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the but . this is do give you news live from burma chaos and got some major speech by hong kong leader kerry last. her out the. pro-democracy lawmakers shout her down and force her to leave the legislature they are urging calm to respect that amounts of hong kong's protest but also coming up is a bret's a deal finally in sight e.u.
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and you can negotiate or sending mixed signals as brussels warns time is running out yet again. turkey says it will never declare a cease fire in northern syria to find calls from washington to talk on the ground russia says its troops are patrolling keep the conflict contained. plus the fight to end of ramadan violence against south africa when. you can see is a luminescent in south africa look even in countries where there is a war. we had great was used as a tool of all these in their menus like. one woman is working to reclaim the space where she was raped and the strand but still. thanks for joining us for democracy long. makers in hong kong have interrupted
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a major policy speech by the territory's leader carrie lamb she was forced out of the legislature after opponents heckled her and called on her to meet the demands of hong kong's protest movement demonstrators want to see size things implemented in hong kong including free and fair elections. the speech was in peril before it even began. in the chamber fellow lawmakers head coach chief executive kerry lamb. all lawmakers please be sorry and call you or anyone who does not say so i'm going to be arsed to leave the chamber will you. laugh i would choose a goal i. don't like i see him on the floor fabio you are proud to mock receive you will make his projected the slogan 5 demands not one less on the chamber's walls these include universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into
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police violence during demonstrations i. was carrying speech did not address any of these demands asshole. silenced by her critics. the disruption force ms lam to abandon the planned speech she later gave her address via video link. and let's go right to hong kong our correspondent charlotte shell some pill is standing by for us there hi charlotte so we have the protests on the streets of hong kong for several weeks now we're also seeing these dramatic pictures of chaos in the territories parliament how long can carry lamb really hang on as a leader. well carrie lan has always been keen to emphasize that she and authorities here can contain this situation but i think a lot of people watching the images that came out of the legislative council chamber
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today suggest rules would think that they suggest that she cannot in fact contain the situation when the opinion polls show that her popularity is absolutely plummeting here in hong kong at the moment and this address that was meant to happen today was with meant to be a fresh start as the legislative council met once again she was meant to put forward her proposals for the coming years her plans it's very much like a state of the union address that the president of the united states holds annually but instead it descended into these absolute scenes of chaos that really was remarkable not once but twice was she forced to abandon her plans to hold that address instead they had to broadcast a pre recorded speech and the plan that the speech in fact focused very much on on issues like a housing and the economy housing subsidies was very light on protests she really only condemned the protesters saying that she would not accept any challenge to chinese sovereignty and that's exactly that that's really further angered processes
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here they've said all along that kerry has not been addressing that their demands as have been ignoring them and in doing so has escalated this crisis in fact some legislators today have been calling kerri-anne a puppet of the authorities in beijing others including pro-democracy lawmaker tanya chan who we spoke to just a short time ago have been calling for her resignation. at the same time we've seen u.s. lawmakers pass a bill that says aimed at upholding human rights in hong kong what do activists there thank you they think that's a good thing that it will help them in the fight for more democracy. well protesters on the streets have been calling for the international community to speak louder in support of the protests in hong kong for months now for months that we can do after weekend we've seen u.s. flags british flags on the streets so to them they think any sign of support from the international community can only help that cools in some respects so you could
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argue that this show of support from the u.s. will play into beijing's hands they've long accused the western world of meddling in hong kong affairs but these processes that we've been we've been speaking to say they've been trying to get their message out the months now they're very pleased to hear that this bill has been passed all right archer our correspondent charlotte show some cold reporting there in hong kong thank you charlotte. now at some other stories making news around the world in spain thousands of catalan separatists have been protesting for a 2nd night in a row they're angry about the long prison sentences handed down to 9 catalan independence leaders protesters clashed with police outside spanish government buildings in barcelona while east of the city demonstrators blocked roads and set fires. derrius president has called for a crackdown on abuse islamic schools the day after police freed hundreds of voice sound in chains and shackles the captives say they had been beaten and starved and
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in some cases great it comes less than a month after police raided a similar institution in northern nigeria. could there be an 11th hour brags that breakthrough british and european union negotiators have resumed marathon talks on a draft agreement that you use chief negotiator michele daniels set a new tax has to be on the table in the next few hours that's a member states have a chance to consider it before a crucial e.u. summit that starts tomorrow it is the last major round table before the u.k. is scheduled departure date that is october 31st e.u. officials say london has made enough concessions to bring a long sought deal within reach. and let's bring in our correspondents on this story is that in my london and box of money is in brussels welcome to you both max let's start with you there in brussels so is this really within reach you know what progress has been made. we're getting mixed signals at the moment there was
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a lot of optimism in the last day surprisingly so in brussels many said a deal could be reached by today so a day before that crucial summit that you mentioned that will start tomorrow on thursday here in brussels now in the last hours or so we're getting other signals some say that those negotiations have hit a roadblock over details over the workability of the plan i really don't want to get into the details just one example maybe that's really understandable is that the current plan would make it necessary for northern ireland which is part of the u.k. to have a different value added tax system so the tax that you pay for just go to the grocery store than the republic of ireland which is part of the european union and that's just $1.00 of those little problems that are haggling over the word we're hearing all the time is the proposals and the concessions that the u.k. have made are more than anything they've done in the past but the question remains is it workable so that's one side of the story the other side of the story is
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apparently that michele who is the chief negotiator for the european union has told investigators of the different countries here in brussels today that he thinks a deal is still within reach so we'll just have to wait and see. let's come to you to get the view there in london we're hearing some voices of optimism in brussels what about there boris johnson has said he can see a way forward to reaching a deal with the e.u. before breakfast supposed to happen on october 31st is this optimism there really believe it will. so similarly to what max is described about brussels the same rings true in london there was definitely the biggest sense of optimism in the last days and that i think was because the brics it is in bars johnson's own party just trust him more than treason may so people who are highly critical of trees amaze breck's of strategy like david davis for example the form of rex it's harry who had to step down over to reason is brett's
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a policy he came out defending boris johnson on the radio this morning i think they trust him more because he's seen as one of their own as a true brick sit here now though we also know that all eyes at the moment are on the do you p.c. which is the smaller part of the conservatives in the british parliament they are watching with eagle eye that is what's being negotiated in brussels they don't want anything that sets northern ireland apart from the rest of the united kingdom they are unionists they want to stay aligned as closely as possible with the united kingdom and we simply don't know at the moment whether they are going to fall in line whether they're going to go along with boris johnson's breck said plans so all eyes as usual on northern ireland are you both both touched on ireland there so let's take a look now at this biggest obstacle in the talks between the u.k. and the e.u. at the moment there is little in the way of physical infrastructure to tell drivers
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they are crossing the border between northern ireland and the republic unless you want to stop for gas on one side of the border you'll pay and euros on the other in pounds. everyone here is used to coming and going with ease. but now breck's it is making things complicated. at the moment the u.k. including northern ireland and the republic of ireland are 2 independent states both are in the european union and have a bilateral agreement that allows free travel between the republic of ireland and northern ireland if the u.k. leaves the e.u. as planned the rules will change. an x. journal e.u. border would be put up between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. and it would have to be secured after all the e.u. has strict rules on which products are allowed to be imported or export it and under which conditions. the problem is no one wants
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a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. border patrols and guard posts are symbols of one of the darkest chapters in our lives history the northern ireland conflict the troubles in which more than 3500 people were killed starting in 1909. only with the 1998 good friday agreement did the violence come to an end together with e.u. support the deal paved the way to peace. many worry that the conflict may flare up again in the course of the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. and several attacks in recent months suggest that this concern is not unfounded. but how can breck's it take place while preventing a hard inner irish border at the same time. a comprehensive customs and
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trade deal between the e.u. and the u.k. would be one solution but this has yet to be agreed now that's why the e.u. has proposed the so-called backstop the kind of insurance that if needed guarantees there will be no hard border on the island of ireland the backstop stipulates that the whole u.k. would remain in a customs union with the e.u. following brecht's it until a better solution is found. which basically means the trade would remain as it is for the time being but with one key difference the u.k. would have to abide by the regulations even after brics it yet would have no say in the rules after all the country would no longer be an e.u. member so it's no wonder that the backstop is so controversial in britain prime minister boris johnson sees it as unacceptable but he has yet to propose an alternative all sides could live with this time is he to go to a vital negotiation without the path to war and so the irish border question
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remains the greatest obstacle on the long road to brics it ok so we saw there what a tricky issue this really is in bags of negotiations what is the plan on the table right now to break this deadlock. well to me we don't know exactly the details of the plane we did we don't know any legal language what we do know what suggests it is that northern ireland will effectively be some sort of hybrid it will somehow be aligned to the european union but in other ways also it will still be a member of the u.k. and this is you have to go back to basically a very good report northern ireland is a special case and the beauty of the peace process of the good friday agreement that we've had so far is that people in northern ireland could feel as u.k. citizens they could feel british but they could also feel irish as europeans and i
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think this is what they are trying to achieve in these negotiations and brussels but crucially all eyes will be on the d u p on the northern irish party if they support what's being negotiated in brussels than i think boris johnson has a good chance of getting his deal through also here in london but if they don't all bets are off right max a lot of eyes also today on the german chancellor angela merkel she is meeting the french president in france for talks on bragg's it also on syria what can we expect . right well if we talk about briggs and of course it will be a topic between the 2 but we should not overestimate the role that the heads of government play in the e.u. at the moment they have their chief negotiator as a mandate of course they've kind of tweaked it because remember in the past they said that he was not allowed to open the this legally binding withdrawal agreement so basically the divorce documents that is changed apparently they're willing to do
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that now but apart from that what people hear the sherpas so the people that are negotiating say is we absolutely want to avoid having the leaders haggling over text on thursday when they come together through that maybe decisive summit here in brussels so really what they want them to do is either have the agreement that's negotiated so this this draft that might emerge today or not and then say yes or no but they don't want them getting into the text and actually trying to make a difference all night we've had those situations before usually they don't work out that well so even the heads of state and government are waiting and seeing what is going to happen with these negotiations here in brussels all right our correspondent there max min in brussels in london both of you bringing us up to date thank you very much. turkey is rejecting calls for a cease fire in the authentic it launched in northern syria against kurdish militia
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the kurds have formed a partnership with syrian government troops and syria's russian allies they have now moved into previously kurdish held areas including the city of money beach meanwhile turkish forces are continuing to shell positions in northern syria u.s. vice president mike pence and the secretary of state my pompei o are on their way to turkey to push for an end to the fighting this comes after the u.s. imposed economic sanctions on for targeting the kurds inside syria. the syrian flag raised over to city of monday which it's meant to signal the syrian army is presence in the city a move that follows the between kurdish forces and the government in damascus. and damascus has brought along international allies managed together with other kurdish held areas was abandoned by u.s. forces leaving it vulnerable to turkey's military offensive in northern syria. in
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the going through we were afraid of turkey's aggression but now the turkish army won't be able to enter our city should we feel safe now. just a turkey my foot on that. turkey has pressed ahead despite growing calls for its to halt the incursion. president donald trump's unexpected decision to withdraw troops came after a phone call of with turkish president i week ago after that the u.s. has imposed sanctions on turkey while the european union and post a limited arms embargo. it's all coffees go through and we are watching the situation in turkey with concern i have repeatedly said that this military action should be stopped we must return to negotiations just months before we remain concerned about the international situation if it was not to schmidt. while people in managed remain on the alert residents from elsewhere in northern syria are
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getting out the u.n. says that 160000 people have already fled the fighting. now to south africa where there's been a surge in violent crimes against women u.n. officials say south africa and south african women are murdered at a rate of 5 times the global average the country's president is calling the attacks a crisis and the capital for toria more than 1000 policemen and women gather to demonstrate against gender based violence some held signs reading it hurts us as police officers to pick up the bodies of women and children on a daily basis. now you're about to meet one woman who's a rape survivor and is now raising her voice for other. may we all acknowledge school to spock on the 20th of july 19th 18 i was gang raped at the spock and my friend killed city months before my 16th birthday this happened
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to me. i'm caroline peters i'm a i'm 54 years old i'm a film unless i'm a gender activist you know and i'm a human rights campaigner even when my dog is the place of days i would get up and go and run and i saw the benefit they planning for me at the same time i was city municipality upgrades of the spock and him of this is a book that i've never set foot there since when the time when i was that i. and i say to my daughter we're going to reclaim that space never again is meant is going to be a negative thing for me it's going to be something positive we going to both something because from the so that his own things was founded it was about the reclaiming the space bringing that positivity that arning gave me to other women in our community last. it's been so much happening over the
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last weeks that i'm physically emotionally sick and trained because of what's happening in our country every 26 seconds is a woman that i put in south africa not even in countries where there is a war. we're right because used as a tool of all is there that many rapes we need to as so society could lift of and raise our voices and say it's not ok and almost like to say is our government serious about changing our police or not same said ties to dishing system is not up to standard so justice if you think nothing is working for women you know so we need immediate action and that amde lead to stage of a revolt there is a revolution and therefore our president had to respond to this. place a dent is not clearly see out a path forward for how we're going to engender based violence but not just
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a but they've actually given a budget towards the work i want to hold government accountable i want to hold police hadn't settled i'm a pause accountable for what he said in parliament so my opie's that all this ends i'm hopeful and i'm pretty full what makes me get up to 80 is to see that my sister is safe to see that my daughters are safe to see that my granddaughter is safe you know so i love another day just to make sure they're my sisters ok. about presidential hopefuls in the u.s. have clashed in a televised debate 12 democrats took to the stage to fire verbal shots at each other and at president trump one frontrunner in the race for the 2020 democratic nomination came under repeated attack senator elizabeth warren. yes there it took to their podiums the democratic presidential candidates appear to be united at
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least on one saying all 12 say they want to see president donald trump impeached. impeachment is the way that we establish that this man will not be permitted to break the law over and over without taunts appliances former vice presidential biden was asked during the debate about his and his son's dealings in ukraine one of the issues at the center of the trump impeachment probe that my son did nothing wrong i did nothing wrong i carried out the policy of the united states government in rooting out corruption in ukraine biden and elizabeth warren are seen as the favorites of the democratic race war and challenging biden us to frontrunner found herself increasingly attacked the candidates also criticized president trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria fired on by a shot by assad's people and the president on stage saying if those if those isis
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folks escape from the prisons or they'll only go to europe or the factories the democratic winner will take on president trump who is seeking reelection in the november 2020 election. ok sports now in japan as a nation more traditionally associated with sumo wrestling but it's gone crazy for rugby japan is hosting this year's rugby world cup in the country's team is booked a place in the quarterfinals for the 1st time in history fans have jumped on the bandwagon and shops are struggling to deal with merchandise to match. rugby mania has reached fever pitch in japan. the world cup hosts into the quarter finals of the competition with friends daring to dream am i deserve 6 the wound. so it feels japan showed its strength i've been a rugby fan for 35 years and it's like a dream with public support is so high the official team megastore is struggling to
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keep up with demand for much and voice. now the demand for all items has been really good especially the japanese jerseys the japanese stores are just selling like crazy and we're getting them wherever we can but unfortunately it looks like most of the japanese stores in japan are sold out and my daughter and husband won tickets for the quarter final they wanted to go see the match wearing japanese jerseys because against expectations it is a japan match so i am disappointed not to be able to buy a jersey. for reaching the last full is now the goal standing in their way to chime when is south africa a tough test but one japan has passed before a famous picture e over their opponents at the last world cup and now japan's rival on the rugby union stage. if they can do it again on sunday rugby mania might just go
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into overdrive. now nasa is giving us a 1st look at its next generation of space suits the equipment is designed to protect astronauts on america's r. tennis mission which will take man back to the moon and women of course because the space suits are custom i said women as well. although there have been advances in space suit technology for space walks during shuttle missions these are the 1st u.s. space suits designed for exploring the surface of the moon since the apollo missions back in the 1970. all right let's get a reminder now of our top stories we're following here on d.w. pro-democracy lawmakers in hong kong interrupt a major address by richard tori's leaders carry out their calling on her to perspective the demands of hong kong's a month long protest. and european union and u.k. negotiators are holding more last minute talks on bret's that there are reports
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they could be nearing a deal which brussels says it needs before a q summit starts tomorrow. coming up next our business show made in germany with monica jones she'll be looking into the internet and data types stay tuned for that.
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we leave digital traces everywhere all the time and. they are always on our on line trail companies hackers are minors.
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because for them our data is literally a girl's mind. made in germany next on t.w. . eco africa. in guinea yes on camera the world is for an angel and hopes to save the country's mangroves. the coastal forests are being used for salt production they're also being damaged by cattle herds. yes some camera and some plastic. coated africa. 60 minutes d.w. .
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unity and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central valley was that formed the foundation of this country how have these values developed in much more germany come hard is it to live by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom and i want to bring to you my. our journey to the serious starts october 21st on d w. i . name place of residence date of email address mobile phone number credit card number security code it's mind boggling the amount of personal information you .


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