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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2019 8:45am-9:00am CEST

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slave you black brown. and then the them even walk us up in the middle of the night to torture us we don't want no. german diplomats talk about serious human rights abuses so what exactly is going on there and why. our journalist reports from neighboring news there which has taken in 3000 refugees from camps in libya. thank you. thank you. thank you for. these images show the conditions in the libyan jails they were taken by refugees in different detention centers human rights activists describes them as trustworthy through messaging services we established direct contact with 2 refugees who've been trapped in a libyan detention center for 2 years their voice messages reveal their plight the fault of their voices to protect their identities. we've been tortured where
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terrifies were suffering and dying from different kinds of diseases. we were kidnapped we were victims of violence we're starving people have died our life is disgusting so we're appealing for our voices to be heard in the world we're going to send refugees living in the land of hell i. want to learn more and meet the people who went through this hell we decide to travel to me share this country has taken in almost 3000 refugees from neighboring libya. one of them is an 18 year old woman we'll call amina she comes from somalia while trying to flee from the civil war there she was abducted and brought to a torture chamber in the libyan desert i mean his abductors demanded $8000.00 u.s. dollars for her release. to up the pressure i mean i was tortured while her parents
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were forced to listen on the phone. rituals of leave us alone they changed me up hung me up and tortured me with electric shocks pleaded. while they tortured men with electric shocks to their genitals and women with shocks to their breasts until they cried and screamed loudly. they did it so they would get the money faster as apostles. the torture systematic the methods she describes accounts for many other refugees after year and a half i mean i managed to escape as you tried to cross the mediterranean she was picked up by the libyan coast guard and forced into a government run detention center. to live in the detention centers is 100 percent worse we. love that she was there was not enough food. once every 2 days we were given a small portion of pastor dry bread and
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a little water it's no way to live for someone who has to stay there longer you people were dying of diseases and injuries they suffered i believe that there are barely any healthy migrants in detention. now menas living in a camp run by the un refugee agency she hopes some country will take her and she doesn't care which one as long as it's safe. and asunder morally is the u.n. agency ours representative here in new cher she works closely with her colleagues in libya and knows the conditions there. for me what happens in these centers is is the contrary of life is the contrary of respect is the contrary of human rights and it's the contrary of the right for every person to feel protected she believes the international community needs to do more as almost 5000 refugees are still being held in libyan detention centers and. everybody should feel responsible
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to make this stop and to find a tentative human i'll turn it if. we fly on to august to learn how the evacuees from libya are doing the city in central new shares known as the gateway to the sahara but we have never seen it why did you see what some 1600 refugees all rescued from libya live in this un run camp it's a tent city in the desert. here we need abraham from sudan that's what he wants to be called for security reasons he tells us he was thrown in jail and then sold into slavery and then. people came and brought us like slaves. and they said we will let you work in you get money for it. but in the end we didn't get any money. or not anybody said you were a slave be
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a black man and even woke us up in the middle of the night to torture us one over the weekend we show him videos secretly recorded by refugees they remind him of his own experiences. when one is ever going to see these pictures i remember my friend who was killed in the jail. he was my best friend. in libya lawlessness doesn't only exist in government prisons the ongoing civil war has left the country controlled by different militias and largely in a legal vacuum. migrants in particular are often viewed as fair game. mali i'm from sudan was abducted in broad daylight. to give us a look at it when i went out to go to a shop 3 men grabbed me and forced me into a car. they raped me right there on the street and just threw me out onto the road
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. to this day whoa ones haven't healed she says the doctor just gives so sedatives nothing that really helps. i'm tired i'm very tired. for 4 months i've been losing blood. i never get better treatment. i was so tired that for months i've been going to the medical center but i just don't get better treatment. here in new jersey she finally feels safe but she's plagued with fears about her future her neighbor as shares her concerns what has been her living so tell me how are you doing these days not well. i feel like i have no future. i've suffered so much. i think of them.
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as a little bit i want my children to go to school and learn something. so that they don't end up illiterate like me what. kind of. many migrants still come through activists on their way to libya no one knows exactly how many at its peak some 330000 people a year crossed through august the town has long been a stopping place for people from west africa our route to find work in libya or why do you know we are the city profited from their presence but that came to an end in 2015 when north with migration was officially halted the european union agreed to pay over a 1000000000 euros in aid in exchange for news or closing the border with its neighbors to the north development aid as payback for stopping migrants trying to make their way to europe a deal nobody would admit to officially but this deal i get his main source of income disappeared stores like there's no longer have many customers. he has been
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affected by the border closure too he calls himself up there as he's a people smuggler since 2015 has job has become a criminal offense so he won't risk showing his face he says the journey has also become more dangerous for migrants drivers must take more remote routes and of a military patrol approaches they are just dropped off the migrants in the desert and many die of thirst. to the world. more people are dying in the sahara than before you don't know where they are so here is huge so you find them 3 or 6 months after they die so why do you have these like for morals. abdel-aziz also knows about the torture chambers often migrants 1st stop in libya he has his own reasoning why that is so that the migrants largely brought this upon themselves. he
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explains that if refugees can't pay for their trip through the desert the drivers sell them to torture us mainly members of criminal gangs or militias he says after all his drivers have to make ends meet. or unless i get the burning water because if they say i spent money on your behalf i want to get it back and turn a profit like that that's why they started torturing people. for him there is no room for compassion business as business. is because if it didn't do i hope migrants. who put up were going to do this to earn a living i wouldn't do anything that's against the law to help them along. many refugees are aware of the dangers but they won't let that deter them to find out why we make our way to one of the so-called to get tossed on the outskirts of us
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here people smugglers hide migrants away until they are enough of them to turn a profit each passenger must pay around $500.00 us dollars for the trip through the sahara the wrong ones. he is one of them he's already set off 3 times but each time he was picked up by the military at the libyan border. now do deserve to know the route through the desert is not good i mean no problem in libya and the mediterranean aren't good either. but what else should i do when you have no other option you must have a clear goal and it that we need and the goal for everyone here is europe there's no question about that as a good man as man has little chance of being granted the right to stay in europe but that won't stop him. you know the europe wants to close the border. and we the young africans of the 21st century are fed up with europe. or now modern day little migration put on even though i want to go to europe i hate europe would
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question that that's why i hope because these days europe couldn't survive without africa if it. africa is rich in diamonds and uranium or new premier produce here is the biggest uranium producer where you live and yet we pity its children and if you've been here my country good neighbor is one of the biggest producers of bauxite after australia and it's going to. operate with that only if i study geology and i know that. but who profits from it. depends on the it makes me angry it makes me sick at heart when i see there's a new phobia the masquerade for me what is europe doing to us. the anger and despair here but so is the hope for a better life. for
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years in the lives of meggie and leo. you always think it will come some time from and it's difficult to stay hopeful. for their 2nd chance at life. to patients to life before and after a life saving organ transplant. donor organ recipients.
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place. blame. blame. blame blame blame blame blame blame blame. blame this is deja vu news live from the lead 2 people are killed in a fire at a refugee camp on the greek island of lesbos a riot breaks out after margaret say firefighters took too long to get there also coming up. turkey is accused of sending refugees back to syria against their will we need a mother.


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