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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  October 7, 2019 12:30pm-12:45pm CEST

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the secrets of symphonic magic. promise code starts oct 11th w. . hot enough. to. take small tweets causing a big stir after the houston rockets general managers for the protesters in hong kong the executive the club and the league are back pedaling trying to save millions of dollars in revenue and sponsorship deals also coming financial markets look nervously ahead to us trying to trade talks of this week amid more resistance from beijing and we'll take a look at the impact of berlin's for the post branch. welcome
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to the program nowadays it takes just one tweet anger is mounting in china over a comment by the general manager of basketball's houston rockets he openly supported the pro-democracy protests in hong kong but china and its hundreds of millions of sports fans is a highly important market to the leak and its corporate sponsors so after just one tweet damage control is now in full swing. we apologize we love china houston rockets n.b.a. star james harden distancing himself from the words of his team's general manager and on monday morning daryl morey tweeted his regret saying he had not intended to cause offense among the club's chinese fans and that he was merely voicing a thought based on one interpretation of one complicated event humble words that show the importance of chinese money to the n.b.a. but they came too late to prevent sponsors like the sportswear company leaning and
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shanghai based s.p.d. bank from cutting ties with the rockets china's state broadcaster has announced it will no longer show rockets games and the chinese basketball association says it's ending its relationship with the club so. last season more than half a 1000000000 chinese fans watched n.b.a. matches through the online platform 10 sent each of us is a potential buyer of merchandise and tickets this week the brooklyn nets are playing the l.a. lakers in china the nets own by chinese billionaire joseph side the co-founder of web titan alibaba for his part he said the damage from the pro protest tweets would take quote a long time to repair. for more on the story jonathan crane joins me in the studio jonathan you're from our sports desk seemingly minor incident having a huge impact you know many parties have been quick to apologize what damage are
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the houston rockets looking at here well as we heard in the piece a couple of sponsors of already pulled the plug and often when one goes others a quick to follow sometimes you see brands in the wake of a scandal sticking by the team or the play a concert and hoping to ride out the storm but this is not been the case here the storm this is a very quickly distance themselves in the houston rockets china's a speedy bank houston rockets biggest sponsor in china they've suspended that cooperation we don't know yet if it's just a suspension or that's going to be a permanent thing i think crucially 10 cent the internet streaming giant who recently agreed a new deal with the n.b.a. with $1500000000.00 over 5 years they've said they're not going to show you who's doing rockets games anymore and that's a big move to take because the houston rockets are probably the biggest supported team in china so to kind of stop showing those and show you just how seriously they're taking this you mentioned it ironically the houston rockets have a particularly close connection and
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a special link to china what does it look like yet he's the embarrassing for the houston rockets because it's probably because of the houston rockets. popular in china that's down to one man yeah making he spent nearly a decade playing for the houston rockets shrink 20022011 he had a hugely successful career in the united states in the n.b.a.'s who are fade and that popularity enjoyed he retired to the houston rockets often do china nights where they basically celebrate china often coincides with the chinese new year so they have chinese celebrations on course they had last year a special jersey with chinese lettering chinese patterns so you can see just how popular that is and i think to show the effects of this the. n.b.a. statements in chinese law than the one in english and he said the tweet quote undoubtedly hurt the feelings of chinese boscobel fans this would surely have a knock on effect on the rocket supports in china right and overall china is an
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aspiring sports nation the olympic games were held there we see famous football players transferring to china for heaps of money tell us more about that link between sports and business and money in china or china it is a huge market for sports organizations it's why sports teams go on tool that you mentioned in the piece that the nets and the lakers are playing in china this weekend it's why sports federations wants a events that it's a market that's growing that's the crucial thing in terms of t.v. rights sponsorship deals corporate sales the fan base you just have to consider the numbers china's population is what 1300000000 so even if you have 10 percent of the audience interested and that's a lot of eyeballs on the sports jonathan crane thank you so much. and now to some of the other business stories making the news. they just proceed plans to fire up to 10000 more staff according to the financial times this comes
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just weeks after its chief executives stepped down and announced the axing of 4000 employees citing a weak global outlook the latest cuts are part of a cost cutting drive amid falling interest rates bragg's it and the long running trade war the british government has brought home the last of the 150000 holiday makers left stranded by the collapse of thomas cook the final rescue service was from florida to manchester the same route as the company's last ever flight 2 weeks . a trial in said lewis over the alleged cancer links of buyers life will say based herbicide roundup has been postponed until next year the move comes as viral faces thousands of lawsuits claiming the round up calls cancer become but he has already lost 3 cases in the united states it's appealing all 3 verdicts arguing that the herbicide. financial markets are looking ahead to the u.s. china trade talks scheduled for thursday suffice to say they might have to manage
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their expectations over the weekend news agency bloomberg reported that chinese officials all signaling that they're reluctant to agree to a broad trade deal with the united states on such official was reportedly saying that the chinese will not offer include any reforms to chinese industrial policy or to government subsidies a significant larry of the range of the ocean actions it's. for more than just bring in our correspondent in frankfurt on a device. a measure. let's looking at how market started the week there seems to be a large concern over what is to come out of these talks at all. well actually investors very cautious because nobody knows obviously what's the result of those
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talks and we've had so many rounds of talks between the u.s. and china that it seems highly unlikely that we are getting a solid and sustainable solution out of these talks this week and that matters a lot to investors these days because shares are already prized quite expensive flee from china doesn't want to concede too for in these talks it seems this is represented represent a shift of power in the negotiations. well that's one lie in that one could argue because if you look at chinese state a economic data it seems that the chinese economy is actually stadol izing whereas the united states are going down and so they are weakening and that matters a lot to the power from. the parties have and then on top of that we have impeachment talk again one of the big topics in washington that is also not helping the u.s. administration to be
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a very strong partner and we all know president trump wants to have 100 percent pro american solution and that's probably not possible with the chinese which i'm not willing to give away the international policy for example according to reports from bloomberg over the weekend so i guess those talks would be very difficult and it is highly unlikely as i was saying early on that they will be having a positive result given the strong political yet of. different stations both parties have another voice from frankfurt thank you. now to a controversial measure that would be a 1st in any city in germany on the initiative of the city's left wing government berlin senate is planning to introduce a rent cap to freeze rents for 5 years residents have been complaining that their once famously affordable city was pricing them out now with a new law scheduled to come into effect of the beginning of the year contractors
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are fearing that homeowners and investors will cancel orders. berlin is becoming more popular every year its population increases by $40000.00 which is made living space tight many berliners have to pay nearly half their income in rent the left wing coalition governing berlin wants to change this by introducing a new law against upping rents. yes i will stop rent increases that is will freeze rents for 5 years say for a few exceptions no more rent increases are allowed the state is intervening in the real estate market which until now is largely left to the private sector robust rental income has let landlords pay for upkeep for their properties like roof maintenance roof for my clothes i pose job has been secure for the past 5 years that could now a change this would if you described to you that there's been a lot of discussion most of it negative tenants are happy to be paying less rent of course but in the companies people are worried about their jobs.
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alarm bells are also ringing in his boss's office. there's a reason. you know this kind of state intervention is scaring investors away they've no interest at all for a company of course we're not getting any more reefing contracts because renovations and a longer taking place. berlin's real estate market is worth 9000000000 euros every year from the point of view of the ruling coalition there's too much by coalition in the market and the criticisms from the building sector can't be taken seriously. our dozens of video is it's a lot of high level whining all this is is a ban on rent increases for 5 years and it will not lead to the kind of disruption they're talking about god's watching for their food be a mess you know it. was and yes i have work until the end of the year but a total of $4000000.00 euros worth of contracts in the building construction
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industry a gun and i have to think about whether to layoff about 10 to 15 percent of my crew i have 50 people see important what a lawyer was appointed lawyer to a dozen or so. many contractors in berlin agree the law to cap rents in berlin has not yet passed the state parliament in any case the construction sector hopes that it won't. and that's our show i'm chris thanks for.
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the literature invites us to see people in particular. as the kids find the strength grown up. degree books on youtube. where is home. when your family scattered across the globe.
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to. return back to the roots again many of the. bush family from somalia live around the world one of them needed urgent assistance. a family starts october and on. this week well stories. questions about house and iconic but in dogs all why debian caps are living nightmare for migrants but we begin in prague in 1989 thousands of east german sought refuge in the west german embassy that they were finally allowed to travel to the west it was the beginning of the end of east germany. a journey
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back in time. 30 years ago hill much sand was traveling in a train just like this one. and it's like reliving it all over again. back then sunday was one of thousands of refugees fleeing east germany they travelled in special trains from prague to the west but to get there they had to pass through east german territory where they fit to be arrested. cattle. in order to keep memories of those churn.


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