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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  October 12, 2019 9:15am-9:30am CEST

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which according to the u.n. has forced a 100000 people to flee their homes. you're watching t.v. news live from berlin coming up art and culture with other meryl i mean back at the top of the hour don't forget you can get all the latest news from around the world on our web site at state of the dot com. i'm secure that the war that hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here any more we will send you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story. 'd 'd on what numbers and women especially are victims of violence in terms of its . parts and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new
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culture. or you are not a visitor in other years you want to become a citizen. in 4 migrants your platform for reliable information. hello on a very warm welcome to our culture news and here's what's coming up in the next 15 minutes. d.w. music documentary deconstructs brahms and brings us closer to the members of the orchestra. the. me here in berlin has been digging in its vaults to find work i neglected female artists.
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but 1st the western german city of bomb is the high in much the hometown of lewd fig beethoven he was born in 1717 and spent the 1st 22 years of his life in the city next year it is a very special beethoven year in bonn as it's the 250th anniversary of the great man's birth and there's lots going on that every year there's a beethoven fest but beethoven 2020 is much more than that indeed the whole year is so packed with all sorts of events that celebrations have spilled over into this year kind of already on the way. now friday saw the opening of a special walking tour in and around bonn featuring all the important places where bait have malls on the line from the burka the artistic director the entire
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beethoven 2020 year welcome to the program 1st of all beethoven 2020 gets underway officially at the end of this year and of course stretches of the whole of next year the 1st visible project is this walking sort tour so 1st of all that could you tell us a little bit about that. of course thank you we believe in bonn that you can't get very close to be too often here it's beethoven's birthplace and you can follow the footsteps that the young beethoven took in bonn and today we launched. a kind of city wark along the sides that are related to be too often linked to be talking and each of these sides you find information panels that explain this pacific link and this is very important for bond to position itself as the beethoven city. yeah actually history if i may say so has been a bit i'm kind of bomb he was born there and spent the 1st 22 years of his life
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there the very formative years of his life but he's always associated with van vienna so is beethoven 2020 kind of trying to redress the balance a bit well we don't intend this to rewrite history of course the time that he spent in vienna was very important and he composed all the big works in vienna but you're right the 1st 22 years were very formative for him to grow up to develop. selve as a musician and as a personality and we believe that it is good to focus not only on the old step grimm itself but also on the young composer aspired to change something he was a kind of game changer and it's very interesting to deep into the early years when he experienced the french revolution for instance 7989 in bonn and all the context
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around it. can you give us a taste of the year i know there are literally hundreds of events going on but perhaps you could tell us about a few of the highlights that you already know that. yes it's a big cultural festival with more than $300.00 projects they're all. related to bonn or in the region off bonn and the main idea that it all ties together is that we offer and invite. new approaches to discover be too often and you so it's more than just concerts there are many exhibitions going on the central exhibition of the anniversary year will be at the national review which is based in bonn. and we will have we will have conferences open air cons and new films that will be shown on cinema so really it's it's a very colorful culture of festival throughout the year and it's worth coming to
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bonn throughout the full full festival. i just want to mention the website actually on your lapel it's all must see it because the website is beethoven 2020 that's beethoven with the vowels. bt yes i've got it right this is actually a story behind this very briefly if you could tell is almost invented this little guy. yes he was a very visionary guy and i think he did. what people today in the times of twitter and s.m.s. like to do is skipping out the world to get short texts indeed he signed his own autographs. like this we don't know whether it was just for work efficiency but once you realize that it's for beethoven you would always recognize it again and. we thought for a logo of this year this is just very suitable and it gives an impression of the
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unusual personality that he was. back a thank you for that we all look forward to next year we'll all be down in bonn and anybody listening from around the world hopefully they'll come to bonn at some point in the thank you very much thank you so much. now another great classical composer johan is brown's the brahms code is a new film made by our very own award winning director chris sandbagger this new film examines brahms symphonies through the eyes of orchestra members of the deutscher come a fellow named braman and their conductor yardy by the way has just been named conductor of the year by germany's leading classic awards opus classic anyway i have to say it's a wonderful film i really say that but that shows how much thoughts and hard work goes into the preparation of a concert here's a taste of. exploring
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symphonies of yohannes bronze with conductor path and gave the and the deutsch a come a feel how money printing. i. at the premiere of the documentary the brahms code maestro yes he has high hopes and expectations for the film. the challenge of the film is to present. in a way that people. find intriguing and new. hope for. the significance of. the promise code is torchbearers 3rd collaboration of its kind with the orchestra under the conductor. i. think i find the camera fairly how many braman is very exciting because they have a different approach to the question as to how culture can still be economically
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viable i think it's great there are so successful isn't their focus. together we give the do which a chemical how many brain man has been at the top of the gang for the past 15 years that success is based in part on the orchestra's emphasis. on the individual artist they have a collective approach to financial as well as artistic management. the documentary casts a spotlight on the individual musicians. and their relationship to the music of brahms.
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asked them processed year. after year on moved and. moved and stuff and. it also looks at their working relationship with the maestro himself. he has worked as hard at learning how to conduct about conveying to us what he wants with his bodily movements as musicians of work to learn to play the violin or the talent or the clarinet. i have worked with quite a few conductors been very lucky to have worked with some of the world's great conductors and i'm entirely sure that harvey who is amongst
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the great conductors this viennese horses you know the show horses they're incredibly elegant they have this thing and that white the white and all the sort of stabbing him but that's that's just me the but whatever it is these young. if we're going to feel that of being. the young. i think that. horses. that. the promise code offers a personal insight into the world of the torture come a film how money raymond. and brings us closer to one of the great composers of the 19th century yohannes brahms. in the bronx code can be seen this weekend on d.w. and afterwards on our website at the dot com. exactly 100 years
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ago the 1st time women were allowed to study at the arts academy an exhibition called battle for visibility women artists of the national gallery before 919 looks at female painters and sculptors who against all odds pursued an artistic career before that. something exceptional about this painting and shows kaiser bill him the 2nd in the manner that important men like to be seen in what was painted by a woman. he painted high society portrayed a rare female artist who made it. despite the incredible fame she enjoyed at the time her fortunes faltered when salon painting went out of fashion today hardly anyone knows the name vilma. enough to know. this painting is by power do you know lay in my our time has forgotten her to it's the only known painting by the
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artist even the date her death is unknown women were seldom permitted to study arts female artists in the 19th century faced muma obstacles women could be creative but only in a subsidiary way they couldn't be independently creative so they were effectively shut out of the highest forms of art the place was considered to be in arts and crafts. power morrison bacco was not content with there so she left the confines of conservative germany and went to study in paris the painter of mary magdalene or had to go to brussels to study the arts of nude life drawing forgotten works by forgotten artists this exhibition brings them back into the spotlight. that's about it for today but finally at this time of year. lights up courtesy of various liked festivals and the 1st one is on the way so i leave you with pictures
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from that thanks for watching i'm bye bye from the. first conceived live. in emergency. anywhere on the highway at a rock concert and it's very hard. to speed it up. what's the best way to treat someone who's been hurt we'll tell you how. good shape.
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it was a little self up i don't know it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about what the fuck i don't do this because we can't stay on venezuela i know. that . closely global news that matters d. w. made for mines. this is in good shape and here's your host down to constantly could tot. hello and welcome to. my gosh there's someone lying on the fall. is there a doctor oh it's me i'm a doctor. what you really feel it's just a medical training medical.


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