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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 5, 2019 6:00pm-6:16pm CEST

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the losers are shouting. played. this is do w. news live from berlin riot police on the streets of hong kong pro-democracy protesters defy a face mask ban and hold candlelight vigils the probation government of the territory says it will not bow to rioters also coming up in iraq dozens of people have been killed and hundreds wounded in 4 days of violent antigovernment protests
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reports say 5 more people have died in renewed clashes today between demonstrators and police. and a new green space for copenhagen the danish capital's latest landmark all 1st skiing with a city view on the roof of a giant trash incinerator. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us. we begin in hong kong where protesters have been defying a government ban on wearing face masks to conceal their identity hundreds of people have formed human chains with their faces covered risking jail and hefty fines the city's subway and many shops remain closed after a night of violence on friday there were more clashes on saturday as police
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confronted massed protesters we spoke to some of the demonstrators who hit the streets today and asked why they decided to defy the facemask ban the time you go all the time to numerous rallies before but i never wore a mask are wearing a mask today not because i want to hide my identity but to express my anger towards this law. when you don't own your dog on your part how you go to one store or store it is introduced emergency powers they can enact any law at any time at the time but i'm very concerned that all our freedoms will be eroded so i guess that's why i'm standing up to resist a lot today a journey home. it's normal to wear masks what the government's doing is nonsense the worst of the truth these are rights they have no power to ban them to buy. a short time ago i spoke to
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a correspondent charlotte charleston pill who is in hong kong and i asked her whether it was likely there would be a repeat of the kind of violence we saw overnight on friday. mariana just a short time ago this area just behind me was absolutely packed with riot police they've been clearing this area along here all protesters the number of police vehicles the water cannon tanks as well they haven't been used to say no to gas has been fired yet in the area but the police came onto the streets after a number of people gathered outside a police station many of them defying that mosque and wearing their face masks as they were yelling seans at the police it does feel like tonight could turn into some more of the violence that we've seen not only last night but in in previous week the found though been a relatively peaceful day so follow the human chains the marches through hong kong have remained peaceful so it could of course slip into
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a violence as the night goes on but a lot of people here it seems a waiting to see what happens next no one really knows how exactly the police are going to enforce that ban on the face mosque just feel like this is their tipping point at the moment with both protesters and police waiting to see who are. what we are seeing pictures of riot police gathering surely you mention many people defining the ban on face mask they are on the streets wearing masks have you seen any arrests or other consequences so far. as far as we've heard no arrests have been confirmed so far this evening although of course if there are any arrests that all linked to people wearing these base mosques everyone here is well aware that they face up to a year in prison and have to find as well of course be very quick arrests to start
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to happen exactly what those that been more than $3000.00 arrests in the 4 months of this protest movement for a multitude of reasons including. police they say rioting which carries up to 10 years in prison what we have seen circulating on social media though is the 1st evidence of police trying to crack down it would appear on people wearing face masks in the video that's going viral of them every moment showing riot police advancing on a young man a woman who was wearing those face mask that it doesn't appear that they were arrested but they were very visibly shaken by that people here that taking that as an example of police trying to crack down on that ban already in 24 hours after it was imposed. charlotte friday of course there was lots of vandalism on train stations beijing ling businesses were ransacked and attacked by pro-democracy protesters now hong kong's leader kerry last issued a statement in the wake of all of that what was her message and how's it been
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received by the public. will carried out once again condemned the protesters and to people here that with no major surprise she's been doing that since this movement began what she did say was that last night was the dog night for hong kong and hong kong it's called power lies by the protests that have been happy happening so far were godless the very people here hold responsible for that i think most people can agree that indeed hong kong is paralyzed by this move in there with being at the moment shop here shut down early train stations closed as well this is very much territory on the edge of my all right w. charlotte charleston pill bringing us up to date with events in hong kong we thank you so much for that yes. to iraq now and reports are coming in that 5 more people have been killed in clashes between police and anti-government protesters as after
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a curfew was lifted on saturday morning the fresh unrest follows days of violent protests that have hit the iraqi capital and other cities this week on friday security forces in baghdad opened fire on the protesters who've been demonstrating against unemployment poor public services and corruption. shots in iraq's capital security forces reportedly fired life i mean mission directly at protesters the night before approaches to prefer spite from the violence iraq essentially to few hours of calm after this week's unrest prompted by anti-government sentiment people young and old determined to bring about change. also missionizing am about the protesters aren't holding anything in their hands except for iraqi flags. they're calling for the most basic of rights on employment on public services. that's what the wonderful young people who graduated from
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universities wang as he rose to join a plate number says we are well able to meet that is. the revolution of the hungry and courageous people it will hopefully open new doors for us god knows if the government is trustworthy or not. these. things are better now that the curfew has been removed. i hope the decisions by the government are applied on the ground because honestly the iraqi people are tired of promises. you can through. unrest across iraq has spread rapidly since tuesday without any apparent leadership or connection to a political or sectarian movement it's the biggest challenge to prime minister up to must. since the so-called islamic state was defeated 2 years ago on friday he said the protesters demands have been heard. now to some of the other stories
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making news around the world france's anti terror prosecutor says a man suspected of a deadly knife attack in the palace paris police headquarters likely had links to a quote radical vision of islam investigators say he had contact to members of the ultra conservative islamic salafist movement for police officers were killed and the assailant was shot dead in thursday's incident. more than 5000 demonstrators have marched to the u.s. embassy in the greek capital athens to protest against nato and a visit by u.s. secretary of state my thumb peo impaled signed a revised defense cooperation pact with his greek counterpart which will increase joint u.s. green activity at several military bases. now in denmark a very different type of ski slope has opened the hill was built on top of 8 waste
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incinerator the capital copenhagen has no hills or mountains so the architect decided to build his own sort of eco friendly ski area. in most cities around the world there are an absolute eyesore but in copenhagen this waste incineration plant has become a landmark the plant's operator says it's the most efficient and cleanest in the world and will supply 160000 households with heating and also to generate electricity but what's really special was what's on the roof a ski slope and a hiking trail have just officially been opened to the public. sensational the design and say they wanted to be a space for everyone. your water. ski for it's not just for skiing we designed a new green space in the city with real biodiversity and in the middle of
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copenhagen you can out there skiing hiking and enjoy the outdoors. the rooftop is covered in a kind of artificial mesh grass simply grows through the magic. in one of the most expensive cities in the world city planners thought it crazy not to make use of the rooftop surface so after spending around 470000000 euros on the waste plant they forked out a further 12000000 on the rooftop project. see that as an opportunity to kitty when you invest so much money. to do something more so instead of having separated colored sure and less show from practicalities try to merge them into something new and more interesting. planners hope all the outdoor activity will have a positive effect on residents general health and well being. it's free to access the roof top with an annual ski possible cost $365.00 euro. a day pass will set you
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back just 20. organizers say any income generated will go to the slopes maintenance costs of the idea seems to have gone down well with many here. and the idea is proving to be popular elsewhere the architectural firm is now set to develop a green roof top and powerless to improve quality in the french capital are if to bundesliga soccer now and it was a dramatic day for byron munich who suffered a shock home defeat but their rivals failed to take full advantage leaders veyron the last 21 to previously struggling hoffenheim just days after the german title holders thrashed tottenham 72 in the champions league but dortmund conceded late on to draw 22 at surprise packages freiburg laver couzin and rb life they drew 11 minds one at bottom side potter born had to berlin beat disallowed or 31 on friday shock a face cologne later on saturday and there are 3 matches on sunday. ok
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a quick look at the bundesliga table shows byron still lead the way despite their defeat there ahead of freiburg rb live sick and leverkusen on goal difference and with shell can still to play dortmund are down in 7th and at the other end are born are adrift at the bottom after just 7 games of the season. well there have been complaints of empty seats at the world athletics championships and doha but that was not a worry and day 81 local athlete stole the show with his high flying act attracting the biggest crowd yet at the competition. for once in doha a packed house and crowd puller much has aisa by the same gave his compact 3 is something to celebrate he took gold in the high jump the 1st qatari title at the championships after a troubled tournament an outburst of immense local and personal pride.
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i was in the evening that saw plenty of spectacle the leader mohammed of the united states was chasing her own world record in the final of the 400 meter hurdles boids by the crowd she too claimed gold and be cut best time to set a new world record of 52.16 seconds. the men's 3000 meter steeple chase ended in dramatic fashion as well ethiopian let me share gamma seemed set to take the title but a late surge saw the defending world champion concessive bruto of kenya pick his rival to the post by just a 100th of a 2nd. there was late night glory 2 for steven god no of the bahamas in the men's 400 meters he's finishing time of 43.48 seconds is the 6th fastest runner in
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history the gold medal his 1st ever at the world championships. you're watching deleon is coming to you from berlin my colleague nick spicer will be here at the top of the hour with another update up next is the world of stories of the week in reports i'm marion edelstein from me and the entire news team thanks for watching. i'm secure in the fire or the tyrant and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here and more we will send you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were liars of the what's your story.
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'd 'd when i was a women especially are victims of violence. take part.


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