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oh. this is c w news live from berlin british prime minister boris johnson is reportedly sending a lesson to brussels tonight on king's progress it extension ellis comes up u.k. will make his backs an amendment to delay a vote on the brits if deal yet the prime minister is still the finally insisting britain should leave the e.u. on october 31st also coming up spain's acting prime minister petro sunshines rejects cools the talks with capital separatists his comments calm as large crowds
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gather involves salerno to demonstrate against police repression and the jailing of several separatist leaders. i'm to tens of thousands take to the streets around germany to rally against the turkish incursion into northern syria they want the german government to step up pressure on time corrupt. a manuscript mackinnon thanks so much for joining us the british prime minister boris johnson is set to send a lesser brussels requesting a breck's it deadline extension following a crushing blow by members of parliament now earlier today they backed an amendment to delay a vote on the brics a deal which jumps and had reached with the e.u. just 2 days ago but he is continuing to urge british lawmakers to back the deal or fail. a damaging no deal backset from the e.u.
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. this is the moment the british lawmakers delayed voting on a break that deal jubilation from the hundreds of thousands outside who want a 2nd people's votes for just one another chance to vote. so it was it's good a slight delay there. is no change in the law just yet inside parliament british prime minister boris johnson appeared unruffled by a major blow to his brakes a strategy. which the house to know that i'm not wanted or dismayed by this particular result but now he has to write to the e.u. to request a delay something he's vowed not to do so i will not negotiate a dilemma with the e.u. . i am neither does the law compel me to do so i will tell our friends and colleagues in the e.u. exactly what i've told everyone in the last 88 days that i've served as prime minister but further they would be bad for this country was.
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bad for democracy the majority of lawmakers voted to withhold approval of johnson's deal until the legislation that actually implements his deal is passed into law legal experts say johnson must now seek an extension from the e.u. to create more time for voting on the details of a withdrawal agreement the leader of the opposition labor party jeremy corbin said johnson would be in contempt of the law if he refused to die as a historic day for parliament because it said it will not be blackmailed by a prime minister who is apparently prepared once again to defy a law passed by this parliament i invited him to think very carefully about the remarks he just made about refusing apparently to apply for the extension which the e.u. number 2 act requires him to do. e.u. leaders have been clear in recent days that they do not want an extent. so i was
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reading all took a review of the kind of wrong direction you have if you have a deal there is no need for. the word which is just my view as to the prime minister is now seeking advice as to how we can get briggs it done by the end of the month despite u.k. parliament clearly voting for him to formally request more time from the e.u. so what will happen next for more i'm joined by g.w. correspondent visa who is in london for us now barbara we know that boris johnson has sense unless it's a professional make his stating that the delay isn't a solution and that judging them to back his deal but what about this lesson to brussels requesting a delay to bret's it that he's legally obliged to send by 11 pm u.k. time tonight. there from what we hear it's somehow on its way or it's being written or the envelope is being moist and whatever it is sort of in the
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process of being sent there because it seems that his lawyers sort of convince for a chance and after he made this defined remark in parliament that not to obey a law or to sort of go against the law would be a bad look for government that couldn't really be done because before this whole thing this whole route for breakfast and rigmarole began there was already a fine divide would t.v. or blige to sort of go for the extension and the legal experts here in london more or less said you know animists lee yes you have to do it there's no way around ok now the former prime minister to resign may was very clear about her support of johnson's deal let's take a quick listen i hope the whole house will forgive me if i say that standing here i have a distinct sense of deja vu. thank you thank you . but today's vote is an important.
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well i intend to rebel against all those who don't want to vote to deliberate so you. know right definite sense of danger they given how many times may try to get her back to deal through parliament but how likely is it the other lawmakers are going to follow. to get this deal done . yeah i mean it's all a question of procedure and the funny thing is what parliament has done today is somehow to take back control control off the procedure from the government once again to resume a lost her vote is 3 times and parliament last winter. and every round was more painful than the one before and it was because parliament a sort of had rest of control of the amendments that could be made about to the
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agenda of parliament from the government and we see this again so now they're trying to determine when in which order they are now going to discuss what they want to talk about those drawled bill 1st because they can slip amendments and other legal obligations on it they can for instance force the government to promise and to put it down in writing to make it legally binding that the workers' rights and environmental rights consumer rights will not be divorced after breaks that they can for instance even ask for a 2nd draft friend and all this can be attached to that build and after this bill sort of has gone through then they are willing and that's the aim and the goal behind this they are willing to say ok and now we agreed to the 2 there was draw agreement was russell the so-called bricks and bill and really will be done with it but they simply want more time they don't want to be railroaded into just saying yes what about the e.u.
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will be you consider another extension now. yes they will i mean we've heard this during the summit emanuel mccrum the french president has said it did the dutch prime minister has said it and we heard junko junkers say they all said no we don't want another delay they're fed up with this and also they wanted to encourage johnson to do his best to sort of push this through but if really the british government comes 2nd is forced to come back by parliament to brussels and say ok we do need a bit more time it will be granted there is no question about that huge numbers of people took to the streets of london today to press protest against threats that how did they react to today's vote. how we saw those early and we heard this big rar off satisfaction and jubilation when this vote had gone through because of course for them this is the last glimmer of hope and one man i talked to
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you said my head says no they really isn't any hope and you more for a 2nd referendum but my heart said yes and many people feel this very emotionally because they had fought for so long against brics it and again sort of being really pushed out of this against this 1st referendum that they say was unfair badly informed and people didn't really know what they were voting for now is free to have he later years later it would be democratic indeed to ask people again there's a deal on the table do you want to steal or do you run to remain in the you that's their argument and they still really have this slight glimmer of hope they might succeed. all right obviously in london thanks so much. now spain's acting prime minister pedro sanchez has rejected a call for dialogue from the leader of the catalan separatists telling him that he
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must 1st condemn the recent violent unrest in barcelona the comments come as pro separatist crowds gathered for more demonstrations in the capital and capital police are bracing for more violence after gangs of mosques youths rampage through the city on friday night vandalizing shops and public buildings. there was a strong police presence on the streets of barcelona as crowds gathered again on saturday evening the government has warned that violence will be met with the full force of the law. on friday in a 5th night of violence protesters set barricades on fire and police deployed reinforcements to stop rioters from approaching the police headquarters masked use hurled stones at security forces who responded with smoke grenades and tear gas. these are people who are prepared to use violence. strategies
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and they know what they're doing. they're trying to test the rule of law. but the law knows how to defend itself. some 300 people have been arrested in clashes that flared in cities across the region since monday when spain's supreme court handed down lengthy prison terms to 9 catalona leaders who staged a banned referendum on independence in 2017 a growing number of catalan independence supporters are fed up with the continuing violence. spain's acting prime minister sanchez has dismissed calls for talks from catalonia pro independence president saying that the catalan leader must 1st unequivocally condemn the violence. a senior kurdish official in syria says his forces will pull back from a border area if turkey allows the evacuation of its remaining feiss and civilians
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from the besieged town of ras al-ain turkey and kurdish forces have accused each other of breaching the truce steel reached in northeastern syria on thursday and washington brokered deal aims to halt a turkish led offensive on the condition that kurdish militants retreat from a safe zone along the border the deal gives them 5 days for a complete withdrawal a deadline that will expire on cheese day night the turkish president has warned the kurdish fighters to respect the deadline. all of us know look if it happens it happens if not the minute the 120 hours end we will start from where we left off and continued to crush the terrorists heads through suits. meanwhile tens of thousands of people took to the streets across germany on saturday to protest turkey's incursion into northern syria the rallies organized by left leaning and kurdish groups called on the government to step up pressure on turkey
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the largest demonstration was in cologne but police were out in force amid concerns of possible violence. marching for peace in northern syria pro kurdish demonstrators took to the streets of cologne police maintained a heavy presence as the marchers called for an end to the turkish military incursion. began savitt show to the world is just looking on the not doing anything it's crazy. the demonstrators want the german government to take action such as calling for a meeting of the un security council or for the european council to put pressure on ankara they also backed the creation of an autonomous region for the kurds there who are there might have been in meeting if turkey is saying in the media we are fighting the p.k. k. and the y p g but they are really attacking the kurdish civilian population it's because turkey has seen the strings of the kurdish people in how we start to cordon certain police made only of this in this region here we're here to tell the whole
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world we're against the turkish regime and the terrorist. got about 35. there were protests in other big cities as well around 2000 marched in the capital berlin. given we don't want a war we just one piece of the internet several left leaning groups organized the demonstrations across germany the marchers included germans and non kurdish turks. all right some breaking news coming in now the british prime minister barak's johnson has sent a letter to the you asking for a bracks it extension european council president on our toes confirmed the news on twitter the move came after jumps lost a crucial vote in parliament. don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website and coming up next is the bum to sleep out with my colleague chris hartington i'm on your trip as mckinnon on behalf of
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the whole team thanks so much for joining us. now for. take personally. with the wonderful stories that make the game so special. truth. more than football. take a trip on us to christmas market hopping with team w. and cologne and. airfare and hotel or include.


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