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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 17, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin and the deal is done britain and the european union say they have reached an agreement on the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. but any deal still needs to be backed by all the e.u.'s member states and the u.k. parliament so what are the prospects of success.
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i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us we start with that breaking news britain and the e.u. saying they have reached a deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union british prime minister boris johnson is hailing it as quote a great new deal you see he tweeted that out just a short while ago he is urging the u.k. parliament to approve this deal this week now the deal lays out terms on sticking points including border and customs issues between e.u. member ireland and northern ireland which is part of the u.k. but for shots and northern irish allies in parliament the d u p say they do not plan to back the deal. all right let's bring in our correspondent in london at the moment charlotta potts is standing by for us you know this is news that has just come across in the last 2030 minutes that an agreement has been reached what can you tell us what are some of the reactions that you're seeing over there. well white smoke coming from
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downing street boris johnson confirmed that actually a deal has been finally reached with the european union he was tweeting earlier we've got a great new deal that takes back control parliament should get brakes it done on saturday and this is the case on saturday super saturday here in the u.k. parliament will sit for the 1st time in 40 years and will have to approve this deal if there is indeed a chance of the u.k. leaving the european union on october 31st and really the impossible has been done that is the reaction here in the u.k. nobody really counted on boris johnson being able to open that withdrawal agreement again the european union had always said we're not going to go there we're not going to open that was drawled agreement again that had been negotiated under the form of prime minister and the 2 recent may and had been rejected by parliament 3 times now boris johnson has found a solution apparently was able to reopen it make some tweaks and
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a new deal has been reached so quite astonished reactions here in the u.k. at the moment also shot because it's really coming down to the last minute you know there is this huge summit with the european union today where they were supposed to have a deal in hand and up until this morning the german chancellor here in berlin was saying she didn't have a deal yet basters arriving there arriving in brussels rather also didn't have anything in their hands and there were some sticking points particularly with the northern irish allies the day p. and they have still said they cannot support the plan that's on the table so what exactly why exactly does boris johnson sound so confident with this deal. there's a very good question because indeed we've heard from the do you p.a. again from the northern irish allies after the news came out that the deal had been reached that they would not support it at this point which means they have votes
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are going to be missing in palm and it's 10 members of parliament of the do you peel that boris johnson desperately needs to get this deal through parliament and really for the do you piece of this is this comes down to the very fundamentals of who they are they want northern ireland to be as close to the united kingdom as possible they fear that over the long term this deal could make northern ireland be closer aligned to brussels and dublin then to london and this really is the sticking point for them and remains the sticking point now is this a negotiating tactic to it from the d u p will they in the end after all support a deal because that is of course better than a no deal scenario where we would see a hot border returning on the island of ireland between northern ireland and the republic of ireland we just don't know if they can support it in the end but at the
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moment things stand the statement just came out from them saying we're still not supporting this current deal show that we're going to jump in there because michelle bonnie a is just about to speak air that you chief negotiator let's listen in to what he's saying. i'm going to cause i'm getting. the one you got a god to buy talk a lot of i guess than you. thought. about against others and. to promote their. this particular text. but you can still. be the judge let's look at the you don't have a clue just to show the limits. of what we have found arrived at in agreement with the british government on an order that withdrawal of
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the united kingdom of from the european union and also on the framework for our future relationship. this is the result of intensive work so you are not part of the 2 negotiating teams and i'd like to type them in personally. obviously the british team and our own team. for that tenacity and professionalism. i don't like to point to the results from a european side on the basis of permanent dialogue and real confidence that's been built over the last 3 years with the 27 member states with the european parliament i can tell you as you know. we really have built our positions together on our side and this new agreement this agreement has been agreed between
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negotiators. with the president. this morning with prime minister johnson and he concluded this and he will present is that later on at the european council of the 27th i would also like to offer my personal science to him for his confidence over the last 3 years i'd like to sign a president you don't object to sky on the council site and that is who i wish to thank. this text should provide a legal certainty. in every area where bracks it like any separation creates uncertainty and in particular. and 1st and foremost for distance for european citizens in the united kingdom and british citizens living in one of our member states. the citizens have always
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been and will remain our priority that of member states and i can also tell you that will be the case for the european parliament physically. very uncertainty for those citizens has been going on for too long the science of their agreement their rights will at last be guaranteed on a sustainable basis. we also have certainty for a whole host of project leaders receiving funding from the e.u. budget in the 27 member states and in the united came damn that is because thanks to this agreement financial commitments already have taken between 28 will still be respected and all of between 28 people we also how certain chief all or all individuals and business is affected by all the other issues involved in a separation. of the press conference i gave 3 years ago with the
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social human legal economical of technical consequences of the. numerous so for all these various individuals and businesses concerned by all these other she is from now on a bit a bit more subtlety i'm thinking of your charm i'm thinking about the traction of existing intellectual property rights protection of geographical indications protection of personal data of grief counseling this proposal also covers the transition period directly to the movie which was requested by the british government watch which will last until the end of 2021 so 14 months from now you put it. to them that may last one all further subjects she joins us. a match between the united kingdom the european union. didn't and. the u.k. government as went to dalton one thought in the restoril agreement. the
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people. the question of the protocol in ireland and lawson ireland. throughout these negotiations the un the u.k. where are fully committed to protect beaches to protect the stability on the out on the violence. we add that to recall sila 2 objectives 1st include illegally operative solution in that would work remove that food avoid the odd border between iran and north an island preserve the all ireland economy and protect the integrity of the single market. secondly a point to extremely important to prime minister johnson and the u.k. was that north and i am on the remains in the u.k.
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is customs territory. discussions over the past days at a times been difficult. but we deliver on it and we deliver old. the solution that we found rests on for main elements number one. norseman island will remain and i and to a limited set of e.u. rules are not up really early to goods this means that all are applicable procedurals on goods and we take place at the bones of and 3 into northern ireland and not across the island. for this purpose the u.k. authorities will be in charge of applying the union's custom skoda in the us and i. number 2 beyond that i pick up board
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procedures there is also the questions of customs duties nelson island will remain in the cut the new case customs territory between therefore benefit from the u.k.'s future of trade policy but not an island would also remain an entry point into our singular market so what have we done to square this circle or. you care at the routines can apply and who get to race and products coming from 3rd country so long as those goods that i'm touring also 9 and not at risk thought i'm touring our single market however for goods to risk of entering this your market you care of there it is would apply the use of dollar. number 3 this
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9th and this morning we're still. we're working on the issue of v a t it is an important subject to avoid distortion of competition within the single market for good and this point or so will we have managed to achieve 2 objectives of 19 the integrity of the single market but or so satisfy the ukase digit to meet wishes. and finally one of the 4 primes to johnson and the 2 shock one key to ensure long term democratic support for the application by u.k. authorities of relevant union rules in northern ireland. for us after the entry into force of the political the elected representatives of norse and island
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will be able to decide by simple majority where is there to continue at writing what haven't union rules the norse in ireland all not these democratic souple these are caught on a stool of oil or a newly agreed approach why because these newly agreed protocol or. these no longer to be replaced by a subsequent agreement between the e.u. and the u.k. so it makes sense to ensure consent. it isn't around obviously when discussing in northern ireland we talk about the economy. about the technical matters about goods but let me say very frankly that for me since day one since 3 years what really matters are the
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people. the people of nelson and had out what really matters the speeches. but i miss you. ladies and gentleman and lastly the supply the sure you do not go beyond the separation and the withdrawal agreement we've also arrived in an eternal cream in which your bottom line is equally important and my eyes had to revise the with the old actual ration from their weight children should be adopted by the european council and upon that this will be a. quite precise framework for the automatic negotiations which one now opened with to build your particular rebuilt or because you have future ambitious partnership with the united kingdom and dr mary a friend partner ally or country grandmother born on this point r.h.
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johnson's government has made it clear choices hold us if you can with respect to the future of economic relationship and that is the choice of a free trade agreement in place are also going to fix any reference to other options created checkley the option of more if it was crazy a single customs territory illegally between us has been discarded so you can show all what does not change on the other hand engine capacities your gov is if i can put it this way our geographical proximity which is for the long term the pedals of rick we couldn't and this does not change our engine dependence with the u.k. economy which is very strong. to have while they get away have agreed to leave braintree mourner solid guarantees on the floor of a level playing field to facilitate ambitions free trade agreement actually without terrorists and quotas. to more than on this point i would like to testify before
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and visit having discussed this often when i have all visited various parts of the european union to the fact that all member states the european parliament national parliaments and obviously businesses are all open and the members of the business community. see him i've met are still how to promote page a great deal of attention and will continue to do so in terms of having. a common pair of sandals that will apply at the end of transition for social rights environmental protection and state n.h.l. beef and taxation lattice. is the level of ambition of our future free trade agreement will be very much proportionate to the level and quality of the economic ground rules that will operate between us the european union and the united kingdom. could rival conclude that they are usually present on she recently in our total pound the agreement that we write out over these very intensive days
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and even nights of negotiations the tax of the agreement is now available so i hope you enjoy beating it on the basis of value and honesty is that well set out later on with president of the european council. which we have arrived at which is that together we have come up with a fair and reasonable result which corresponds to our principles and on the european side it is now for the european council to assess the content of that agreement and if it wishes to approve the agreement and that also applies to the european parliament i'd like to thank the european parliament for its confidence and it is the parliament will have the last word we'll be following through that process and as of today we don't have many days left on the basis of dialogue and respect for our institutions by way of conclusion i'd like to say the plan that was the subject of my work and ambition over the last of 3 and my vision
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of the last 3 years we want finally have fair and reasonable basis. for all that withdrawal of the united. states much better than i just. ordered withdrawal and if i can put it this way. you lose with the above all 3 of the vote we hope that as of the 1st of november as soon as possible we can start working on a new partnership with the united kingdom and i'd like to thank you for your attention coonass you thank you very much mr ghani we have. time for about 4 questions and even as has been said all the information is available online. yet mr bernard parish with our times is it possible for a deal agreed at this late stage to be a russia followed by european leaders this is this summer or will there a quorum of a summit to do to look at the legal text and finally formalize it. thank
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. you for the question but i think we need to be careful about the terms that we use there will be no ratification of will in the council but we have done everything we can including the past days and nights to ensure that the council today will be able to give a favorable opinion on the recommendation that we together with president young will give them about the state of negotiations and the draft agreement it's a draft. as i said at the end of my presentation on ask height for when we need the council to formally approved the agreement after the if you e.p. has ratified it that is a process which will be followed. and. yes as i said in my
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presentation if it should be no surprises here very much of the final taxed can also be found in the agreement. that was a classic or not put forward almost a year ago. on the priority we gave to citizens rights set in financial matters amongst others but there are some new elements of truth including law on island northern island which i imagine interesting names and not in a political declaration as well but. yes to your question. if you can for you see i did 2 or more of what i did to ensure that member states would be well informed we've had several cover pat meetings 27 of the ambassadors for years and yesterday i met them again and in previous days i also met the rights
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group in parliament i have all said something very important over the past 3 years with the support of president young we have been working in full transparency. knowledge and in constant dialogue so we have been building this together it has been built together with the u.k. all of this agreement and that is why i am confident that it can be supported and ratified in the time between now and the rest of the that's going to sky news next . but mr body a we have been down this road before 3 previous agreements style in the house of commons i want to have you had an assurance from the prime minister that he has the votes to get this one trait. for me. we
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should work really this is true that we have some experience in this matter. people for food and. in that and some of them open why. you know we use the metaphor of mountaineering. to not push by the more sure doesn't mean that where we do there's no emotion here but we have to be cautious as well i have done my work our team has done their work and present you because of that on his part and afterwards them all the accounts in parliament to do that and also comes to the house of commons will have to take that decision in a word. to assess their responsibility and what i was a member of my own national parliament all parts of responsibility and i know what that responsibility means. if i'm going to the decision on taken
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by referendum supported by the various governments that are within we've been the case is going. to. go for it means that we have a fair and reasonable agreement to use bar strums and iron rods and we have reached that agreement to get that before in full respect it hasn't always been easy negotiations have been complex what do you want me to say i'm the chief negotiator i never would want it even if. some might say to you to do the. give any judgment on british political debate i fully respect those procedures and the debate which has been a very lively and interesting one. but i i never could be intended for us to suggest that not all let's have my quest was next on my list.
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follow up on the question before but did you get apparently played a role in the negotiations with the british government as a majority fall for. the proposal did you get any indication or even sure insists that there will be a majority and the 2nd question of our may can you explain how who exactly is going to control the customs duties and is a if it is the u.k. side is it possible for you to leave it with the u.k. to do such an important task thanks. pretty high. little man i can well imagine that the prime minister he was also a politician last meal or the president girlies that when he said to you president you could have this morning i was part of this phone call. when we had previously
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equipment that was reached this night golf at the hands of the faith in his ability to convince the majority of the needs in the house of commons that's all i can say . about he said that based on this is to get a green mint and the next. at care from the 1st day we've been aware of that this is a unique situation we have always said this is your clearly to you work and this unique situation must be dealt with. using exemption no solutions are reviewed and so we could all of the questions which are
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technical teams that ask for can deal with than what they will be available in the interview in the days to come to answer questions or to explain the exceptional procedures which have been established to come up with a solution for an exceptional situation i think there's a to do obviously return in the north that if you mauritius shale forat least in northern ireland i have been working on this together with us and will continue to do so for example in customs thank you priest examiner can spare. trebuchet b.b.c. news as you say we have all been here before you have experience of this if this deal doesn't pass through parliament is that as far as the e.u. is prepared to go is this finally the final deal.
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look for. good for the deconstruction tripples why you're asking me to answer questions that arise you kind of course ask the question if you put a question you're asking is a hypothesis for bargains that mr johnson is not looking for and we don't desire it either because we're working on an agreement which is likely to meet approval ratification on both sides. not only due to the we've had a line that we set from the outset. and an attitude let me remind you of for those who come to this smart way through this very long period 3 is always ovoid age ringback and you see the green machine working all talking on the basis of emotional passion. even though i and he knows that sometimes that's not being missing emotion or more passion i worked on the facts on
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a legal basis on reality. of actually come up with a jag if they had illegally solide operational responses to the countless problems thrown out by blacks and project across the board of all practically anyone specifically an islander northern ireland. court for the iraq war once again there is a margin for your admission run all further detail i'm driving all the hollywood to be a joint committee will have a certain mandate and work there logs of instruments which will allow us to carry out this work and to implement it but i think a today's agreement is a balance it's the best possible one after all the fairest adjustments that we've made about all that and major. changes particularly for ireland to northern ireland we for our part have from
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a exact age that we remove from the banks up we replace it with a new approach. if you pick a corner now i said this is a corner is fairly good and this justifies the consent procedure as by the way it will be for the solution that we found for out of northern ireland should be sustainable it has to be with democratic support and i think it's legitimate that democratic support be very fine regularly that's one of the conditions out there have been changes but we have maintained on the line in the interests of the years to came to and wishing to leave the european union the single market and the customs union and that as a european which was to remain as it is a strong single market which is much more than a free trade area before this is up and to also to find its interests and i think we've come up with a good general make a compromise if i can describe it between the united kingdom and ourselves if i can say own thing.


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