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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2019 8:30pm-8:46pm CEST

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literature invites us to see people in particular because i think i like to see myself as the kids find strength grow grow and. my only objective for america is to share with a fine beautiful. she does leave books on youtube. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes opened its doors these are the 1st migrants to arrive in the country evacuated from detention centers in the back. and he was once the 2nd boston marathon running in history but has now little lives to show for it so what happened to kenya is done came to if it was. shown in the course to. never never do. my siblings.
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hello i'm christine want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along one of the has received 66 migrants that were being held in the libya detention center you know conditions in many of those libyan camps saw say to be inhumane with reports off rape and torture now it's the 1st group off 500 to be sent to rwanda it's under an new agreement with the u.n. to help resettle people detained while trying to reach europe now the group is from so mali at sudan and eritrea they've been given asylum seekers status while they u.n.h.c.r. determines whether they are refugees. from the day we thank god we can't explain what life was like back in libya. and we couldn't even sleep peacefully at night
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now we feel safe or suggest here or 40 that it is misery for us' from the people and the government of rwanda it is also an example of a good readership but i hope many of those countries. the motivation of demonstration of. responsibility will save a lot of life and will give hope to many refugees while still standard freedom when you found detainees africa desk joins me now hi fred it's good to see you so it's a gesture that's been lauded by the international community but what led the one in government to take the decision to accept these refugees from libya. who 1st of all the right to say that for me i think it's a human terry and dr that made rwanda to take the lead to save drives of africans and number 2 i think that when the news broke in 2016 that african migrants
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were being sold as slaves the whole lot of course was shaken and also i share one president. at that time as the head of the african union. maybe to take the lead was the best thing to do so i would say that in terms of political squabbling points i think that also could be one of the reasons but the humanitarian reason i think leads in this case ok for it so we're hearing that the one in government has said it's prepared to accommodate as many as $30000.00 evacuees from libya will want to be receiving financial support. from what i have received from us. they said that there is no money they are giving to run the government and run the government has obviously said that they are not taking their financial. support but the un.
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mentioned that they are taking care of all the financial. needs for the refugees b. b. b. b. the frights from to kigali and b. the money that they're going to use when they're there to their u.n.h.c.r. would take care of everything in rwanda ok let's talk about when they get. this talk about the the provision that has been made for them where are they going to be staying what's the accommodation like. they're going to stay in there is some part of rwanda it's a little bit far from from kigali demand cup draw there there are some houses beautiful of them the u.n. had syria supported the buildings there and run the whole for the press and then run to also according to the argument between the u.n.
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and run and the in you run that were frustrated that if you just to get jobs and the young children will have access to education so in principle the u.n. had provide financial support for their shelter frights from libya to kigali and from there their fridges or migrants would decide whether they want to stay in rwanda or they want to move on and go to other countries or even go back to their our countries ok frank i mean how what one didn't likely taking this year round in yourself all your fellow countrymen seeing this news of these people coming into the country. yeah oh christine i have been following the social media and talking to some people in rwanda rundowns are happy to work on these migrants and you have to know that at least 80 percent or even of us into rwandans have been live for genes or born in exile so we understand the pain and suffering some of the people
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who have no place to live due to protocol reasons or social and economic challenges so i think the main rundowns are so happy to do that to take care of them and. for us it's obvious it's normal i would say fred lovely from our every day africa desk thank you you know a come. when deng can give it one a marathon in year 10 years ago it came with a big check in prize money followed by a nike sponsorship deal having 1st wasn't all the kenyan achieved it in close to record speed making him the 2nd fastest marathon runner in history at the time but as you're about to see if it's glory days are over. thank you all that's left are the photos in 2009 duncan québec won the marathon in the dutch city of rotterdam his time made him the 2nd fastest marathon runner in history today he has nothing
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to show for it of course. my siblings. kibitz brother pays his rent even though he bet $1180000.00 in prize money for his rotterdam victory he also had nike sponsorship worth $100000.00 but then a growing injury stopped him in his tracks 2 years after rotterdam was broke and couldn't visit says mother after his win he bought her a house and helped others he painful school fees and doctors' bills. do you mind. thousands of runners flock to training camps here trainer joseph i had seen many pass through who see running as a way to escape poverty but when the winnings are gone the consequences can be
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dramatic. many. on the. 7 would mind as well and last. con artists pose another threat for successful runners when kenyans strike it rich they usually buy land it's the best pension plan but a common scam is the selling a fake land titles duncan bought land that the seller did not even own he told us. some like former 5000 meter world champion benjamin lemo have successful businesses other runners aren't so lucky. and that's. what. many of kenya's athletes. like duncan tibet have little education and lacks skills they can fall back on for ken his former running stars retirement often means
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a long financial struggle. now the idea of someone spending a vacation volunteering in a children's home sounds like a win win situation kids get extra cuddles and volunteers feel like they're doing good and making a difference the issue isn't. having waves of parachute in and out of. can hurt. hissing and comforting children in need that's why don't you know a group has traveled from austria to kenya to the train social spending a month here as a volunteer in a children's home on the outskirts of nairobi. are tearing is especially important in places like this because to be deferred for their favorite one tears make it a little easier to give. the children or individuals little bit more love. than you know has paid an international agency for this experience. the
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so-called holiday to help that combines a vacation with one and tearing she's one of many international volunteers working to africa to lend a helping hand. every year millions of people from wealthy nations travel to countries less well of hoping to do good and tourism as it's come to be known appears to be a win win children's homes are supported validated and vulnerable children shown kept but this noble aspiration also comes with a danger of doing harm. peter grew up in a children's home that used to be located. it's the 1st time in years that he's come back to visit the area but his memories of the dozens of on interest who looked after him are still vivid. being back here brings back memories someone always cheering for a member some of which don't come across your mind. and
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so 1st of all and unbiased most of them well into yes if not well known to you as well in and out of the place in the gym. so the best in life are going to sleep with a common goal common goal common goal so when i think of the day they just think peter believes volunteers are driven by a genuine desire to help but that doesn't stop him from feeling that he was used by them it's almost too painful for him to think about the last one interest who is in his now if he does so him as a father figure and then the person that. it's. pointed more difficult to trust other people will see getting to know that people are calm and cool calm and cool so you have to be had in mind that nobody would come into your life and sticking to your life so it's a lesson that you are learning and each day had history possible. to get back in
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the children's home then he says she's aware of the risk of children becoming emotionally attached to international help but she believes she can still offer extra cash that the stuff don't have time for. actually it's not that they really need us as well and here's i mean deals around this place with all of us i think that's the thing that i that's my extra then i can give. for peta though it's the volunteers who are benefiting the children and he hopes his story will spread awareness about the other side of fun and tourism. and that is that. news happening as always you can catch a lot of stories on our website and facebook page how you wonder what's the strategy behind that when you see south africa's grumpy captain and do you know the right people to keep this going on in japan right now and the only chap with contempt he said i'm going to talk him into maybe at that because i will face all
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a saturday and i'm children south africa of course next time i go. to the what is the good. place to talk about something. that's. the lead. in the brand new w. . explosive device it's about topics that have such a hold on
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a solution to climate change and turn. loose a shutout. greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to arts and culture and heading into the weekend here's what's coming up on today's program. germany's surplus home colley is the world's 1st circus to swap live animals for 3 d. called ground 0 if you know a future looking move to fight cruelty against animals. and you can leave your hat on we head to a region of italy that's especially famous for producing a very large percentage of europe's headgear.
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we start with some real life greek drama it's nearly 5 years ago that the extent of the greek government's budget deficit sparked a debt crisis that threatens the viability of the eurozone itself well this provoked a bitter standoff between greek leaders and the e.u. oscar winning director cost us well known for his political thrillers has made this the subject of his latest film adults in the room. you can. guess. it's a trap the chancellor is waiting with all the heads of state outraged over the referendum. the financial crisis in 2050 greece is bankrupt and threatens to drag the whole of europe.


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