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a hostile atmosphere of whites and sofia but one the both sides hope doesn't spill into anything more sinister. here on the w.b. nobel prize for economics goes to 3 economists from india europe and the united states jumps examines the 3 in the roots of network next to the compu business off the other day. coming. from the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate click some go from the boards to 250. marking on the for the job discovery. expedition in boyd on. it's all happening coach of british. tour linked to news from
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africa and the world. your link to exception stories and discussions in the unwelcome student news actually program tonight from funny to me from the news of easy to and while it's a depth that comes from africa join us on facebook at g.w. africa. south africa wants to attract private investment its president. says his government is working on the storing institutions and securing private investment to boost the economy also coming up the nobel prize for economics goes to 3 economists from india europe and the u.s. we'll have a closer look at the 3 laureates. and europeans love a great opportunity for the field to explore explore change. welcome to
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business africa monica jones and berlin thanks for joining us south africa needs to secure private investment to save its public institutions and to get the economy moving again the country's president says africa's most industrialized nation is struggling with lackluster growth high unemployment and a heavy debt burden especially from state owned enterprises president cyril ramaphosa said that south africa's state owned airline is open to outside investment and in talks with potential partners he also said that to attract investment the government needs to reform fiscal policy stabilize its state and reduce liability risks. a more let's bring in bronwyn seaborne news editor at business day t v burke brown when. africa is open to the participation on the private sector now how attractive is the country right now to investors. well if you think a look at a recent report from rand american bank which rate african countries in.
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africa come in 3rd place which is not too bad but when you consider that they held the box 3 years ago you can see how the country had down the ranks and largely because i. think owned enterprises because they need government bailouts and there are a lot of pressure on the country. and their home. and rating agencies and perky risk for him as well but army does take note of that should they be structural reforms at state owned enterprise and other who could improve the ranking and we're really starting to see that happen because this week we're launching the race plan for our. own being published which will take at the structural reform that investors are looking for and of course another well known state owned enterprises area south african airways any outside foreign interest and savings are carrier.
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does seem like there is some foreign interest in one of those players taking other stake in south african airways but there's been no confirmation on who exactly that could be but whoever they are they certainly going to have to have deep pockets because if you take a look at south african airways they haven't made a profit since 2011 and even though the government has given me airline a bail out of 376 $1000000.00 the airline still needs more so given that and if we're going to take a look at some of the speculation and some of the reports that are out there you can open an airline emergence as a key player and from and there could potentially take up and take ethiopian airlines has already indicated that they would be quite interested in taking up a stake in south african airways and i think a good question because if european airlines is africa's biggest airline and
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they're consistently profitable as well not only will they have the financial muscle to help out as they would certainly come with a lot of skills that it's a would find useful absolutely interesting tie up there on the horizon bronwyn the one from business day t v and janet thank you so much. accidents keeps weighing on the british pound sterling slump slightly today against the us dollar and the euro following its gains on friday the decline came after the european union demanded more concessions on london's breakfast proposals leading to less certainty that a deal will be done. on friday the pound surged to a 5 month high against the euro on hopes of a brics a breakthrough but as e.u. ministers met in luxembourg uncertainty again dragged the british currency down one percent against the dollar and an even bigger slump against the euro. i think its protections were so low last week that any sign of progress sort of a father that talk to break down and acrimony really cause that big crowds the
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pound has reality sets in and there's no when it's there is much more to be done to make even the slimmest to progress towards a deal the new prime minister boris johnson says he wants to strike a deal at an e.u. summit this week to allow an orderly departure oct 31st but if an agreement is not possible he'll leave the united kingdom out of a bloc without a deal even though parliament has passed a law saying he can't do that. the 2019 nobel prize for economics has been awarded jointly to ban energy and steady flow and michael kramer for their pioneering studies on poverty the economics prize was 1st awarded in 1969 by the swedish central bank as an add on to the other nobel prizes the economics prize wraps up a nobel season but so far i've only seen one female laureate. and that's changed
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but not with my colleague rob watts soon who kindly joins me in the studio to tell us a little bit more 1st of all about those 3 winners what did they do yes or as to flo which is bonnie jay and michael kramer of all been awarded for what it was phrased as their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty the key phrase there is experimental approach because what this trio have done that others in the field have not done is carry out field experiments with some of the 700000000 people worldwide who are living in extreme poverty they've gone to these different parts of the world and done experiments to see direct slee how public policy affects those people so try to make it less a case of number crunching when it comes to coming up with ways to alleviate poverty but actually basing it on the real experience. of those people so a real hands on approach as opposed to pure science in an ivory tower and now we
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have to talk about the woman there because it's this gas what does this tell us well yeah i mean scarce is a understatement i mean so we have as to do flow today becoming only the 2nd economics nobel laureate there have been 84 nobel laureates in account in economics over the past 50 years 2 of those have been women so for every woman there are you know 42 men getting this award. i think it's fair to say that that's not great figures it doesn't look great so they'll be pleased to have at least added one more woman to this time around. she she has spoken she did a little q. and a after the announcement was made and she says that her receiving this award today shows that it is possible for a woman to succeed and also to be recognized for that success and she hopes that she can inspire more women working in economics and what about the prize i already mentioned that it's not strictly speaking a typical no bella prize but there's something very special this year yes as i
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mentioned it started in 1969 serves the 50th anniversary this year and you think oh hold on i thought the nobel prizes were much older than that and they are as you mentioned this is not one of the original nobel prizes that were set out by the nobel in his will some 120 years ago this one has been added on and it is controversial for the reason that unlike the other nobel prizes which are generally for science as always we also have literature of peace as well but the economics prize very much treated as a science prize however if and those working within the economics field admit that it's not really a precise science and actually elevating it that could do more harm than good all right rob what did i mean business thank you so much for filling us in. expects to dramatically ramp up its diamond production to try and to dig the
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economy out of triple digit inflation and to growing problems in the next 5 years the country plans to increase diamond production from 3200000 carrots to $11000000.00 carrot's zimbabwe's mines minister says raising mining output should earn the country $12000000000.00 a year the mineral rich southern of african nation rather sees the mining sector as its only chance to revive its crippled economy. and to ethiopia now where a project set up by development agencies and the ethiopian government is trying to boost the export of avocados to meet rising demand in europe. for the 1st time in his life. harvesting his avocados for sale abroad he is currently one of the few ethiopians to export the famous super food most farmers still sell to the local market. locally we cannot sell in major bulk only in small retail quantities i'm hoping to sell at
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a higher price for the export market. to exploit ethiopia's avocado potential development agencies the ministry of agriculture and the private sector have set up a project for small scale farmers like him. the goal is to make ethiopia competitive on the international avocado market this year the fruit is mainly bad for the u.k. . farmers are encouraged to increase productivity through modern an environmentally friendly methods this starts right in the ceiling nursery where young plants are grown using a grafting technique that mixes 2 varieties to grow stronger tree 30 minute as he looked in the nursery the seeds are grown and maintained and made accessible to the farmers they are able to get seeds which are not easily available so it's beneficial to farmers are improving their status and they become more productive.
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ethiopia's climate and soil are perfect for avocado farming with a potential yield perfect air about 30 percent higher than in israel but convincing farmers to stay away from the local market is still a challenge the interest is however growing every year the just ticks are another obstacle it still takes up to one month for avocados from the northwestern part of ethiopia to reach european supermarkets the current culture chain system is also lagging behind. one of the main challenge is a long. line of okada can tolerant it but still we have to work to make it show mall 'd efficiency and these things with higher volume but according to over a kahaani it is difficult for farmers to adopt this long term vision and newly planted avocado tree will only bear fruits after 2 years too long for many farmers . used to we show them that.
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they flood the ocado still they can make into cropping in between. can be death maize for the farm is easier to accept it because they know they can still have the on. this year the target is to export 20 tons while this is still far off a commercial export level. is convinced ethiopia has the potential to one day compete with mexico which is currently exports in about $1000000.00 tons of africa out as a year. that's your business update on thanks for watching. earth
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. hope to observe species. a whole lot more significant. given those are big changes and most start with small steps. to tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. news that could turn the climate green shutters and resources to.
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interactive content teaching the next generation the book the church. channels available to people trying to catch up and were determined to build something here for the next generation. the environment series of global 3000. this is news africa is coming up in the next 15 minutes a political outside that is set to become too noisy as new president. importantly democracy was also a winner in the election. and that of all this one in mozambique but big some are warning democracy is under attack. then who said african stowed key time this past week. and bring it cost both mash boundaries in marathons.


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