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play your way to success shift looks into the gaming industry and offer get your get all the latest news from around the world on our website that's dot com or follow us on twitter at d w news. thanks for watching. and in putting yourself up i don't know it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about why folks i don't do this because we can't stay on venezuela i'm not i don't know what that. closely global news that matters d.w. made for mines. unity and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central belly was that formed the foundation of
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this country how have these values developed to change for germany or is it to live by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom in our everyday lives. our journey to serious starts october 21st on d w. they spread fear and terror among people though they'd rather hide from them but that's becoming increasingly difficult in a time metropolis of bangkok. the city is booming natural habitats for snakes disappearing. from taiwan come is a firefighter he hasn't put out any fines for months instead he's out catching snakes everything from home his garden snakes to poisonous find. yes.
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i have all right we'll send someone out keep an eye on the snake until we get there . at the. end of this long and it's on taiwan comes 1st mission on this sunday morning rainy season has begun in thailand and that means snake season has as well. snake catchers almost always work in pandas because they never know what to expect attempting to catch one of the larger reptiles all alone would be too dangerous one cam and his colleagues sent up with 2 vehicles are they would be working in their. banks maze of streets makes it difficult for some taiwan cam to find the address given by the court. looking for miss 114 says p.d.
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14 right there where is mr one that's just a side street. and i don't. think it's been more than 20 minutes since the call came in and the snow counters have to turn around. after another 5 minutes the firefighters finally arrive at the right place the caller is waiting impatiently in front of his house. armed with the 2 men enter the property the snake has already begun to retreat. sensing the danger the snake has fled to the roof of an adjacent building.
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call us when it comes down to you ok ok bye. laura whitman reached the snake at that height. by that one. maybe we could have caught it if we derived earlier. in the address wasn't clear so unfortunately it took a little longer. walks and now. they return to the station even if it didn't work out this morning so entire one come has already caught dozens of snakes you can't exactly say how many he also doesn't know how many are in the cages stacked up behind the station and that's the result of less than 2 weeks' work. when he began training to become a firefighter one can never imagine what it end up doing.
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who are getting the fact that i'd also have to catch snakes made me nervous. but i learned a lot very quickly like which snakes are poisonous and which aren't i realize that they're not that scary. the next call comes when the woman on the phone is unable to give accurate details about the snake unfortunately this is not unusual explains the head of the fire station. it would help us if the collars could describe the snake tell us what it look. like even better what kind of snake it is. most of them are obviously in panic thinking only there's a snake a snake in my house. it doesn't take some time one cam and his colleagues long to find the right address this time.
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the lady of the house is relieved that helpers arrived. first we have to find out exactly where the snake is hiding. we have to see it with our own eyes so that we know whether it's poisonous or not the housekeeper says she saw the snake here between these flower pots. describe the snake what color is a. ball when i went into the garden along the side of the house suddenly the snake snapped at me. luckily it missed my foot but only by a few centimeters. sometimes knows that snakes like to look for drying sparse like this one is specially during rainy season anyone who needs junk in the garden
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shouldn't be surprised if they suddenly find an unwanted gassed. the firefighters take everything apart bit by bit the snake could be looking anywhere. has head under a so after a brief discussion the men make their move. ok . but
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you're the one that. i did. this is the so-called rat snake it's about a metre line. it may not be poisonous that should be handled with care. if it does bite you should always have the untreated type it has a very sharp teeth. rat snakes are especially agile and quite aggressive the firefighters have to use the extreme cannot to get better and. hopefully good that tina every catch is different but that this one was fairly easy we knew whereabouts where the snake was hiding it also wasn't very big and a lot of the time we have to deal with pythons you know that's
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a different caliber altogether for those we sometimes call in reinforcements to firefighters are not. what i like. to get out of many people. have it before they get back to the station the next emergency call comes in an uninvited visitor in the bedroom they better hurry. so when they run it's important to know the city shortcuts so you don't waste too much time in traffic jams we have to hurry all the time because there's always somebody waiting for help somewhere. where do they see the snake. not just making a monitor lizard. ok so this time we're not catching a snake but
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a giant lizard let's go monitor lizards can grow up to 3 metres long they like to break into hen houses in catch young birds or eggs but the specimen hiding in the bedroom isn't that big apparently at least that's what the inhabitants of the house said. let's go have a look that was. ok we could appear. maybe under the sofa. or already looked up there on the carpet. and i looked behind the air conditioner. well you know we've looked everywhere here no success unfortunately. that we're.
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one foot one foot. but i've. come here we cannot fly anything. after returning to the fire station so lets the rat snake out of the back but the new home isn't much better. the cage hasn't been emptied for 14 days out in the wild most snakes can go without food for weeks so they aren't fed here every once in a while the nature conservation agency picks there's no example and sets them free in national parks. a few of the poisonous snakes are brought to this place bangkok's snake farm it's home to about 50 different species the farm is very popular. locals as well as tourists one reason for that is the daily snake handling demonstration.
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that you. believe on. my. research on anti serums to save lives for example is also conducted here at the snake farm. sometimes tries to reassure us if you behave properly snakes are harmless he says they're also useful in keeping down the mouse on rat populations or other pests. but i thought i would like to make sure people are aware of the following it's completely normal to see snakes during the rainy season they're very afraid of us humans if you don't want snakes in your garden or house you just have to make sure
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you don't offer the snakes any place to hide. clear out your sheds or yards and you won't have a problem. without. soon he's off again to the next emergency not a fire but another snake called. eco africa. in guinea yes so can grow it will explode. and hopes to save the country's mangroves. the coastal forests and being used for salt production they're also being damaged by cattle herds. yes the camera can supply. africa. d.w. . say cheese please is
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strong. but surely this camera takes that phrase literally. and the man to build churches come up a few other surprising. brittany's friends and parent loves to take photos with unusual camera. lens. 60. w. . i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am placed on nothing with attempt to be german i think deep into the german culture. you don't seem to take that as grandma. it's all about who had enough time rachel join me for me to have a funky cup host. do you speak this language of. this music theory can. you feel it.
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and does this secure car racing. to the right place. about trying to. teach a billiards. girl . hello 6 and welcome to this week's edition of africa your environment magazine co-produced by d.w. in germany china stevie nigeria and c.v. uganda i am fond of coming to you from kampala here in uganda i melt say we're here in lagos we are really and i am and today we have it's a genie and we vested a school god in uganda.


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