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stones and freedom the 1st words of the german national land. and 3 central values that form the foundation of this country. have these values developed in most. part is it to live by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom in our everyday lives. our german 3 part series starts october 21st t.w. . traced and on the elba river it's early in the morning and the old town is only just beginning to stir waiting for the 1st tourists.
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you could spend days just going through the churches in museums. but i've got other plans i have a steam ship waiting one from greece since white fleet. today i'm going to take you on a trip along with sex and wine route right why in the name says it all and one of those ships down there is going to take me quite comfortably into the vignettes starting here in boston via another boil all the way up to the top of mice and. my day includes a sparkling wine tour at casa. we visit the i bleached book in mice in the cradle of sex and. at my colleague because flourished has sent us a travel report from spitzbergen. the
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white fleet interest in still as mine historic paddle steamers. these days the ship stopped v. in steams along the saxon wind route. one last look at greece and skyline. and then it gets rustic. after about an hour i go ashore in and out of oil the city is the center of the sex and wine route. it is one of the smallest and northern most wine growing areas in germany the steep slopes the small palaces and the dry stone walls that's what the region is known for most of the wine produced here is served and
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consumed locally. the oldest winery in saxony is the whole flew snit's it used to belong to the saxon electors and the most famous of them was the strong is said to have celebrated lavish wine dollars here today organic wines are produced on the hoof lose minutes which you can taste on the terrace. time for a 1st class and a 1st set. at all. you have already prepared something what do we drink with keep the what to think of it this welcome drop is the trim ina what is that this is a wine grape that's being grown here for centuries to the best of health or. your only offer organic wine why so your posts hopelessness is the 1st and only organic brain yacht in the film east germany the decision to do this was.
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immediately after the wall fell we'd had pretty bad experiences with the pesticides used during these german years and we wanted to do things differently. so it was natural for us to want keep pace nice or to have less notes is doing quite well because i'm a good sport divined the wine that is produced here in saxony can i buy it anywhere . it's available over the internet most have an online order service that most of the saxon wine is drunk here in saxony. share of germany's total wine production comes to just a 0.2 percent making for new center side shows how little it is a lot more wine is drunk in saxony than grows here. it's like there are many stories about just the strong he said to the drunk 3 leaders of wine daily is that correct as a spy was well it said that he drank $2.00 to $3.00 bottles
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a day on good days in channel company might have been as many as 6 or 7 yes he drank excessively. but compared to his father your hunger of the 3rd who was a real drinker was fairly moderate and from the relative musical think of moderating your date to your health. for sex elector love the beautiful things not only wine and women but also pomp and splendor in every form he has made the least in what it is today a pearl of the rock and here are the highlights. and. 300 years ago augustus the strong ruled as prince elector of saxony and king of poland he brought artists and architects to his court he had seen and
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marveled at the splendors of courts in france and italy as a young man and invested great sums to transform the sleepy dresden into a european class metropolis of the arts. he had that sphincter palace built for instance. in this sprawling complex the prince celebrated lavish gallus court balls and masquerades that often went on for days. today that's finger houses several collections started or greatly expanded by august as the strong one is the old masters picture gallery among the masterpieces to be seen here a raphael sistine madonna with its world famous details the collection focuses on great works from the 15th to the 18th centuries. from titian to rim brand that's finger hosts great names of art history much to augustus the strongs credit.
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the prince elector also to create a thorough renovation for the dresden castle. he had the state apartments installed now after being closed for over 70 years they've reopened to the public. after world war 2 bombing the dresden castle was just a shell reconstruction only began piece by piece in 1986 the painstaking restoration of the state apartments is yet another phase in a long process. of the dresden armory started by saxon dukes and electors has been open to the public since 2013. incidentally augustus the strong was not quite as good a commander in wartime as he was an architect or art collector. his treasure chamber the green vault sparkles with jewels and precious gemstones augustus the strong himself put them on public display what good is wealth and fine
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taste in art without some one to admire it. among the most spectacular pieces is the wall household of delhi encrusted with nearly $6000.00 diamonds originally it cost some $60000.00 talers which took augustus 5 years to pay off. finally we come to the residence frauenkirche or augustus the strong lived to see its cornerstone laid but not its completion. this church of our lady too was consumed by the flames of the 2nd world war bombing. it was only reconstructed after germany's reunification. the from the interior with its slender almost floating dome is a masterpiece of baroque architecture. gustus the strong would certainly have liked it. now we go up to the winery called good enough to golden wedding of god
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a boy i don't know who custom nice to have you here at the golden wagon and. almost talk about is an innkeeper tour guide and hubby even he climbs this staircase many times a week he owns a little vignette next to the gold wagon. out of breath no no no i'm in good shape . this in as if he was me fit. the long climb is rewarded with a spectacular view of the elder valley on clear days you can see all the way from the golden wagon to drift in and the czech republic. by october most of the grapes have already been gathered only a few bunches remain in the vines. must put about says about 80 percent of all vintners and saxony do it as a hobby like he does as a boy he worked in this uncle's vineyard and later took it over the work is tiring but the wind is delightful.
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all of these walls are they just ornamental or do they serve a purpose. do you think i was a very important saxony is very far north for a wine region and we've got some problems with climb into the wall like this soaks up the sun all day and stores heat like an oven and then radiates it back. to what was and is there a difference between wine growing in east germany 30 years ago and today. in denver not that much has changed about the vineyard on the steep slopes in particular are still kept up by the hobby vintners the commercial wineries down here produce their premium wines. there are top quality winds up on the slopes as well of course but the hobby event nerves are the ones who sweat and strain to keep these walls built up though with state financial support but physically it's very demanding work. so you're rob even right we found a smart solution in saxony we work smaller areas not as many vines but put all the more love into it. and instance was having our you looked down on by the
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professional wine growers. as he posts in the professional wine growers are glad to have the hobby event nerves working to keep the countryside in shape they would not be able to handle it economically the steep slopes couldn't be maintained without the hobby vintners and if the vineyard fell into ruin the tourists wouldn't comment and the commercial wineries wouldn't be able to sell their wines anymore. come on zog do you have to work daily or are there rest periods what happens for example in winter. as you've been in the winter the vines have to be pruned and the trellis is repaired. then of course if it's minus 20 degrees celsius out and snow's on the ground that's when you enjoy your wine. but you have to have the time. i just kept saying the vine wants to see its master 17 times house but there are different views on how to spread those around a year. if you know how many vines are you the master 830.
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830 vines will make 830 bottles of wine and i'll try one of them. still with the heaviest right i've brought you a flavorful drop from the golden wagon try it. twice this is a solaris. and that's what the crew does that remind me off maybe pineapple and so on. yes yes very good in the pineapple notice quite pronounced and my wine connoisseur. because you're learning i'm impressed it has to taste good i was that's the most important thing. getting to know the country and its people tasting typical food and typical drinks that's very important for a lot of people when it comes to travelling some people also need a little bit of action me for example or our viewers her holiday video from
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australia for our main slot looks like a lot of action. his shoulders. beach. street. and the players. on the front. 7 up and headed for the bottom. of the base was. set on. the street. on the field.
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take a trip. go christmas market hopping with dublin cologne and a little. hotel good for you and a guest. just tell us which german street is your favorite. what's the most beautiful place in germany. what would you like to explore most. tricky d.w. dot com slash trouble good luck and enjoy. the jewel of sex and he's been you know it's. named after the count which is built around 730 today it's the location of a section state binya it produces wine both sparkling and offers tourists and overnight stays i have sampled several winds today now i choose
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a sparkling wine tour it begins with beginnings of course and a look back at the cosmos history. over 180 years ago in 836 sacks and wine growers had the idea to bring the bubbly beverage to saxony bath question pain at the time the training you drink a french sell a master brought the art of making sparkling wine from champagne year to the over the hill sites. all of. the tour proceeds to the winery the various types of wine age an enormous tanks the cellar master combines them to produce sparkling wine. in there you can write his complement each other very nicely on the sling canna and pino blanco together to create our classic bottle fermented sparkling wines in the tradition of just the strong and are going to vary. the base wine ages over several years then the yeast is added for the alcoholic fermentation . in
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a cellar master says the sparkling wine is perfect ready for pouring the bottles go into a revealing graphic with lots of french invention. the bottles are riddled or rotated daily for 4 weeks so the lease or debt used settle in the neck and it's done by hand. inflation's some of. the best part of the many stages of making sparkling wine is the last one the tasting. to do that you the 2nd one route. through. time for our euro travel slot my colleague because clearly he was travelling in the far north of europe on spitsbergen well and the archipelago is definitely not a destination for people who are prone to chill but the cold was ripped up properly .
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it almost seems like the north pole is just over the horizon a last outpost of civilization in the frozen north you may well be wondering where on earth i am i mean long european and small part. i'm in europe's northernmost town and that is by far not the only record long european holes. sound hard lines about halfway between the northern tip of norway and the north pole longer being with a population of around $2100.00 as the largest settlement is on a $78.00 north parallel no other settlement with over a 1000 residents lies farther north. than. time for a 1st look around but i'd rather go in the company of my god frederick frederick and tess rifle polar bears could be anywhere here real ones this time.
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this is the best thing with you when you go outside the town no secret trick to scare them away you know as to different kinds of bears in the world black. and white bears. if it's wrong ledo if it's black fight back. if it's what good would it. do to the permafrost all of the homes here are built on stilts. it's practically impossible to raise livestock or farm still someone was brave enough to try benjamin vick martin a chef from the us. green by the way it lands of herbs and vegetables and his polar greenhouse. and even the arctic. is a group of. benjamin 1st came to solve our back in 2007 and
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fell in love with the place the only problem was the lack of greens i wasn't happy with the food situation you know you pay 50 krones for iceberg lettuce that's a lot of money for iceberg lettuce and i'm still going home i would never even eat this i wouldn't even need if somebody gave it to me but here i'm like a home iceberg lettuce on and you know you have to eat because you don't have anything else and i just was so frustrated so you know this is i have to do something either i leave or i have to do something. now he supplies local restaurants like the group of lager and with his artists here fine dining is served up enough former coalmining warehouse head chef phillips has served the likes of the norwegian royal family. the next morning i prepared to make an expedition.
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frederick for a very takes me to one of the nearby fjords. he wants to show me the wall of the 2 numbering tidewater glacier. every time you come to a small boat or get out in nature they like this different. and that's makes it very special because it's like seeing a new place every time it without. i'm truly impressed with lang here be the northernmost town on earth. the steamboat takes me now from the other boy to moisten. bush that feared is the oldest ship injury since white fleet it was built in $1879.00. but 140 years later big engine is
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still running smoothly. now of the town of meissen comes in sight with its vignettes and castle hill. at the market square in my scene there is also its own just like interest. in addition narrow streets and lots of wine bars by the way the 1st vignette in saxony was documented here in meissen 850 years ago. and then again. climbing stairs but i'm already used to bet. the mice in to feed 80 meters high and 800 years old. the 2nd attraction up here is the i wish to book the oldest costal in germany.
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now you might ask yourself the walk is it a fortress or is it a castle well the answer is it is both 1st it was a fortress then it was a castle and later even a factory this building is more or less one. 1000 years old and a lot has happened at that time. today my sons are bushed might come across as charmingly elegant. but a 1000 or so years ago when it 1st took shape of the fortress was designed to be daunting and unassailable. knowing the fluency in $129.00 king henry the 1st and read the fowler came to this river fought against the slavs and took
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this hill and you know he had a fortress built on it at the time on stilts and. that's really what it all began for the saxons this because. saxon these rulers lived in the fortress through the high middle ages until the age of 45 castles ended the nobility demanded housing befitting their status and so in 1471 work began to convert it into the 1st german palace with ball rooms and living and working quarters arnold of best failing it was the court builder on its own with fine arnold of vesta failure introduced 3 essential architectural innovations to the castle which was the someone is the cell vaulting with its fascinating play of light and shade because the vaulting reaches high into the roof. in the stocking night. and the arched curtain windows where the very latest fashion event of the elegant round stairway has been copied many times
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since the windows brought lots of light into the previously dark castle. but as splendid as the castle was hardly anyone actually lived in it mice and head meantime forfeited its status as residence of saxons rulers to. the council stood empty the strong had an experimental laboratory set up for the album missed johann transmission. but had promised to make gold but the gold he finally made was white porcelain in 1710 europe's oldest porcelain manufacturer started production in the complex. for seed in the machine mines various machines were installed points including a steam engine in the 19th century a man who fucked will seem at its busiest a good 700 people were working here in the castle but in the late 19th century the
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factory moved down into the town today meissen porcelain is still handmade there. once again the album export was left empty and once again it was renovated and painted with several murals depicting chapters from saxony turbulent history which began here in my sins. do you know what it takes to make a real cost will. be exactly a castle tavern even if the weather is not very inviting it's enough for a last look over my scene. i noticed one thing above all today most of the wine here is served directly in the
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taverns or at the wine growers on site that means if you want to try some of that delicious wine you just have to come to the sex and wine route i have to admit it's a small wine region but it's got a lot of history and culture. and .
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the good. thing to. keep learning reality wait a 2nd we want the whole picture our facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from other realities of cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing
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digital world let's talk to digitize a short. shift. d.w. us. human intelligence obsolete can we still save the world from climate change do we need one revolution or mention. the for. frankfurt book fair is the forum for the world's pressing questions we meet the authors catch up on the trends and visit the festivals the special guest norm. in 30 minutes on w. . my mil and i'm getting the brand new w.v. environment it's personal it's divisive and it's about topics that affect
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a whole lot of solution for climate change and the return of. the real sense of shut out.
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after the fall of the berlin wall nov 9th to double. the. this is the w. news live from berlin but now for breakfast extension is on the table u.k. prime minister boris johnson was compelled to write the deal you asked me for a delay then wrote a separate letter saying he doesn't want one earlier the u.k. parliament opted to lay over voting on the deal itself. strange acting prime minister peter sanchez for rejects calls for talks with catalogue separatists in
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his comments came as large crowds cafe in parslow to demonstrate against police repression and the jailing.


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