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so a question i just need a yes or no i know that's hard but will there be a bragg's it on the 31st of october yes or no i don't believe so thank you very much for the gunboats up next tuesday. and the people in mali displaced by ethnic violence now forced to live in squalor but that's with my colleague christine one watt in just a few minutes time i'm tired of my. rooms are a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslims and the christian population laughs when my instructors occupied the city center in 2017 president to church's response was funneled. to every. game book called game of the. reconquest turned into tragedy this is
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not the kind of freedom that we want. how did we become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. phyllis in the science of ah yes starts october 24th on d w. this is d w news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes displaced and distressed we have an exclusive report from waypoint to me that's men who played ethnic violence now this on the landfill. award winning environmentalist who's fighting against illegal logging in uganda as silk a florist despite threats to he's not. one
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to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along. mali has been battling a 7 year long insurgency which has seen jihad is take control of large parts of the country now that's one aspect of the fighting another is interethnic violence and that has seen thousands of people feel their homes some have been displaced within mali and as you're about to see they're being forced to live in complete squalor. it's only a stone's throw from here to downtown but only a short ride from the bustle of the city to this camp but it may as well be on a different planet many in the city say they are unaware of this camp for displaced full and hurts men built on a waste dump this is definitely not the home or anybody would want to leave for anybody should live yet it has become the home of more than 1000 people who fled
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from interethnic violence in central mali and yes this is their home on a landfill full of waste and their homes also made of waste the smoke that you see around me is because of the waste is being burnt around them. the smell is overpowering people burn waits to clear a little space creating thick smoke there drifts through this site. we will file a complaint against the government this can't work like this it's not ok to leave trash here if you have trash you how are you supposed to keep healthy this is not easy or. to deter some to demolition man the camp receives occasional donations of food and water every day the children playing in the trash the threat of disease is constant. this woman is 63 like everyone here she fled from
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a region in central mali when the violence broke out. but i do and i'm living with her mother and her newborn they are sick i used to have a good life there we lost everything and came here. she says her village was burned by dog and people farmers who fight the flooding over land and access to food. i want to find out from the government if there is plan in place to help these people but they insist they don't even know that the camp exists. i haven't seen anyone living in a waste dump them telling you honestly if i said i had seen and then i would be telling a lie i saw people in tents yes well arranged nice tents and a temporary shelter. the mullion government is busy trying to distinguish different fires at once expanding islamist militancy and ethnic violence.
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the whole challenge needs a global response not just a mali in one. if they cannot come up with a plan together then the whole challenge stays as it is. people in just one of many makeshift camps across mali living in a dire situation one the 1000000 government says it can't even begin to address on as there is peace. our next story takes us to uganda where an environmental hero leslie is risking his life to save a tropical forest 4 years ago he created an organization to help protect zork a forest in a giuliani northwest uganda he is determined to continue his fight for it not to disappear. to my knees unless visitation and the strict.
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this research ecosystem belongs to the congo based in tropical rain forests the 2nd lung on the earth just after the amazon fits and then just. if we give it a decade for mo i don't think there wouldn't be a cost to sustain and then life in niger money because as i speak now with the way the image one is viewed on the commission dented we call records of a stream is drying up even in the rainy season and you don't get the streams but it's not just climate change illegal logging and a high demand for chalk hold responsible for most of the destruction of the forest is that we know you know for. a month 0 created the organisation friends of zocor in 2015 to document and report with traffickers to the authorities in 4 years he says little action has taken place. by the time we are coming to realize
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these kind of abuses of 60 percent of the forest was called a north wind event of us giving our life to protect the people involved in you could make the military did police and a powerful business but when i became sunday they still be all kept on doing daily guided and carving timber trafficking has taken its toll on his life but she saves a forest the environmental activist is ready to risk it all. one of the most prominent telling this i face in my walk is the. physical. face to to attempt it in my bouts because she's being investigated by police my house has been broken into for 4 times on the record by your story and it's more room here in kampala that i've been broken into twice i had to shift to another
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place speckles also broken into it. all the sacrifices are worth it when it comes to save the trees let's make a plan and. but i jus money is just a small part of the bigger picture when it comes to the conservation of africa's forests zeek it was like a forest is a tiny fragment of the huge tract of rain forest that stretches from uganda in the east all the way to cameroon in the west now the bonn on the atlanta coast is still home to largely untouched forests which the country is determined to preserve. i am now joined by the whiting is good bonds minister off forest ocean environment and climate change welcome to date of the africa professor so you have just come into office you came in in june really because of the misdeeds off your predecessor what exactly had happened that there was a bit of a scandal with corruption in the forestry sector 10000 cubic meters
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of illegal which showed up in court. when the president was obliged to remove the vice president the previous minister forestry complicity so one of my jobs is to clean up the 1st receptor and while some of the main challenges that you off a sink in ensuring that you can protect this environment my 1st job is is to make sure that all of the forestry and give all is sustainable well the you know who is president president so he took the decision to make certification obligatory for all forestry companies at the seaside because from 2 bunchy 22 onwards so we're putting in place a series of measures that will make forestry transparent and will guarantee that forestry is not only good economy but it's good for wildlife and biodiversity it's
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good for the climate and it's good for the people that live in the forests. and that's actually not i don't think that difficult a job and in fact the other parts of my my job minister climate change minister the ocean so are in the long term of the medium much more challenging to deal with climate change obviously get on cannot actually so we have to figure out it's all at the international community to deal with the plastics it's the same thing it's a big international issue a little cabinet he has a certain voice it is in talks about industry and having to engage on that. friend but i wonder if it is difficult to convince people who depend on the forests to survive to get on board with you gov as a. slightly different country we are the size of the u.k. but we only have a population of 1800000 people and 87 percent of our people live in
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cities so the rural areas are actually quite empty there are not that many people out in these rural areas. the way the lorry structured here a certain percentage of the route but when used from forestry. go into local communities and so as long as we apply those laws properly and one of the reasons i know the minister is that they happen in the past and apply perfectly zones repliers those properly to make them and we make sure that no communities are getting real benefit. it's from forestry we don't have much of a conflict going into bond between the forest living people bull and this this this for our street industry right minnesota bring in a deal here that's been called historic that's a deal with norway and as i understand it millions off the dial is from no way will
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go to get biden to fund efforts to protect the brain far as tell us more about that during the climate conference the u.n. climate conference in new york 10 days ago we signed an agreement by senator breaux the minister of environment. from norway and norway has committed to purchasing up to $150000000.00 worth of carbon credits of reduction in incentive to emissions. gap on the 1st time that a deal of this sort has been done in africa so it's very encouraged to. not just forget them but for other african countries and and it's the 1st time in 1012 years that the price of forests and has changed that and which your government committed to purchasing our coven credits for 10 dollars a tonne were you convinced that forest gump and that comes with all sorts of other
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benefits the biodiversity benefits the ecosystem service benefits and the benefit suits the forest make up a much more likable but richard miss traditionally forest carbon is undervalued by the international market the reason we signed an agreement with norway is because they recognise our efforts to reduce emissions from the forestry sector and the fact is that we've been most forested going to show the planet that 88 percent forest cover you know deforestation rate is 0.012 and one can lower the forest to fish and write something new on the planet certain has been going on has taken action over the last 15 to 20 years to put in place well it says that allows us to develop country whilst saving the rain forests that's to me why it's incumbent on minister off the forest ocean environment and practical thank you for your time say . and that is that when alphonso is africa as always you can catch all stories on
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our website and facebook page will leave you now with. great trees at the nations of the congo basin next time i ever. do w.'s talk show choosing clear positions for due to national perspective what how can we never again that's a question many here in germany are posing following last week's young kapoor attack on a synagogue in holland how deadly is germany's far right to find out on to the point. 000000000 sounds like 60 minutes on the.
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literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see some as the kids. growing up. might object. to the books on you tube. the from. britain and the european union say they have another bragg's of deal but an orderly divorce is all but certain fish farmers for example are gone with concern a messy breaks it could mean trouble for the u.k.'s top food export some also coming off the company at the heart of the part of a paper tax evasion so.


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