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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 18, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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i've read. this is d.w. news live from philly and washington hails a breakthrough over the turkish offensive in northern syria turkey and the u.s. say they've agreed a ceasefire and yet another unexpected turn the u.n. says turkey will suspend military operations against kurdish forces for 5 days and then return the u.s. will lift economic sanctions against turkey also coming out. negotiators in brussels reach a new brakes agreement with the u.k. a huge leaders have given their blessing about the deal still needs to get through
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the british parliament prime minister boris johnson's allies in northern ireland saying they will not support it. and our great thanks for joining me the united states and turkey have agreed to what the u.s. calls a ceasefire in northern syria to the agreement and korea is to polls it's a fancy full 5 days in exchange for a trip by kurdish why p.j. militia tookey launched its assault on the kurds last week after donald trump announced the withdrawal of u.s. troops from northern syria the u.s. had threatened and kerr with economic sanctions if it didn't help the incursion by his president of the united states mike pence after talks in ankara with turkey's leader the us vice president confirmed what up until that moment had been
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a rematch today the united states and turkey have agreed to a cease fire in syria. turkish side will pause. operation peace spring. in order to allow for the withdrawal of wife p.g. forces from the safe zone. for $120.00. the americans claims the 5 day cease fire has a diplomatic victory. but it's not clear if the kurdish wipe the militia will fully abide by the agreement throughout the day there was heavy fighting in the syrian town of ras outlying local humanitarian groups say civilians were also pinned in a monk fighting the a nights meant it was completely unexpected that his present dredge up to it added one had previously said he wouldn't agree to a cease fire he's denied removes that mike pence threatened with new sanctions
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should he fail to support the plan shortly after the vice president tonights the ceasefire the turkish foreign minister gave the press his government's view of the day's events. it's not the end of the operation it's not a ceasefire you can only have a cease fire between 2 legitimate governments were suspending our operations so the terrorists the targets of our operation can leave the security zone. the turkish government also expects the white to give up all its weapons and will continue its dialogue with russia. assad's military backers have moved their forces into position in northern syria in conjunction with syrian troops. damascus and moscow so far have shown little willingness to accept turkey's security zone. as night fell the fighting in mass and i had almost totally stopped with only a few shots to be had the way to see how this ceasefire will must. give
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more on this now from the united states t w correspondent all of a salad joins us from washington hi all of these cease fire came about after these intense bipartisan criticism against donald trump over his decision to take the u.s. troops out of northern syria which critics say green late to accusing coersion against the kurds how important was it to the white house that this deal ended up happening . right jared so that was very tied that could have almost been a major embarrassment for the american foreign policy aspirations so it was really short before that let's not forget that the united states withdraw all. troops from all from syria made that turkish invasive invasion possible in the 1st place and that invasion killed civilians drove one of america's former allies the kurds of course into the hands of syrian dictator bashar al assad and also hundreds of
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dangerous isis fighters were freed us apart. this invasion here that we're witnessing and all of this is of course not in the american interest and also turned into a domestic problem for the president on wednesday a very rare bipartisan resolution both parties in congress the democrats and the republicans calling damned president trump's decision to pull out of waltham syria so you could really see there was a lot of pressure mounting on the president's back here and that was a problem that he had to fix very quickly all of adonal trump has been selling this as a big victory let's hear some of what he had to say. i didn't know it was going to work out quickly i didn't know it would work out this well it's a great day for the united states it's a great day for turkey it's a great day for our partners who have really worked i mean a lot of people question some of them i'm not questioning anybody they really did
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the kurds were great great day for the kurds it's really a great day for civilization a great day for civilization all of it how have republicans and democrats in congress been reacting today feel quite the same why a strong what we were getting mixed reactions here one of the leading republican figures pushing for sanctions south carolina senator lindsey graham. said he's happy along as the fighting stops of course the democrats continue to push for sanctions they believe that the currents were. that they had to give up their autonomy here and also let's not forget that the united states are also giving up their leverage and burning essentially burning down one of their last remaining bridges into that important part of the middle east all of the others have been saying that the cease fire validates the offensive that i'm chris did and
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solidifies its position there is this a major win for turkey as well as a maximum when in fact if you consider that turkey got everything they wanted they got their 20 mile safe zone it's a defacto occupied area at this point and the kurds were not even part of the negotiations and now the biggest concern here of course is that this all could lead eventually to a revival of the islamic state all right all of a salad in washington thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world today and u.s. energy secretary rick perry is to step down at the end of the year in ounce mint comes one day before a deadline from congressional democrats that he turned over documents for their impingement inquiry into donald trump perry have had a role in the president's alleged abuse of power critics accusing him of running an unofficial foreign policy in ukraine. has enjoyed
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a 4th day of tense protests with police dividing crew spanish fascist groups and anti fascist to support catalonia his independence in the regional polman separatist leader kim toric criticized the violence but cold for a new independent voters a breakaway beat in 2017 lead to the arrest of separatist leaders who were handed lengthy prison terms this week. here in germany the trial of a former nazi concentration camp god has begun the 93 year old is accused of aiding and abetting the murder of more than $5000.00 jews that stood cough can me get done skinwalkers now poland the trial is likely to be one of the last legal proceedings of its kind. britain and the e.u. have reached a new deal on the u.k.'s withdrawal from the european union e u leaders have unanimously backs the agreement european council president donald
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tusk saying it would avoid chaos and conflict the agreement still needs to be approved by the british parliament where prime minister barak's johnson has a minority government in spite of that uncertainty there's been real a fin brussels at the end of marathon negotiations. were. i i have to include the boss here. the fever of the past few days has subsided there's a deal it's a reasonable outcome for us in the u.k. it means that we can deliver a real bricks it that achieves our objectives and it means that the u.k. leaves whole and entire the fine print of this deal was hammered out by hughes chief bracks in negotiating the showdown you know hard border on the irish soil a main sticking point that seems now to be unstuck when you said they'd found a workable solution for northern ireland a part of the u.k.
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. notion island will remain alive and too limited set of new rules should not properly related to groups this means that all applicable procedurals own good should we take place at the point of entry into an island and not across the i e.u. commission president put it this way the deal is still devolved us to these above people have a good time some of these constituencies spoke of stood right outside the summit meetings british remainders they are still hoping to get an extension and thus more time to call a 2nd referendum. know intimately what i want is for the british people to have the final say on any deal or no deal the deal also faces political resistance back in the u.k. the northern ireland do you people party has already declared they would not
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approve it that's a problem for the braggs a deal while german chancellor angela merkel says she's optimistic it's hard to forget the fate of the last deal which the u.k. parliament ultimately buried french president emmanuel back home sees no proof just yet that the end of negotiations is in sight this is fixed from cuba no to 2nd time you know our satisfaction goes hand in hand with prudence of course history shows that parliaments have difficulty in coming to agree on a number of you not in the us what would i call. johnson has cleared an important hurdle but the path to the finish line is still not a straight shot. well after the break the deal was announced and w.'s max hoffman spoke to a prominent belgian member of the european parliament about the next step in the british parliament on saturday so i am with philip blumberg who's a member of the briggs it steering group of the european parliament philip what's
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your message to the house of commons in the u.k. that still will have to approve this deal it's in your hands so you're facing a deal but presented by a prime minister that you merely a did you that ridiculed you that tried to sideline you your decision whether you want to. to do him a service or you want to take charge of the next steps and i do believe that the parliament is now a chance to do basically dubbed a deal conditionally saying well ok we could adopt it crowfoot provided that the referendum and also if it's so if a majority of the british people support it then fine by us but if not then we stay in the european union this is the last chance to do this and i would count on the opposition to now stand united because you know what the opposition has a majority and the government is in the minority it doesn't say on the your solution is an easy solution it doesn't sound like the birds it. will be over soon if we adopt your solution no but should we just listen to the brics fatigue or
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should we look at this as a defining choice for the future of the you and for the future of the u.k. you don't make these choices lightly so indeed i do believe that i do not support those who say they should be unilateral cation of directed by the british parliament because that doesn't feel right as a democrat i believe that if the people if we now asked to give an opinion they gave an opinion $5248.00 so breaks it i would go back to the people do so kate now we negotiated a deal here it is you want it you take it it's desperate sources or sort of 2nd referendum it is a 2nd referendum and he's not the same question because now. own a deal is concrete now it can be terry's i mean steal it can be very strong some steel but one of those used must be put to the people and the people must then confirmed it shows which is perfectly fine this is not my preferred option but as a democrat i would accept it and if they change their minds that's perfectly fine this was disease my preferred version and oppose version of all my my friends in
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the united kingdom but you as a member of the briggs a certain group of the european parliament if the house of commons says yes to this deal then it will land on your table next week is that your is there majority for this deal in the european parliament yes i think so. be very careful to involves department through the brics a certain group at every step of the negotiation and i can tell you the last few days i've been in personal touch with him every day so it's not that we are discovering this saying we have been told all along and yes it's been changes to the irish protocol but he soon grew professor and 5 political groups together between them enjoy a wide majority in the european fundamental if the british parliament decides to say yes which is illegitimate then we will say yes to if they decide to go another way and go for the 2nd try friend them i think that the $27.00 heads of states and government would be remiss not to grant. the extension that would be needed to
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carry out that referendum so a question and i just need a yes or no i know that's hard but will there be a brags that on the 31st of october yes or no i don't believe so thank you very much for the gunboats. up next tuesday news africa and the people in mali displaced by ethnic violence now forced to live in squalor but that's with my colleague christine one watt in just a few minutes time i'm sorry a bike. sitting rooms are a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population last my instructors occupied the city center in 2017 president of the church's response was funneled. by a different. name look over. there.


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