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scoops of report from a destroyed city. full of the sights of i.r.s. starts october 24th. this is the news live from berlin mixed signals over the chance of a breakthrough island's prime minister says he's hopeful the remaining sticking points can be overcome. sages in brussels warned that time is running out also on the program turkish president project i've heard one prepares to meet a senior u.s. delegation seeking a cease fire in northern syria but he says he will not bow to pressure from
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washington on the ground and russia says its troops are patrolling to contain the conflict. and a major speech by hong kong leader carry live was cut short after she shouted down by pro-democracy has been forced to leave the podium. plus the fight to end violence against south africa's with. south africa look even in countries where these wolf. is used. woman is working to reclaim the space where she was a soul searching to find a friend was kept. a welcome to the program. officials are warning that significant issues remain in
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the way of efforts to secure an agreement on the u.k.'s departure from the bloc but islands prime minister leo varadkar says he hopes that any sticking points can be result today that would allow member states a chance to consider any deal before thursday's e.u. summit the last sham jeweled heads of government meeting before the u.k.'s pasha on the 31st of october u.k. brett minister stephen buckley has told lawmakers that the british government would abide by the law requiring it to request a delay if no agreement is reached by saturday. you. will have the latest from brussels bureau chief myself and welcome max so as we await news and thursday's meeting looms the european council president don't toss has given an indication of how long we might have to white. you tweeted something he said we'd have to wait about 7 to 8 hours and then we would know if and when bragg's it would happen but you need to take these kind of tweets very carefully because we've heard
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that it deal had to be ready by midnight yesterday that's what michele said back then the e.u. commission chief negotiator for braggs it and then we heard they might have a deal this morning and then things get pushed back for there and for others there wouldn't be surprised if it gets pushed back even further than those 78 hours. mentioned but it seems there's a fair amount of optimism that a deal some kind of deal some kind of draft at least for a deal will be on the table i want to hear about the what's holding things up. it's the same thing as always it's avoiding a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republican violence which is part of the european union and the specific problem seems to be in the end although we await confirmation for that real roadblock whether the people of northern ireland will be involved in the decision over that deal we do know that in the past the proposal by the u.k.
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was to have northern ireland every 4 or 5 years have a vote i think was every 4 years have a vote whether they still accept a deal struck with the european union or not that was not accepted by the use of the role of northern ireland here was the last roadblock that we heard about but really these negotiations are being conducted very privately usually in brussels you always have a leak a reliable leak because there are 28 countries involved at this time it's difficult it shows you that they are serious about it that they are making progress to some degree the much that the u.k. appears to have shifted its position most is that the case that his boss was likely to agree to any of britain's demands. they have shifted their position significantly because what we think is being discussed right now is a backstop and the backstop is the sort of the bad word for many politicians in the u.k. a backstop meaning in insurance policy to avoid this hard border between northern
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ireland and the republic of ireland something that was always rejected would probably have something similar though won't be pat called backs up anymore so yes the u.k. has made concessions and that's why we're having these serious negotiations but it's also seems like the e.u. is willing to reopen the so-called legally binding withdrawal agreement so the divorce agreement something they always refused in the past so the u. has moved probably less than the u.k. that's true and briefly max what happens if there is no breakthrough. if there is no breakthrough then there will be a deal signed off by the leaders on thursday and friday and it means that by law boris johnson the u.k. prime minister will be obliged to demand an extension beyond 31st of october the date when bragg's it was supposed to happen just if i can add this briefly but in any case even if we have a draft today it seems likely that the leaders won't give a full blown yes to that deal on thursday but will only say this is the right
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direction but you need to be more elaborate we have the legal teams checking to make sure this is actually workable so when brussels thank you. now to turkey which has rejected calls for a cease fire in its northern syria offensive against kurdish militias the kurds have allied with syrian government troops and russian allies they have now moved into previously kurdish how the areas including the city of mine bridge turkish forces meanwhile the continuing to shell positions in northern syria u.s. vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompei o on their way to turkey to push for an end to the fighting now this follows the imposition of u.s. economic sanctions against for the incursion. the syrian flag raised over to city of mandates it's meant to signal the syrian army's presence in the city a move that follows the cream and between kurdish forces and the government in damascus . and damascus has brought along international allies managed together with
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other kurdish held areas was abandoned by u.s. forces leaving it vulnerable to turkey's military offensive in northern syria. going through we were afraid of turkey's aggression but now the turkish army won't be able to enter our city should we feel safe now. let my foot on. turkey has pressed ahead despite growing calls for it to halt the incursion. president donald trump's unexpected decision to withdraw troops came after a phone call up with turkish president i week ago after that the u.s. has imposed sanctions on turkey while the european union and post a limited arms embargo. its all too often we are watching the situation in turkey with concern i have repeatedly said this military action should be stopped we must return to negotiations. we remain concerned about the international situation if it
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was not to legitimate. while people in managed remain on the alert red. events from elsewhere in northern syria are getting alex the u.n. says that 160000 people have already fled the fighting. straight to turkey then correspondent durrant jones joins us from istanbul welcome dorrian the turkish president reza try bird one says we will never declare a cease fire so what does this mean for us vice president mike pence and the secretary of state who are on their way to turkey to try and arrange just that well is going to be a very difficult meeting the expectations are that this will be a critical meeting but far from easy given the fact that erdogan has reiterated his stance there's going to be a continuation of the operation until all objectives of a chief and there certainly will be no ceasefire and actually no talks as what he
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says with terrorists he went on a very passionate speech to say who would expect us to speak to terrorists so it's going to be a very tough meeting and to give you an insight about how difficult it will be heard one an issue he ruled out meeting with pen saying that if america wanted to speak to me better chant come over and let me speak with him but interestingly that was immediately walk back within a few minutes we had statements coming out from the presidency saying bird one will be meeting with vice president and the other a high level delegation and that gives you an insight into there is a realisation lunker about how tense and how bad situation with america is and the recognition that basically the only friend that turkey has left in the united states is president trump intel and to snub his envoy would be considered a very dangerous move so looking at the sort of the worst case scenario the u.s. has already imposed economic sanctions against turkey are there any other leaders that it can pull. well the sanctions that trump introduced were seen
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as largely symbolic a slap on the wrist simply the markets reacted positively to the expectations also they could be far worse but everyone is aware that there is growing pressure on trump from congress from the republicans and the democrats on president in bipartisan. agreement that tough sanctions should be made against turkey and the only man that is stopping them is president trump himself if this is it with penske's to go badly then trump would find it very hard to resist that growing pressure and washington does have the ability to bring turkey to its knees financially turkish companies borrow every year over $100000000000.00 much of that comes from u.s. financial markets if that tap was turned off the toxicology would be brought to a halt. meanwhile russian president vladimir putin says he will ensure that turkish and syrian troops don't fight each other and will turkey accept russian troops as peacemakers. well one is expected to go to
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moscow africa conversation with russian president vladimir putin he has invited in for talks and urged one is under growing pressure from moscow to end its offensive putin has been a close ally of turkey working together with syria even though they've backed opposite sides in the conflict a relationship that has deepened as relations have worsened with the united states but putin is believed to be increasingly alarmed by this increasingly. powerful operation into syria which britain still to escalate the conflict among do all the cheaters he has secured in the last few years so earth one is starting to face pressure from both the united states and from russia that is pomp possible way out putin is expected to pressure. to open talks with damascus currently one doesn't have any diplomatic relations with the massacres. enough impression very hard saying the solution to this problem this crisis is you'd have talks with damascus the mask is now has an arrangement with the syrian kurds he's taking over control
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of the border one way out is for turkey to open it might be negotiations with syria this is seen as the only real opportunity of turkey avoiding this growing isolation and eventually being poor pushed out by both moscow and the united states storage areas in istanbul thank you. it would take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of probably dependents activists from across the plains catalonia region marching on the regional capital barcelona i need to get there by friday spain is on edge following 2 days of protests of violent clashes between police and protesters in the region as widespread anger that the long prison sentences given to 9 cats and an independent leaders on monday. firefighters have been battling an explosion of huge fires a storage facility near the americans if you're san francisco people in the area to board to stay inside close all windows and doors the course of the fire is now.
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the european union's new commission headed by a german reserve former defense minister on the line it will not stop workers settled on the 1st of november after the parliament after the european parliament vetoed 3 of the nominated commissioners france romania and hungary it will now each have to propose new candidates. and pro-democracy lawmakers in hong kong have disrupted a major policy speech by the territories leader kerry last left the legislature and delivered his speech by video after being heckled and called on to meet the 5 demands of hong kong's protest movement. the this speech was in peril before it even began. in the chamber fellow you make his head coach chief executive carried. playing all lawmakers please be silent are you anyone who does not say so and we will be asked to leave the chamber will
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you time the law fibroids you say well i. don't lie on the board of your fabio you pro-democracy lawmakers projected the slogan 5 demands not one less on the chamber's walls these include universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into police violence during demonstrations i. was kerry speech did not address any of these demands at all. silenced by her critics. the disruption forced ms lam to abandon the planned speech she later gave her address via video link the. now the chair of the german bishops conference cardinal rinehart mox has pledged that the katha of this pledge the catholic church in solidarity with jews in germany speaking in berlin the cardinal said we will never part from our jewish brothers
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and sisters and that he was deeply affected by last week's terror attack in the eastern german town of kalak cardinal moch said he felt that germany and the church have a clear mission to ensure there is no place and he semitism. we can take a closer look at the cardinals that remarks with that date abuse are villages affairs correspondent martin welcome not even feel the catholic church has talked for a long time about fighting anti semitism is today's declaration going to make any difference well i don't think it's so. will make a lot of difference there and what is the case is that the catholic church has been very much involved in present frequency in the asian with the jewish community and it was obviously very important i think that essentially this comes down to the fact that you know this was a big shock for most people or on germany that we're looking at this thing actually a jewish community to jewish community being attacked so i think that cardinal marks in some sense reflects precisely that sentiment it's not really just
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a matter of the catholic church is the church of germany ok so this. process has already started and this is just saying we're going to continue wet what we were already doing this that there's no acceleration coming i mean i think that what we have is a reaffirmation of the commitment of the german church to a human need some would in germany and they think that there is a church that is very much aware that sort of the visions and this is actually not only the case for the jewish community in the catholic church has been at the forefront of sort of demand self of hospitality in relation to migrants so i mean the question of exclusion is one that is very much you know centered forth for the cut the church of germany ok stay with us because that the catholic church is amazon said had a synod is on the way in rome at the moment. caught up with cardinal monks and asked him whether the catholic church what the catholic church could do to influence populous leaders such as the brazilian president jaya ball sinatra.
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well i think soon isn't world assemblies like this kind of effect change. and i heard that the government in brazil reacted a little bit nervously before and. at least it took a good look at what will be happening at the senate because the bishops from the amazon region will be speaking there. and they've already spoken they've spoken for the indigenous people whose livelihoods will be taken away if this forest were to be cleared and turned into a prairie. so it's a step of it i believe a world assembly like this folks is the attention more intensely on the amazon region and on the question of climate change and the possibilities of limiting climate change. there are essentially 2 questions here on the one hand the party or question of policy related to environmental issues and that's one which actually this poll is very adamant about what sort of the position of the church by and large should be there is actually in cyclical the which was actually his 2nd year which is really sort of our duty to the earth and to nature the 2nd one that is
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considerably more interesting in the statement that we just heard is that there is clearly a political fault line and the political fall in brazil has very much sort of the division between a couple of church that has been trying thing for a very long time and then evan jellicoe church that has been growing and that even jellicoe church the brazilian of angelical church which is not to be confused with the german enjoy a little church has a very clear sort of much more right wing position and it's much closer to population as a matter of fact many of the populous forces within bounds are not as movement had being under being or have been supported by those political movements it's very interesting to hear from from cardinal marx that they actually do hope or they think that itself the scene that has brought about actually some sense of pressure among brazilian authorities it's interesting you bring up the notion of a space or a schism. just to pick up that point the as you say the church has been going
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through some upheaval on issues like the role of women in. homosexuality so we asked the cotton whether the perception was true that it was basically a split between reformist cardinals and europe a more conservative church leaders in the united states and elsewhere. that's not how it is here in europe under in the united states does a serious debate which as you know is also taking place within the church itself but you cannot simply say these are conservatives and you can't just say in latin america oh that's how they take a sense in the senate that the discussions are happening throughout the universal church but that they are very specifically characterized by the individual cultures . it's important for the church create spaces for us to come together as we are now when the pope has underscored that he wants people to talk to each other it's not easy so what's the alternative each nationality sticks to its own no we must talk to each other and that's not always easy but it's enriching. and.
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what you make of that well yes and no i mean it is true that it's difficult to talk to each other and they must and it's also true that there is sort of conservatives and liberals or progressive on both sides of the atlantic but it's also very much true that the american church is essentially dominated by and large by a very conservative form of catholicism which is actually very oppose it even in its high so thirty's to this pope and to the progressivism that emanates from much of the german church to the extend that in this sort of debate americans american bishops and american people associated with the church had demanded the eggs communication of people and bishops and cardinals that were pushing the direction of religious affairs correspondent martin got thank you you're welcome. now to south africa where there's been a surge in violent crimes against women according to the u.n. the murder rate against women in south africa is 5 times the global average and the country's president has described these attacks as a crisis for the thousands of police men and women gathered in the capital for tory
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to demonstrate against gender based violence you see some holding up signs reading it hurts us as police officers to pick up bodies of women and children on a daily basis d.w. has been speaking with a woman who survived a gang rape that is now helping other women find their voice. we we all acknowledge his call to spock on the 20th of july 1918 i was gang raped at the spark and my friend killed city months before my 16th birthday this happened to me. i'm caroline peters i'm afraid i'm 54 years old i'm a fame unless i'm a gender ekta versed you know and i'm a human rights campaigner even when my dog is the place of days i would get up and go and run and i saw the benefit they planning for me at the same time i was city municipality upgrades of the spock and remember this is a book that i've never set foot there since when the time when i was that i. and i
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say to my daughter we're going to reclaim that space never again is not just going to be a negative thing for me it's going to be something positive we're going to both something big from the so that is out and that this was founded it was about her reclaiming the space bringing that positivity that are running gave me to other women in our community laughs. it's been so much happening over the last weeks that i'm physically emotionally mentally sick and trained because of what's happening in our country every 26 seconds as a woman that i put in south africa like even in countries where there's a war. we're right because used as a tool of war is a that many rapes we need do is so society could live to valley and raise our voices and say it's not ok elmos want to say is our government c.d.'s about
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changing our police are not same surprise out to dijon system is not up to standard so justice if you think nothing is working for women you know so we need immediate action and that i am glad that we are at this stage of a revolt there is a revolution and therefore our president had to respond to this. place event is not clearly set out a path forward for how are we going to engender based violence but not just about they've actually given a budget towards the work i want to hold government accountable i want to hold police didn't settle them oppose accountable for what he said in parliament so my opie's that all this ends i'm hopeful and i'm pretty full what makes me keep up daily is to see that my sister he sings to see that my daughters are safe to see that my granddaughter is safe and so i love another day just to make sure they're
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my sister's ok. south african activist a common places for him with the w.'s i didn't crash and sports and japan's gone crazy for rugby the country more often associated with sumo wrestling is hosting this year's rugby world cup the national team has booked its place in the quarterfinals for the 1st time now shops are struggling to keep up with the demand for merchandise. rugby mania has reached feed a peach in japan. the world cup hosts into the quarter finals of the competition for france dare to dream. i deserve 6 6 to be. the 4th to japan showed its strength i've been a rugby fan for 35 years and it's like a dream. support is so high the official team megastore is struggling to keep up with demand for much and voice. now the demand for all items has been really good
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especially the japanese jerseys the japanese stores are just selling like crazy and we're getting them wherever we can but unfortunately it looks like most of the japanese stores in japan are sold out and i daughter and husband won tickets for the quarter final and they wanted to go see the match winning japanese jerseys because against expectations it is a japan match so i am disappointed not to be able to buy a jersey. reaching the last full is now the goal standing in their way to chime win in south africa a tough test but one japan has passed before a famous picture over their opponents at the last world cup announced japan's arrival on the rugby union stage. if they can do it again on sunday rugby mania might just go into overdrive. this is d.w. news these are top stories the day before a new leaders meet in brussels to discuss a possible bracks
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a deal irish prime minister says he hopes the sticking points can be resolved today many issues remain u.k. bragg said minister stephen bach lee has told lawmakers that the british government would abide by a law requiring it to request a delay if no agreement is reached by saturday u.k. shadow to leave your unit by the 31st of october. present budget typo to. has rejected a u.s. court for an immediate cease fire in northern syria between turkey and the kurds meanwhile syrian and russian forces were able to stop to visit france have not taken the key syrian town of man bridge u.s. president donald trump has downplayed the crisis sparked by the u.s. military pull out a saying that it was fine for russia to help the basque is. pro-democracy lawmakers in hong kong have disrupted a major policy speech by the terrorist leader carried out by the television is leader left the legislature as opponents heckled her and insisted she meet the
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demands of hong kong's months long protest movement. d.w. news from but it from oh you can always go to our website that's the w dot com. up next made in germany i'll be back on the top of it out with all of the days of the world at large have a good. body .
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