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he was sentenced to a 2 year suspended prison term. but jacques chirac remained popular though will be remembered less for his politics and more to the french people so. that's all the news for now but don't go anywhere the documentary botswana's heavy metal queens is up next there's more news at the top of the hour states. stay informed. and language courses. video audio. anytime anywhere. mr.
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it's a peaceful saturday afternoon in a rural community in botswana a sleepy little village but not today. because today members of the country's heavy metal music scene have descended on. their the rock rockers in the local language of sets one of. the outfits are an integral part of the parade. and that applies in particular to the queen's. i. it's a scene dominated by men but one in which the women are establishing themselves.
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there were a. group. in botswana is often called the garden of eden of africa the local one go delta with its unique terrain and wildlife is a popular tourist destination become a hearty desert is a semi roots of anna scattered with scrub land it appears inhospitable but his home to a range of exotic animals the tourism diamonds and cattle the 3 pillars of the country's economy the herds of cows are free to roam and graze where they please it's a sign of prosperity as it always has been. to court as much as people in botswana look to the future they remain rooted in tradition and that sense of tradition also affects the position of women. queen glorious daily routine begins in less than
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regal fashion getting up at quarter past 5 every morning female members of the more rock are called queens the title was awarded as a sign of respect even if it has nothing to do with gender equality as such. i think it was all about it's. a freak in all of this it's like. saying hey i'm a nice on top and they all monies. because if i can remember they used to play and. they never even say come and play all day that does teach you do they still it was the main thing you know men doing everything we can go out with slowly we're coming up and hopefully we'll have at that into a one man band. base tell until and then i've had it tell that. indeed they are but it's proved difficult for them to set up their own bands with their own front women. juana is
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a vast country almost twice the size of germany for example but its population numbers just 2000000 people. in queens of heavy metal only have their get togethers on a very special occasions in wien ludo lives in france's town a 5 hour drive away from queen gloria she's busy sewing together her and i'll do it in 3 days' time she'll be at the rock summer festival in the capital got a wrong and wants to look her best and with botswana having no dedicated heavy metal fashion stores even the rivets have to be applied by hand. accepted that some people are not tipping these how many dress and also i do appreciate those who come up to us and tell us we look good those who accept this will be up. against the will of accepted the less that of judging us. before they get to
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know whether this is a boat because most of them feel like it's. just to do with a lesion that it doesn't only yesterday with music. music and also a display of being self-confident strong off. the 3rd heavy metal queen of flora lives in already close to the south african border just 40 minutes away from governor on. at 21 she's the youngest queen and sports a particular look. for signature style cowboy hats leather pants and waistcoat and plenty of fringe. to pay off jeans money and the clean. because.
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i believe crazy. and the way i feel. yes if only i could. yes because it is so sad cool. they just couldn't get crazy you know he's so this is an end of the eighty's you know things. once a year that are different backgrounds meet up at the biggest heavy metal event in the country gloria lives in my own a 9 hour drive away from. home she's the single mother of her son. and not only that i. know. how i feel under.
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all. that. so this is. what. the title if you will. because it. isn't a. women are traditionally revered as the heart of the household however the reality paints a different picture many women are the head of the household simply because they are single mothers or women michael oriya metal scene is an escape from their daily life. and made them the drive me crazy like even if the. you know on
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my little clip of food that i made and so it will make me feel complete. and 7 in the morning glory of sets off to work in a shared taxi. while there are routes connecting the country's towns and cities public transportation within urban areas is practically nonexistent. in places like malone commuters only options are shared taxis or if they're in a rush private camps.
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formally one of the poorest countries on the planet since gaining independence from britain in 1986 botswana has transformed itself into one of the most stable nations in africa that's also reflected in the country's education system. gloria left high school with only an intermediate certificate but she managed to earn herself an office job at a construction company which is currently building a lodge in the nearby okavango delta she does not have a permanent contract and doesn't know what will happen when her contract runs out. gloria's 1st task every morning is to stock up on office supplies and make coffee she's the secretary and odd job woman most mall construction firms.
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thank you. chris thank i. feel. that it. wasn't. that i didn't feel. like i. can. 2 thank you. thank you the dry season here in the north of botswana lasts between 6 and 9 months and for the boss and his staff the dry season
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means the work season tourism tends to center on the 4 month rainy season beginning in december when the delta and its wildlife blossom. the proportion of women managers is continually rising in botswana gloria believes in the potential of women and is keen to indulge in her role as a queen of heavy metal. lineage as well it is with legs like a wave like missile and have basis in the house even at hole when i did days like days like that my ideal is they. think it's something that. glorious office job enables her to make ends meet but her labor of love is the molly rocker's association a metal heads club where she can be an organizer and where she can let off a bit of steam. please. please please.
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for franz the world over heavy metal is an escape from the daily routine regardless of age group or profession but in botswana a country where the metal fans also face accusations of satanism it takes a lot of courage and confidence to be among rock. a. glorious 9 year old son and linus finds the club i'm a little odd. when his mom's rocker buddies are in town p. prefers his books to all the proof pop. ups that it hanging out in the model and then told them that no i think we should form an association and they told me that you know we tried filming it to need just didn't wait because some people with put in that side and clean the slate as it
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were but we can ignore those people ignore those people and just that it's with 5 people and then that us can follow and that's what we did sold. as is as we started with going to help you know these are fellow brothers who is disabled and they. make you. helping cleaning the hanging out together and people is that it is it that the association or the meal can lead to if it weren't for the kings of the century no they're morocco eco's constitute freedom during the week they're pretty much trained to their desks the majority of the metal heads here have 9 to 5 office jobs working for the government. when they looked at that a metal plate we. like full couple fiesta and. it came because those see the
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same model and like they haven't done anything new that lives done anything with. bad light they haven't changed even the these guys that plays in bed. and then i say we should start something the association that will help the ben members that will help us is not all you know. cutting phenols. events waiting. like even up to come saving or even going to. be as affected as you know and letting all those things. and that i thing that sell like how how how i think the suspicion will be implied in 4. or. more.
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i'm. gloria on the other members of her club are eager to improve the image of metal heads in their town and they also do volunteer community work together such as picking up litter in the neighborhood. in botswana wearing black leather and listening to metal is often considered satanist their clothing and imposing appearance are often met with fear and suspicion another thing the association wants to change but gloria herself has far more ambitious plans for the club she wants to see its members learning to help themselves and each other. tomorrow the metal heads from own will be traveling across the country to make their presence felt at a wedding. that. gloria is also organizing the group's trip to the rock simper festival. they were.
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a little boy. but swan it is a land of profound contrasts as also applies to its natural terrain the calamari does or does it drive savannah. its northern section the okavango delta is prone to repeated flooding at the same time droughts and desertification pose major ecological problems the country is considered relatively progressive but cattle are prized to this day as a highly profitable investment and the metal scene is likewise an enigma but swan it is one of the few african countries where percussion is not celebrated in the local folk music but it's in this very country where drums play a huge role in a particular music scene and that apparent contradiction is
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a major factor in the popularity of heavy metal among them are all. france's town of the 2nd biggest city in botswana is 6 hours away from aa and that's where queen ludo marina lives within the scene she's seen as the introverted but beautiful rock up. back in her father's home she's a carpenter fashioning wooden baby cribs it's a job that enables her to take care of her 9 year old daughter while also going against the grain of traditional gender roles. for the 4th. 5th. so. for. a woman beside him should be an example an example to all as kids i'm not kidding yourself. elementary. the that's
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that's within if they maybe keeps that if it needed to get that. it will men should be empowering yeah we should be i think it will. be. doing this kind of. makes me feel. powerful. it makes me feel good because i'm doing what i love. i'm doing something that a lot of people least expected me to do. so in a pretty much enjoy surprising people. when it comes to them finding out that i do this because even when i go to buy the materials at the shops that one is in a. suit. he does this is my 1st time to see a t. intersection. she builds scripts and bookshelves she discovered her love of
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design while at college and the courage to try out the masculine enterprise of carpentry is something she owns to her experience as a model. it's. good at times maybe you'll be an example to motivate out of this to keep on moving we've always also a man in your life. although one man is important in her life her father. and he needed love that's right the toys that were his after i was so sad is so folks so it was definitely her that she was giving him for that table. and i sit with my wife she just about idiots she pointed to some places don't need milam now
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if she's very good. with it would do it. with all of these things as well. that i have taught. neutral is a 2nd generation moroc her father nihilo lani sexton was a leather clad metal head back in the 1980 s. the doors outfits are admired by her fellow queens. i go for the style which has a. more touch of the major look and then i also can go for there because folk to leave a have a lot of status. in here but i'm limited there. and then there's also they call girl look i can also go for that. decision he it just depends on my mood i feel if i have to go or
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a horse and she feared to go look if i had to lead a bake and go for the bakers look better than if i had to show something or proof it to do the. look. she's not yet sure exactly which outfit she'll be wearing for the rock summer festival that's something she'll decide together with her friend. what's wanted is a large but sparsely populated country that also means ample space for the millions of cows and donkeys. distances between cities are seemingly endless and contact within the roxy relies heavily on social media every couple of months the festivals dotted around the country provide a chance for virtual friends to connect in real life it takes ludo around 7 hours on the bus to travel from frances town to flora in all deep. when it rains here
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mother nature pushes the pause button for a couple of hours and suddenly the streets are empty. the village of ody is only a 40 minute drive from the capital got her own but it seems like a world away the village appears almost deserted. flora lives together with her extended family her mother her sisters and brothers and her son she knows everyone in the community but above all everyone knows her because being a moron makes her stand out. the villagers are wary and skeptical toward new developments queen flora was 14 when
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she 1st heard of radio station playing the music that has given her life a new rhythm she says self-confident and outgoing woman from. the rocks are a close knit society it takes a lot of courage to join their exclusive rights. in mali to meet her yes she is dating the 1st so many levels to this. press. says that to advocate for the libby indictment is that it. is not sick that they the right to sit still it is not the full count if they did build it well if it was really a lady think of what it is that they think of waiting to be. safe and.
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heavy metal fans around the world are used to negative stereotyping in botswana however those prejudices are so extreme that pastors at what are called fire churches rant and rail against the wrong. hers some have even proposed members be subjected to an exorcism. has a traditional lifestyle surrounded by her family her mother do pool among is the sole breadwinner. flora and her mother also feel responsible for the children of their relatives today they're looking after her cousin's baby. plays may cause it. to get it davies they've made it late. for they can't get to it is it is said is to stay in the closest. little deal this will consume the tennis will the.
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queen noodle has now reached after a 7 hour bus journey she's come to the village to prepare for the heavy metal festival with flora. in a few hours time the 2 queens will be welcoming the kings of the scene and their parade in florida. has. been tucked into facebook that you've never met before but give us a good thing that they said it is easy. to get to connect with a bush is a bad test and say to his ranch easy. it won't just little things cause it. to stay then he did say
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this i cut the size need a is in the hospital may lead weight they gave this treaty. they treated 2 cubits in a quote it's basic nature builds. and it leads to the need for so many new guinea. it didn't matter if their 1st ever meeting is a fascinating one in the 2 metal queens are different in demeanor but do find similarities to change things so. i waiting for kind of like a little baby feel. it has. this small a it she's feeling because the day to day issues that the kids this. made was. that she said. this is the state of this she will.
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feel they pass the time while waiting perfecting their outfits you can never spend too much time on your look a sizeable metal head group will be arriving soon to pick them up and take them to the festival these meetings are rare occasions and are celebrated in more rock fashion. people. this new kid says laughing laughing. than it is that it is that time yet they have and they have indeed. so well all the expat seeing a lot of days in tirades. that i have continues we should immediately used to assume by this piece amongst themselves. that symbolism is very important to the model it's expressed in both rituals and in
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their attire and accessories. the moroc are late the rain has brought the village to a standstill rendering the main road impassable for a few hours. then suddenly they arrive the heavy metal queens and kings. the rough greeting is a symbol that developed after violence became a concern at gatherings the greeting is a demonstration that they come in peace and
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a symbol of the camaraderie in the group. wow. this is the 1st time ludo has met most of the other members in real life flora does know them personally but hasn't seen them for 2 years her then boyfriend gave her an ultimatum forcing her to choose between him and the local church congregation for the rockers. the chaps hats another cowboy accessories all make sense but the cowbells that some of them are up where are meant to commemorate a time when runaway slaves were forced to wear them the more rock where the bells
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to honor them and as a reference to cowboy culture. good. enough and. didn't have a good. definitely look at it what it was. then it's time for the parade a core ritual of any gathering and the chance for the more rock to take center stage or are was. they struck down the road as if on a fashion show runway showing themselves from their best and loudest songs and more of consciously leaves the parade past the church tent. for how. the procession takes them all around the village
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a procession that takes cues from those of the major religions it symbolizes a concentration of power. the group having flora lead the parade through her village is unprecedented and she revels in every single step along the way having a 2 year absence from the gatherings for her it's a public affirmation of her identity for 2 years her boyfriend had forbidden her from meeting them on rock or even just dawning her letters. flora and her music fan family are now back at her home ody wasn't on the group's
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route to the festival but they were happy to make the detour for flora. and that after years of suspicion her mother has now come to accept floor of being . queen nonetheless the spectacle unfolding else at her home is pretty overwhelming . i am going to explain it. to. enjoying ourselves. and let them live with it is as. to. what i am so proud of being our all of the good it was a let. down the leg nicely. and then let them down so it's only. elevator let out loud so hey let's. get.
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a these children only know the people from their own very much in the seemingly otherworldly visitors leave a lasting impression. people in botswana are moving rapidly away from their traditional roots and that reorientation to the modern world involves frequent culture clashes. a a a a a a. a a a. a. florist grandmother was the 1st to lose patience she has little understanding for her granddaughter's new lifestyle. but queen ludo sees
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how important it is for flora to be able to combine her 2 worlds. that it will be their very like that's with all they have already happened to me more this small difference between. and i was never going to get sick of this fall. off me and that is we had these things but we still got some of the same things. we knew don't love her cowgirl role at home she's an independent single mother but here she's happy to immerse herself in this alternative role i mean i don't i'm not a little bit warmer it is good that i did well but the effect is that. the group continues on to the rock summer festival many of them have traveled huge distances to get here.
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heavy metal festivals take place every couple of months some of the bands featured have made a name for themselves outside of botswana as well such as the next evening's headliners skinflint. although not all broke but don't have all that long and all the. 2 hours further north east queen gloria and the more up association wake up and mama hop high. but you know. it's the weekend she's been gearing up for 4 months of the festival encounter own one of florio laura and will be meeting up. likewise months in planning is the wedding of their friend to live i think. that. that meant.
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they're not all that. close she went out. well if they haven't gotten death if we are good to radiate it's good to assuage the afrikaner she is getting married saying they're not so tidy with him in jail with him separated they have. no leverage and we live dresses and skins at us as he asked us was to send you s s. to late it's like a cruise to. help hi is a mid-sized town with a population of 40000 located between francis town and got her own the country's 2
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biggest cities as everywhere else in the world weddings are a very traditional affair in botswana. the groom has taken quite a risk in inviting his rocker friends but me for is determined to have gloria and her friends attend his big day. his bride is not a moron. that it would be good for you it's the 1st time the association has been invited to a public event. so the rockers are eager to dress to impress in morocco style of course today they will again face those prejudices about satanism wouldn't you know that i'm a little limited on that. but still the group
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do initially enjoy an open welcome from the other wedding guests who seem curious to say the least. the metal heads pay tribute to the groom. i am. and he's happy to see his 2 worlds married in harmony.
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the male members prefer to look for potential partners from within the group. led fun has made an exception and his bride accepts his special guests. are. all right i was was the warm welcome extended to the rockers here is a positive sign from gloria nevertheless she leaves the festivities early in order to continue to the music festival. the king's make themselves look comfortable you know what i will be all of that what i was meanwhile the guests are all equally looking forward to the wedding feast of. my. high it's
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only a 2 hour drive to cover our own when you're in a car at least and in a hurry straight down highway number one. gloria and her fellow metal heads love these road trips through the endless expanses of the stuff at the drive means freedom in so many senses of the word gloria makes it too precious few festivals gaborone is simply too far away from mount.
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despite the searing heat $35.00 degrees celsius in the shade and humidity in excess of 90 percent the morons transform each stop on the road into an improvised mosh pit session. the rock summer festival is held every year in the capital. it features 3 local bands with rockers congregating from all over botswana.
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the evening has a very special meaning for the 3 queens for respectively different reasons. gloria is taking the opportunity. to just enjoy herself for what's cluedo combines business with pleasure managing to sell one of her custom made elephants for flora it marks a return to a life she's been missing for the last 2 years. lists lists for europeans this might look like a regular friday night in a dingy rocker bar but for these queens of heavy metal gloria ludo and flora it's the biggest event of the year was it's about seeing and being seen and living out their identity as part of a family part of a culture and as queens in
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a realm they can call their own cut live. i. was. plenty of borderless europe plenty feeling person in northern ireland playing for in texas pro and con. games but it was wrestlers under the 2 conflicts in border regions such help people deal with and cut our special interests for years i fled. in 30 minutes on d. w. . board battle to find decent accommodation. number of
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applicants for. the front end up. to $100.00 euros per square meter. the last one of a show where the 100 years ago. secure and affordable housing is becoming a scarce commodity. made in germany the payments to. the fall of the berlin wall began before november 989. these are the heroes of eastern europe we talked to those who began the struggle for freedom and those who showed personal courage told them no good book will score no telephone
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call for almost all of you know you've been in the courtroom we have to go off the wall didn't surprise me i saw it coming 10 years before that before true and. what does it take to change the course of history. raising the iron curtain starts september 30th on d w. this is d w news and these are our top stories in washington the house intelligence committee questioned the acting director of national intelligence about a whistleblower complaint the complaint alleges that president donald trump abused his power by seeking ukraine's help in the 2020 presidential election that further suggest the white house then tried.


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