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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  October 8, 2019 2:30am-3:01am CEST

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these values developed in post. art is it to live by and defend the principles of beauty justice and freedom and i work every day in my life. our journey. our series starts october 21st b.t.w. . i. believe. welcome to a dramatic nailbiting match day 77 such a fateful number there are 7 days in a week 7 colors and
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a rainbow 7 continents and 7 seas the 7 deadly sins 7 plagues of the apocalypse and 7 wonders of the world there are 7 clubs currently battling for top spot in the bundesliga match day 7 saw a direct faceoff between 2 hopefuls freiburg vs dortmund 5 ahead failed to beat their opponents in their last 16 attempts with this time be different. christian strong complex magnetism still dotted bogner shall come out on the fine run but could they keep it going. to cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut. as so often the omens looked good for buyers the bundesliga leaders put 7 past talking them during the week. as things get really haven't got to the man but the law says you can now brace court for it them himself as many goals as hoffenheim have managed in the league all season. but i still think.
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the book to sleep sound which of the 7 sides will be on top at the end of match day 7 time to find out on kick off. after climbing to the top of the table aiming to stay there indefinitely just as well match day 7 saw them take on a supposedly harmless hoffenheim languishing down and 12th man in the spotlight ahead of this clash said. he hit the headlines after scoring full goals against tottenham in the champions league in midweek to a $72.00 when it's safe to say the 24 year old germany international has the world at his feet. and his national team coach singing his praises. plays.
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you can find out more about the rising star on the kickoff channel but the man who always plays for his national team was reduced to a me a spectator as his former club hoffenheim went close in the 4th minute saugus adam young missing the city. but jerome boateng showed he isn't quite as sluggish as his critics would suggest. a few words of wisdom for can operate from the cocoa batch and 2 minutes later after a neat free kick the alliums erupted. i but the celebrations were short lived no goal for cannot bring those who are kimmage was offside in the build. but brian was starting to turn it on. a wonderful solo effort from cannot bring power by hoffenheim go. and tiago
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couldn't drive home the rebound. lead so was unable to turn home from close range. while philippe coutinho could only go close from distance covert actions charges were creating chances they just weren't finishing them but a rudely interrupted heroic by to listen to the break change the narrative pump and i'm ruthless if i saw this i mean on celebrated his 1st goal of the campaign and against the reigning champions so one of our main man can operate he's on a roll of the minutes but even he couldn't knock this chance home on the time. i. fortunately for bion they have more than one superstar when cabrera's off the bull someone else steps in this case robert levin to.
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the post-strike a sneaking it in to make it want to go number 11 in just 7 games by now set their sights on a winner. but success is build from the back and on that front by and let themselves down again i'm young pounced the youngster was playing in the full division just 2 seasons ago now he's pushing them past manuel neuer i. cannot for he went agonizingly close before the end. and was not himself almost grabbed an equaliser in the final moments. but the hero status this time belonged to saga saddam yeah he celebrated the club's 1st ever win at the allianz arena. and says gnabry a 1st defeat of the season brought them crashing back down to earth how could this have happened. maybe. something in your mind you cannot control but.
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we have to be professional enough to to win also and i'm going to see it's a phenomenon that keeps happening in the top leagues in the bonus league is not different teams when you. rip on the tuesday and then lose the weekend. virtually give rapping top spot for their rivals but who wants it perhaps lets see how they fare in 5. dortmund's will be $0.50 ponderously get champions that's what the fans were expecting at least but so far things haven't gone quite according to plan just 2 points from the last 2 matches and 4 goals conceded along the way they were down an 8 spot after 6 games. so what's the problem. is it only to get. i need to avoid conceding these unnecessary easy goals scored starts what's
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been costing us points. but things are going better in the champions league you see on top of that used his bold european tactics against overachievers fribourg ashraful kimi was given another offensive run out after scoring twice in the 2 nil win over prague during the week is finished he's not 100 percent used to playing in this position about offensively speaking he's very very dangerous to fail. and he was given another chance to shine on the wings on saturday the 20 year old was one of the best players on the pitch against. the right footed player started on the left wing before being moved to right back later in the contest but it was there that he struggled more. then again everyone's been struggling against freiburg the season surprise outfit went into this match in 3rd and had the chance to go 1st so who would come out on top will start well. and
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indeed they did. 20 minutes in axel did so with the wonder goal to make it one nail to the visitors drop and stating their intentions and in fact that fashion. but what if the coach make of it. as an issue compete to see if it was a bit tricky to create chances but we still managed to score twice it's a fantastic goal from a corner wife it said and another call from hockey me for knocking me yet said he was at it again later on this time in the 67th minute. the goal put aside back on top 10 minutes after the home side have equalized. 5 of hadn't scored at home against dortmund in 80 years but look of al smith set
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that straight in spectacular style. truly want to remember. despite restoring their lead to dortmund were starting to wobble at the other end they couldn't kill the game off. the visitors may have had 74 percent possession the but 5 work remained a threat on the counter of. the was not to like it looked like we were the inferior side but we weren't we had some good turnovers like going to against hakimi on the 2nd half was while. 90th minute dortmund t one up and the game as good as over when this ball from didn't chance of 3 from the somehow found its way into the dortmund net another own goal just like in frankfurt another leave alone it was another 22 draw men's 3rd in
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a row and an enviable run the 5 was on the other hand are flying high 4 games unbeaten and the huge point secured against autumn and talk of relegation has been . actuated and now extinguished. dortmund. since a huge disappointment to be winning 212 minutes before the end and then draw to chance i have only ourselves to blame views ensured a draw at home against graeme and then frankfurt of course that's not good enough that wasn't up to our standards and. frustrating times for those at yellow and black as expectations continue to weigh heavily on their shoulders fibers on the other hand continue to impress like now to an even more impressive story. and opportunity to profit from the shortcomings of their rivals things were looking
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promising the boys from girls in question have picked up 12 points from their last 4 matches and in cologne face the bundesliga joint bottom side of it it doesn't matter to me who the favorite is all the underdog i couldn't care less. 13 goals from the opening 6 games only by an leipsic indorsement and scored on to wagner shall cow beginning to look at also again 12 months ago the club were in the relegation zone 7 players from that team remain today squad for some leafs sunday at the back and playmaker i mean a rates are flourishing under the new coach guns guns a large number of the lads i work with every day in training went through a lot last season and that's put them in a good stead. shall good entertain cologne a showdown between 2 coaches with little bundesliga experience but their situations couldn't be more different one is vying for european qualification the other trying
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to avoid relegation alone will only survive if they can start scoring goals easier said than done against child the stingiest defense in the bundesliga shall go didn't. a lot of things right even if it wasn't always pretty on the sidelines wagner was on hand to impart some wisdom. that's for me i had a feeling from very early on that the boys were very open minded healthy young. good coach openminded scored a recipe for success and they seem to believe. 71 minutes played and shall go with top of the bonus league goal scorer so it sat out with his 3rd strike this season already more than his tally last campaign yogi lou has been impressed handing the youngster a 1st call up to the national scene. while buckner remains calm the season is still young and perhaps shall go haven't even been at their best yet he don't book
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stella for example has gone 5 months without scoring and chances like these need to be put away if they really want to compete games need to be put to bed before injury time a recurring theme on match day 7. the team with the meekest offensive line in the league struck back in the 92nd minutes you know sex with the equalizer cologne celebrated as if it were a win. is that massive relief we work on the team all week so they can push the reset button. push on the coach still manage to draw positives out of the performers. maybe it's fair and it's another game where we can learn. shall get could take full advantage of their rival slip ups but could anyone else. have. a rusia mention class that fans were left to rubbing
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their eyes on sunday was. the team were in 6th before heading into the clash again. alex lloyd. had loads of messages from friends family fans everybody in fact saying we can go talk today but the game has to happen before any about. things couldn't have gone any better as blocks scored 5 goals take off the mark in just the 2nd minute mark goes through time feeding denise and the midfielder taking care of business one nil. 6 minutes later and an almost identical move have to take him on with the finish this time. they were nowhere near done yet outscored were all at sea as the poles made it 3 no in the 13 minutes. shortly before half time play out capitalized on
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a gaffe i told my back and it was for. the moment of the match day. just before the final whistle slowly i need to let us know pokes home a consolation goal for the guest the former bio mbogo made it 5 o'clock. class go top of the industry go they face start mundane she wakes until the end something well deserved celebrations are in order and. why are you so nervous. everything is running like clockwork for both books but yet to lose a league game this season. next up only. saw it from this challenge from. the game was quiet until half time.
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in the 2nd half while the played his trump card to use it came on in the 66 minutes and immediately played on a gold strike part no votes by host the dutchman. if the campaign. shortly before the end folks who went close to doubling their lead but will know it would fit. 3 points lifted a whole 5 places up the bundesliga a lot of directly behind in 2nd. a showdown between 2 of the bundesliga champions league representatives neither side had much luck on their european travels this week so a chance to get things back on track on home soil. despite a wealth of opportunities like they could only manage
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a draw they could have used to win after 2 straight defeats but it wasn't to be. germany international team obana in particular passed up a couple of golden chances. he was subbed off shortly before the end of his 101 to sleep again. his replacement christoffersen kuku fraud fresh legs to the party he scored shortly before the end to level the scores. shortly before kevin fall and had put the guests ahead a lesson in efficiency. all in all i can pretty showdown between team disappointing sides playing to peace a fair result. frankfurt fans have every right to be frustrated the hosts went into this one thinking 3 points were already in the bag but the luck was on the side of the visitors as
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evidenced in braman opening goal. sebastian holder struck back but how do you have to sign off to the break. and in the 88 for minutes new arrival on the silver made it to wall to see the release of the game. injury time drama struck again. against 100 a child from the sport in the morning to post minutes to all the final school frankfurt forced to make do with a single point of. the town phone calls celebrated his 500th game as a bogus league coach on friday fortuna josel dorf haven't lost a heritage berlin in almost 40 years and just as they had in their previous 4 games fortuna took the lead a little bit heading this making it one nil from the spot after a fall in the area and just as in their previous 4 games they couldn't hang on to
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their lead just 5 minutes later they got it because of it made a one all. poor marking to blame as usual for the visitors too many times have the players were allowed far too much space. as evidence again shortly before the break i don't deliver also find it too much space to put the hosts ahead. a familiar face added salt to the wounds in the 2nd half x. dusseldorf striker dodie look at back ito playing in vladimir to read out to make it 3. parents up with a 3rd straight way into hall's phone calls milestone celebrations were to drop even further down the table. but next our attention turns to a team with far more to worry about.
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7 games 0 wins following defeat to mines probable in the main the only team in the league without a win. first of all congratulations to 2 months of them. i think it's ok they were the better team. they. can wean him starting i just need to feel that he's ok so a little 1st of all congratulations to myself and. i think we're the better team but. for both teachers that are not every time a better team is winning. mama trey got started as much during the game as he did in his post match interview 8 minutes in the defendant made a mess of things before robert kwai saw him put the businesses and speak. i 1st go for mines is my fault no doubt. i need to clear the ball and especially in the situation i say one point off the 7
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games there is no time for risk i need to clear the ball and let nothing happen i had a born again undone by their own incompetence i'm. prostrating times for coach stephan got. done a lot of playing with their heads and i'm using mine too i'm also trying to figure out solutions. the solution will be to carry on with our football and give the lives the competence they need to play football. and play they can they show their ability yet again versus minds what's more they made up for his mistake with a composed to 60. minutes alinsky applied the finishing touch. after 14 minutes his 2nd goal in 5 under sleek outings but got side a just too vulnerable at the back they have the worst offensive record in the
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league with 18 goals conceded to me lou collins with a foul on livin it's to not leave penalty i time you'll brzezinski did the owners who won so minds in the 30 seconds minutes that's that's when t. 50 successful sports kick in a row i mislead a record i. took part of born from the 3rd to the 1st division in just 3 seasons but perhaps they've hit the top flight too soon. but i'm not afraid of both we have too many areas that need improving we have to change that or will never prove to people we're cut out for this level. not as big a following a mind's handball part of on have a chance to rescue a point from the spot. but collins assault was saved by love and sent the 10 minutes from time let us know it's not about that it's not even if the game had ended too to that we still made too many mistakes we can't blame everything on one mistake not taste of all. it was my decision and he had the courage to take it he
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missed that's not happening. now them. keep going. is a short break over national pay is going to the national team we can recover a little bit. take a few a few moments. come back stronger. face cologne and 2 games they know they'll have to be strong for. so fire and suffer a shock home defeat their 1st in exactly one year but fellow champions league contender stuart laver consent and life they all dropped points as well. one was the statement of the day and in other big news it was a big anniversary. has celebrated his 500th game as a boy in the city coach his 1st game in charge came almost 30 years ago he's
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coached more than 10 sites gooding in. frankfurt has a villain now. he's never won a major title buzz has reached the german cup final twice and he has the record for the most promotions as coach and moments on the pitch that made me really proud happy always made me sad to goes without saying that i've experienced every low imaginable but i regret nothing just 5 other coaches have managed more games in charge. this league a legend even if the table doesn't currently make for happy reading. and are certainly in business right now it's the 1st time they've been top since 2011 another surprise team our poll sport the other way byron have been toppled for now and freiburg dropped a spot but won't mind much. not much action in the. the other half of the table minds with the big movers shifting up out of the drop zone on your own take their
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place but most people are talking about one tree. at the glovebox one the battle to top the table after match day 7 and here is the captain of germany's snowball one she even the publicity got out of that culture you. are for the moment good but more importantly made a good name today. our man of the match a lot about spots like how much a player who gave everything scored twice and set one up. last sit atop the pile but they're not getting ahead of themselves. because he was born as he was given the film's been on him for more than we did have and does hold springs to inform. i will go on as one issue of all thinking it's the 1st time the club has been top of the table since 2011 a real team effort to see the stadium last year for the beginning all the big boys
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smiling that this is they can this special day that we did together. we send she went to the international break with paul who see a mention glad buff leading the title race until next time it's goodbye from kick off. last. week.
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where is home. when your family is scattered across the globe. it's not look this is a good sleep but it was a journey back to the words government the charge coming from somalia live around the. one needed urgent assistance. mission global family in 15 minutes on the job. kick off.
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welcome to the real world byron munich suffer a humiliating loss to hoffenheim now called. welcome to the tom marr box counterculture for the move in the 1st place in the late payment. on doubling her. letter we were. you know we were. 80 percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship back listen up. that. double. binds. and gemini. never leave at any time. place.
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is you don't reuse live from by the us troops pack up and leave northern syria paving the way for a tough shit fences against the remaining cuts as turkey prepares to drive kurdish fighters away from the syrian turkish border because accuse washington all of abandoning them a key allies in the fight against the so-called islamic state or the coming up. a nobel prize for medicine goes to a trio of scientists in a groundbreaking work on oxygen levels and sells their research.


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