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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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i work at double. digits. this is you know really was live from berlin on the offensive president donald trump lashes out at a the unnamed whistleblower who chooses him as abuse of power and trying to cover it up for the democrats the case is clear cut. by their very act of coming forward and showing more dedication to country more of an understanding
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of the president's oath of office. than the president himself well as the impeachment battle heats up president donald trump just supporters it's just a hoax also coming up. children in chains nigerian police rescue hundreds of young people shackled what is said to be an islamic school teachers are under arrest. on my heart thank you so much for your company everyone in the u.s. the impeachment battle is heating up u.s. president donald trump has called the democrats impeachment inquiry a disgrace and he's looking for ways to end it the whistleblower complained accuse accuses the president of soliciting interference in next year's presidential election well some reports say the whistleblower was a cia man. he alleges that donald trump pressed ukraine's president to investigate
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his leading democratic rival former vice president joe biden and his son hunter biden who had business interests in ukraine the complaint also accuses the white house of a cover up. defiant as ever u.s. president donald trump slams the impeachment inquiry as another attempt by democrats to get him. it's a disgrace to our country it's another which charge here we go again what these guys are doing democrats are doing to this country isn't this great and it shouldn't be allowed they should be a way of stopping it may be legally through the courts now video has emerged of trump discussing the whistleblower alluding to how spies used to be executed by the us critics have blasted their remarks as witness intimidation.
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these are the business groups that was on. the road to the slaughter. injuries. the eve of a phone call between trump and ukrainian president blow them is that is what triggered the whistleblowers complained it's accused trump of pushing selenski to investigate his leading democratic rival in the 2020 u.s. presidential election joe biden and his son things live this monday house intelligence committee chair adam schiff subpoenaed to us by chief joseph mcgwire to make him explain why he initially hadn't passed the whistleblowers letter to the committee whistleblower by their very act of coming forward as showing more dedication to country more of an understanding of the president's oath of office and the president himself. in the tense committee hearing mcguire defended consulting the white house before releasing the whistleblowers reports the director
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of national delegates according to the complaint senior white house officials try to lock down all details of the phone call between trump and selenski democrats said this reeks of a cover up a complaint reports a quote repeated abuse of an electronic records system designed to store a classified sensitive national security information which the white house used to hide information of a political nature this is a cover up. that is a cover up. away from the theory in congress at the white house president trump met with police sheriffs' he was that's a highlight his credentials on crime as the us again debates whether the president himself has broken the law. all right let's discuss where things stand now with pablo foley ileus our washington correspondent a problem where do things stand right now. well and this is
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a very moving story of the focus today very much is on this continued effort by the democrats to push forward with their impeachment inquiry we heard from the speaker nancy pelosi and she had some very strong statements to make and she was referring to she said there was a sense of urgency in many respects in there they should try and wrap up their investigation by thanksgiving which of course is the end of november and she focused once again we heard it in the report there the cover up of the cover up she also had words to say about the president saying it goes beyond irresponsible but of course of the other side the republicans have been scrambling to 3 to say you know at this point inquiry is baseless and we've also been hearing from many you know members within the republican party and of course president trump who have essentially been trying to this is gratis the people at the center of these
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allegations now in a not a public what is the case that democrats are trying to make. ok we'll try to break it down for you later because this is it's a big story with many elements to it essentially what the democrats are looking at is president roh believed he was seeking foreign help from a conversation from the ukrainian president selenski he was also accused of using military aid is a bargaining tool with regards to the aid which the democrats are claiming he withheld in order for him. asking for a favor from president selenski and also with regards to how long it took for the complaint made by the whistleblower there focusing also on that why did it take so long and they're investigating that at length and you know they've been saying that you know focusing as well on the fact that you know it was a serious of flagrant abuse and violation of the law by president trump that's what
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the democrats are saying at the moment so what comes next what can we expect well like i said i mean the democrats are pushing forward they want this to take place swiftly this investigation nancy pelosi has also been saying that she would she's been she has been giving away too much but media here is reporting that behind closed doors 'd she says she wants this investigation to ruffle pretty quickly in the next couple of months up most so that it doesn't lose momentum and also they've been saying within the democrats you know the best way to deal with this is that it doesn't sort of take center stage considering that next year the presidential race is going to be in full swing and they don't want this dominating it. at all next year so essentially wrap it up as quickly as possible they don't want this to be a long drawn out process meanwhile pablo a president donald trump has pushed back how is this all playing out with his base and the general public. well later we spoke about it you know before that here in
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the united states impeachment is not very popular and both saying that this is a very different situation it's unprecedented in many respects you know because we're dealing with a very unique situation but you know we've heard from president trump in a series of tweets he has been going on the offensive and you know he and many other senior republicans are sort of taking tactics trying to discredit those at the center of this complaint and so that's sort of the approach that we're seeing at the moment. as the best defensive publicly at least reporting from washington thank you. well as i know about some of the other stories making news around the world. egyptian security forces have sealed off car was prominent at the harir square to prevent expected protests against president apple fits a c.c. well several nearby subway stations have also been shut for alleged maintenance closures come amid a harsh security clampdown following anti-corruption demonstrations across egypt
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last week and. hundreds of south african government employees have protested in pretoria against violence targeting women and children the rally followed a call from president cyril ramaphosa for all members of society to work together to prevent gender based violence. the british oil tanker seized by iran in the street over moose 2 months ago has left the iranian ports where he was being detained the studio in peril was taken by iran's revolutionary guard 2 weeks after an iranian tanker was seized by britain and that ship has was released in august. thanks to a disturbing discovery made by police in nigeria officers there rescued hundreds of people being held captive in the northern city of could you know most of them were children and many were shackled by chains the building is said to have housed an
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islamic school and several teachers have been taken into custody due to the news has decided not to show the faces of the victims. these boys were sent to boarding school for a religious education. instead they were starved chained and whipped. somebody external scars of the physical suffering they enjoyed a little. viral or political that if they give it this sort of the country study. says of the forest and the islamic way of life that's all around a son of a look at which. one look at me or is. this. what access to a lot of. the police say it's not clear how long the children were held there.
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not all of them came from nigeria but this place is another rehab or an islamic school because you have small children some of them are brought for in our neighboring countries but you know fossil mali ghana and the rest. for all of a cultural cause all over the country they were here some of them why even change their why use human ice because. there are many islamic schools across the northern parts of the muslim region of nigeria the police arrested 7 people including the teachers running the school the children are now staying at a temporary camp in the city while police contact their parents. are there to take her to nigeria she didn't use it rima you cooper he is ready to be hausa and is in a could do in an ordinary jury where this these disturbing scenes took place. just
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square the scene for us you were there. yes of caused us that was so since just today even in and out 6 o'clock when we came with the chibok listeria we taped to the house and then we saw the children with different kind of. injuries and then different kind of for about visions of rights that consentual turns out in the critic us to step in the house before the police start if i read to them one by one they have the information about the school and that's where all of us will instantly area you know that we're about to be everyone in the house including the whole top of the school who are teaching to us and the house it was confirmed that the area is one of the area where laos fully knows who comes from where their neighborhood african countries nobody come and stay because of good security in that area so good will come to the area open so it's kind of school without getting
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permission for grotto to see i don't see how does who was to be or who was not be depoliticized at this if this girl has been operating for about 10 years and night duty had not been aware of it does why they just dumped house on this or this or that changing the house while that is really damning because it looks like there was no oversight there and a lot of very vulnerable people that were being housed in that school i understand that you also met one of the parents whose child was in that school. yes definitely i went to the calm where all this nonsense where i've collected lead and sent one like to look at this and you can tell now where all of them were being kept all medical check up for them and also it might just be because i saw that the city's. temple made account has yet to get them then i met one of the i don't see out who she was that was among the people there not one i met plenty parents with up about 20 that they came to know where i'd actually been so they followed to know where
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the actual turns out in acts up where you protest and she said no my child is dead what's the child to me did you know the child had a child is when she was just said she doesn't but then i told her i saw a chance chance of those children that they were being used to change and i saw one of them who was injured and it didn't he cannot deal with this with the legs because the chain has gone in the intern somehow the slip so i saw him one day on the street and he cannot be moved from one place to when it does where x. the parents and why are you protesting because you don't know what is inside yeah it really gives you the tools and so on until i'm back you can trust your temple to did it has to be among the 1st you have to boil it to prove a serious or doesn't guarantee 100 more to the government then it will now start looking for the veterans and then they told me that the government had make up intervention that they did all this to just well thought what a nice i mean what do you make reasonable successful that you got ship them back to the i can see a new way to send them to nigeria i don't know how does not mean school that you
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must take them to discuss this are some of the usual stuff i had the government are you talking about when the fact is that i saw them in the company that they are happy with into one place to another i saw them happy to get into a different kind of suit from the gratitude that they have not been into long times your case will have cost and that india a nice saudi government has provided was due to meds and for that necessity and i just assume that they can keep them well for the moment what it took them back to get this mission. even when you combative reporting there earlier thank you so much for spending time with us. search $600.00 fleet is up next us again to the top of the hour. i'm secure in the they were not hard and in the end is a me you're not a latina more he wasn't of that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliances are being.


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