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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  October 16, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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my choice is this card because given the way to transfer the stories. my name is national on the pitch and i want. to tell. you. hello 6 and welcome to this week's edition of africa the environment magazine co-produced by d.w. in germany china stephen knights area and n.t.v. uganda i am sound coming to you from kampala here in uganda i'm now it's a me here in lagos we are really in a element today we had to jeannie and we visited a school garden in uganda but that's not all. find out how sheperd to germany are
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contributing to biodiversity and here how i manage here nigeria is to educating his life to wildlife conservation. enable fishing is common in west africa's coastal waters there are a number of reasons for that either there are no regulations all fishel stern a blind eye in some places gigantic troilus on europe and china i depleting the fish stocks one country in the region is taking steps to control illegal fishing and its waters namely live baby we are company the activists on the night when conservation and geo sea shepherd on patrol. this is robots part comes to town in the area nearly everyone here lives from fishing but in the past few decades larger trailers have decimated fish stocks.
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local fishermen were getting desperate and to the national coast guard started patrolling together with ocean conservation and geo sea shepherd before the start of the operation few vessels had been arrested since january 27th in 14 fishing vessels have been reported for you now fish populations asked slowly returning to the area i used tons for illegal unreported or under glittered fishing. we were like just by choice 40 to 45 percent off our coast but economy our sea shepherd have given us doubt opportunity to extend our posture as far as almost 90 percent of our water one shared a boat have been arrested for are you you have been chinese vessel sea shepherd provides there have been coast guard with ships small boats and crew they're going to ascension also carries out groups on how to board suspicious vessels at the
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partners in form and train the coast guard on how to carry out security inspections . during this exercise captain until bird field from sea shepherd plays the role of the captain of a ship that's in violation of the old. russia. it's demented that 20 percent of the fish from west africa is caught illegally most of the vessels that are fishing illegally are from china all the european union. china has the largest water fishing fleet in the world and they you was a country that of the 2nd largest with. a lot of these vessels maybe flags to somewhere like benny and somewhere in the caribbean or nigeria somewhere like that and the beneficial line is actually in europe. even though some coastal areas that this is netted for subsistence fishing big international tolan's illegally maybe areas government does not target for an end. remains can force the regulations that
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results in overfishing which is a huge problem for the coastal communities and the terms of thousands of fishermen who live in them the main cause is controversial quoted to standards and you subsidies that distort the market so he's brought food the consequences of subsidize fishing is that fishing vessels will fish until the last fish is taken out of the water the care of your pain subsidized late this fish in 2 and a half percent times right out the sustainable now. the likelihood of sharks turtles and other large marine mammals surviving in the nets is extremely slim president closes up and i'm over and the fish or turtles sharks will suffocate 100000000 sharks every year mostly caught is by catch all for their fins last year on a vessel flying the spanish flag the neighbor and coast guard and the city shepherd crew discovered more than $100.00 into into blue sharks have already had their fins
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cut off destined for engine market the un's world food program fears that global fish stocks could collapse by 2048 if the situation doesn't change. a major problem with the person fishing vessels is their deadly efficiency they can suckle it a school of children anything else in it up to a mile these nets are huge. the legal vessels off offload that catch onto refrigerated cargo vessels illegal vessels are also all flooding that catches up to these great fish ships so where the catch is it can buy an end to the market as label fish and you cannot keep track of the super trolls and protecting the traditional fishing communities their livelihood and that of many marine species is what is at stake. the neighbor situation doesn't change for fishing communities soon they will have. even more problems earning
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a living in our next report we see that the same holds true in guinea where fishing is a major source of income but unfortunately their cost or mongrel forest service breeding grounds for many fish are being cut down to burn wood so dry and smoke but catch leaving the area is abominable to flood yes it is a vicious cycle also sold is traditionally found by heating sea water over fire but in the move to save the mongols one organization is coming up with more eco friendly have vesting methods. here in east capital cannot create the smell of smoke fills the air many families have left their villages to set up makeshift camps along the coast it's the dry season the sun is hot these are the only months that it's possible to make salt. in the lake but how would you say we shouldn't
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cook the salt water using wood anymore. but how else should we do it. what if you want us to stop burning would you have to come and help us. we're just here to evaluate the situation but we'll be back with activists from the canadian ngo adam a trying to develop alternatives to the traditional salt producing methods far too much as cilla needs to burn 3 kilos of wood to get one kilo of salt and among great forests on the coast are disappearing. look the brine in this basin has to cook for 24 hours to do that the wood has to be constantly replenished you can see how much would they use but these are only dry branches the thick tree trunks they used to have no longer exist. but salt making it's not the only threat to the forest. it's all been eaten away it's terrible. cows
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are responsible nomadic cattle herders have set up camp here. in the dry season there is not enough for their animals to eat inland so they come to the coast. and the herds came from over 50 kilometers away to reach the coast. that's how it works with pastoral farming. and then they graze on the mangroves. the animals love the leaves because of all the salt in them. a few 100 metres further along lies the port of candiotti 10 years ago the ngo planted mangroves together with the community here since then a thick forest has grown around the village protecting the coast from erosion the village has set up a special forest protection committee now the activists have come to tell the committee about the damage being caused by the nomads cow. thank you very much for letting us know 1st thing in the morning we'll go to the nomads and talk to them
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we'll make it clear that the mangroves must be protected we'll tell them that from now on they have to make up for any damage their animals cause. the village takes care to ensure that not even a single tree is felled here adam representative mohammed camara says anyone who does chop down a tree missed pay a fine of the equivalent of about 10 year owes that's a lot of money here or there the mangrove forests has been restored here it had been completely stripped this is how we want it we want to protect our environment in its efforts to preserve the forest be n.g.o.s been able to convince the scylla family one of the largest farmers in the region of its innovative method as before all the salty soil is scraped together and then mixed with seawater and filtered. but now the brine is not cooked over
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a fire but instead placed into shallow pool and dried by the sun. with. the concentrated say line solution is distributed among the basins using a hose system then the farmers wait until the water evaporates leaving the salt behind because he tried it on their own for a bit then we formed squads and train them properly in the method today you can hardly find anyone cooking salt with a wood fire most of the producers here want to use this technique it wouldn't go on the record on the cilla family is continuing to expand the salt production areas after all the business is very lucrative. they can harvest the salt after 24 hours of evaporation in the sun $15.00 to $25.00 kilos per day per basin that's a lot more than they could cook in a trough. profitable and environmentally friendly that's was
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convince the salt farmers to switch to the evaporation method and leave the mangroves alone. also just seen a few adjustments can save a lot of trees bunning wood isn't the only way to generate heat some children here in uganda i learning how to make none want to shovel as part of their core curriculum that project and others are intended to raise their children's awareness about environmental issues. chuckle break it set out to dry inside a tent the syrians here at since christmas to high school in gander make them from paper and consider plans fiber. brains for stock on capping the chocolate is being great on the decks and say. took 5 days out of the extension can take about 3 days here the students use the briquettes for kuki and bake in the projects was
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initiated by the headmaster before they had to chuckle the school had to buy firewood and that's expensive nearly $1000.00 euros a month we can require boat to one boat certainly thought $130000.00 that was the cost but the. story to what it is. it's cut the cost of cooking here in home and also benefits the schools gaudi where produces growth. we use we use our actions from the because it's a given state we use them as our fatah lasers and in ours called god in that safe they are getting is so clean and smart as smart as sin considers climate smart a culture project games to encourage environmental friendly cultivation and production we don't just fact i says you know a guy dennis we check chemical chemical manufacturer for industries but only
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organic manual which we get from our own plants thank you green plants we put them in our guidance to make them better and you see they are very mentally area is very small but we make it more productive by doing smattering of a good indication system is key the students set up water channels to provide the field with drip irrigation they also grow plants in small containers and on shelves to use space more effectively and even. all of these using knowledge and in school they are young people we need to train them to find the solution to their environment because we are having a problem of environment under some of these environmental problems are caused by human sin because it is reputation has spread throughout the surrounding neighborhoods the school set up a shop where locals can buy produce interest is growing we heard they are now
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outreach for the youth we're trained to them in these projects that we have been in school and also some more not only do youth even other communities like women new groups are benefited a lot since his attorney doesn't restrict itself in theory it also gives citizens the chance to develop volatile practical skills skills that will help them to cook county environment in the future. those kids are suddenly learning a lot of useful skills but this is the only god and we'll be looking at today in this week's doing good deeds we've got to nigel look at a country that is vulnerable to climate change but the reason green all losses that is sticking ship there to take a look. childhood polio has left so hard or with some physical limitations. this garden into also has
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changed her life completely in this arid region of new share she's been growing produce organically for 2 years now. i suffered a lot before the garden i didn't have anything i lived in misery but now it's better i make money with a garden i have food and can buy clothes i can even help others i know i won't. and. this gardening project for people with disabilities is run by the new gerry an ngo kaka and funded by international n.g.o.s. each participant is providing a plot of land and help to build a well. every plant also comes with a manual water pumps seeds some livestock and a cotton donkey. a fence protects the plants
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from animals. 5 years ago this land was dry and bad but mohamedou is so who is doing so well he could buy a motorized water pump some of his produce is now sold in the capital niamey 120 kilometers away. the project lets people with disabilities earn an income and it seeks to integrate them into their village communities and the plants they grow help protect the land from the hot sun haro winds. and how about you. if you're also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet hash tag doing your bit. we share your story. thank the role of herding sheep cousin longstanding tradition in germany it may
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sound romantic but it can be a tough life to sit but actually planning content for in the biodiversity because their hearts break feeds on pollen but in germany the roots trust by the shepherds and their animals is under threat once that empty well because of increasing industry lies ation in agriculture the areas they can walk across are disappearing and that's why scientists are working on a computer program to help shepherds in the future let's see how it works. shepherdson germany have had enough the revenues for meat and milk production arctic lining while production costs continue to rise they're struggling to survive so they've organized a nationwide protest outside all the state parliaments like here in potsdam nearby when. prices for grazing land are far too high supplies are far too expensive 22 other countries in europe want to help their shepherds only germany says no more
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guards are on guard. more and more shepherds are giving up we've come to the area of maryland off on the border with luxembourg sack with is one of only $900.00 traditional shepherds left in germany who roam free with their sheep he says his sheep provide an important ecological service which most people are unaware of the animals play a key role in preserving grasslands as they unique grazing habits stimulate better plant growth. it's. just take this area here if we didn't but our sheep graze here it would quickly degrade. we would have holes everywhere. and the meadow were no longer be able to fulfil its ecological role of . intensive agriculture and the construction of roads all residential areas has meant many grasslands and forests have been cut through. flocks of sheep
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however help to connect the isolated bio tapes. like a sponge she makes in insects in seeds but it brushes over the ground. just a single flock of sheep spreads tens of thousands of insects and seeds when it moves from one pasture to another. then via does. this we no longer keep these areas open if we no longer allow seeds and zone sex to be transported from one area to another the populations in these isolated habitats will completely collapse due to genetic impoverishment. computer experts in the nearby town of noise start under vines have recognised the ecological importance of sheep. with data from aerial photographs satellites radar and legal
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language histories they have developed a software that identifies optimal routes for flux. the computer system works a lot like a navigation system but in google you just have a car or pedestrian option we on the other hand have 20 to 25 different parameters that tell the software what's important for sheep with this geo information system you can then autonomy create routes for shepherds you could call it intelligent routing. the shepherds have welcomes the new computer program it's good news for the sheep too as they now have more to eat the software has already helped identify many new pastures and grasslands back over on the other side of the country the protesters hope that this scientific development will also trigger a political rethink. the shepherds are confident their work is far from being obsolete. there will be
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a future for traditional shepherding in germany and in the world that's certain we're the world's oldest profession and we've survived many crises before but we should rather ask ourselves what future would nature have without us when we know. what is true for germany is also true for other parts of the world where traditional shepherds often held in low regard and in conflict with sedentary farm is their flocks helped keep grassland areas green and healthy. our next report comes on right here in lagos nigeria concerned about the suffering people inflicts on many wild animals one man has made it his mission to rescue as many of them i think that he set up a sanctuary to help them where he also works to raise awareness about wildlife protection and i need more welfare there's no happiness in these. illegal hunters
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quote this creature with the nigeria it's been in captivity in this latest market for weeks now waiting for by. she has made visits in this market for over 15 years his father has brought him here when he was just 9 years old sure she. should say in a soft brakes is hot. so you best use as many as you can afford this poor companion costs 60000 not. like him with a mission accomplished i said no i come here to let you name me a little better and get out of this place into a more formal college comfortable talking a little sooner a little you shouldn't try to be ugly with one of the right in this location. this is where chinedu brings the animals he rescues the grain syngas conservation
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god and the young nigerian started a century back in 2012 using his own money and any donations he can attract he already has an impressive rights of animals in a sanctuary in some cases some of the animals are badly one did their recovery sometimes complex and i wanted to fish in the rice is really lucky in that you know it's good to marry them in the pit but never met so now it's because of the meat is being now to another focus to dogs where there's no such thing as an invasive surgery for some animals to think about having a dog the vet always a good one to get i mean it's the drugs but surgery of course of what you are kind if the animal needs that and that's what one of the birds you have that's what we want it that's what what he needs and we need i'm looking for the opportunity where i can help this bird regain its wings has lost its confidence it doesn't really you don't see it's it's only idle so i'm looking for the opportunity to. get it back to
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its full time to its shape. some of the animals in china to sanctuary are frightened species from rubles to extinction. like the black crowned crane. really wanted to. play shannon in nigeria latin ones from punjab standish recognize as the national director has become little jesus so you just feel in your position to a lot of people kill them because of your houses and this is just like the landing on your t.v. set up before there were no people so i don't see them today wants to create an environment where anyone especially children could learn to appreciate the value of all wildlife another reason why i decided to continue to talk that was because yes i'm initially asked i wanted to have a 3 day project where i could actually breed designing and have them you know more
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to plan because yes but i unindigent a means that very soon i needed which it's going to be used that way and do you have to have losses on them if you want to things these animals would soon be extinct so. having them here and breeding them gives room for a lot of people to come and see them ok i have never seen the crane before i have never seen a part so you eagle before and seen them like ok i don't know many 2nd seed is in the wind i'm most sous i don't even see them but having them here gives that opportunity sheen it is autumn the goal is to establish conservation areas wakening releases animals into a protected environment. so be sure to join us next week for now they fighting edition of. your environment program i am sound out in august signing up from kampala here in uganda and thanks i meet you now tag me in lagos nigeria join us
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again next week for another edition of eco africa environment magazine about.
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europe. what unites. what defines. what binds the continent to. the answers and story. is aplenty the be. a spotlight on people. to surf on t w. i
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am jewish and justice and freedom are and the 1st words of the german national anthem banned the 3 central values that form the foundation of this country the bulk of these values developed in whole story charlie aboard is it to live by and defend the principles of the justice and freedom in our everyday life span our journey the train car series starts october 21st on t.w. . imagine being born as. you are alive to come prove it since you want to look good no school. you want to be useful but on allowed to go. when you're sick the doctors know when you fall in love they won't mind you don't have children
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for fear they'll be invisible to. humans have no human rights. when you die there's no proof of the ever exist. and every 10 minutes. someone misses. 10000000 people in the world the stakes they have no nationality i'm told made up of all of them and. so that everyone has the right. everyone has the right to say i roam.
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the but. this is deja vu news live from berlin chaos and gulfs a major speech by hong kong leader kerry last. because. pro-democracy lawmakers shot her down and forced her to leave the podium they are urging latin to respect the demands of pompoms protesters meant also coming up is a brecht's a deal finally in sight european union and u.k. negotiators are sending mixed signals as brussels warns time is running out yet again.


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