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these values do go to. reduce it to live fire and defend the principles of beauty justice and freedom in our everyday lives. our journey. series starts october 21st d.w. . a very lively october 1st set of ration but this is not in germany more on that coming up in the show and with a while welcome to your own max and this is what else we have in store for you. into the wards why hunting mushrooms is good for stressed out city to have come.
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in says the family what it's like to take the cap on right. but 1st let's go to greece the ninety's the island of colleen also was not yet a major holiday destination than an italian capital is cited to celebrate there how many will there be in so the cyclone of us immediately saw the potential of the rocky island with its amazing steep cliffs and cracks nowadays climbed us from all over the world to come here and there's even an international climate festival every year. greek islands may be famous for their long sandy beaches and ideally but it's the rough and rocky parts of columbus that bring people here annually for the columbus climate festival over a 1000 climbers from all over the world. clownish
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inventor of austria is in her element on the rugged island. quaaludes this. knows this special because the setting against the sea is so unique and there's just so many routes for every kind of climbing for every grade and different techniques in styles you can climb for years and still not cover everything here alec let the public because of. currently the island has catalogued 3700 groups about 200 new ones are added every year the climbers take their starting positions in pairs whoever does the most routes where there are no checks this is about having fun and about trying out new things. i came to college knows because i really like the muse and the sea and also i wanted to enjoy my overhanging go days because i really like overhanging climbing and i wanted to try
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to do 1st. the climbers are drawn to the occipital shaped box kind of tough how do you say good to you and her friend came all the way from france to climb here. to many it's magnificent and very special to climb on the still at tights these big rounded pillars were not used to it normally we mainly use our fingertips but here we have to use our legs from our absent arms our whole body and the view from the top is magnificent. the sea is more than a scenic backdrop deep water soloing means free climbing over deep water which so. as a safety if the climbers fall they just take a refreshing dip. restore main it's been open those numbers among the best climbers in greece he's created several routes for deepwater soloing in his home country.
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but the. deepwater soloing is the purest form of rock climbing it's the most minimalistic if you don't have a rope you don't have anything besides your shoes in the magnesium people this type of climbing is simply more authentic and. deep water soloing takes very little preparation it's more spontaneous thing climbing in the mountains. the 6 planes what to do. with an apple if you 1st you have to make sure the water is deep enough and there are no hidden reefs if you fall it's better to keep your hands close to your body you should keep your mouth closed so you don't bite your tongue and just before you hit the water it's a good idea to open your arms and legs so you don't dive down too deeply. about. many international guests come to and usually they come to the island more than once. i think is my 2nd time here in terms of the things i like about it if you look at just behind us there is this
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like beautiful deep water so they can come to a short kayak or a boat ride away it's really easy to get all the crimes there just like a playground of climbing to do and the like all these different grades on the last evening the victors are awarded this time it's the one flu can be at the school signal from germany they're the team that covered the most words. we knew about the climbing festival so we came in registered and thought now we'll give it all we've got we had nothing to lose and the main thing was to have fun and just taking part is everything. the greek island of. the climbers paradise between heaven and earth. here in germany the tilba fest in munich is long over the be adventurous the brass bands have gone home and to be a parents bought their other october fest celebrations elsewhere we've been showing you some of the serious october 1st world whites and you can always go to
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a you tube channel if you've missed them this time we travel all the way to bloom and now in brazil the city was founded by german settler 850 so let's take a look at their version of october fest. fest procession implement every october the descendants of the city's german founders celebrate their heritage with a festival of their room. was october fest numbers among brazil's most popular and most exotic and with some 600000 patrons it's the 2nd largest in brazil after the famous carnival in rio de janeiro. i'm here with him we're both from sao paolo and he invited me along this is my 1st
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time here and it's a great festival everything's marvelous with the festivals wonderful and the people are hospitable i love it and i want to come back. 29 year old sales clerk looked as german grandparents today should be representing the old country as an october 1st princess she has no shortage of enthusiasm for. i'm very grateful it's an honor because as a little girl i dreamt of being october 1st royalty and here i am it's in just. crabapple everybody loves that and lots of people join in for the parade we love that too so it's a very emotional thing because it's a dream come true. but then everyone heads to the fairgrounds called the germantown revelers all join in both ethnic germans and tourists anyone who care and shows up
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and later hosen or dirndls. up at the table but it's a german festival so we dressed as tradition dictates besides it pays off the guests who show up in costume don't have to pay admission as its introduction address we feel more a part of the festival and it's just nice. it's fun everyone dresses up like this. the queen and her 2 princesses make their daily rounds they keep a tight schedule for the 3 weeks of the festival. during the day were added then in the evenings here at the festival so people can take pictures and get acquainted with us we represent the festival and people simply love the attention that it was still going to want to thank you very important every evening they stroll around the festival pavilions opening events
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like the traditional drinking contest. many brazilians falsely believe meter drinking is a typically german custom the idea is to chug the contents of a one metre long glass tube the fastest. the arrangements of german october fest standards are danced to brazilian moves for instance the song of the airmen song in both german and portuguese. everyone can dance along with it. instead of wooden benches where revelers lock arms and sway to and fro. here in the brazilian october fest they have a huge dance floor. in germany we noticed that people prefer to sit it's more dignified here we like to get loose we hop around and have a party. while the royal highnesses have to retire at midnight the party goes on
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to the wee hours of the morning unlike the original munich to bloom in october fest is not subject to a legal closing time. if you've had enough of being and need some peace and quiet how about a walk in the woods to hound for mushrooms this activity is becoming more and more popular among city to us also here in berlin spending time in the forest is the perfect balance to busy stressed for city life and mushroom picking is an added bonus as long as they have a tickle. commercial photographer or more it's schmidt enjoys the peace in a delicate nature of a forest bursting with life in autumn he spends as much time as he can in the woods searching for mushrooms he feels it's the ideal way to relax. it's really great
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sometimes you'll just see a little cap sticking out and with 4 chinos if you're lucky you'll find an enormous mushroom hiding underneath down among the pine needles in mosques. the mushrooms go pretty deep down. so it's always a surprise what you discover. being in the forest can bring a lot of joy. decided to share his experience with others when he finds the mushroom he photographed and tries to capture its beauty his book into the woods is a visual journey through the forest into the realm of mushrooms. as a photographer i'm not just interested in mushrooms for their taste but for their shape too there are endless variety you discover new kinds of every forest i just can't get enough of the shapes and colors. schmidt has been working as the photographer in the studios this 2009 but in fact he's rarely there most of his
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assignments taken abroad the high professional demands of international photo shoots create one thing in abundance stress you know there's been lots of time on the road i fly a lot and have a terrible c o 2 footprint i travel around the world and meet lots of people often large groups of people. playing everywhere all day i kind of have to play the clown for everyone i enjoy it all of course but as a counterbalance i need the nice and quiet of the forest. the aesthetics of commercial photography also influenced the images in his book of the photos reflect his love for the forest and mushrooms it's a bit like moritz smith's personal guide to happiness in walking the world is not only about mushrooms it's about an approach to life finding joy in the forest that's why the book is called into the woods hunting mushrooms and finding happiness and. often it's the young upwardly mobile urbanites who have discovered
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the advantages of mushroom foraging over partying whether a project director in marketing or a d.j. in label head many people are taking to the woods to hunt for mushrooms. my life as a d.j. means i spend. internationally always on the road this kind of tranquility is the exact opposite. it's a big adventure to roam through the woods learn about new mushrooms and then take them home to cook its farms. in order to trade the urban jungle for the forest and mushroom hunting all that's needed is a pocket knife sturdy shoes and a basket and getting an early start is a good idea. if you go into the forest early you'll be rewarded with a great atmosphere it's often still foggy the birds are singing and of course being the 1st one there is key to hunting mushrooms nothing's more frustrating than just finding mushroom cuttings or no mushrooms at all. a few rainy days in
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a little sunshine brings the mushrooms shooting out of the ground many are edible but a few are highly poisonous. schmidt has a tip pretty getters. as a general rule it's good to gather beliefs you can tell by looking underneath but they have little spongy porous layer instead of gills gills would be little stripes almost none of the beliefs are poisonous mushrooms so it's hardly possible to mix them up these mushrooms are really full proof. basket with delicious mushrooms just waiting to be prepared frying red pine princeps together will provide a wonderfully fresh and intensive taste experience but it's satisfying way. in the woods. when you have to do. it. and i next report a former stockbroker and successful businessman in the pharmaceutical industry gave
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it all up to take over his parents' winery in france that was 30 years ago. long ago lost interest in chemistry finances. now he believes in the cosmic palace of. harnessing the moon and the cosmos to make wine may sound like mumble jumble but the frenchman is now considered one of the pioneers of biodynamic wine. the word valley is called the garden of france it stretches across the center of the country and for centuries has been the site for the cultivation of some of france's best wines like the legendary white wines of the chateau de la rochelle one winery insiders call vinegar nikolaus only the wine pope his kool-aid to sell hong counts as one of the world's best white wines and nikolaus only as the father of biodynamic video culture. the pull of you know.
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biodynamic agriculture as the solution connects the location with the earth's natural cycle of life that's what's unique you might get smaller yields a higher cost but the result is an authentic flavor simply share receive like. the grapes are harvested. as they have been for any time 189 autumn's now susteren monks planted the 1st grape vines here in 1130 only once the grapes have ripened perfectly and they have a slight yellow orange tinge harvested until then they're tended and given her has for greater balance and harmony. for 5 weeks before the harvest i always give them a wash of honey from our beehives and rose hips through the wild roses quite extraordinary. and valeri and biodynamic compound that
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ones work to the. case that way down the grapes with far more flavor. and the time is for planting the vineyards hectares and fertilizing and harvesting the grapes so influenced by the planets. only insists the phases of the moon have a decisive effect on the flow of juices in the plants as do the tidal ebb and flow the lunar calendar is an essential factor in the biodynamic methods at the winery now run by nikolaus daughter eugenie. city. see. also the interaction of all the planets it's a ballet of the planets in relation to the constellations throughout the year. they influence the growth of the vines the folks.
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see themselves as nature's assistance they never use artificial fertilisers only the dung from their own livestock which are also part of the biodynamic concept they keep cattle especially for this purpose and initially strictly controls the cows diet. today they get apples from the wineries on the orchard. biodynamic growers regard the cow horns filled with dung as a kind of super premium fertilizer for the vines. it's not all sweet on t.v. but they're buried in left in the ground for 8 months. now is the right time for them we did them up again in spring said by then also a cow down in the horns is thoroughly composed as is and can be used as fertilizer for the soil profile they cook most really strongly sort of. thing that the grape harvest is going into the final stretch twice
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a day personally serves the pickers a little picnic with coffee tea and home baked cakes and. once for fresh they take the hand picked grapes to the press. a good pressing takes about 3 hours. then the grape juice is poured into oaken barrels which go into the winery cellar for 6 months then the wine is ready to drink nothing is added. the annual production averages some 50000 bottles the unique pure white wine from there's only winery can even be enjoyed 20 years later. will soon be taking over completely from her father. just as i was born here and you could say this wine flows in my veins. were part of a whole i can't imagine ever doing anything else down in only modest with sides
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this place has lots of history my brother and i want to continue this history so the lifestyle here can be preserved with the help of biodynamic bit of culture as far as possible. others may dismiss there's only one raise methods or even scoff at them as new age hocus. but they can't argue with success not only their showpiece wine. but all their white wines get good reviews from consumers and consumers alike. family knows the truth is in the flavor. every year in arts and traditional cattle drives take place all over the alps when the kettle return from the i have pine pastures it's a huge event and people come from all over to take part in the celebration the cow wasn't even decorated for our series quickly cast those i decided to join one in south taro it's a province in italy but they speak german there and the coasts on the way.
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i have to kiss an ox and swing away for this of but. this is the largest of highest meadow in the alps i'm here from castile old cells to roll out with a cattle drive. this day means the end of the summer for the cows i might tell and so there is to bring them back to the. morning high up in the meadow the herd of nearly 40 belongs to the leak i couldn't ever bring them all down by myself the farmers have to help out. for the occasion. and before we had down to the valley everybody has to fuel up we'll be walking 23 kilo much as today. and here we have a kind of beauty salon for the i have a couch they be decorated for the drive the farmer has
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a clear favorite. this is my sunshine she'll stay with us until she dies that's certain. no sunshine has taken part in 7 cattle drives me to lunch at some point enough is enough we're at an altitude of 2000 meters you can't keep the cattle up here forever it's a wonder that they even stay up here that they don't start wandering down on their own right wandering down on their own. the winter cold sets an alley in the high mad i'm actually in trust with the leading one bull i have to take care of louis the ox for the next few hours but he's stubborn as well as an ox. i turn on the charm to try to win over lewis everybody has its own cousin ality but in the end all of them can be handled. the herd gets on the way slowly by a single mindedly and unstoppably lewis does whatever he wants.
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it's not far we won't be stopping for any breaks till we reach the valley that's a 5 hour march downhill at a brisk pace. farther down we pass a little hamlets like compound which spectators line to both locals and tourists the cattle drive is an important festival for the entire region but those cold also pretty noisy. and then suddenly trouble one of the oxen has broken away and must be chased down the tourists must have spooked him one of the help a spot him high up the mountainside. one wrong move and he might fall to his death but the farmer son knows how to calm him down even so the bull has to climb back down on his own he's quite eager to return to the herd.
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down among the traffic and well wait that one of the cows might become. they're fine they calmly navigate the roundabout no problem but a little property damage can hardly be avoided. here in the farmers and the herd breeders like celebrities hundreds lined the streets to witness at least part of the cattle drive and the foremost get to where we want. the last few metres to the farm. the cows know their home they'd be able to stay outside in the pasture next to the farmhouse for one moment meanwhile i check up on luis the ox one last time. he's not. you know. everything. even
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after a 5 hour down at the pharmacy to help us and the. family at least are still wound up. all of the work the farmers have throughout the whole year is really celebrated on this one day and the farmers can show how proud they are of their cows and that is a really nice thing. i may not be born to be a cow go but at least i held out to the end and the cows probably like the summer and the alps better but here they make it through the winter. and i can tell you i had some muscles for things that kept on trying but it was a fall today check us out online for more exciting stories and this week's draw from me and the whole team here and belin.
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i'm going to take you on a trip along the sex and wine rooms from tasting to myself right why in the name says a. 60 fun filled kilometers you just have to come to the 2nd one move it's a small a wine region but it's got a lot of history and culture she's. the.
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first girl to get over. on the show that of us are out. in support of. what's a big what's able. to be a book. welcome to the book is the game here for d.w.i. . translates to talk about. this starts october it. 3 more points. possible we have. let's have a look at some of the other much surrounding need to still shaking in their lives to breathe a sigh of relief so you don't want to miss that. guy because g.w. . to you frank. dear antone dear cecilia
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this is opposite as i'm sitting on a terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep untrammeled that's when i was a trances age germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades as my defining one when your mother was born in 1969 the woman is already 8 years old. my grandchildren were born after the wall fell born any tried and true a wonderful time a time of great joy. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. and us starts nov 6th on d. w.
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. this is deja vu news live from berlin another press that extension is off the table u.k. u.k. prime minister forced johnson was compelled to write the e.u. asking for a delay he also wrote a separate letter saying he's opposed to the extension earlier the u.k. parliament voted still a approval of his prick 60 of. spain's acting prime minister paper sanchez rejects calls for talks with catalog separatists his comments come as the large crowds gather for slaughter to demonstrate against police repression and the jailing of several.


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