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this is due to abuse live from berlin violence escalates in hong kong as tens of thousands of protesters defying a ban on demonstrations on china's national day the police shoot a demonstrator at close range. the unrest comes as china puts on a massive show of military might to mark 70 years of communist rule president xi jinping says no power on earth can halt the advance of the chinese nation. also coming up it is a country and a world that no longer exists communist east germany sees to be nearly 3 decades
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ago but now to documentary filmmakers are bringing the pounds back to life for a new generation. i'm so much god that's good to have you with us pro-democracy protests in hong kong marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of china have turned violent one of protesters in the hospital after being shot in the chest by police now a video appears to show the moment that a police officer fired his handgun at close range the protester was treated on the scene before being taken to the hospital and his condition is on no it is the most serious incident in months of demonstrations in hong kong today's anti-church china rally started peacefully with thousands marching in the streets before some started throwing molotov cocktails and demonstrators also threw eggs at a portrait of chinese president xi. and good of you charlotte shells from hell is
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covering the protests for us in hong kong charlotte as we heard there has been a major escalation a police officer shooting a protester what can you tell us. yeah video footage appearing to show the moments that that protester was shot in the chest has really gone viral hit in hong kong what it shows is the police officer opening fire it appears at close range what we've been hearing is that the protester was shot in the chest we've heard that he is a high school student a teenager and what it appears to that what appears have happened is that shots were sponsored off to scuffles with police a lot of people on the streets here very shocked that god has taken place we've seen police firing a number of warning shots into the in previous week this is the 1st time that a live round has actually hits
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a protest in almost 4 months of protests of this really is as you say a major escalation on the situation here in hong kong precipitous authorities there charlotte actually banned any protests today so what have people there on the streets told you about how important it is for them to be out today on china's national day. where the people who are back on the streets here today are essentially protesting illegally because of that police ban but that has not stopped tens of thousands of people coming onto the streets people of all ages now many of them as possibly you can see behind me have been dressed in black all day today that's because today is being called a day of grief a day of mourning. in response they want to show you a very stark contrast to the images that are coming out of beijing with people celebrating that here they want to show that anger and they want to make that demands they know. full well that the world will be watching hong kong today on
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such an immense it out of us syria and they want the world to see people here on the streets demonstrating once again charlotte we spoke to some of those protesters a little bit earlier in the day as the protests began let's listen to what they have to say. so one thing i got to i think the hong kong people going to be. if you don't go out today probably it was at the very last chance that you could go out after so. let's look at what happened in the last 100 days or so we're seeing that all of freedom getting a lot less time to full so i feel like today whether it was the national day or anything we have to come out we. we don't want to be another china city because the government the hong kong police we don't want the hong kong people to go out today but i think the basic law of protests that is our right so we want to fight for
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our own right and freedom and we don't want to do so today we recommit to say the warsaw. criminal. citizens in your home you just cry for freedom stand with hong kong. all right charlotte so we heard the voices there of pro democracy supporters the protesters who have been out on the streets it is important to note that there are also beijing supporters in hong kong have they been out at all today this is after all china's national day. well judy the very volatile situation here we haven't seen many prey beijing supporters or any pro beijing supporters on the streets over the last few hours it is extremely violent here and that of course would be a huge restyle you this morning though we do know that a number of pro beijing activists supporters rather one at
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a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china here in hong kong but that so many rewards extremely toned down in fact the ceremonies were moved inside there was a flag raising ceremony that took place but any dignitaries and officials that were present watched from inside and indeed a fireworks display that would usually take place every year here in hong kong the harbor has also been counseled as well this is a very toned down celebration for the great beijing supporters here in hong kong charlotte with this very tense day very in hong kong and no violence you know the protest going over to violence how have authorities there been reacting. well there's been a huge police presence on the streets all day today they have been firing tear gas the multiple locations across hong kong we've seen water cannon as well in fact just a short time ago this street that i'm standing on right now is absolutely
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a filled with tear gas we in fact saw one woman confronting police as they were firing out take us without a mate a face mask then the take out kind of says was fired from the line of police and they were fired very very close to where journalists withstanding this is a very violent day here police came to try and crack down on these protests which they say are illegal and of course authorities here are keen to stop these protests overshadowing upstaging what is going on in beijing they don't want to see that beijing dorothy's embarrassed by the protests that are taking place here over at our correspondent charlotte show some pill reporting for us from hong kong with that have to thank you very much. as we mentioned china is staging huge celebrations to mark 70 years of communist rule the people's republic of china has changed beyond all recognition since it was founded 7 decades ago after a bitter civil war with nationalists today president said china's development would
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be peaceful but its military would safeguard its sovereignty and security. strength discipline and vision this was the message from a state that has defied the odds for 70 years on tuesday the world's longest surviving communist nation celebrated its achievements on a grand scale standing where chairman mao proclaimed the people's republic in 1949 president struck a combative note. today a socialist china is standing proudly in the world's east. and no force can change the position of our great motherland and no force can stop the chinese people and the chinese nation from stepping forward. for. the spectacle that followed was designed to highlight china's rise from a nation in despair to
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a global superpower. at the forefront of that newfound confidence a display of military might on a massive scale advanced weaponry including nuclear capable mistrials rumbling through beijing. the event comes at a crucial time growth is slowing as the trade war with the u.s. takes its toll on the economy and calls for more democracy grow louder both in hong kong and among the middle classes in mainland china and we have nice back with us he's a researcher at the macarthur institute for china studies here in berlin thank you for joining us those are some pretty impressive pictures that we're seeing at this huge celebration taken place in beijing today what message is. china sending with us paraded through well i think as always with these massive parades it's a message of wealth and power and unity this time also very much so she's a ping is really trying to show that he was firmly in charge of one of the military
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society and you know trying to project its its capacity and build up production capacity also to the fringes gentile region so it's really a show of force who is that show force to i mean is that for the chinese people are they as well celebrating this day well i think it's it's fair to say that the chinese people are they have reason to celebrate i mean they have been the ones who have built the nation they're creating the wealth that is showcased now the national forests military and leadership wise i think really also goes to the entire inside the leadership that sees it being a cemented his rule and he's trying to show that we saw the pictures that are also happening right now in hong kong as protesters continue to defy beijing and this is a bit of you know a black eye for beijing and it is been going on for several months how long will and can china tolerate those types of images especially on its national day well
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certainly hits china in a sore spot it has china has been really hard and developing this picture of china's rise as a peaceful one you know china's a benevolent giant rising and hong kong is a sore spot because it cannot time to kind of really go in. you know direct intervention or kill a forces in the streets of hong kong is certainly the last resort those are pictures that would be very detrimental to the picture china's been in trying to build so what can it do as we see china celebrate its might. well in hong kong i think it has been doing what is what it does best so it's you know a back door diplomacy and to channeling through the administration on current and also reinforcing the forces in hong kong so i mean those are offensive and they're closed actions that i think is the way they will go coming back to china and the country celebrating 70 years of communist rule do you think
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we will continue to see the government the party flex its muscles heading going forward i think it's pretty safe to say that china will continue to try to show that is in charge of its region i mean the chinese interests and safety are growing the footprint of china is increasingly large southeast asia and east asia and south asia so they are certainly trying to project power and protect the interest of trying to increase and you know we heard just in pain say no country on earth can stop the advance of the chinese nation is that true. that's a that's a bit of a bet for me to say yes or no answer but i think china really has at least feeling that it now has come to the very top it's a great power on par with the u.s. and the other great powers and i mean the show has the right to certainly. a way to show this all right from the marketer institute for china studies merrick's out here in it for you and thank you. now to some other stories making headlines around
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the world a bridge crossing a bay in taiwan has collapsed smashing onto boats mord below a truck carrying oil plummeted from the bridge into the water at least 10 people have been injured rescue teams are searching for survivors. in peru president martin discover has dissolved congress and called elections in a power struggle with the opposition he accused lawmakers of blocking his attempts to fight corruption crew has been engulfed in a scandal involving a brazilian construction firm multiple politicians are accused of accepting bribes in exchange for government contracts. nigerian police say they have freed 19 pregnant women and girls from a so-called baby factory the victims were allegedly abducted and raped so that their captors could sell their babies to women suspects were taken into custody in the raid in the capital lagos. democrats in the u.s. house of representatives are stepping up the pressure on president donald trump as
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they move closer towards impeachment proceedings they have now issued subpoenas against his personal lawyer rudy giuliani trump's dealings with foreign leaders are also in the spotlight. the story starts to seem all too familiar democrats say that new allegations point to yet another cover up by the trump administration according to the u.s. justice department in may this year trump asked the australian prime minister scott morrison to help discredit form a special counsel robert miller's russia investigation miller let the probe into trump's alleged ties to russian interference into 2016 u.s. presidential election it's alleged the transcript of the call of with australia's morrison was withdrawn as it was with another call from trump to ukraine's president followed him into selenski yes i know. trump insists he's done nothing wrong medical corps was perfect when the whistleblower reported the
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very center of. this 2nd case of trump allegedly trying to enlist the help of a foreign leader for his own purposes can only add more fuel to the fire already being fanned by the democrats. let's get more on that story now did abuse alexander phenomenon is in washington hi alexandra what does this mean for the ongoing impeachment process. well for the democrats this phone call is new evidence new example of for the president to use his office to use high diplomacy talks high level diplomacy talks to advance his personal political interest however with regards to the impeachment inquiry we have to say that the democrats prefer to concentrate on the ukraine and the phone call the president had with the ukrainian president because they want to stay on message they want to have
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a clear result a clear message to the american public and they want to be finished by things giving but this is not the 2nd phone call that we know of were the democrats at least say that president trump misused his position for political gain do we know if more of these types of calls exist. well and this is a very difficult question to answer and we have to mention 2 important things in this context 1st of all after back to back leaks of controversial remarks the president president trump made in phone calls with international leaders at the beginning of his presidency the white house moved on to restrict the access to those phone calls to reduce the number of aides that were allowed to be present those phone calls so it's really not known yet if there could be more phone calls on that issue and think that it's important here and we have to mention it that
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there were meetings were attorney general william barr traveled across europe on behalf of president and held talks with british and tell you and intelligence officers urging them to help the ministration to discredit them all or probe and that of course shows how obsessed president if i may use this word is with discrediting the russia probe alexander coming back to this impeachment inquiry we heard the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying he would have no choice but to consider articles of impeachment if the house approved them so what are the chances that we could see it come to that. well 1st of all we of course have to say that the impeachment inquiry has just started and started and we have to wait and see what the results will be however if it's going to be confirmed what we know
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so far if we are going to see even more evidence for the president's wrongdoing it is likely that stood majority of the democrats will move forward to vote on the impeachment and in the house of representatives they just need a simple majority however after that the senate would have to. convict an impeachment president with 2 thirds supermajority and we know that the senate is in the hands of the republicans and at the moment this seems rather unlikely that that could happen and all. of these alexander phenomena in washington thank you. now communist east germany will be remembered as a country that killed people who tried to escape shouldn't have debt at the berlin wall and elsewhere it is famous for the stasi secret police as well but it was also a place where many people lead normal day to day lives now 2 filmmakers have
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curated hours of home video to offer a glimpse of that past. personal memories recorded in the country no longer exists. these home movies capture signs of the former east germany most outsiders never knew private recordings that are now public thanks to documentary filmmakers herskovitz political scientist lawrence murphy. the connected 415 hours of home movie rio's showing what real life looks like for real people under the socialist regime. the resulting website open memory box allows visitors to click keywords in english german french or russian watching clips from the archives of 149 east german families. the footage is universal most of these films seem like they could
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have been filmed most anywhere in europe the people in them are just people living their lives despite the dictatorship. and we have one of the curators at the open memory box project with us has to fit has joined us here in our studio. this is really interesting this project what were you looking to achieve with this well we understood that this was a big treasure but it all began with the whole to find some media that would help us to talk to people about their experience in germany beyond the. black and why. king that that everything was bad and not only that but also west and east looked upon each other in a way that. i was astonished i was surprised that there was still so much tension going on so we wanted to talk about the life in the g.d.r.
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and realize that this polarized attitudes prevent the people over remembering things and that this separate footage came along as a medium to trigger memories that could time travel into the past it's more than 400 hours of really home video footage what you think we learned about everyday life in the former east germany well if you look at the footage what you see is what people actually do or people around the world do you you you you you care about your beloved braun's the children your hoarded trips or the daily life. normal kind of activities that i think when you when you when you when you dive into this footage and this is into this project you realize of the differences on a very big i mean we all the same we care about the same things yes comparable to our have in the west maybe would have focused on more expensive luxury goods and
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more fancy cars and so but in the end we're all the same it has been 30 years since the fall of the pearl and while there have been other important key landmark anniversaries of course since the berlin wall fell so why now why did you find it was important to bring this project that i think that the last decade everybody the media was so research focused on very very important questions. stasi the control room. the problem with the economy i mean a lot of a lot of important topics and i think now maybe it's the 1st time that we have reached a moment in history. that that allows to to look at what actually happened in the g.d.r. when it comes to to the private gaze the private you you mentioned that you know west and east they used to look down at each other this is an issue that we're still talking about the divide between the former west and the former east of course do you think that this project could help bring people together very much
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hope so because we believe that this problem the tension between the east and best of something something that is a result of or distance and also of a lack of knowledge and we hope that these images would help people to see that life in the east was very much a human story and just before you go were there any offers that you had to turn down in terms of these videos that you collected no no no no we read this everything received to be digitized and put online of course and maybe we should curate on times when it comes to nudity and so but in general it's sort of it's all there it's all open very interesting the open memory box project has give it's one of the curators of this project thank you for joining us thank you very much. to sports now and the world athletics championships are taking place in qatar yesterday 3 out of 6 gold medals went to athletes who also took the top spot at the last event. undisputed leader of the pack of defending champions was russian high
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jumper maria less it skinner who won her 3rd straight gold medal the if this one though as a neutral athlete as russia's track and field federation has been suspended since 2015 due to widespread doping allegations. the men's 5000 meter final had 3 norwegian brothers competing in debates the youngest of the band of brothers was leading in the final lap only to be picked at the left corner yeah if britain ended up in 5th while gold and silver went to ethiopia. with a dress repeating his tram from 2 years ago in london. and finally some joy for a norwegian athlete cost involved home defended his title in the 400 meter hurdles climbing an unbeaten streak of 14 races meanwhile 3rd place. in the 1st middle of
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the championships for hosts. in soccer the champions league returns tonight byron munich is facing off against tottenham the game comes at a perfect time for byron striker robert and dusky he set a record by becoming the 1st player to net 10 goals in the opening 6 undersea games there can be no doubt who the main man at byron is this season robert leaven dusky just keeps getting better and better the polish striker has scored 12 goals in knowing games in this campaign but in byron's champions league clash against tottenham he'll face another of the best strikers in the world english forward harry kane. is complete it was unleashed and there's nothing he can do and he's a very strong striker i'd say that at the moment him and love and are among the top 2 or 3 or 4 strikers in the world. and. cain's goals helped drive ton
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into their 1st ever champions league final last season their fans hope they can go one better this time around but coach mauricio pochettino is wary of buy in a team with a more storied past in europe's top club competition the other club. tried to bribe. or liberalists have to try to win the competition which i believe because the story say that by and will become the 1st german team to play it tottenham's new stadium it cost more than a $1000000000.00 euros to build the 2 strike is set to grace its pitch a priceless. coming up next on news asia more on china celebrating the 70th anniversary of the people's republic we'll hear from a communist party insider about where the country is heidi. plus our correspondent in hong kong brings us more on the tensions there on china's national day. that's
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coming right up with a beer at battersea on t.v. news asia don't go away.
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this is eat up good news coming up pageantry like you've never seen before china now puts its best foot forward to celebrate its buff as its own 17th president xi jinping promises that its right use these unstoppable so where it used china headed to speak the communist party inside out. but in hong kong against your gas and rubber bullets despite bans protesters come out onto the streets to denounce tronox control over the territory.


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