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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2019 6:15pm-6:30pm CEST

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we're following for you british lawmakers have approved an amendment to delay a vote on prime minister abbas johnson's fix it tail the move withholds their approval on the deal until legislation to implemented as pasta johnson has vowed to push ahead with plans to leave the e.u. by the end of this month. as this day having us live from the land on a campus will be up with you next hour for all the team here thanks so much watching. earth the home for saving global india's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global india's being one series of global 3000 on d w and online. unity and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central valley was that formed the
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foundation of this country how have these values developed in the 1st floor germany come hard is it to live by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom in our everyday lives. our. serious starts october 21st on t w. this week on world story. driven jews fear forced relocation in bangladesh. the remains of world war 2 soldiers are recovered in germany but we begin on the border between turkey and syria despite a ceasefire turkey is preparing to continue with its military intervention in northeastern syria with unknown drawing sequences on both sides of the frontier. in
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the turkish border town of such a public outpouring of grief. the women mourn the death of their village chief he and 2 other men were killed in a mortar shelling an apparent reprisal attack from across the border in syria. we want this war to stop nobody should die no soldiers no civilians we just want peace you would have thought we have of course we're scared we're scared for the whole country for turks for kurds for everyone no one should be killed you son and let the innocent you are never. a lot of people show us where the weak timbs died. within a radius of 20 meters traces of bomb fragments. sounds windows walls vehicles battered by shrapnel. and
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i don't think it came from the outside maybe from over there i don't know but this is from a. similar stories can be heard in many turkish border towns. if people believe the war is just across the border in syria they know better now. still the mayor of supports the turkish offensive he claims the army is fighting for a good cause. here and are to carlow we are hosting 125000 syrians you might be able to imagine how difficult that is we want a safe zone to resettle the 3500000 refugees that have become a burden for turkey over the past 8 years but europe occasionally sends a little money but we pay the real price syrians should go back to their homes.
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the area northeast syria that is supposed to become a safe zone is anything but. for days the turkish army and syrian opposition fighters have clashed with kurdish militia and while they are busy fighting each other there are concerns that ices jihadists which are already defeated in the area might be able to recruit. more than a 1000000 revenger refugees who fled from myanmar currently living there cooper long camp in southern bangladesh officials want to move 100000 of them to the remote island of basilan char possibly against their will. in the world's largest refugee camp in southern bangladesh fear is rife 2 years ago the government welcomed the influx of rain we're feeling me and ma today it is planning to send tens of thousands of them to an island in an area prone to
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slightly. think that's not a matter now we don't want to go to bars and char because it gets flooded and then people will die children will be drowned for them it's another trap where they'll lose their lives if we go there will die help us to stay here and get it back it was but i don't we lost our parents here to save our lives don't send us to pass on char just kill us here no western journalists have been granted access to the island until now d.w. was taken to about one child by bangladesh navy which is overseeing the construction works what is the longest period that you think the ships might not be able to reach the i did in one really bad weather condition leave the 2nd he was talking wanting to maybe want to 3 days back said not one but then. you have the navy ship. nobody will be evacuated from this. that is because the navy says they have built sufficient protection against floods and to roshan including
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a 3 metre high embankment. inside this space 410-0000 housed in clusters of identical shelters human rights organizations fear that refugees may be contained on the remote island for years. the island's 120 cycle and shelters can be used as hospitals primary schools and community centers to provide security there will be police posts and cameras monitoring the island we were in part something to. be alive. in the crisis we have but if they come here it is paradise for burma is there no doubt about that. chart didn't exist 20 years ago islands in the bay of being called performed by sediments and make up an ever changing ecosystem we showed the footage we took to an expert in sea irrigation.
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so it can be in orbit it can. do. without an embankment but one child would be too dangerous for habitation experts g.w. contacted disagreed whether the barrier is high enough but the government seems adamant to relocate rohingya to the island. that. we don't have space here. if not really for them. once the decision has been taken refugees could be relocated in a matter of weeks even against their will. nearly 75 years after the 2nd world war the remains of thousands of soldiers are still buried in the ground
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in germany where they're being recovered by volunteers and experts from all over the world there are often from around to the east of berlin where one of the 1st battles was raged. very carefully a swiss anthropologist and an italian student dig in the soil around the skeleton there searching for clues about the age and identity of the deceased the 6 set of remains found at this excavation they believe he was a soviet soldier. who wouldn't that were left on the battlefield when the war ended because there were too many bodies to bury them all as they were often placed in military trenches or shallow pits then covered with sorry india and. east of berlin and that with the heavy fighting in early 1945 claims the lives of thousands of german and soviet soldiers many of the war dead still live here.
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to find them members of the group the association for the recovery of the fallen in eastern europe have been excavating the old trenches. digging twice a year they've excused the remains of more than $200.00 soldiers so far. you're happy because you find them but you know if you have a lot of problems how do you take him out right is anything broken so there is of course exciting because you found there is problems that you have to solve as well that's why 40 specialists from across europe historians anthropologists and archaeologists are collaborating on this project they're doing it on a volunteer basis using their vacation time to look for soldiers remains. in order to later identify the dead the volunteers very carefully remove the remains from the ground the greater the number of personal objects they find the greater the chance of identifying them and notifying families about their missing relative
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or. the next day at a military cemetery the volunteers together with local residents bury the recovered remains of 15 german soldiers in a dignified ceremony. this is also the end of one year of research so it's almost like i follow the days there the all across their cycle from there emerges from the ground to the rebels and that's something quite powerful to behold. next spring the volunteers hope to return and search for more fallen soldiers thousands still remain undiscovered and all those here know that any a small number of them will ever be recovered. hundreds of thousands of young people all over the world have taken to the streets under the motto fridays for a future in russia however the movement hasn't taken off authorities don't often ground
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permits for rallies so one protester in the capital moscow has been going it alone . he may be part of a global movement but in russia he's often on his own. has been making his solo stance for climate awareness every friday since march his sign reads strike for climate the 25 year old wants more people to join russia's friday for future movement but he's up against the authorities they regularly refuse his attempts to register mass rallies in moscow but his one man protests don't need a permit he says the police are never far away. just i'm not scared anymore. there are fears i feel responsibility for what's happening and i'm more angry than scared now i'm angry that we can't take to the streets like the people in europe because it's really important for us to all go out together and i know that i can't
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change everything alone i am angry at the politicians who are infringing our right to protest whatever. ashok says there's not much reporting about environmental issues in russia he tells people about climate change whenever he can but not everyone is concerned. when the global warming is debatable they say it's getting more than sometimes it gets colder they say that's the same thing it's hard for me to understand when you will know people didn't used to be worried about an environmental issues but the new generation is more conscious and they want their children to grow up in a cleaner place every day issues like trash management have made more people concerned about the environment in russia even outside the capital there have been large protests across the country against garbage dumps including near the northern city of our congress. no way russian president vladimir putin has recently changed his rhetoric on climate change and finally signed the paris agreement to
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limit global warming. when it comes to the environment of the climate things keep getting worse if we don't do anything then fast paced technological development will only intensify the whole range of environmental challenges we're facing including climate change in the depletion of natural resources. i know that i'm fighting for my future as well for example what's the point of having children if it's not clear what the state of the planet will be and the nature around us is being destroyed if we don't fight now we won't have a future we don't have a choice a shark is convinced that the tide is turning in russia but until others join him he plans to keep up his loans. protests for the planet player . play. center the conflicts of.
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lies and populism uprising in venezuela hong kong protests for exits look at. the world is in crisis mode of existence this week we've lost track of the key interviews of the season the point is that people want change they implied in the middle of january don't necessarily want you. to look so close. to live. you know that 77 percent a lot because i yelled i've been taking. the 77 percent talk about the issues that my. son does the name susan melendez and champion randy trying to clean up speed and spend tons of time out competitors for success in the field dominated by men takes notice of steel plate. 60.
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