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the only reason to check it out. this is determining news live from berlin british prime minister boris johnson suffers a major setback after the u.k. will make his vote to postpone a vote on the exit deal with mean to you it withholds and pays approval until legislation to implement the deal has passed bob johnson remains defiant and valves to push ahead with plans to leave the e.u. by october 31st. and hundreds of thousands marched in the streets of london to defy breaks it they're demanding a 2nd referendum. but spain's acting prime minister pedro sanchez rejects calls for
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talks with catalan separatists his comments come as barcelona cleans up after nearly a week of protests against the jailing of several separate this leave it. i'm rebecca rich's welcome to the program british lawmakers have voted to postpone a vote on the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the european union in a dramatic saturday sitting of parliament prime minister barak's johnson failed to secure enough backing to hold a vote on the brakes a deal he negotiated in brussels just 2 days ago to make his a grade 53222306 votes to withhold their approval a defiant johnson says he will still try to meet his deadline. at the end of this month.
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the prime minister was. and to discuss today's historic vote i'm joined in the studio by the analyst rob monch hi there and also in london by our correspondent sean apart and we have to be correspondent in bristol zz charlotte i'll start with you what's happening where you are how has people been reacting to the vote. a lot of reactions of course coming and what a dramatic day again and westminster we all thought it would be crunch day we thought there would be a different decisive vote on boris johnson steel that he has negotiated with the european union well there was not this new legislation or this amendment that has been voted on and voted on by a majority of parliament forces him to ask for yet another extension will he do so that is the big question today will he sent that letter to the european union and while the conservatives on the one hand in the chamber of palm and they are saying
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that they of course are quite unhappy with this delay again they say that. should go forward and that now there is a deal on the table and finally palm and got a chance to vote on it which they apparently didn't want to and then on the labor side they are saying they're quite happy that this vote didn't go forward because it gives them time to scrutinize the deal and to reconsider and get the m.p.'s around voting against this deal which we think will most likely be back in parliament on monday and we'll see might be seeing that crunch vote that was supposed to happen today on monday yeah well you know it today was a big blow for prime minister boris johnson who was hoping to have his deal voted on today and hopefully approved after the vote johnson was defiant in his speech to parliament here's what he had to say i will not negotiate with.
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compose to do so i will show all fruits when called leads in. you exactly what i've told everyone in the last 88 days that i served as prime minister but. they would be bad for this country i i. i pods for democracy so i'm very determined boris johnson that rob can johnson simply ignore the vote number he has a rather interesting interpretation of the law he is legally bound by the ben act to see an extension by the end of the working day to day. from what i hear former red government lawyers have already sprung into action of trying to explore legal loopholes one idea apparently is that the next summit where they may discuss an extension. of the u.k. would simply not fill the thing in the chair they have not attended summits another
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brother had an idea for the more pressure on them is to maybe veto the e.u. budget which is also now also up for discussion so. it'll be interesting to say what pans out over the next 40 hours before we see it the most being tackled again on monday legislation being discussed. parenting from what i've read and heard is that someone please would you use monday's sitting in parliament to bring in further. amendments yet another twist and is apparently one of the possible amendments could be then to try and force a 2nd if the friendlies vote so i think right now everyone is trying to you know spring into action to try and make strong that they are prepared for what ever happens on monday yeah but still quite unclear as to what has happened but you did mention the a you and that brings me to you band what does this mean for the a you would they consider another extension if it was
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a face them. of course they would consider a cation if it arrives in brussels if prime minister johnson writes this in famous letter then of course the you would talk about it and in the end also ground the acts this extension only 2 days ago although the prime minister said he has the majority for this deal in parliament so in brussels everybody is a little bit surprised and also annoyed that bruce johnston obviously did not know what he was talking about and the e.u. president commission president john claude you've got 2 days ago said there's no no reason for prolongation let's listen in when i was 4 years old to be any kind of wrong you have to do you have a deal and there is a little patience that's not the word which is just my view. so commission president on quite young to that saying an extension from the e.u. is not on the table the brussel is clearly tired of the back and forth but others
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in brussels have indicated something else. you know this is of course to talk about the next move that has now to come from london the spokes person of the commission you know said it's in the court of boris johnson now to play the ball and to say what's what's up next in brussels they say there was droll agreement as such was not rejected by parliament is only it's only postponed the bowed and now technically the prime minister is obliged to ask for an extension so brussels is still trying to make sense of it and it's not quite clear what will happen next and you mentioned the ball being in boris johnson's court and that you know brings me to my next question rob wall political tennis 3 and a half to extensions millions of brit britain brits but also you know people across the e.u. kind of hanging in there wondering what's going on how will this go down in history
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. it will be a black mark i think um in the history books because it just has taken so long and people are thinking breeched bricks it fatigue stage. and looking looking ahead i think it has damaged the side say it's caused a rift within the country it's damaged the for the psyche i think. it has a certain extent also made the u.k. a bit of a lofty stock in the world so. i think everybody is just simply if they can sort of i should also maybe add that regardless of how this pans out. ok electorate may be facing a snap election general election if the final deal fails next week and or strong could possibly call not election or he would ask labor threw him there in the face . of a motion no confidence motion bostrom since government so we haven't seen the end
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of the twists and turns yet to come and i was just about to. many twists and turns to come but just to come back to you because of course thousands of people have been taking to the streets in london to call for a 2nd referendum today holding around there were cheers from outside the parliament as the vote was announced how does this outcome sort of today's outcome boost does a boost to calls. for there if it hit. me they were very excited when they heard that there will be another extension and boris johnson is forced to ask for that because basically it gives them a chance to keep demanding for a 2nd referendum and that 2nd referendum that they are demanding would be on the choice between boris johnson steel and on the other hand to stay in the european union of course the protesters here are very pro european they want to remain in the european union mostly peaceful protests of course but also some anger i've seen
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protests as heckling and arresting conservative m.p.'s as they left the parliament here today you see some of the protesters still behind me and i think in general rob was talking about the bricks and fatigue i think that the british public 1st and foremost is very very tired of this topic and if you talk to just normal people on the streets they say they just want it to be over and it doesn't look like it's going to be over any time soon absolutely not over yet charlotte parts in london standing by for us in brussels and here in the studio thanks very much for the analysis. turning now to some of the other story stories making news around the world in hong kong pro-democracy demonstrators have held a further protest of a law banning mosques they covered their faces and formed a human chain of the city many wore cartoon character masks as they linked hands in a peaceful demonstration. beeston german city of hama is holding
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a memorial concert for 2 people killed last week in an attack by a far right gunman the concert organizers said the event is a tent intended as a regional and national statement against anti-semitism last week a 27 year old german trying to carry out a massacre in a synagogue in the city. egypt unveiled the details of 30 ancient wooden coffins with mummies inside they were discovered in the southern city of luxor in the biggest find of its kind in more than a century egyptian authorities said the carved and painted coffins are 3000 years old and the mummies are in good condition. thousands have taken to the streets of several german cities including berlin to show solidarity with kurds in northern syria this after days of heavy turkish bombardment of kurdish areas along the turkish syrian border where clashes were also reported today despite
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a cease fire broke out on the day. with spain's acting prime minister pedro sanchez has rejected a call for talks from the leader of the cattle and separatists the region's capital boss a loner is clearing up after a week of protests and riots against the jenning of several separatist leaders by a court in madrid sanchez says the catalan leadership must condemn the violence before any dialogue can begin. as darkness descended on barcelona so too did violence. clashes between protesters and security forces illuminated by burning makeshift barricades. sticks and stones trusses tear gas and rubber bullets. eventually the water cannon rolled in. it was a predictable end to
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a 5th day of protest in catalonia even if the vast majority of the half a 1000000 who marched had done so peacefully over the past 3 nights that i've seen on the streets setting fires to things and essentially creating chaos is not what's the general populace of catalonia feels others see the violence as a means to an end. i'm against. this but it seems that violence it gets more media bending and march this is more information about the real subject. but not everyone is so keen on the media's presence i. barely or the catalonian regional president condemned the violence. sentenced to 100 years for staging a referendum. vote on independence again. you know
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put some fear that will only make the situation worse. he cannot 3 days after this sentence tell people that he's going to put the ballots again on the streets because we saw what happened last time and we saw the reaction of the spanish government and we saw that this is going to only incites more violence police said 31 people were arrested as madrid delivered a warning. another thing going on in order to not i don't want you to think that the vandalism and the violence in catalonia will go unpunished and i don't want to be the capital on the city's walls the defiant reply you told us that being peaceful is useless. as flames lit the streets of lorna for another night catalan independence has once again turned to political wildfire. it's a reminder of the top story we're following for you and british lawmakers have
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approved an amendment to delay a vote on prime minister barak johnson's fix-it jail to move with holmes their approval on the deal until legislation to implement it is pasta johnson has found to push ahead with plans to leave the e.u. by the end of this month. as the state of the news line from palin on a campus will be up with you next hour for all the team here thanks so much for watching. earth the home for saving global india's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas being by a series of global 3 goals and on d w and online. community and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central valley.


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