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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is g w news live from berlin for the 1st time police use lethal force against a protester in hong kong as tens of thousands of protesters defying a ban on demonstrations on china's national day a protester has been hospitalized after being shot at close range in the chest by police that violence stark contrast to beijing show of military mind as the country marked 70 years of communist rule today president xi jinping telling his country that no power on earth can halt china's advance also coming up u.s.
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democrats have issued more subpoenas to trump's aides including the secretary of state as they build their case to impeach the president over that ukraine whistleblower allegation it comes as new evidence has emerged that trump pressured all straw yes prime minister for political gain. it's good to have you with us and we begin tonight with some of the most violent anti-government protests that hong kong has seen this year scores of pro-democracy demonstrators were injured in clashes with security forces today clashes which included the 1st police shooting of a protester the demonstrators defied an official ban on protests for china's national day the violence in hong kong it overshadowed carefully choreographed ceremonies to mark 70 years of communist rule in mainland china.
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a nonviolent but provocative message to beijing. while some 2000 kilometers away the chinese president xi jinping watched national day parades. protesters in the territory spent the day on the street calling for more democratic rights for the 17th week in a row. was. this moment marks a violent escalation in the clashes between demonstrators and the hong kong police . was. and off the ship shoots an 18 year old student in the chest at close range with a life bullet authorities say the officer fired to save his and his colleagues life as they were being attacked. the 18 year old male was sent to hospital when he was sent to hospital he is still conscious at the moment i believe the
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doctors. conducting examination curing him cure him at the moment at this moment and he was arrested for assaulting police officer we will conduct further inquiries and then once after the inquiries we view the site where we will press charges are not. over $1500.00 people have been arrested since june that's when the pro-democracy activists demanded the government withdraw or a controversial extradition bell eventually the hong kong authorities did cancel the bill but the protests continued and activists want an investigation into police violence free from government influence guys are very dark and people from all walks of life want an independent inquiry i watch with jewel of the bill is not enough hard it's hard to settle the matter of finding it hard to hold our difficult
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i got lucky with chong tongues people are ready to sacrifice everything to fight for democracy and freedom i hope all congress will persist and carry on so as to get to freedom promised under one country 2 systems. hong kong has had its own legal system since the british handed the colony back to china in 1907 the activists want more electoral reforms and to keep the freedoms of that compact treats on the mainland have never had. well earlier correspondent charles until she sent us this report from hong kong these protesters a gathered outside a police station just up that heading abuse at the offices inside that it's off to one young man was shot in the chest by a live round he is apparently currently in a critical condition police have said that they were trying to protect themselves by firing that live round but people here are extremely angry police have fired warning shots into the ad before but this really is a major escalation in these months long protests of
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a shawl chosen field there reporting from hong kong as we mentioned china stage 2 huge celebrations today to mark 70 years of communist rule the people's republic of china has changed beyond all recognition since it was founded in 1949 following a bitter civil war with nationalists today president xi jinping declared to the nation and the world that china's development will be peaceful but that its military will ensure its sovereignty and security. strength. discipline and vision this was the message from a state that has defied the odds for 70 years on tuesday the world's longest surviving communist nation celebrated its achievements on a grand scale. standing where chairman mao proclaimed the people's republic in 1949 president xi jinping struck a combative note. today
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a socialist china is standing proudly in the world's east. and no force can change the position of our great motherland and no force can stop the chinese people and the chinese nation from stepping forward. the spectacle that followed was designed to highlight china's rise from a nation in despair to a global superpower. at the forefront of that new found confidence and display of military might on a massive scale advanced weaponry including nuclear capable missiles rumbling through beijing. the event comes at a crucial time growth is slowing as the trade war with the west takes its toll on the economy and calls for more democracy grow louder both in hong kong and among the middle classes in mainland china. but that wasn't the point of the fireworks that ended today along with an elaborate gala show on tiananmen square thousands of
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musicians and dancers perform a massive display for the nation and the world. or here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world one person has been killed hundreds injured in clashes between protesters and police in the iraqi capital baghdad protesters were angry over that public services and high unemployment as well as what they see as iranian influence in the government. ukrainian president a blow to me is alinsky says his government and russian backed separatists have agreed on a temporary special status for the east of the country the deal signed in bella ruse paves the way for further talks to end a conflict that has ground on for 5 years and killed $13000.00 people a texas jury has found a white former police officer guilty of murder for killing a black neighbor after entering his apartment amber geiger admitted to shooting
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botham jean who was unarmed but said that she mistakenly believed that he was an intruder in her apartment. in washington the administration stonewalling congressional demands that officials testify in the impeachment inquiry against president trump committees have issued subpoenas against trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani and the u.s. secretary of state might bump a they've also asked 5 u.s. state department officials to testify well that drew on peo to criticize the requests he says the democrats are bullying and trying to intimidate his staff is in italy right now beginning a trip through europe he says it's just not feasible for the officials in his department to testify giuliani has also suggested that he will not comply with the subpoena. earlier i spoke to the w.'s washington bureau chief alexander phenomenon i asked her what she makes
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a response to that subpoena. i think that this is very telling how aggressively secretary pompei of push back on demands for dispositions of potential witnesses state department officials as you said he he said that. not feasible that he accused democrats of bully like tech ticks and it was also interesting interesting how quickly the democrats fired back a warning secretary pompei of that if he is trying to prevent witnesses from talking to congress if he is trying to intimidate potential witnesses this would be seen as obstruction of justice and impeachable offense and they also said that in the letter it sends to secretary pompeo that if it's true that he was on this phone call with the ukrainian president he will be regarded as potential witness and
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amazing developments there and all of this happening while you have the republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying that he would have no shore use but to take articles of impeachment if the house of representatives approves them is it likely to come to that alexander. well the inquiry has just started and we have majority of the house membership saying that they supported the beginning of the impeachment proceedings but they have not committed to how they would vote on impeachment articles however if there is evidence for the president's wrongdoing we can expect the democrats to move to votes and they would just need a simple majority in the house of representatives to impeach the president however in the senate then this is a totally different story because in order to convict and the peach the president you would need to there it's
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a super majority and as we can see right now most of the senate republicans are still supporting the president strong that's right i think you would need about 20 republican senators to change their loyalties and that's a tall order alexander phenomenon the story for us in washington tonight alexandra thank you for police in nigeria say that they have free did 19 pregnant women and girls from what they are calling a baby factory now the women are believed to have been abducted and raped their captors could sell the babies to female suspects were arrested during the raid in law gives. women impregnated by the captain is now free to tell less stories they were subjected to serious abuse. a woman gave me a drug suddenly labor started although i was only 7 months pregnant i was in
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labor for 3 days and i did not deliver until police came to free us. the victims say they were tricked into coming to lagos but the promise of jobs as domestic stuff poverty drove them to seek work phone from their home some are as young as 15. majority of them. had not done think it was a fish. it just moved here. to see him. to sell the fish. it out of its place say this baby girl would have been sold for around $900.00 and a boy for about $1400.02 women suspects have been arrested and or thora these are still looking for a fat so called baby factories run by criminal syndicates are not a mutual in nigeria but for these women at least their ordeal is our. by football now in the champions league byron munich produced
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a phenomenal performance to be premier league side tottenham hotspur 72 in london tottenham took the lead early on through a song but byron fired back to lead to one half time and went on to dominate the 2nd half so there's a good number he was in particularly ruthless form he scored 4 goals to help the german champion secure a huge victory robert love and belsky also scored twice as buyer extent of their lead at the top of group b. the champions league action continues on wednesday with dortmund taking on czech side slavia prague of the bundesliga title contenders have fallen behind in the league in recent weeks now they're looking to their european campaign to reignite their stuff seems. to england may well be delighted to get away from germany for a few days the champions league trip to prague gives them a break from troubles in the. new season 5 of his team coming under unexpected
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pressure at. home to tighten and she knew how to do draws in a row and what you might call an unsatisfying game against braman that we obviously wanted to win of course the atmosphere isn't a good position until you can see it certainly wasn't good in the vest phylum study in at the weekend and were booed off by their own fans after a 22 draw with braman who saw the team drop points from a winning position for the 2nd game running. after the match against slavia prague is a chance for the german side to turn the tide after a difficult couple of weeks. there's i'm desperate to show tomorrow that that's not the real dortmund and that the real dortmund is the team from before the last 2 games we want to get back up to a stable level of performance. but the match is more than simply a chance to not your morale boosting victory in a group also featuring european heavyweights bus. alona and into mainland it's
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a must win game. you're watching news up next china's rapid transformation into an economic powerhouse under communist rule that's next in business with janell's stay tuned for that. and i don't need to keep. both for the over that's on home the 4th and. also assuming that. the family that announced dragon. has called the hard truth. on. what's the connection between bread back home and the european union keno guild not a job you correspondent and.


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