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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 14, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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this is the interview news live from berlin turkey pushes on with its offensive in northern syria. but as towns fall to turkish troops a new alliance is forming to oppose them kurdish forces are joining with the syrian government to try to stop the turkish that's also coming up. an exit poll shows poland's ruling conservative law and justice party has won the general election the poll indicates that the party has increased its majority the result comes after it introduced controversial traditional reform. and typhoon has given us rips
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across japan and rescue efforts efforts are in full force as large areas of the country face record rains flooding and landslides leaving thousands of has no power or water. i'm next peiser glad to have you with us kurdish forces in northern syria say they are allowing syrian government forces to deploy along the border with turkey they say the deployment will help them counter the turkish army's incursion into the region it means a shift in alliances for the kurds who say the united states has abandoned them by pulling its troops out of the region but the political moves change nothing for the refugees fleeing the fighting. say think nost sheltering in a school classroom in an hot. when the 1st bombs fell see hum is mild took her 2
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children and fled their border town home leaving all their possessions behind the pregnant mother has no idea what the future holds. why doesn't anyone help us our children will suffer and what are we supposed to do where are we supposed to go help us if just for the children it's a small block and are. more than 200 people are sheltering in the school about 5 to a classroom food and water are scarce medical supplies to you and yet conditions here are better than for their friends and relatives still in pain videos purported to originate that show a desperate situation. is that since yesterday they've been bombing without interruption entering houses laying mines detonating them destroying everything stealing everything sort of what we would all know will be. tens of thousands of people are fleeing towns on the
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turkish border to us in the interior it's just 75 kilometers from the castle i mean but it's safe from air raids at least so far. this small town is struggling to cope with the influx. no. i can even more the schools are full already. we don't have the infrastructure to provide for so many people it could impaneled our options are very limited. and hospital is treating wounded fighters from the front terrorists if you believe to one somehow is one of them his mother hasn't left his son made. that whatever the kurds not terrorists we haven't done anything to anyone haven't attacked people. in every day they demonstrate on and has for their homeland their fighters and against what they regard as occupying forces. german
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chancellor angela merkel has joined other european leaders in demanding that turkey end its offensive in northern syria earlier views correspondent daryn jones spoke to us from istanbul about how these demands were being received well there's been no direct response to chancellor merkel's call but for out sunday president one has been dismissing calls similar calls from other european leaders saying turkey easing into listen to what he says is this call to end the fight against terrorism they say this is very much about the future of the country nothing will to sway turkey from continuing its operations and in fact turkey does appear to be ramping up its operations given the fast moving developments happening in syria now that turkey very much see this is a key moment this is not a moment now to step back but rather to run operations up further there's even speculation turkey could extend its operations far beyond the original objective of the 30 kilometer safe so turkey really sees this as
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a critical moment for the whole region this is a moment to turkey has to address all its concerns it see this is a chance to do that of wise it will be lost in the future and given the fact that the european leaders in the arms embargoes that means very little to turkey given turkey has a very sophisticated developed the fence industry such for its being little to turkey. in poland exit polls suggest that the governing right wing populist party has clinched a 2nd term in power in sunday's general election it now remains to be seen whether the law and justice party gains enough votes to govern alone or if it will have to form a coalition the vote was held amid concerns within the european union over the party's commitment to democracy opposition parties say the outgoing government has undermined the independence of the judiciary and media as well as making poland less welcoming to ethnic minorities and the community. here is law and justice party leader jaroslav shortly after the result of the exit poll was
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announced. our main strengths our credibility and keeping our word. work me will be more difficult in the 4 years ahead than it was during the previous 4 much national. but we must maintain credibility. and dispel does that what we are doing is good real and responsible. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world. thousands gathered in central berlin on sunday to protest against anti semitism and right wing violence on wednesday 2 people were shot dead outside of a synagogue in the eastern german city of hama the government had tried and failed to enter the place of worship to kill worshipers observing young kipper jewish day
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of atonement. in tunisia a retired law professor. has won the country's presidential election with more than 70 percent of the vote according to an exit poll side as an independent with no political experience he has pledged to fight corruption and support decentralization. in hong kong pro-democracy activists have held several small protests across the country places linked to mainland china including banks and a.t.m.'s or vandalized police say it's been made dozens of arrests and used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the demonstrators. it was forecast to be the most powerful storm to hit japan in 60 years now typhoon have as has roared across the country leaving at least 33 people dead and many more injured rescue effort efforts are underway as record rains have triggered major flooding and landslides.
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the rain that battered japan through the longest of nights has mostly stop falling but the border still bright is across large parts of the country for emergency workers charged with the task of rescuing thousands die like gave them a better chance to see those in danger but also take in the massive scale of the task that lies ahead the rescue operations continue countrywide off to hundreds of thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes surrounded by water to some the only way out was up. so will i pray for the souls of those who lost their lives. and for the well being of everyone affected by the storm you know you don't inevitably risky focus will turn to recovery as the unprecedented water levels begin to recede. what it might be any stuck with you and now you all know now you've never yet experienced such intense rain and
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precipitation. before the rain and water it was the wind which landed the 1st blows as gusts reached 225 kilometers an hour some knighthoods with flattened others washed away as swollen rivers on the mind some streets house by house. the final and potentially most deadly element to the typhoon would landslides that have many residents fearing the worst as the hunt begins for those missing amid the chaos. i'm worried about my sister. as for now the human cost remains unclear in the wash up from a storm of historic proportions. time for sports now and in qualifying for euro 2020 germany overcame pretty much controversy and an early shock in the game to beat a stony up 3 nil. after just 14 minutes and was sent off the fastest red card in
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germany's history but 2 goals from going to one set up a 3 male victory it was to germany players with turkish roots had caused a minor controversy before the match even kicked off both had liked an instagram post depicting turkish national team players who were celebrating a goal with a tribute to turkey's military operation against kurds in syria. and going to one later on light post in issued statements denying any political support. for the one now and mercedes driver valtteri bottas has eased to victory at the japanese grand prix in souped up the race weekend had also been disrupted by typhoon haggis with qualifying also taking place on sunday the fins victory secures a 6th straight constructors title for his team it also guarantees one of the mercedes team mates will win the driver's title but asses 64 points behind his teammate lewis hamilton with 4 races to go adults and can wrap up the championship
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at the next race in mexico. and it's getting hard to keep up with american gymnast simone bales as she means she continues to make history competing in the world championships in stuttgart biles tied the all time record on saturday collecting her 23rd medal and she went on top again on sunday collecting medals number 24 and 25 with golds in the beam and floor vents biles has surpassed vitaly share boat to become the most decorated gymnast male or female in world championships history. and finally they struck water all around and crawl out of a non bolted barn door farm animals are the stars of rush hour videos that criss flying franklin of southwestern england has posted online with tens of thousands of followers the videos from mccain hill's farms morning ritual have become an
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internet sensation reading them good morning good night it's rush era time good morning to you everywhere you. rush hour this is what farmer chris franklin calls the moment when he opens the barn door in the morning and everyone pours into the farmyard. for thursday's greets the owned by name and with some friendly words oh my goodness hey maybe you can come through here he always has a smartphone at his side chris record to 6 changes with the animals and post the videos on line. there now most social media sensation can hill farm has fans around the world every day chris receives comments from people saying how happy they feel when they watch the animals going about their daily business. i don't really believe it now when someone said i've gone viral afford to go and see the doctor. came hill farm it's not
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a traditional farm instead the focus is on education chris and his team want to bring countryside learning to children young people and communities the animals are often mean by the young visitors here among them are cuthbert the goose. don't. trigger the pot bellied pig is very popular. go to the local or the donkey they go to weather expert chris asks him what the outlook is like today. for me right ok. chris needs to take a look at this guy coco is a big carrot fan and that microphone looks mighty tasty and we've always talked to the animals and they've always talked back and score the imagination of people busy bees this morning and by the way we're looking face also likes talking to flowers green the good morning some flowers how weary you cared for enjoying the early
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morning sunshine are you sure loving it is wonderful oh you do well. to house things. and finally residents of new mexico's albuquerque have been treated to a colorful aerial spectacle as scores of hot air balloons took to the skies for the farewell event the international bowling fiesta the final flight is called the mass ascension is the 48th time the annual festival has graced the skies it brings together balloon enthusiastic and hundreds of thousands of spectators from around the world this year more than $600.00 below this piloted over 500 balloons. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you. turkey is pushing on this offensive in northern syria but it's towns fall to turkish troops a new alliance is forming to oppose the kurdish forces are joining with the syrian
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government to try to stop the turkish vets. they're watching the daily news live from berlin next peiser coming up in a migrant camp on the greek island of lesbos is buckling under the after the number of new arrivals from turkey sources that story and more on world stories coming up next. they will not succeed in dividing us so no not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand good news that matters. made for mines what's the connection between bread. and the european union he knows. correspondent and.


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