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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2019 7:00am-7:16am CEST

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that seems a little crazy but you've got to start somewhere. this is g.w. news live from berlin a 2nd insider at the white house has reportedly told intelligence officials that u.s. president donald trump abused his power in a phone call with ukraine and the entire operation from the new whistleblower could strengthen the impeachment inquiry several house committees are looking into whether trump asked to investigate his main to political rival in the 2020 alexion
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and also coming up protesters defied the ban on face masks and hong kong again on sunday police fired tear gas in several areas in an attempt to stop attacks on shops and banks linked to mainland china. and joy for germany as the world athletics championships wrapped up after a wave of controversies. i'm irish waiter thank you for joining us a 2nd whistleblower has come forward in the impeachment inquiry of president donald trump the person is reportedly an intelligence official with firsthand knowledge of a phone call between trump and his ukrainian counterpart a probe has been launched into the allegations that trump pressured president selenski to investigate former u.s. vice president joe biden and biden's son. did donald trump use the power of
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his office to solicit interference from a foreign country with his 2020 reelection campaign the 1st whistleblower complaint filed in august alleges just that it cited information received from half a dozen u.s. officials on sunday the president didn't respond to the appearance of a 2nd whistleblower but instead sent his twitter finger on the attack against the bidens he wrote the biden family was paid off pure and simple the fake news must stop making excuses it's my on on thursday trumps and beijing should investigate joe biden's son over his business dealings in china. and by the way likewise china has started investigation into the by. that suggestion prompted several republican senators including utah republican mitt romney to voice concerns about trump reaching out to foreign countries to help them in his 2020
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reelection bid it remains troubling in the extreme but other republican senators came out firmly in support of trump on sunday instead questioning the credibility of washington's intelligence services. given you my honest assessment of what i heard how the president told me repeatedly in the may 23rd oval office visit on the phone of 31st the reason here very legitimate concerns and reservations are ukraine is 1st corruption generalizes in demick we all know that truck i just want the truth the american people want i do not try to only america do you not trust me you don't trust the cia and i am just your and your share trump is maintaining that there was no quid pro quo in his request of the canadian president but the congressional committees leading the inquiry have released text message transcripts which contradict the president's assertions the committee's this week expect to hear from more high ranking officials. did have is washington bureau chief
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alexander phenomena sent us this is testament of sunday's events so there was still lower has been disquiet as an intelligence official we don't know his or her identity about as you said this appears to be someone with 1st hand knowledge of some of the allegations that were outlined in the original whistleblower complaint so that appears to be someone who can talk about direct. related to ukraine and to this phone call president trump had with the ukrainian president and that could be someone here who could undercut president strongs claim that the 1st whistle blower complaint was completely wrong. to hong kong now where pro-democracy lawmakers have suffered a setback in the territories high court the judge dismissed their bid to get an injunction against a ban on face masks when at demonstrations protesters reacted in defiance with more
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marches and hong kong central business district those later descended into another night of violence. tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters continued to defy a ban on face masks on sunday kerry lam hong kong's chief executive had introduced the band under colonial era state of emergency powers to try to end months of unrest pro-democracy lawmakers again went to the high court on sunday morning seeking an injunction against the ban they argued the emergency powers bypass legislature and contravene the city's constitution today is about offshore terrorism versus the rule of law i would say this is one of the most important constitutional cases in the history of all but a senior judge dismissed the case that only increased the defiance of hong kong residents large crowds marched through to wrench will reign in unsanctioned rallies . carry lam is trying to use the ban to keep us from coming out.
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she suppressing our right to express ourselves this will only push us further idea how he found out as night fell things turned ugly some demonstrators turning their rage on businesses with connections to mainland china and fighting pitched battles with police carry lamb has warned that the ban on face masks was only the 1st card in her hand the emergency law allows her to make any regulations whatsoever in the face of this sun rest. and now bring you some of the other stories making news around the world the u.s. says turkey is set to launch its long planned offensive against kurdish fighters in northern syria washington is withdrawing. us troops from the area and says it will not support or be involved in the operation on sunday kurdish groups in the region held a mass demonstration against the turkish offensive. exit polls from tunisia parliamentary
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election on sunday show the country's moderate islamist party in the lead but its rivals are also claiming victory the election is seen as a bellwether for the upcoming presidential runoff between an abscessed candidate and a jailed media mogul. portugal socialists have claimed victory in sunday's parliamentary election but they fell short of an outright majority prime minister on tony acosta said he would start talks with other parties to form a coalition he has benefited from solid economic growth following years of austerity. the activist group extinction rebellion has launched a series of demonstrations in london climate protesters are planning civil disobedience in some 60 cities around the world during the next 2 weeks by blocking streets and occupying buildings in britain the group is calling for a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to 0 by 2025.
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a group of kurdish students in syria is offering a chance to briefly escape the horrors of war the students are crisscrossing the north of the country with movies to share to bring the magic of cinema to children in the region. in the world without more terror or fear for many children in the schoolyard this is an unforgettable event they're watching a movie for the 1st time. a group of film students and produces from coming bringing cinema to children and their kurdish homeland in the war torn region of northern syria. this year they've already held similar events in over 60 villages attracting some 15000 children. up for the. children have grown up under difficult circumstances in the midst of war than we want to give them hope to make them laugh at the give them a chance just to be kids. learn how to follow. the group of visiting by
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on dawn a tranquil village in the east of commission. many residents here have lost friends and relatives in the world they live with trauma and fear. cheryl hender talks with one family a few weeks earlier her father was ambushed and killed by as fighters best still in shock. and it wasn't doha bladen on plus i think it will cheer me up to be able to forget everything for a moment i have heard that all children should come outside and discover the world through fell what is still a man a team member said at the door cinema and the school playground together with a couple of eager people who can't wait for the show. by sundown hundreds of children have gathered for the screening tonight it's a classic charlie chaplin's the kid chaplin plays a homeless man who takes in an abandoned child and raises him. the
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film with kurdish subtitles captivates the children for over an hour do you. think it will flash movie i'm so happy my friends out serve food and mouth has not mine and i wasn't so sad during the film but it was if i got to see my friends again the mobile and i'll just show films like this again is your question was making a crisis torn region a little more livable that's what the movie bus from commissioning a 4 and a succeed in not often aren't. just words now the world athletics championships in qatar have come to a close after a raft of controversies but the athletes wanted to finish off in style and a german did just that in the long jump. 6 the day of finals on the final day of a competition marred by low crowds and complaints about the heat began with
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a win in the long jump for germany's malenka me humble because world championship gold to last year's european title was in the javelin understand peter's one just a 2nd ever world gold for grenada. 5 on the track kenya's timothy cherry ought to produce a blistering performance in the 50100 meters pitting the front from the opening lot and never letting go of the lead. by joshua chip the guy won a thrilling last lap battle to take gold for uganda in a tense those meters from the sprint belongs to the united states 11 american one to win the 100 metres hurdles i was dull i'm a hunted i didn't really go to her success and the individual hurdles event was the u.s. women destroyed the field in the 4 by 400 meters by hand the
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men were similarly dominant. right benjamin and could be team to the final goals of the championships to leave the u.s. with a table top medal haul of $29.00. people fans will hope the organizers of the men's world cup here in 2022 can learn lessons from these troubled championships. and we have new leaders in the bundesliga after bolasie in mentioning that rocketed from 6 to 1st they took over at the top thanks to a handsome win over struggling outback that britain weathering glad back couldn't kill the mood in percy apart when the falls were ready for a party the match was less than 2 minutes old when marcus to ram sets up dennis south korea to go number 15 the outspoken defense was sliced apart old to easily just a few minutes later flight back repeated the trick. by this time it was
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allison player from the left finding patrick hamilton for the finish and in the 13th minute the same combination made it 3 to 5 rinse and repeat got back were on fire outs but wish on 5 if their coach martin schmidt thought it couldn't get any worse what he saw next will of left him dumbfounded. by glad i didn't need a boost but i was but a keeper thomas kobe gave player one anyway i'm sure nearly half the time and a 100 c. was galloping to victory. hausberg did finally have reason to cheer in the 81st minute. florian needle a sham pounced on a loose ball to give the visitors a consolation golf but braille and below them scored a physical for glass but it's a round off and me perfect for the houses so i've won the final score again that
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left hausberg drenched and defeated. and mention god by sitting pretty at the top of the table. who have climbed to 2nd in the minutes they get after a tight one nothing win overpromoted berlin does forward for 10 horses grabs the goal for the host at 59 minutes the wolves are the only unbeaten team left in the german top flight. and a quick look now at a surprising top half of the bonus league table shows and leading the way by a point from ball struck by an 5. because in are all on level on points dortmund are down in 8th and on the other end of the table its more predictable part of on our adrift at the bottom just after just 7 games into the season with fellow promoted on your own who are also struggling. this is g w news live from berlin and on a personal note this is ben my last show with you i am so profoundly grateful for
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this incredible experience and all the amazing people who i've gotten to work with to put these shows together this job has been a dream come true and thank you to all of you for watching and coming on this journey with me so until we meet again i'm irish waiter live from berlin signing off. on a meal and i'm james i'm a good new delusion for most folks person to voice from topix the successor will want to climb a tree in the return of. only green fields check out.


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