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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  October 19, 2019 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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paula meant. don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website and coming up next is the bum to sleep out with my colleague chris tarrant i'm on you tube is mckenna on behalf of the whole team thanks so much for joining us. now for. he takes it personally. with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. more than football online take a trip on us and go christmas market hopping with pain w. in cologne and a wooden will go up to. airfare and hotel are included for you and
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a guest. just tell us which german street is your favorite. what's the most beautiful place in germany. what would you like to explore most to enter check in at d.w. dot com slash travel good luck and enjoy some. so full of love bug gallops into the belly of the beast don't miss acknowledging the part as league leaders the bullets leave this new sheriff for now determined to keep domain down and out. and see how he will also notice byron munich want to mission to reset the table with out burger side trying to climb out of relegation danger posed any problems also some say contest it will spur him to title
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contenders leipsic in a number 2 versus number 4 showdown pull the wool waver in their biggest test this season. welcome to the but as the gay hero and chris harrington how many mean draws in a row will we see it's already been 3 and been seen jane in san siro your best player when you're in desperate need of a win could put lucian fivers job in even more jeopardy while opponents having been number one this late in the season in over 30 years making many believe this could be their year the only fire fulls up against dortmund and their fans at signal they do in a park. dortmund we're looking to end they've run of draws against the team with the strongest away form in the table a tough task thing full do see in 5 a side. chances at
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a premium early on a step and line a kind close to gladbach off the last load dennis whipped a free kick round to the back post. don't mins based opportunity also came from a sit face again some of it was more than equal to match who moves head up. do it and then looks to attack in the league through token hazza and it wasn't to be but the video referee spotting an offside in the build up. or royce the offended. the teams remained nick and nick nil nil at the interval. after the break the hum side came out with fresh gusto and in themselves only has up oil than the 1st how found maka royce with this 3 ball and the captain converted . his 5th goal of the season. but
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dortmund have had trouble holding on to the leads this season and i soon had a scare after going in front run in turkey went off injured replies. and hits and gladbach smelled blood patrick hammond couldn't converse and dortmund's 3 points stayed side. by byron were looking to restock for the natural order of the leak heading to alex byrd seem to be a safe bet for the defending champions to take the table leave because buyers are stacked while out for our week at the back stopping $11.00 he is something do no one can right now but what about buyer stopping there small the very end. of the buyer in legend thomas millar starting on the bench once again and his teammates weren't really present at the start either outs borg took the lead after 27 seconds marco
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dished or hitting home against a sleepy munich defense above and things got even worse for buying coach nico kobayashi when defender nicholas zillah twisted his knee 12 minutes c.n.n. had to leave the pitch. but biron soon woke up robert live and getting the equaliser on 14 minutes his 12th goal of the season. a few minutes into the 2nd half said going up 3 foot by iron in front of the variance appear here talent on full display here. but by and blew a number of other chances substitute murtha missing here the boy and they paid the price in injury time alfred finn bogus and rounding out the sensational to all final score said he oh quarter of a team him up nicely and outscored celebrate a surprise point we've seen how teams mentalities to keep on believing to the end
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we have to believe we won't get anything in the bundesliga. by year and meanwhile missed their chance to go top of the table. nico kovacs his team clearly have some work to do if they. want to get back on track. running with the bulls or running with the wolves both could be dangerous and had been for many teams thus far only one point separated wolfsburg and life sick in the standings ahead of this kick off the wolves have yet to be defeated this campaign and no other side in the league can say that that bad for a team with a new coach with their badge of honor be revoked in life seek. after a slow for us tof of group one open house will the hostess take the lead a huge clearance from piece of glass she found team ovechkin out top of the strike a muscled his right through to an open go hardly typical like these tactics but
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typical strength and pace from the german international saw him send the red boos in front with his 6 league goal of the season. but both spooled have their own tallies money striker and in the 82nd minute he live and destroy those 5 dutch number 9 vote vague forced finishing off a cliff a move with a smooth not make to bring things level and snatch a draw i we continue the way we continue to fake we're still unbeaten what i said it's a tough game he'll weigh in because if a tree finds it sometimes and so much as he also is to be honest and you have to be . satisfied with. the 8 games both borg are still the last unbeaten team in building. by now let's get to the other games on saturday above all young berlin versus freiburg the boys in black and white have been a surprise in the champions league places out of 7 games they've only lost one so
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the warning was clear for union berlin but the promoted side has shocked the league once already when they defeated 2 at mit at home could they shock freiburg. any on fans would have on this clash is a valuable bell a geisha and 6 points of a full of the season began but fry below the line in the capital sitting well in full for one man who wasn't concerned about the fabulous form of the visitors was marius buthe he made it one nil after just one minute bolton has previous against the big boys having school twice in the shop when other dortmund on match day 3 this one to go hand in duty on the lead here. another setback for fraud bold arrived after 20 minutes they'll keep alexander's full of was injured clearing the bull and in came david tong class tita. freiburg struggled to break down a stubborn home side who also showing that he can attack marcus involved and finish
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the job shortly before the final whistle his 1st one is legal toll making it to nil a 2nd win of the season for the pin this league a new voice from berlin i am. also showed in our previous matches that we can play but in the end we just didn't get our rewards today we went out and cut it with the see below and all. other but in this league a club were also in action here to head to bremen having not won there for more than 13 is a full team anniversary beckoned as braman took the lead after just 7 minutes josh sargent giving his side a one nearly. a decisive deflection off dedrick boy giving goal keeper rooney ya stein no chance. there were unable to kill off the game though and have to punish them for it substitute don't you come back you know hit
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back in the 70th minute. 11 the final score back you know making the difference by himself this time after setting up goals in his previous 2 appearances. in distilled of the earliest excitement arrived in the form of a 2nd yellow card for mines midfielder edelson financial is on the stroke of half time. this will go for unable to take advantage on silly 84th minute however as mr reliable revenge henning's finally found the way through all of his fun strikes this season has handed full china a one nil lead. it stayed that way here just a little for the 1st time when of the campaign. by. here's a look at all of the results from match day 8 so far dog men big lot bought thanks the captain marco roy's out for in bahrain leveled so did life think it was perk
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you know in berlin fry freiburg 20 frame and head to berlin shared the spoils dusseldorf pick up their 1st win in over a month against meit's the eagles watch out for kicked off match day 8 on friday with a 3 nail victory at home over labor cousin and it was convincing they started strongly and develop posse n.c.s. for the opener just after 4 minutes and he was killing himself. the portuguese forward they met it again before had time from the spittle to spot the eagles added a late 3rd. go for the eagles 2 more games coming up on sunday to complete the match day as you can see here let's take a look at the table to see what's changed nothing in the top 3 dog mean jump to 4th pushing life it down one shall look at shaka they are in a very good position to take the table leave if they get all 3 points on sunday
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versus hoffenheim freiburg drop to 7 frankfurt get a bump as you can see the table is tight up here in the bottom half. and you know in berlin help their causes a bit no change at the very bottom but pot of one and cologne could swap spots on sunday it's time for our play of the day and the winners this young man with the magnificent afro byron munich's is going to all thanks to your vote over twitter with 47 percent. can operate cut inside and curled a shot low into the far corner to give barn a $21.00 lead early in the 2nd half against. it's a goal former byron winner iron robin will be proud of cannot reach goal wasn't enough to win though as the host sealed a late draw see is going out every cooking as usual is your play of the day for match day 8. well that's all from us here on the bonus they
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got to be back on sunday with the best action from cologne against pot a board and often hives game against we'll leave you with some of the best scenes from the weekend's game so far for me and the rest of the team here in berlin. visit.
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