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i'm not laughing at them well i guess sometimes i am but i'm still laughing when saddam. digs deep into the german culture looking at the stereotype quirks and idiosyncrasies of the country that i now i am. here needed to rethink his grandma there you go it's cold out there. i'm rachel join me to meet the germans on the w. . post. this is d w news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes radio's reach i'll be talking to be journalists who've made it very mission to empower what refugee communities with reliable information. and different mediums similar message we'll take a look at a project in ghana that's trying to give women girls and youth self-confidence to improve their wellbeing.
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hello i'm christine want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along you're watching me now so you know what a difference a broad cost can make and it's not just television radio can be a powerful tool for citizen journalists now there are about a 1000000 refugees between south sudan and uganda and it's mostly people from south sudan who fled to uganda because of fighting often they a rival triggers conflicts inside the host country now displaced people and members off the hook society often have no access to reliable information and that's a breeding ground for room as and false reports today we want to tell you about an initiative seeking to provide these communities with relevant radio it's called cross border network.
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the. the. the. now data view has just organized a conference looking into the role that media can play it brought together. media professionals and humanitarian experts to discuss access to information in forced migration situations. i'm now joined by jane would cross border networks
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project coordinator in uganda and josephine fortell and she called me it's a project for south sudan and they're at that conference at welcome to you ladies jane i'll start with you just looking at some of the headlines on c.b.s. website for example you've got canned music and don stop any marriage in refugee settlements you also have suicide cases many among south sudanese asylum seekers in uganda which you say that refugees settlements all communities with issues unique to them that local media just doesn't cover. thank you very much absolutely refugee camps also human speech of a way you call them have challenges that are unique and unique to a specific segment comps. and sometimes this jet engines are just not tied lighted by mainstream media. for various reasons one of them being the issue
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of access to the camps or the settlement the settlements is not as easy don't just walk into a refugee camp to gather some of the information but. that then becomes a limitation in terms of what some media houses that are creates that able to broadcast yes all right jessica let me bring you. in here so you're using this platform see the end so ridge's tensions between the more than a 1000000 south sudanese refugees in uganda and their host communities how is that working. thank you so much. this is really working because cross-pollinate truck member registrations and cross more than a truck. veritas working towards you know creating a platform for for a few years and house communities we we do offer them an opportunity to have a dialogue between their a few years and
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a host community from the rest talk and share their challenge used and get solution that's normally what we do right. we also you know we didn't and then a truck member registrations each member credit locator time for 4 for discussion or for use issues. there and then the content is wildly you know shared with all our audience and that's how we we are we right now in doing it ok just a bit and perhaps tell us more about i know you're both going to weigh in here but starting with you josephine how does cross border network to raise its contents. possible the new talk is a network of member member registrations our contents normally comes from the stations. but how we do it as cross about a new talk we always give capacity building through to our member decisions journalists for them to come up with accounting that we need that should you know.
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the interest of cross more than a truck so what we do is like we give capacity building we have a literal guidelines we also you know have one in order put in standard to get on with it we don't need 12 editors we we always come up with the content that we want and the contents that we're looking after is a kind of contents that you know create space for peaceful coexistence peace conference that gives you know the. refugees and the host communities a space just of you know creating a. society right so that's how we normally do it yes right n.j. there is an element of citizen journalism to this right as as as just in a sort of alluding to. yes there is an element of us citizen
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journalists and that is how we are able to get some content that is not easy to find especially for other media outlets because we have citizen journalists who say that who some of whom leave within the camp so the sentiments and these ones that this citizen genet is that it will to pick up on issues that within the camps are the segments and they share with us. with on investigations and then their content goes through editorial and then that helps us to have content that can contribute to yep useful coexistence and also give some hope to stay with e.j. and i just want it i mean what i what are you all proudest achievements with across the board in it but i think i'm proudest achievement is that we have been able to create content to that has one way or the other contributed to peaceful coexistence
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among us there if it is and then that host communities. throughout our content we've also seen that some states have been taken by local government oh you know to that to the fact that even some you know things have been decided which have been helpful to to promote peace peace and peaceful coexistence we have examples of that as a result of content that we broadcast on our different radio stations member. member member districts you know different other districts where if you just ask. we have been able to emulate what excellent best practices were in sitting in other districts that you know helps to scale down on. conflicts but established more you know comfortable and yeah better working. settlement better peaceful coexistence just an absolute end off with you i mean the deeds of the academy has
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organized this conference and looking at dialogue in forced migration what will be what will you be taking home from this conference. what we will be taking home from this conference. this is not. people have to make an informed decision. dear if your use of the comes and the i.d.p.'s in south sudan they're free to do besides own to own their destination whether to come out of the com send or if i do preach and go home you know help in rebuilding the nation and the other thing we also took from here is that. if you use an migration is on the agenda today that all of us has to work together to rack you know that peaceful society for people so that they go home just as you mentioned thank you so much. and it's not
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just radio like a project from jane in josephine that's making a difference in bonn a group of young people are using theatre to engage local team ages the p.s.l. for social change project says its vision is to have resilient informed and empowered communities especially women girls and youth with self-confidence to improve their wellbeing. young actors in gym style as sub people for crime are a hazard for an upcoming stage performance be a patsy off a group called theatre for social change the group uses in trucks of performances us an innovative 2 to promote be able react change they're not just activists but friends who grew up in this community 28 year old just finished says that they feel atta saved here from teenage pregnancy as social vises i could see my age group
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getting pregnant dating food and people like you think there's guys too old for me but that was the norm those that were down to the include i followed this thing lying because we came here we had to means in a restaurant it's it it's needed it's different people in the community the group was formed in 2003 and a strange 100 young people so far taken many of them off the streets the act to entertain but also to address society our problems in the communities. we believe that seattle is a powerful tool that's can actually engage young people and the whole community discuss issues that are fairly at life and also putting these issues into a dramatic form helps me to actually realize how important issues and what he
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can do about it and find their own solutions to be a problem. to be just feel and have phrased up a form in this church in our crowd following jerry has out the previous the. audiences are comprised mainly of schoolchildren and the stage performance is focused on the topic of ministration and. when the phrase experience 8 reaction from the audience member particularly the younger ones shows how much of the are from aids and enjoyed that certain follows a lengthy amish a shamefaced mustard so you appearing less destructive fluent they want to do it. and i said do you mean see should have time for big aliens main streets is as if that explained everything see you. want to become professionals.
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in the country with messages. and that's it for now from africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page will leave you with another look at the work of cross border. time i found out of. touch. coach a very. good link from africa. or links to exception stories and discussion from our use of easy it's our website deducted it comes from russia to come join us on facebook. for cause. i am sure if you asked justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem
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and the 3 central phonemes that formed the foundation of this country how have these values developed to destroy germany and come hard is it to live by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom no one ever need to be a model. or german the truth serums starts october 21st on d w. move. hello on a very warm welcome to news from the world of arts and culture coming up in the next quarter of an hour. germany and its former colonies are cooperating on the return of looted up from colonial times. talk of climate change is on all our lives and the frankfurt book fair climate fiction is booming.
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and we'll be strutting down the paris cap walks to see all the latest oarsmen winter fashion trends. in recent years there's been lots of talk about former colonial powers returning cultural jams mostly taken from africa that were looted in the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century in germany's case we're talking about thousands of objects currently in german museums that were mostly taken from namibia which was a german colony until 915 the namibians want what they rightly considered as return and this week germany has created the central office to deal with the restitution of such cultural abbots assets not only for the maybe but it is then that the wounds of the colonial rule of the deepest.


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