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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2019 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin environmental activists staged drastic actions to draw attention to the cause of climate change in cities around the world members of the group extinction rebellion are aiming to deter allies traffic and occupied buildings to get their message across also coming up protestors in hong kong brave rubber bullets and clouds of tear gas to the final battle in face masks
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as tens of thousands of demonstrators take to the streets once more police begin arresting those who violate the bat. donald trump's impeachment crisis deepens a 2nd whistle blower inside the white house tells intelligence officials u.s. president abused his power in a phone call to ukraine. and germany grab some gold as the world the fed ex championships wraps up in after a series of controversy. oh i'm terry martin welcome to the program the climate activist group extinction rebellion has kicked off worldwide protests warning of an environmental collapse the protesters are taking the rebellion to 60 cities around the globe here in rome . in protesters gathered at dawn to march on the city's famous brandenburg gate
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over the next 2 weeks civil disobedience actions are planned in cities across the world demonstrations began yesterday in london protesters want greenhouse gas emissions to be cut to 0 by 2020 2. our political correspondent simon young is out on the streets in the german capital covering the protest forests simon if you are with us. there you are simon yes you can hear much anything out there you know. well terry here at the victory column in the center of berlin it's a big traffic roundabout which is really central to traffic movements in berlin and there are several 100 extinction rebellion protesters here who are protesting peacefully they're singing songs they're holding hands they're. repeating their
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slogans demanding climate justice many of them have been camped out overnight nearby and they say that they are planning to stay for as long as it takes to get the german government to declare a climate emergency their primary aim here is to block traffic and create media interest. they are blocking traffic actually there's no traffic here because the police are holding that the traffic back in the streets around so to that extent it's been successful so far they'll be speeches later and probably behind me you can see a big sort of noah's ark that's being constructed here and is being painted pink pink is the color of this extinction rebellion protest today around the world and we caught up with some of the activists here in the german capital as they were making their preparations for this week of protests let's take a look. this is how
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environmental activists from extinction are badly and are preparing for the protests one of them is 28 year old. the activists undergo training in how to behave when blocking a raid and when being removed by the police. auditors and the other activists are demanding more climate protection action from government that includes a call for a climate imagine sea to be declared to make that point back to this one to paralyze transport and belin. says she's willing to be arrested if necessary. but is. this this is the only way to show. how serious we are it's not sufficient anymore to simply wave flags and demonstrate we need to make clear how bad the situation is and i think it will be highly symbolic if we are willing to be arrested and have our freedom curtailed. extinction
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rebellion was founded in 2018 and claims to have activists in around 50 countries that protest method is civil disobedience peaceful but sometimes illegal and provocative to illustrate the effects of climate change the activists even dyed the river in switzerland green. the die was harmless but the campaign got a lot of attention and polarized opinion the protesters have pitched their tents in berlin not just anywhere but right in the heart of the government district there are expected roadblocks have provoked mixed reactions from. i think we need to find a sensible solution broad consensus in society is what we're after and extremism doesn't help. apart from creating more traffic which isn't very climate friendly. doesn't or they should do it it's not
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a problem we need to do something about it don't worry. extinction rebellion only released a passionate list of which parts of it intends to shut down the protest will last a week but for many the climate fight is a long term commitment. as you previously worked as a psychologist has decided to leave office savings and dedicate himself full time to the campaign. pursuing a career is becoming more and more relevant if you look at the broad context of our work here is very important so i can't imagine doing anything. at this moment. is that seen governments around the wild will listen to hang. on it's that call that extinction or want to raise awareness for the coming day. simon the extinction rebellion activists have been criticized for their tactics and
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they're saying they're planning to paralyze berlin what are berliners saying about this protest movement well as you've reported there some people are skeptical they don't think that blocking traffic he's particularly useful or likely to increase public support for these ideas having said that i think there is widespread public sympathy in the sense that people increasingly believe something is needed 8 big action is needed on climate protection and as far as the police no authority is a concern they're taking a sort of laissez faire watch and see attitude at the moment they're treating this is a spontaneous demonstration and you know they're making sure that this happens safely but they're not trying to stop it at the moment i'm talking about climate
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action only 2 weeks ago the german government agreed on a 54000000000 euro climate package but that package is now looking considerably less ambitious tell us more about it. yeah that's right so according to reports in the. magazine or on their website this morning 8 seems that the government which had agreed in principle a plan for climate protection going 3 to 2050 in sound rolling that back it saying that it won't commit specific reductions in c o 2 emissions by 2040 as was originally intended and it won't commit to. emissions neutrality by 2050 and a lot of people are saying you know that it's really not going to be good enough people here saying that the original deal was they was shocked by how lacking in teeth it was and they say any attempt to water it down is just going to
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make that would. simon thank you so much for now d.w. political correspondent simon young. now at hong kong where police arrested and charged 2 protesters for defying the ban on wearing face masks during demonstrations protestors are the 1st 2 people to be charged under the new law outside courthouse supporters used umbrellas to protect protesters identities as they were ushered away the ban on face masks has helped fuel days of violent protests in hong kong. and we're joined now by our correspondent in hong kong mathias bowling a materialist the ban on face masks has clearly anger the protestors we solved violent clashes there over the weekend what's happening there today. there are new protests announced in telegram groups and online forums today so far
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there haven't started yet but it's clear that the protesters want to keep the pressure up they want to be on the streets and the law has clearly not achieved what it should achieve according to the government to deter the protesters and take some steam out of the situation now now the protesters are more furious than ever and everybody is where almost everybody's wearing a face mask now to the demonstration even those that were not wearing any before. but mathias we now have the police actually arresting demonstrators 2 of them of now appeared in court for wearing face masks. can we really expect that the protesters will continue to defy the ban on face 1st. it's hard to say at the moment it looks like this and if you look at what has happened throughout these 4 months than that every means of deterrence the troops
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at the border with china threatening to enter this city be it police tactics that target the protesters i don't really stage all this has not worked so far the people are not deterred and that might be because many protesters fear that if they stop to protest a much worse clampdown on the city will happen and beijing will take its revenge so so far of course. these things are very volatile and can take other turns but at the moment it doesn't look like this is going to deter the protesters they were not deterred by long terms for rioting people with charged with offenses that carry up to 10 years in prison. so one year in prison for wearing a mosque would probably not do the job i don't understand public transport in hong kong has been severely disrupted mathias how is that impacting daily life there.
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now you can see here this is one of the major. stations one of the most busy m.t.r. stations in hong kong it has been vandalized for several days in a row. transport system is down today again even more than off and of course this makes life here very difficult to transport system carries 5000000 passengers a day today is a public holiday so people are not most people are not commuting to their jobs that is of course changing tomorrow when schools and most businesses will pick up again and we will see how this is going to work this is this city is built on this transport system and it needs it and he has thank you very much. there in hong kong . some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the u.s.
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says turkey is set to launch its long planned offensive against kurdish fighters in northern syria washington is withdrawing u.s. troops from the area and says will not support or be involved in the operation on sunday kurdish groups in the region held a mass demonstration against the turkish advance. and exit polls from tunisia parliamentary elections on sunday show the country's moderate islamist and not a party in the lead but his rivals are also claiming victory the election is seen as a bellwether for the upcoming presidential runoff between another's candidate and a jailed media. iraqi official say at least 15 people have been killed in a government protests in baghdad overnight it brings the death toll to more than 100 since violence erupted last week iraq's prime minister has announced reforms aimed at quelling the rest but tensions remain high. the country in crisis. the prime minister's efforts to quell the violence had little effect as the
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death toll rose on sunday. demands for jobs better services and an end to corruption have been met with force demonstrators accuse security units of firing on crowds and deploying snipers. all of that much of. the youth the protesting peacefully what do they want from us why are they killing us doesn't it our officials have responded with mixed messages the prime minister addle abdul mahdi offered to meet with protesters but he also defended the security forces. while iraq's interior ministry pointed the blame elsewhere. lim connecticut there were no clashes a confrontation between the security forces and the brotherly protesters but there were militias. sad if it were the prime minister said
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the families of those killed in the protests will qualify for state benefits he also announced a string of reforms including an increase in welfare unemployment benefits and to create new jobs officials have asked the protesters for time to implement the changes but gaining their trust will be a challenge. to the u.s. now our democratic lawmakers have fresh ammunition for their impeachment inquiry against president donald trump a 2nd whistleblower has come forward in the case claiming to have 1st hand knowledge of a phone call between trump and the ukrainian president blogger here selenski us democrats have launched a probe into whether trump pressures alaska to investigate trump's leading political rival joe biden and his son. miles. well president trump's impeachment inquiry is proving extremely divisive in many states opinion on the topic a split predictably along party lines with democrats in favor and republicans against
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but it seems there's one point both parties can agree on the dispute is a routing the quality of u.s. political discourse even further. the market hole in allentown pennsylvania there's plenty of fresh produce the chance to get a haircut and to have a chat with your neighbors everyone pretty much agrees here what's going on in washington is dividing the country like never before we're going to have one hell of a time here if they don't straighten up their d.c. that's the truth one hell of a time we're going to have so if this is what they want. get ready people have had enough if you're in a position of power you should take your position of power and use it to your advantage and what you're doing is you're dividing this country and it's not worth the time or the effort when we call the uniting which is what we're standing for
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the united states allentown pennsylvania alliance in a highly competitive political district the democratic and republican parties are on equal footing here but in the last congressional elections the district chose a democratic congresswoman susan wild regularly holds town halls to check in with her constituents these public meetings are somewhat of a microcosm murdering the deeply divided state of politics in the usa i wonder colleagues in congress are assuming impeachment which according to some polls the majority of americans do not work. i didn't come to congress to pursue an impeachment inquiry our president had with a foreign leader where he used his office to attempt to extract information about a political opponent he crossed the line clearly and he's too dumb to even know what he did which is shocking a lot of polarization divisiveness anger people doing crazy stuff because appalled
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by me i did any political discussion with anybody about 2000 kilometers southwest of allentown is the river at louisiana repub. and congressman mike johnson is not worried about his job his district is staunchly republican but even here this seems to be disagreement especially on the topic of impeachment i believe it is worthy to teach me hope it comes time to build on this if you will at least seriously consider 'd you might be your friend i don't know what i was doing 'd actually not in the law school i went to it's actually not commit a crime and there's a lot of people have a lot of issues with the president and his style and his twitter and go a lot of the ok right i mean to date no one has yet stated any specific crime or voters here a split on trump impeachment but they are united in their opinion that political fronts have become too hard. the division goes all the way down to families all
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across this country and in france and those divisions are are real and they're having an impact so you try to disagree without being disagreeable you know we try to do that in community you can have family you can have community if you can't respect each other with so much political division many him i see prayer as their only hope it. gets in sports for you in just a minute but 1st couple of other international political stories portugal's socialists have claimed victory in sunday's parliamentary election but they fell short of an outright majority prime minister antonio costa said he would start talks with other parties to form a coalition he's benefited from solid economic growth following years all stare at you and the opposition parties have taken the top 2 spots and call supposed parliamentary election official results show the left is. already winning with 26 percent but it will have to find coalition partners to govern the vote was called
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after the prime minister resigned in july when he was summoned to appear before a war crimes court. the world athletics championships in qatar have come to a close after a raft of controversies but the athletes wanted to finish off in style and one german long jumper definitely did that. on the day of finals on the final day of the competition marred by low crowds and complaints about the heat began with a win in the long jump for germany's men like me humble was world championship gold to last year's european title was in the javelin understand peter's won just a 2nd ever world gold for grenada above was on the track kenya's timothy cherry ought to produce a blistering performance in the 1500 meters hitting the front from the opening lap and never letting go of the lead was just a check to guy won
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a thrilling last lap battle to take gold for uganda and the 10000 meters have got the sprint belongs to the united states was a leader lead an american one to 100 metres hurdles wasn't. didn't really go to her success and the individual hurdles event as the u.s. women destroyed the field was in the 4 by 400 metres i've done the men were similarly dominant my right benjamin and could the team to the final gold of the championships to leave the u.s. with a table top medal haul of 29 was both fans will hope the organizers of the men's world cup here in 2022 can learn lessons from these troubled championships have some football now we have no leaders in germany's bonus league after mentioning rocketed from 6th to 1st they took over at the top thanks to
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a heads who in over struggling spoke. grid where the ring gladbach couldn't kill the mood it percy apart when the phones were ready for a party the match was less than 2 minutes old when marcus tiran sets up dennis south korea to go number 15 pm on spoke defense was sliced apart old to easily just a few minutes later bloodbath repeated the trick. by this time it was allison player from the left finding patrick help for the finish and in the 13th minute the same combination made it 3 to. 5 rinse and repeat cut back are on fire outs back wish on both. if their coach martin schmidt thought it couldn't get any worse what he saw next will have left him dumbfounded. by flat i didn't need
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a boost but i was spared keeper thomas co but what i want anyway. to nail that hot sign and a 100 c. was galloping to victory. hausberg did finally have reason to cheer in the 81st minute. florian needle a show pounced on a loose ball to give the visitors a consolation goal but brail and below them scored a 5th goal for glass but to roundoff and me perfect for the hugs 51 the final score a game that left out the drenched and defeated and mention got by sitting pretty at the top of the table. and what about both spar well they were not among many pundits tips for success in the bundesliga this season but they are now 2nd in the table and the only side yet to lose this term only on your own berlin where their latest victims feel. fans of pinching themselves up to their own fate and stuff of
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the season under new coach class now. but it defensively minded they made this home game tough in the 1st tough. job victor the best chance for the hosts maybe should have gone with these 14 instead. the match opened up a little bit more after the break and votes were awarded a penalty. puts a handful in the build up by foot by coast meant it was overturned. on 69 minutes to death that was finally broken but they cost this time making a difference for the right reasons the dutchman states the league goal in 2009 see only by immunex brother evidence he has scored more. robotic almost level but he only stoppage time but the visit sustained trouble bugg last night's votes were going to upset any heights of 2nd and the good as the good table. basketball's
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houston rockets have apologized to china for a tweet that supported hong kong's democracy protests the tweet from a team official has since been deleted but it read fight for freedom stand with hong kong it led china's state broadcaster to yank rockets games off the air millions of chinese fans have been enamored with the n.b.a. team since former player yelled mean 1st join them in 2002 rockets general manager darley mori since tweeted that he did not mean to calls offense to fans and corporate sponsors but some in the u.s. including a presidential candidate criticized rockets for kowtow to a j. just a reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on the news environmental activists from the group extinction rebellion have launched worldwide protests and they're planning weeks of disruptive actions to raise the alarm over
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climate change. and hong kong police have arrested 2 protesters for defying the battle and wearing face masks during demonstrations there the 1st demonstrators to be charged under the new law which has been fueling a lot. you're watching news coming out the next trial over the controversial week killer roundup is postponed stoking speculation potential settlement for thousands of plaintiffs saying it caved in cancer. much more still to come in the business news with kristoff coverage he'll be here in just a minute with that and of course i'll be back at the top of the next hour with more international news headlines but 1st we leave you with pictures from the u.s. state of new mexico spectators there enjoying a sky filled with color this weekend as the annual 2nd annual albuquerque pollute
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fiesta for a new way. the for. the same. clinton.
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dispossession denigration and destruction. to this day namibia still lives on the shadows of colonialism. in 45 minutes long coming. home over. the world unto itself. with its own gravitational pull jobs. the finest musical compositions. the song. mystery's terrific. film and if you listen to them don't tell me that there's enough to show.
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for yourself and the joint should come off in the morning. resealed the symphonies of the hottest proms. how did the romantic master colpus such a piece of. the brahms code. cover 11th on d w enough. a small tweet calls in a big stir after the houston rockets general manager support of protesters in hong kong the club the executive and the league are back pedaling trying to save millions of dollars in revenue and sponsor teams also coming the next trial over a controversial herbicide roundup gets postponed.


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