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he took. the money. this is g.w. news live from berlin and a 2nd insider at the white house has told intelligence officials that u.s. president alan trump abused his power in a phone call with ukraine corroboration from the new whistleblower and strength and the impeachment inquiry several house committees are looking into whether trump asked kiev to investigate his main political rival in the 2020
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a lecture and. also coming up protestors in hong kong to find a phantom face mask again on sunday police fired tear gas in several areas in an attempt to stop attacks on shops banks point to mainland china. and joy for germany as the world athletics championships wrap up after a wave of controversies. waiter welcome to the program a 2nd whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment inquiry of president donald trump in the u.s. the person is reportedly an intelligence official with firsthand knowledge of a phone call between trump and his ukrainian counterpart approach has been launched into the allegations that trump pressured president selenski to investigate from
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split a cool rival joe biden and joe biden's son. did donald trump use the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country with his 2020 reelection campaign the 1st whistleblower complaint filed in august alleges just that it cited information received from half a dozen u.s. officials on sunday the president didn't respond to the appearance of a 2nd whistleblower but instead sent his twitter finger on the attack against the bidens he wrote the biden family was paid off pure and simple the fake news must stop making excuses it's my on on thursday trump's in beijing should investigate joe biden's son over his business dealings in china. and by the way likewise china has started investigation into the by. that suggestion prompted several republican senators including utah republican mitt romney to voice
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concerns about trump reaching out to foreign countries to help him in his 2020 reelection bid it remains troubling in the extreme but other republican senators came out firmly in support of trump on sunday instead questioning the credibility of washington's intelligence services. given you my honest assessment of what i heard how the president told me repeatedly in the may 23rd oval office visit on the form of 31st the reason here very legitimate concerns and reservations are ukraine is 1st corruption generalizes in demick we all know that truck i just want the truth the american people want i do not try to only america do you not trust me you don't trust the cia no i'm just you know you're scared trump is maintaining that there was no quid pro quo in his requests to the caribbean presidents but the congressional committees leading the inquiry have released text message transcripts which contradict the president's assertions the committee's this week expect to
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hear from more high ranking officials. view washington bureau chief alexandra naaman sent us this is testament of sunday's events so there was still lower has been disquiet as an intelligence official we don't know his or her identity about as you said this appears to be someone with 1st hand knowledge of some of the allegations that were outlined in the original whistleblower complaint so that appears to be someone who can talk about direct. related to ukraine and to this phone call president trump had with the ukrainian president and that could be someone here who could undercut president strom's claim that the 1st whistle blower complaint was completely wrong and it's quite interesting and remarkable that normally you would see members of the trump administration on sunday morning talk
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shows but there was no one defending the president today however we also have to add that of course he thinks that he can do it the best way. there was you know as washington bureau chief alexander a phenomenon moving to hong kong now where pro-democracy lawmakers have suffered a setback in the territories high court the judge dismissed their bid to get an injunction against a ban on face masks worn at demonstrations protesters reacted in defiance with more marchers in hong kong central business district those later descended into another night of violence. tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters continue to defy a ban on face masks on sunday kerry lam hong kong's chief executive had introduced the ban under colonial era state of emergency powers to try to end months of unrest pro-democracy lawmakers again went to the high court on sunday morning seeking an
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injunction against the ban they argued the emergency powers bypassed legislature and contravene the city's constitution today is about authoritarianism versus state rule of law i would say this is one of the most important constitutional cases in the history of all but a senior judge dismissed the case that only increased the defiance of hong kong residents large crowds marched through to wrench will reign in unsanctioned rallies . from my. carry lamb is trying to use the band to keep us from coming out. she suppressing our right to express ourselves this will only push us further idea how much i want to know as night fell things turned ugly some demonstrators turning their rage on businesses with connections to mainland china and fighting pitched battles with police to carry lamb has warned that the ban on face masks was only the 1st card in her hand the emergency law allows her to make any regulations
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whatsoever in the face of the sun rest. and now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world exit polls from tunisia as parliamentary election on sunday show the country's my. moderate islamist and not a party in the lead but its rivals are also claiming victory the election is seen as a bellwether for the upcoming presidential runoff between candidate and a jailed media mogul. in portugal the governing socialist party has emerged as the winner of their parliamentary elections on sunday the party is projected to get almost 40 percent of the vote but that falls short of a majority portugal has seen a period of solid economic growth following years of austerity. astronauts onboard the international space station have successfully completed a mission to replace old batteries on the spacecraft 2 astronauts took part in the space walk that lasted 6 and a half hours this is the 1st of 10 planned missions to upgrade and maintain parts
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of the i asked questions and on twitter officials in baghdad least 12 people died in protests on sunday taking the death toll to more than $0.10 violence erupted last week iraq's prime minister has announced social measures designed to and the deadly anti-government protests by tensions haven't relented to late on saturday gunmen attacked the offices of several t.v. broadcasters. the work of unknown assailants were attacked media offices and the target several t.v. stations get been receiving threats for days and see a link to their reporting on the ongoing anti-government protest in iraq. because we went faking reality we transmitted the truth as i stated. that the how much it seems that this state cannot bad the truth. he said i heard that the premier would announce his stance. but he stayed silent about what happened and how
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. life in baghdad has become increasingly dangerous says tuesday demonstrators have been taking to the streets to express frustration over a lack of jobs and basic services the interior ministry claims also didn't shoot at anyone however more than 100 people have been killed during demonstrations late saturday the prime minister again tried to deescalate the situation. you know my gun i will go and meet the protesters with our weapons and sit with them for as long as it takes to listen to their demands if this will ease a situation. this is a change in the prime minister's approach on friday he said the protesters demands have been heard after the violence of recent days they may be reluctant to accept his offer. representatives from the amazon region are attending
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a 3 week meeting with pope francis and over a 100 bishops around the world there to plead their case for the church's support in protecting the rain forest church in response is considering relaxing some of its strict rules for priests in order to better integrate isolated amazonian communities. they'd come all the way from the amazon to make their case joining bishops from all over the world. they're hoping the catholic church will help them save the world's largest rain forest fis year manmade fires set by locusts have been raging destroying the homes and livelihoods of local indigenous communities. in his sermon pope francis blames destructive interests. the fire of god is warmth that attracts and gathers into unity it's fed by sharing not by prophets fire that destroys on the other hand blazes up when people want to
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promote only their own ideas. but there's a shortage of priests in the amazon cutting off many remote communities from the church to remedy this the 3 week meeting of bishops will consider allowing married men in the amazon to become priests in a working document it suggested this should quote be studied for older people prefer to be indigenous respected and accepted by their community even if they have an existing and stable family. if everything continues as it was if we spend our days content that this is the way things have always been done then the gift vanishes smothered by the ashes of fear and concern for defending the status quo. would be controversial go catholic priests are required to be celibate so they can
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be fully devoted to the church and traditionalists fear the move could pave the way for getting rid of the celibacy requirement all together. in paris the iconic cabaret has knocked at 130th anniversary with you guessed it an open air cancan show. high kicking dancers performed in front of the building. it has has said some major entertainers from france and abroad over the decades including singer shah. and ella fitzgerald. the world athletics championships in qatar have come to a close after a raft of controversies but the athletes wanted to finish off in style and a german did just that in the long jump on the day of finals on the final day of
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a competition marred by low crowds and complaints about the heat began with a win in the long jump for germany's man like me humble the world championship gold to last year's european title was that and the javelin understand peters won just a 2nd ever world gold for grenada. was on the track kenya's timothy cheerio it's produced a blistering performance in the 50100 meters hitting the front from the opening lap and never letting go of the lead was to guy won a thrilling last lap to take gold should uganda and the 10th those meters from was the sprint belongs to the united states a leader lead an american one to 100 metres hurdles was done i didn't really go to her success on the individual hurdles event as the u.s. women destroyed the field in the store by 400 metres my son the
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men were similarly dominant i'm right benjamin and could the team to the final gold of the championships to leave the us with a table top and medal haul of 29 i should both fans will hope the organizers of the men's world cup here in 2022 can learn lessons from these troubled championships. shifting gears now to racing honda's marquez has secured his 6th moto to. world title this after storming to victory at the tiger on parade mark has left it late but took the lead in the final lap of the race the defending champion needed just 2 more points than his italian rival andrea dauvit to also who finished a distant 4th the spaniard now has an insurmountable lead with 4 races to spare this is marquez's 4th straight title. the bonus league show follows after the break we'll bring you all of sunday's goals and discuss what is
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shaping up to be the most intriguing season in years. are the new leaders thanks to some dreadful hours for goalkeeping stay tuned for all that and much more. news live from berlin on my ash waiter don't forget you can always get all the latest on our web site you have your dot com and follow us on twitter at g.w. thanks so much for watching. the. literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see as the. right. to. work. on you to. go to the foot is the good deal be.
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