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this is deja vu news live from berlin chaos and gulfs a major speech by hong kong leader kerry last. hour are tough pro-democracy lawmakers shout her down and forced her to leave the podium they are urging lamb to respect the demands upon kongs protest movement also coming up is a brecht's a deal finally in sight european union and u.k. negotiators are sending mixed signals as brussels warns time is running out yet again. turkey says it will never declare
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a cease fire in northern syria defying calls from washington but on the ground russia says its troops are patrolling to contain the conflict. plus the fight to end the random violence against south africans when. he concedes it. in south africa look even in countries we this is a war. we are neighbors used as a tool of all. menus and. we need one woman who is working to reclaim the space where she was assaulted and her friend was killed. i'm serious someone's got to thank you for joining us for democracy lawmakers in hong kong have interrupted a major policy speech by the territory's leader kerry last she was forced out of the legislature after opponents heckled her and called on her to meet the demands
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of hong kong as protest movement demonstrators want to see 5 things implemented in hong kong including free and fair elections. the speech was in peril before it even began. in the chamber fellow lawmakers hecho chief executive kerry lam. k y e n paulo makers please be silent are you anyone who does not say sergeant we will be asked to leave the chamber will you. laugh i would use a well i don't lie on the floor don't you fabio you pro-democracy lawmakers projected the slogan 5 demands not one less on the chamber's walls these include universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into police violence during demonstrations i.
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was carrying speech did not address any of these demands at all. i was silenced by her critics. the disruption force ms lam to abandon the planned speech she later gave her address via video link. and we can go to hong kong now or correspondent charlet shells and phil is standing by for us hi charlotte we see you see there are the images of destruction in the territories parliament there's really no sign of these protests ending is there. sciri there are more protests planned for the coming days including was expected to be another large protest on sunday that's being organized by the civil human rights front now they're the people behind some massive protests in previous months one of which they said drew up to 2000000 people now there is some news now coming in to
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convene a civil human rights front man called jimmy shan has just been beaten up for the 2nd time he was not be not in august now he's been attacked by a group of unknown assailants apparently with hamis he's now been taken to hospital and is apparently conscious but it's exactly attacks like this that are only going to fuel anger on the streets here he is among a number of people who are running for district council elections next month who have been attacked in recent weeks and then of course there's accusations of police and police violence on the streets that are fueling this anger and then allegations that carrier simply isn't listening to the demands of protesters that something that we're hearing once again today after that address that she made over a video video recorded message that she simply didn't address protesters demand so the fact that she focused instead on housing in the economy certainly isn't going
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to calm the anger here well charlotte we spoke earlier to one of the pro-democracy lawmakers who was in the chamber during that disruption to lamb speech and we asked her whether kerry lam should resign let's listen. well absolutely absolutely i don't think she can still govern whole call and after all this ones we can clearly see her incapability and so i think that very 1st step for all to go forward to go forward it's her it's for her to resign as soon as possible. ok that was pro-democracy lawmaker tanya chan speaking to us earlier so charlotte how long can carry lamb hang on as leader of course tony chan isn't the only pro-democracy lawmaker calling for kerry lannes resignation not something that we've been hearing for several weeks now polls have also been plummeting popularity here in hong kong but in fact in many ways
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it can be argued that power has only increased that's because of these emergency laws that we introduced last month it was through those rules that she was able to introduce the ban on face march which is now in effect a number of lawmakers including tanya chan you just heard there have been warning that she could have the power to fact introduce far more measures going forward perhaps because even perhaps curbs on on the internet as well so those are a fact is that these lawmakers are dealing with as they are making statements calling for her resignation meanwhile internationally you know u.s. lawmakers have just passed a bill ended up holding human rights in hong kong what to activists there think does not help them in their fight for more democracy the activists that we've been speaking to over the last few months have all been hoping for something like this we regularly see u.s.
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flags in the crowds of the protesters they've been telling us that they would like to hear countries like the united states speaking out in their defense so a lot of people are welcoming the passing of this bill there will be some who a slightly more cautious stance because they could argue that this could play into beijing's hands beijing's long accuse countries like the united states of meddling in hongkong affairs but on the whole i think a lot of these protesters will be boyd by what's been happening in the united states. simple reporting for us from hong kong thank you charlotte. now european union officials have warned that significant issues remain in the way of efforts to secure an agreement on the u.k.'s departure from the block ireland's prime minister. has said he hopes any sticking points can be resolved over the course of today that would mean member states have a chance to consider any deal before crucial you summit that starts tomorrow it is the last major round table before the u.k.
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scheduled departure date on october 31st britain's gregson minister stephen barclay has told lawmakers that the british government would abide by a law requiring it to to request a delay if no agreement is reached by saturday but. just. well let's bring in our bureau chief in brussels max hoffman is following all of this for us hi max we hear snippets of information coming in but can you give us an update on the latest that you're hearing there in brussels. i have a lot of snippets too and quite frankly the picture is still kind of murky we have those that say that the road blocks still remain especially the road blocks of course regarding voiding a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republicans are in that which is part of the european union and a crucial role in that is played by the dea you people so the unionist party up in northern ireland that is against the separation or even
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a virtual separation from mainland u.k. so that those are the sticking points in a nutshell but then there are those that you say the who appeared quite confident still this morning that a deal could be reached later on in the day and we've been hearing similar things from the e.u. embassadors here so it's a mixed bag i would say to sum it up probably the thing is sort of in the middle it's still tough but they still see the chance of striking that elusive deal max's issue of avoiding a hard border between a northern ireland and the irish republic has been so contentious so what is the plan that is currently on the table. we can't say what's on the table right now because those negotiations are conducted you know in private and usually although we have leaks today those negotiators are being very silent and that's also a reason for the confusion because some think they have a leak and others think they have a different league but they are keeping quiet and that's usually a sign that they're making progress but i'd say the last really tough sticking
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point that is remaining that they're trying to solve at this point is whether the do you mentioned earlier or northern ireland as a whole will have a say over what happens to them whether they will part of the will be part of a customs territory with the rest of violence or with the republic of ireland which would require that customs controls would be in the irish sea so between mainland u.k. and the island of ireland this is all extremely complicated please stop me if you have a question on this but really it boils down to can the northern island people say yes or no to this deal or can they say yes or no periodically there were some proposals on the table for that in the past that were rejected by that the u.p.a. then we had a message for earlier by an irish correspondent who said this issue was resolved but then again the new piece of the party i was talking about said no that's not true this issue is not resolved so that's where we are at the moment and although there's a lot of information there we can't really make definitive sense of it yet all
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right max what about german chancellor angela merkel she is meeting the french president in modern michael in france are set to meet shortly breaks in of course will be on the agenda with the big summit starting tomorrow what do you think we can expect to see from those 2 leaders. right and that's an interesting piece of information right there because you could expect the leaders to step in and say stop this nonsense we have the solution for this or even you know them to negotiate a little bit during that summit the the loose ends time up but that's not going to happen this is far too complicated for them even for them even for someone like i'm going to make of they leave it up to the pros the sherpas the legal experts the negotiators so if there is no deal on the table on thursday they're not going to make it work and even the thinking right now among some of basters here and other you diplomats is that even if there is a deal most likely with some points that have not been entirely resolved they won't say yes to that yet at this summit they will say ok this is going into the right direction but we need the legal teams to work out the details this needs to be
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workable that's what we're hearing all the time and if this really happens tomorrow then it spells a special summit at the end of the month so this is going down to the wire and going down to the wire might not mean that will be resolved tomorrow all right our bureau chief there in brussels max elfman speaking with us thank you max. let's get a roundup of some other stories making news around the world in spain thousands of cattle and separatists protested for a 2nd night in a row they're angry about the long prison sentences handed down to 9 catalan independence leaders protesters clashed with police outside the spanish government buildings in barcelona while east of the city and you don't know demonstrators blocked roads and set fire. nigeria's president has called for a crackdown on abuse at islamic schools after police again freed hundreds of boys found in chains and shackles the captives said they had been beaten and starved and in some cases raped but this comes less than a month after police raided
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a similar institution in northern nigeria. and firefighters have been battling an explosion and huge fires in the oil storage facility near the u.s. city of san francisco police living in the area have been warned to stay inside and close all windows and doors officials say they don't yet know what caused the fire . turkey's rejecting calls for a cease fire in the off chance of it launched in northern syria against kurdish militias the kurds have formed a partnership with syrian government troops and syria's russian allies they have now moved into previously kurdish held areas including the city of monday age meanwhile turkish forces are continuing to shell positions in northern syria u.s. vice president mike pence and the secretary of state my peo are on their way to turkey to push for an end to the fighting and it comes after the u.s. imposed economic sanctions on turkey for its military incursion. the syrian
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flag raised over to city of monday it's meant to signal the syrian army's presence in the city a move that follows the between kurdish forces and the government in damascus. and damascus has brought along international allies managed together with other kurdish held areas was abandoned by u.s. forces leaving it vulnerable to turkey's military offensive in northern syria. we were afraid of turkey's aggression but now the turkish army won't be able to enter our city should we feel safe now. turkey has pressed ahead despite growing calls for it to halt the incursion. president donald trump's unexpected decision to withdraw troops came after a phone call of a turkish president week ago after that the u.s. has imposed sanctions on turkey while the european union imposed
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a limited arms embargo. its all to off his we're watching the situation in turkey with concern i have repeatedly said this military action should be stopped we must return to negotiations just months before we remain concerned about the international situation if it was not truly schmit. while people in managed remain on the alert residents from elsewhere in northern syria are getting out the u.n. says that 160000 people have already fled the fighting. in the u.s. democratic candidates for president faced off in another televised debate last night 12 democrats took the stage to fire verbal shots at each other and at president trump elizabeth warren is a front runner in the race for the 2020 democratic nomination and she came under repeated attack. as they took to their podiums the democratic presidential
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candidates appeared to be united at least on one thing all 12 say they want to see president donald trump impeached. impeachment is the way that we establish that this man will not be permitted to break the law over and over without tut's appliances former vice president joe biden was asked during the debate about his and his son's dealings in ukraine one of the issues at the center of the trump impeachment probe president bush did nothing wrong i did nothing wrong i carried out the policy of the united states government in rooting out corruption in ukraine gaiden and elizabeth warren are seen as the favorites of the democratic race warren challenging biden as the front runner found herself increasingly attacked the candidates also criticized president trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria treat being fired on by or shot by assad's people and the
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president and states if those if those isis folks escape from the prisons or the lonely go to europe will affect the democratic winner will take on president trump who is seeking reelection in november 2020. and our correspondent all over salat was watching the debate here's his take. the democratic party is fighting for its future direction centrist or progressive joe biden or elizabeth warren both candidates are running neck on neck but joe biden is suffering from recent corruption allegations made against him and his son by president trump and that was reflected in the democratic debates about joe biden but elizabeth warren was in particular targeted by the majority of the democratic contenders and that shows there's a shift in who others believe to be the future frontrunner of the democratic party's many swing voters believe that elizabeth warren's ideas like health care for all of
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2 extreme well that would make her the ideal poland for president trump you're watching d.w. news still to come. why making music in mali is so dangerous and why one performer is pursuing her passion undeterred. but 1st to south africa where there's been a surge in violent crimes against women u.n. officials say south african women are murdered at a rate of 5 times the global average the country's presidents call the attacks a crisis in the capital for tori a more than a 1000 policemen and women gather to demonstrate against gender based violence somehow signs reading it hurts us as police officers to pick up the bodies of women and children on a daily basis. we're about to meet one woman who is a rape survivor and is now raising her voice for others.
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we we all acknowledge called manta spock on the 20th of july 19th 18 i was gang raped at the spark and my friend killed city months before my 16th birthday this happened to me. i'm caroline peters i'm a i'm 54 years old i'm a fame unless i'm a gender ekta versed in all and i'm a human rights campaigner even when my dog is the place of days i would get up and go and run and i saw the benefit they planning for me at the same time i was city municipality upgrades of the spock and remember this is a book that i've never set foot there since when the time when i was that i. am i say to my daughter we're going to reclaim that space never again is meant is going to be a negative thing for me it's going to be something positive we're going to both something big from so that is our number this was founded it was about the
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reclaiming the space bringing that positivity that the running gave me to other women in our community thailand. has been so much happening over this last weeks that them physically emotionally sick and drained because of what's happening in our country every 26 seconds as a woman that i put in south africa look even in countries where there's a war where right presumes there's a tool of war is a there are many rights we need to as so society could lift a valley and raise our voices and say it's not ok elmos want to say is our government c.v.s. about changing our police on mark same surprise our judicial system is not up to standard so justice even i think nothing is working for women you know so we need immediate action and that. i am glad that we're at this stage over the vault these
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are evil lucian and therefore i'll place it didn't have to respond to this. president is not clearly see out a path forward for how we going to end gender based violence but not just they've actually given a budget towards the well i want to hold government accountable i want to hold pretty sedan settle them up was accountable for what he said in parliament so my opie's they all this ends i'm hopefully none painful what makes me keep up daily is to see that my sister is safe to see that my daughters are safe to see that my granddaughter is safe and so i love another day just to make sure they're my sister's ok. that was a rape survivor caroline peters who spoke to did i dream and cringe about a violent conflict in mali between government forces and she harvests continues in
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that country musicians have often been caught in the middle islamists have imposed bans on music and the government has limited public gatherings due to security concerns that it was funny for char met with one performer and bomb ago who is determined to be heard despite the threats. the sound of peace and hope. you has wanted to sing all her life but when she wanted to sing the most she had to stop. that was 7 years ago when the war started the jihad it's been music and the money in government still limits public gatherings so no music faster most rubies you could play this is a must it's not like it was before the war for us artists we can't we play in bamako. the artists are scared to sing at certain places. this stops us
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awful because a whole review is singing again in this studio working on a 1st album she does not know where she will perform it in mali but she keeps scoring. we have to stay together as mali and nothing is better than peace music is my weapon through music i can talk to the children of mali or speak for them and speak for the women who have this form. because you aims to restore hope yet she too becomes emotional about the situation around her today she has a very special audience it is public yet hidden from the temporary shelters for full army people all largely unnoticed in the market because you performs for them about 800 people if you're they had to leave their village after it was attacked by a rival group they say the children just want to hear you sing with
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a lot of 'd. them send them off. oh yeah why not drop. we should give me steve leave this is too much one has to help these people here. a mother of 5 children nearby heard bijou sing and also heard her cry going to music is beautiful but we need peace peace that is becoming an increasingly distant goal in mali as the country struggles to overcome violence between rival ethnic groups. for centuries different groups live side by side but now they are killing each other fighting over influence and access to food and land in addition edgy hardest insurgency continues to cripple mali leaving civilians like them in the crosshairs. because you keep seeing for them giving them
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a voice because that is all she can do with her music for now she says. to sports now in japan is a country more traditionally associated with sumo wrestling but it has gone crazy for rugby japan is hosting this year's rugby world cup and the country's team has booked a place in the quarter finals for the 1st time in history fans have jumped on the bandwagon and shops are struggling to keep up with the demand for merchandise. rugby mania has reached feet of peach in japan. the world cup hosts into the quarter finals of the competition with finance daring to dream yeah i'm. going to turn 6 the. sword to japan showed its strength i've been a rugby fan for 35 years and it's like a drain on the public support is so high the official team megastore is struggling to keep up with demand for much and voice. now the demand for all items has been
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really good especially the japanese jerseys the japanese stores are just selling like crazy and we're giving them wherever we can but unfortunately it looks like most of the japanese tourists in japan are sold out take my daughter and husband one tickets for the quarter final choice that they wanted to go see the match winning japanese jerseys because against expectations it is a japan match so i am disappointed not to be able to buy a jersey. for reaching the last full is now the goal standing in their way to time winners south africa a tough test but one japan has passed before a famous picture over their opponents at the last world cup and now japan's rival on the rugby union stage. if they can do it again on sunday rugby mania might just go into overdrive. coming up next on
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news asia pakistan fell in love with princess diana now her son prince william and his wife kate aim to win hearts and minds on their 1st visit to the. country. serious matter she has that and much more coming up on day to the news a shot. in
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the. city programs are a. long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim and the christian militia last 5 years fighters occupied the city center and now 17 president church's response was. every. game football game on the brink conquest turned into tragedy this is
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not the kind of freedom that we wonder. how did morality become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report. from a destroyed city. full of the sights of our yes starts october 24th on t.w. . be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan for you. the children who have already been the boy and those that will follow are part of a new kind of. they could be the future. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. i don't think that well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing which is that the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype cracks in here think the future of the
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country by now i am. needed to take this drama down to me it's all about ok. i'm a joke join me to meet the german sunday to be a. post. basically. a shot coming up a royal 1st in a familiar land the duke and duchess of cambridge. on their 1st official trip to the country all important is william and kate's visit from pakistan. plus. the kids film at the center of a fraternity total dispute we turn to what a vulnerable.


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