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did you feel about both parents agree that there is your boy going to be relieved of much more fulfilling lives because when you see them shortcomings called in for a doing their own directed to a large degree or a little work they are for a longer period in their life. this is deja vu news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes they've been freed from the baby factory so now what will happen to the nigerian women and girls who've been abducted and impregnated by cap's is planning to sell their babies. while the wind and the bahraini the ugandan pop star politicians say a government ban on civilians wearing verres is a sham. hello
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i'm christine want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along police in nigeria all searching for a woman believed to be the main suspects in the so-called baby factory case 19 pregnant women and girls were freed from a house in lagos they are believed to have been of deficit and rape so they captious could sell their babies now police have received 2 women and i'm looking for a 3rd who has only been identified as. now stories of human trafficking and the views are not uncommon in the geria last week hundreds of men and boys were found chained at a reported islamic school once a 5 accorded a torture house in a moment we'll get mall the 1st here's a report on the lake all straight. women impregnated by their captors now free to tell their stories they were subjected to serious abuse the magic woman gave me a drug suddenly labor started although i was only 7 months pregnant i was in
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labor for 3 days and i did not deliver until police came to free us. the victims say they were tricked into coming to lagos by the promise of jobs us to mastic staff poverty drove them to seek work far from their homes some are as young as 15 and they do a deal to make to me what i did not think it. would just move to give. him. to so he said. the police say this baby girl would have been sold for around $900.00 on the boy for about $1400.02 women suspects have been arrested and authorities are still looking for a 3rd so-called baby factories run by criminal syndicates are not unusual in nigeria but for these women at least there are deal is over. it's not
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news for. us i get to see a fly so what will now happen to these women and their unborn children. well according to the police this remains will be rehab and connect that's other agencies and n.g.o.s who can help them see great back to society however i think it's important. because the original reason why it was easy. and the reason is because of the high level of this country you find that it's very easy to mill people especially vulnerable women in. very very upset jobs like this all right thanks do we know how long this place has been running full and how many babies were born and sold and the operation. well we didn't know em how long we don't have all the details about this please but what we do know is that for babies where we called are from this particular operation and
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baby factories and i are not actually i'm not. in nigeria last year maybe farm. over $100.00 babies where we called it from richard so it's not common to write stories about baby factories in nigeria ok if you've made us understand why why some women would would take part in having babies and selling them but who would be the people buying the babies. the people most of the. baby factories would be those. guests have children so people who are looking. well because of the very complex and very demanding nature of the negro process allowed option emain many people sue baby factories because they believe the quick and the babies out always available only like.
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in one theory where people have to wait sometimes for months and for years so most of this baby factories factories sell to prospective adoptive parents who are interested in actually abducting children ok to fascist just. how how did this particular factory. well what we know about how the police learns about this. people i around the area are notice that there were pregnant women coming in and out of the area and they noticed some suspicious activity so they called the attention of the police and that's how the police went there rid of the place and found out i was. 3 ok flourish in lagos thank you. it's a glimmer of hope in libya the. south of libya's capital tripoli has been recaptured by the un recognized triply based government the until recently guardian was the
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main base for the opposition forces off the east of based parallel administration as they process their assault on tripoli but when then the child's people rested back control and drove have to snip out the rated residents trying to rebuild. the city of god is just 100 kilometers south of tripoli but it took us 3 hours to get there from the libyan capital by car we had to take several d. to is to avoid ending up between the 2 fronts guardian was occupied by general khalifa haftar his troops until the end of june the city has since been liberated and local residents are relieved including yousif derry we met him in a hospital where urgently needed medical equipment was being delivered. and for. this road was recently blocked because the city was occupied. it was very difficult
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to get anything in or out for example food or fuel but now we still have the problem that the main connection between god and tripoli has been bombed and. yousef was elected mayor 5 years ago the spring after us troops drove him out of the city then commanded move talk and many other residents force against hostile us troops. thousands of them overran gallery on according to command to move talk in order to turn the town south of tripoli into a half dozen largest military base but the conquerors underestimated the conquered . the world economic people who were outside of ga yun planned the attack and that he had the had no support inside the city men that he had then there was an uprising of the people of their home in medina yanni none of the. house does fighters wanted to conquer tripoli from here but they
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lost their strategically important base at the end of june they were pushed far back into the country's interior now the front is 60 kilometers away from gary on but how does militia is still attacking guardian with fighter planes even so many here like bread seller abdel-rahman hope the city will soon be at peace and. the future will be better god willing hopefully even better than now watch them into what it will be admitted there hopefully go yawn we'll have a good prosperous future. and as long as our opponents stay on the outside we'll have peace and security men will he said. but commander move talk knows that the situation can change very quickly there is expected to use all his might to reconquer the city. the fashion police in uganda the government has
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taken the unusual step of banning the iconic grid better a worn by presidential hopeful bobby wine and his supporters behave get has become a symbol off the popstars people our movement but now citing in all of that prohibits civilians wearing military clothing the government has said anyone wearing it faces a wrist and possible jail time will be white ses it's a sham how a popular party spokesperson shared a photo of himself wearing the very and insisted it would make them stronger. meanwhile saw it as a chance to make a fashion statement with some seeking inspiration for new political headway father christmas has all the moroccan fish is. it's going to a genius standing by hi judy so you've been talking to people in camp what more have they been telling you. according to the spokesperson of the people.
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the very candid conversation with him he told me. a position is the. reason they are looking at the government to. the uniform of the military element of. the government is afraid. to share them. for them to believe that the government just. continued. but also what. if all the bad. defense forces the military. should be.
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a reason. to bring. something you should follow the constitution. in the reason go ahead. and present. to be. told me surely. military uniform has been going away for. good for you. as. is. and that is it for now from africa you can catch all stories on our website and facebook page they fall off the wall at latex championships in doha so african
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competitors produce the best i'm surprised this uganda's i live by that type of gold in the 800 musing in a stunning upset while the books that became the 1st ethiopian that and to win back to back gold in the 5 belt meter race we needed now to take cheers from some of the continents at the business so far next time.
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to be curious. to see. the execution. listen carefully. don't know lou simply emerging needs to be a good. deal. to. discover
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the world you. live. in subscribe to the documentary on you tube. it's just. gone but not forgotten. it is. the late great soprano jessye norman singing when i am laid in earth from the henry personal opera dido and me it's. a little bit. on this edition of arts and culture where we'll hear more of that unforgettable
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voice as we look back on the trail blazing career of jesse norman also coming up drag performer extraordinaire taylor max things 24 decades of american music in 24 hours the artist will be here to tell us more about this epic undertaking. and can techno music help turn around struggling neighborhoods in one of the sounds birth places the city of detroit. we'll start this music packed show with a tribute to the legendary opera singer jessye norman who died on monday aged 74 jessie norman's vocal range was just enormous and that became her nickname critics described her singing as sumptuous and penetrating new york's metropolitan opera has called her one of the best sopranos of the last half century.


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