u.s. presidency. a memo of a phone call between presidents of the us in ukraine shows trump of fraud in ukrainian president to linsky to dig up political dirt that could possibly be used to influence next tuesday was election that allegation is why impeachment investigations are now under way also coming up tonight get breaks it done in a defiant boris johnson addresses parliament in pledges once more to take the u.k.
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out of the european union. people supporters of the policy of his it's pretty obvious of how the big 3 years ago i think the referendums must be respect. john. breaks it down and people want us out i'll tell you about the footy. this is the 1st time that the prime minister has addressed lawmakers and since the supreme court ruled that he unlawfully suspended parliament earlier this month and a disaster in the making in the world's oceans a scientist on the un's climate panel warning of a threat to humanity rising sea levels superstorm more flooding and more drought. i bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the unite. states and all around the world we begin tonight in the united states
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with a controversy that could eventually spell the end of donald trump's presidency a transcript summary of a july phone call between trump and ukrainian president vold a mere zelinsky shows strong urging the ukrainian leader to investigate presidential candidate and political rival joe biden now the call has prompted u.s. house democrats to launch a formal impeachment inquiry against president drop they're calling his actions quote an ambiguous damning and shocking abuse of the office of the presidency. these are the documents the white house released hoping to diffuse the controversy over president trump's telephone call with his ukrainian counterpart below the news alinsky instead they seem to back up claims that trump pressured zelinsky to investigate the business dealings of democratic rival joe biden's son. trump continues to deny the allegations and says democrats are harassing him. this is
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radically was or whatever and if you take a look at the democrats they went down to see the president of ukraine and they are sent for all sorts of things and don't go with the republicans and stay with us and like it's a political war they shouldn't have done that it's the single greatest witch hunt in american history probably in history but in american history it's a disgraceful thing the conversation details were made public a day after house democrat leader nancy pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry into the matter a move she's defended. the president of the united states. into each of his constitutional responsibilities has asked a fine government to help him in his political campaign that cannot stand he will be held accountable to the top democrat had long resisted calls for impeachment hearing a backlash from voters who still support trump but unlike the rush investigation
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this time the president is directly implicated and public attitudes could change well before an election that's more than a year away. and for more a now let's go to w.'s alexander phenomena she is in new york at the hotel where the u.s. president and ukrainian president selenski just held their one on one meeting good evening to you alexandra you were also at the press briefing where both presidents spoke with reporters i mean we've seen the transcript ourselves what did they have to say about their phone conversation. oh it was was quite yes it was quite interesting to be present at their meeting because it started in a very good mood presidents were all laughs and smiles and they were joking around for example when president praised you claim for its tremendous potential and the ukrainian president responded by saying i know that i am from this country but of
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course didn't change a bit when those presidents were pressed by reporters to unset the question if the president puts pressure on the ukrainian president to open and this to geisha into joe biden and his son president trump of course regenerate that he didn't put any pressure and president de craye and president also had to answer this question let's have a listen. even go. to this to be joe biden. i've read the 1st thing so you know i think you read facts. i. i'm sorry but i don't want to be involved to do a critic all. elections elections of us say no you did we had. i think good phone
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call it was normal we spoke about many. and. i think you read it is that nobody bullshit bullshit me yes no. you know the words no pressure. both of these leaders saying that this was a normal phone call or at least the u.s. president saying for the democrats that this transcript shows what they consider to be damning evidence what exactly is it in the transcript that has them so. well there is no sentence saying that you know i am going to freeze military aid for your country if you know it's going to open an investigation into joe biden and his sons at business dealings if you keep a train that all of what the president sat said just said that he was really
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putting a lot of pressure on his ukrainian counterpart he said several times and that's to you as has done a lot for ukraine but that this relation has not been. reciprocal and then ukrainian president responded by saying so maybe we can buy anti-tank missiles from the e.u. ass but president trump and i think that we have this quote went on saying that i will say that we do. i'm sorry i will i would like you to do us a favor i would like the attorney general call your people and i would like. huge to get to the bottom of it and that could be really damaging for president trump because it's showing that he is putting pressure on the ukrainian culture and he's ukrainian counterpart in the transcript summary alexander we also find the u.s. president criticizing european leaders especially german chancellor angela merkel
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how does he show his disapproval if you will of the german chancellor. and once again he was trying to show that you ass is doing a lot for ukraine that ukraine needs you ass help that the europeans are no it's doing enough and he said i quote i will say that we do a lot more for ukraine much more than you were peon countries are doing when i was speaking to our merkel she talks ukraine but she doesn't do anything to me that's basically the same criticism we've heard time and time again from concerning america there are now reports all xander that members of the u.s. congress are set to shortly review the whistleblower complaint that is at the center of the impeachment inquiry that goes beyond this phone conversation how is this complaint how is it expected to compare with the cole transcript that was
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released today. well we have to remind our viewers that this complaint in the 1st place had launched this impeachment fury because it was a member of the intelligence community who was so concerned about what was said and this phone call that he filed he or she filed this complaint and turns to the intelligence communities in town a watchdog and the white house denies congress and the access to those documents to this complaint and that's the complaint and that's why the congresspeople did. what's worse so few us outraged about that that they decided to act and many in congress many democrats but also a number of for publicans have already said that they are looking forward to seeing what this whistleblower has to say and that that is very important
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a correspondent alexander phenomenon in new york on the story sports tonight alexandra thank you. well now to the u.k. where just about an hour ago british prime minister boris johnson addressed parliament in london and challenge the opposition labor party to table a motion of confidence in his government now the british parliament resumed its session today after the supreme court yesterday declared its suspension by the prime minister to be unlawful that decision was welcomed by opponents of bragg said but it has enraged many of those who want the u.k. to leave the european union quickly we'll cross over live to london in just a moment but 1st let's listen to johnson's call for that confidence but. clearly. the quality of his it does not hold for those in the government they will have a chance to prove that they have until one house right easiest britain isn't absent
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from. the i think they should this is this is because they have been to the house rise in these troops to table a motion of nato troops. and we can have that. tomorrow all right phyllis poll and our correspondents begin my she's on the story for us in london good evening to you bear get i mean it's remarkable isn't it yesterday the u.k. supreme court basically it said that boris johnson in this letter had lied to the queen about suspension today we've got boris johnson goading the opposition in parliament to call a confidence vote do you think that will happen. well yes brant to use very aggressive language he accused the opposition of being cowards for not at the name and calling for
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a vote of no confidence because they have said and this the answer to your question i don't think it will happen the opposition have sat for them it's most important to prevent leaving the european union at the end of october without any deal so this is their 1st priority and if that is the case if that date has cost then they said they will be happy to have an election but just not at this point in despite that stunning and stinging unanimous ruling from the supreme court yesterday against suspending parliament boris johnson and his conservative party they came into parliament today as believe as ever do you think that strategy is going to pay y'all. extremely aggressive language and quite extraordinary boris johnson has pivoted polman against the people that's his narrative he calls polman saboteurs others in his cabinet have said similar things and and in peace have been exasperated they said that he should be ashamed of himself and they have
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pointed out that the language is actually dangerous for n.p.'s because it opinion polls becoming ever more polarized and the pm boris johnson will hope that it was that this will help him he's leading in the polls he's certainly very popular with people who voted breaks it and who wants out at any cost and he will hope that this narrative is going to help of however a majority also of british people have said that it was right for parliament sorry it was right for for the court. to give this ruling and you actually have parliament resumed so we will have to see whether he hasn't gone too far and using this language sadly some people will be quite disgusted by it i think and where does this leave us a bigger is the u.k. is it on course to leave the european union at the end of october with or without a deal. well yes brant there is a lot of anger here but not much is happening in terms of breaks it in terms of
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moving that forward i think we will only know more at the end of october when there is another summit in brussels and when bros johnson might come to some sort of deal with the you that could be one scenario the other scenario is that he doesn't reach any agreement and then the bets are off then it probably looks like a general election he can't really crash out without any deal at the end of october parliament have legislated to prevent that but what's going to happen off of that deadline and if there is an extension we really don't know all bets are off there are 3 scenarios there is no deal breakers it there is a greg said with a deal or there is no brakes at all and at the naming we really don't know which way it's going to go yet it's the nobody knows november that we're worried about now you know we use very good moss on the story for us tonight in london bigger thank you. or here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines
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around the world israel's president has asked prime minister benjamin netanyahu to form a new government the move comes after deadlocked elections last week netanyahu is the party came in a single seat behind the blue and white party led by many guns neither leader has been able to put together a coalition with a majority in the 120 seat knesset human rights groups in egypt say that more than a 1000 people have been arrested in a crackdown after last friday's protest against the rule of president to l.c.c. he seized power back in 2013 when the military took over from the democratically elected muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi. you're watching t.w. news still to come and activists escapes the violence of yemen's a civil war and travels to berlin with an urgent plea she wants the german government to do more work to improve the lives of women in her home country we'll talk to her in just about. a united nations report has issued the starkest warning
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yet of a climate change catastrophe for the planet's season oceans predicting more super storms rising sea levels and ocean dead zones scientists from the intergovernmental panel on climate change say unprecedented overheating in the world's oceans could raise sea levels by about one meter by the end of this century rendering some coastal regions completely uninhabitable. on senegal's coast the village of pumping queen is already feeling the effects of rising sea levels the atlantic has washed away several houses and a mosque. the scope was all the good it done when people's houses have been destroyed they pack up their things and try to make a new start in the countryside if they have the money they go to the car another city. in the winter for their quote. their situation as a result of events happening around the world sea levels are rising due to climate
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change carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases making the earth warm up. polar regions are seeing the permafrost saw places and ice sheets are melting rapidly. flooding storms and erosion on intensifying. underwater global warming is also having an impact increased c o 2 levels are turning our oceans more acidic and that along with higher temperatures will cause fish stocks to dwindle especially in tropical areas like senekal. the i.p.c.c. report says that in order to avoid even more severe consequences the world needs to reduce carbon emissions immediately. back and pull pinguin authorities have
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already built a sea wall. then the wall is a big help if it weren't there even a hill nearby would collapse and the house there to. put the seawall will not be enough if water levels continue to rise and even more people off forced to look for a new place called home. where for more on this report i'm sure the big table by you think oh he is from the global climate forum here in berlin he is one of the co-authors from 30 countries of the i.p.c.c. special report the ocean and the crowd here this day it was good to have you on the show. last you mean the conclusions in this report are shocking were you shocked when you were writing it and putting this together well actually not i mean we've been dealing with this issue for
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a long time so i mean all the report is based on published literature so you should be knowing this literature as it comes available the expected rise in sea levels poses as it does from your report enormous challenges to coastal areas around the world but the risks are an evenly distributed what does that mean well that i mean you've got rich areas in the world that can manage by and large sea level rise by protecting themselves and actually it's not so expensive so from an economic perspective it's relatively cheap to protect however this is only affordable for the big cities where you have a lot of concentrated assets in the coastal someone. the poor regions they will struggle to finance that and eventually have to retreat from the coast yeah i mean this expected rise in sea levels is going to pose not only immense technical challenges but we're also talking about social challenges aren't we yes i think the
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main challenge actually are economic and social challenges because. the risks are an evenly distributed and more all waka pass a teach do something about that is also quite an even your report comes this week along with other reports that we've gotten concerning climate change this week that tell us that global warming climate change is accelerating faster than we thought when you look at all of the evidence now that you have do you still think it's possible for us in the next 12 years that we can do all that needs to be done to prevent the earth's temperature rising by those critical 2 degrees celsius i think it is possible but it's an enormous challenge we need to rebuild our energy systems in a quiet rapid manner and that's going to be a big effort but on the other hand i mean if we don't manage to do that we could
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end up with sea level as a buff mito by the end of the century and even $3.00 to $5.00 metres in $2300.00 so the longer we wait the more unmanageable the situation will get where are we even prepared for let's say half a metre of the sea rise this century yes i mean i would say so i mean beefed up coastal protection being exercised throughout the world since decades and centuries actually i mean if you think about germany or the netherlands i mean they've got 8 meters 9 b. does high dykes and actually some cities such as talk you have to manage to adapt to 5 mito seat of rice local sea level rise during the 20th century because the crown was subsiding. or riots you can think of with the global climate form here in berlin mystery that we appreciate your time and your insights and we preach that you walking us through this report today thank you thank you very much. well it's been 4 and
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a half years since the saudi led coalition began the military intervention in the yemen since then the country's civil war has become a proxy conflict or regional powers saudi arabia and iran with yemeni civilians bearing the brunt of the suffering but the country already had plenty of problems before the war began women in yemen have long suffered depression in the country's patriarchal society our reporter on your call that a yemeni activists here in berlin. a few days of tranquility forced to hop a shower and she's far from her war torn homeland of yemen. it's also kind of free lacked thing to be free. and would know where. you will be. at any time of the day but sharon is a women's rights activist with the aid organization care a long awaited has allowed her to visit berlin for
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a few days to appeal to german politicians to take more of an interest in her home country she's trying to improve women's rights in a place where civil war has reached for years and 80 percent of the population depends on humanitarian aid her task is becoming more difficult. when the priority is to find food and you don't know from where you are a 2nd meal is coming that the talk the talk about right people like feed me 1st and then talk about tribes discrimination against women is worse in yemen than anywhere else in the world according to the global gender gap report equal rights activists cite child marriages female genital mutilation and domestic violence they want to at least give women their voice but sometimes more presents opportunities. did gandalf open windows. because families who lost
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their bread would have the back and who will stand. for their families and you fine now a little foreman and they use their practice never on. their practitioners skills in cooking in suing and to turn it into business which is a big achievement for a woman before leaving berlin suhana sharon is hoping the german government will agree to put more pressure on the warring parties it might help end the conflict there and ensure her children can one day made in a peaceful yemen. for her here in germany the artistic an architectural movement known as bell house is marking 100 years our house emphasizes minimalism functionality clean lines are now a museum in the german city of camden it is highlighting the unique role of glass in the. the water glass redefined.
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here the water is trapped inside the glass making it a permanent part of a sculpture. the chemists glass exhibition is a bit like a laboratory with artists exploring different aspects of the material. if the show is dedicated to the material was on the it was very important as the material in the beginning of the house movement creates wonderful possibilities that are displaying objects and spaces in the. smartphone screens magnified many times are also part of the show traces from fingers wiping the screen or frozen for eternity. the title of the exhibit i made entirely of glass comes from a quote by a powerhouse artist mariana bond that includes herself portraits seen in round glass balls. on an apprentice and in florida brand is a famous daughter of cabinets and she's one of the best known figures from the bauhaus and one of the women who developed iconic objects. and. cabinets
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residents were also invited to contribute by donating glass objects that had special value to them this lamp for instance was the sole surviving object from a house that was destroyed in a world war 2 bombing raid. through this is g.w. news and these are our top stories the white house has released the transcript summary of a phone conversation that shows u.s. president donald trump ukraine's president golda meir's olinsky to investigate democratic presidential candidate joe biden the allegations have prompted and rational democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry. british prime minister boris johnson has challenge the opposition to table a motion of no confidence in his minority government it came as he addressed to lawmakers for the 1st time after the u.k. supreme court ruled his suspension of parliament earlier this month was unlawfully
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. israel's president wants prime minister benjamin netanyahu to form a new government in elections last week netanyahu party came in a single seat behind the blue and white party led by begun. the un has strengthened warnings of a climate change catastrophe for the planet's oceans it says unprecedented overheating could raise sea levels by about one meter by the end of this century. this is g.w. news from berlin you can always find the latest headlines at u.w. dot com or follow us on twitter.
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it's time. to take one step further. than face the possible. moment here on this side of love really time to search the amount. and fight for the troops out of.
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time to overcome boundaries. and connect the world. time for the t w e w s coming up ahead. binds. the other one into one official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. it's already a. return to vast whaler. to visit friends yes i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. his respect. being. seen.
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mr. bush. is. going to respect. boris johnson and donald trump the transatlantic populous duo both larger than life both whitening rods for controversy tonight both men are accused of abusing their powers in the u.k. parliament there are calls for prime minister boris johnson to resign in the u.s. congress investigations have begun which could end in the impeachment and removal of president double draw i'm brick off in berlin this is the day.


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