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this is the news line from valinor senior u.s. delegation heads to turkey to try and secure a cease fire in northern syria turkish president project i've heard of one says he will meet with u.s. vice president mike pence and secretary of state. but he won't enter. a syrian troops. to help repair the turkish offensive on the program ireland's prime minister says he's hopeful the components of
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a deal can be overcome. those changes in brussels warned the time is running a. major speech by hong kong. cut short she shouted down by pro-democracy. i'm phil welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump is warning that u.s. sanctions against turkey will be devastating if a planned meeting between vice president mike pence and turkish president of the one is not successful so far president out of one has rejected calls for a cease fire in northern syria where his incursion against the former u.s. allies the syrian kurds is now also drawn in troops of syrian president bashar al assad. meanwhile reports indicate that syrian troops have entered the city where
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kurdish and u.s. troops 1st defeated the islamic state militants years ago. the turkish military has been carrying out its offensive for over a week its targets are kurdish militias in. a town on the syrian border. bombs are exploding in the city center the military has released images of soldiers . from the turkish border city of children but not even with a clear military disadvantage the kurdish militia has been able to keep the turkish offensive in check both the u.s. and e.u. countries have repeatedly called on turkish president. to halt the attacks. turkey's offensive has forced tens of thousands to flee the region. many have gone to iraq but everyone has rejected international mans for a ceasefire. he's holding fast to his plan to free up
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a protection zone in northern syria. then. we can end this operation once we are in control of a 35 kilometer deep area of land reaching for listen to iraq. no one can stop us before we have reached our goal. is that the looms u.s. president mike pence and secretary of state are set to meet with. to discuss a cease fire. let's go through this with. washington. so the turkish president has said that. declare a cease fire. so what. hoping to achieve. well that's exactly what they're hoping to achieve in fact is a cease fire both secretary of state my pompei i'm the vice president said that the
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reason why they'll be traveling later today to turkey is to achieve just stuff but of course president of the ana said you know essentially a cease fire isn't on the table now what's interesting is that president trump said that if president out of the one does not achieve our agreed to a cease fire. there will be sanctions on turkey and they'll be devastating so you know it's quite a kind of contradictory situation that we find ourselves in and also interesting lee president trump in the press conference that we've just heard essentially said that well if turkey and syria decide to go to war well you know their problem is what president trump said so you know a very contradictory situation yeah let's pick a problem if the president claims that using coersion into syria has nothing to do with. allies the. angels one wonders how damaging all these comments for
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america's reputation. was not just the reputation abroad it's the reputation just in here in the united states i mean the condemnation of those words from president trump has come from all sides democrats even republicans many of come out saying that this is an error and a mistake and they've been saying that their reputation internationally is going to be affected because it's essentially saying that the united states will just abandon longstanding allies which in this case were the kurds and president trump has reiterated this several times in the press conferences today but of course this is a message the president wanted to get across that this is what he is going to pursue with. washington thank you. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world catherine pro independence demonstrators gathered in barcelona for the 3rd consecutive night to protest against the long prison sentences given to 9 catherine independence leaders
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on monday thousands of separatists from across the region also been marching towards regional capital arrived in balls on friday. firefighters have been battling an explosion of huge fires as an oil storage facility in the san francisco bay area of people who have been want to stay inside those doors officials are trying to determine whether the explosion was triggered by a 4.5 magnitude earthquake and major. european union's new commission headed by germany former defense minister ursula found alive and will not start work on the 1st of november after the european parliament vetoed 3 of the nominated commissioners france remaining un hungary will not each have to propose a new congress. so e.u. officials are warning that significant issues remain in the way of efforts to secure an agreement on the u.k.'s departure from the bloc but islands prime
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minister lee of arabica says he hopes that any sticking points can be resolved today that would allow member states a chance to consider any deal before thursday's e.u. summit the last plash edgel the heads of government meeting before the u.k.'s planned departure from the 31st of october u.k. present minister stephen barclay has told lawmakers that the british government would have bothered by a law requiring it to request a delay if no agreement is reached by saturday steve let's. get straight to brussels for the latest from dublin correspondent barbara phase welcome barbara they are still talking all that. and no they stopped talking and. chief negotiator michel vanya has gone to brief or de vry fischer like the 27 e.u. ambassadors about what has been achieved so far and the latest we heard just before this meeting began is that on paper at least between the 2 negotiating
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teams the sticking points of more or less all had been resolved they had found this formula and another little solution and another little twist to make it all somehow work for the both sides and the e.u. seemed to be agreeable to say ok we have a deal but just a few minutes ago there they seem to come warning noises from london that they're not ready to conclude a deal tonight and things have to be pushed off now nothing i say is official all this is just this constant drip drip of leaks here in brussels so we have to wait to get some sort of real statement somebody stepping out of in front of the door and saying this or that is the case by that seems to be the drift hot cold in out off on can it get any more thrilling full let's hope so meanwhile you you got briefly alluded to what was going on in london there also may goes asians have been
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there between the u.k. government a northern ireland's democratic unionist party. yeah and that seems to be rather more difficult than the boris johnson would have hoped he had thought he could just buy off. and just sort of really is fro them huge amount of money talks about a 1000000000 or even more and say ok take this and just be happy and go away basically but they don't seem to be inclined to do so either they want to drive up the price or in sort of giving in more or less to all the all the european union's demands boris johnson has crossed some sort of ideological border that the do you say now this is the reddest of red lines and we can say yes to this we still don't know this but generally the mood music coming from london is that he is having a hard time selling this to people in his own party particularly the rebel army
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those that have left the party or have been thrown out during the last votes and end people he also needs on the on the hard side of the hard rock city years so it's not yet done n. the point is tomorrow at the summit the e.u. leaders want a firm commitment from boris johnson that he can get this through parliament the deal that is now on the table is secretly otherwise they just don't want to conclude this week because they say we've been there we've seen it we've done it was to reason may we want no repeat performance like we saw i'm going to. hold a press conference about an hour ago that had little to say about those breaks it talks how involved are today. they are not very involved at all they're other leaders they have sort of given amended aid to the chief negotiator in michel
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barnier and they trust him they have always reiterated we trust him he's a good new go should he sticks to the mandate he sticks to the rules he knows what he's doing he is a very experienced man brussels and and so they sort of wait and see what comes out of course boris johnson talked to him on with just yesterday he's been talking to last week that went really wrong we know because he then had somebody in downing street sort of turn out a really nasty distorting briefing of what was said and they're just waiting and see what will be on the table and whether they feel they can say yes to it in the end tomorrow night at the moment it looks less sliced likely than an hour ago. proposal. we will see you for the next thrilling instalment. to hong kong where pro-democracy lawmakers have disrupted a major policy speech by the charity's leader kerry la then left the legislature
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and delivered her speech by video after being shouted down by legislators are calling on her to meet the demands of hong kong's protest movement. a hostile reception for kerry land. const chief executive had come to deliver a speech but as fellow lawmakers heckled and he could make it started. i changed my bolo make has no please remain silent for you anyone who does not stay silent we will be asked to leave the chamber. under a jungle in 5 seating poco someday dunkel. pro-democracy lawmakers projected the slogan here the 5 demands not one less from the chambers walls these include universal suffrage and an independent inquiry into police violence during demonstrations. when kerry didn't address any of these demands she was
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shouted down forcing her to abandon her speech she needed to deliver her address 5 video length. no make a tanya chan is one of her mom's most vocal critics she later told t w that the chief executives time is up well absolutely absolutely i don't think she can still get her all call and and after all this models we can clearly see her incapability and so i think that very 1st step for all to go forward to go forward it's her it's for her to resign as soon as possible. as night fell yet more cause for anger jimmy sham a prominent protest organizer was left bleeding in the streets after at least 4 men reportedly attacked him with hammers. is supposed to say the assault was politically motivated they have vowed to carry on their protest.
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police in bulgaria have arrested 6 football fans following monday's euro 2020 qualification much in severe joining the match and when players were subject to racist abuse with incidents of monkey chants a nazi salutes police have so far identified 15 supposed to still to been involved the incident course ahead of the country's football association to announce his resignation european football's governing body you wife has got to issue a punishment as m t discrimination organizations called for both gary to be kicked out of the competition. and as a reminder of our top stories turkish president badger type heard about his parents and meets a senior u.s. delegation seeking a cease fire in northern syria but he says he will not bow to pressure from washington meanwhile syrian ships are reported to have entered cavani of the tongue way to upset kurdish troops 1st defeated islamic state 4 years ago. and an
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unconfirmed report quotes and a u.s. official saying that expects it to deal between the european union and britain is mostly ready and awaiting overall backing from the government in london other ford comes after and laugh in our negotiations ahead of thursday's intercept. africa business africa with monica jokes is up next hour for world news at the top of the i've heard. stories that people the world over d.w. on facebook and twitter to date and in touch. listen closely at least. listen carefully lint filter little do simply leave the to do go.
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