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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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because we're tired of this to try to show you. taking a stand global news that matters. this is d.w. news live from berlin another brags that extension is on the table u.k. prime minister boris johnson was compelled to write to the e.u. asking for a delay he also wrote a separate letter saying he doesn't want one this comes after the u.k. parliament voted to put on ratifying his break the deal also coming up thousands of
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pro-democracy demonstrators changes the streets of hong kong for an unauthorized rally defying a police ban and undeterred by attacks on prominent activists. and even the youngest dortmund fans have something to cheer about from saturday's good as they get matchups dortmund put itself back into the race for the title against leeds leader is glad. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us. the u.k.'s prime minister boris johnson has sent a letter to the european union requesting a bragg's it deadline extension and another letter arguing against it johnson was required by law to ask for the delay after parliament voted to postpone ratifying his brakes a deal the prime minister's sent and signed copy of the letter via email make it
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clear how he feels about this legal requirement. mixed messages from british prime minister boris johnson one letter to council president tunneled tusk requesting a bracks extension but left unsigned. and another letter to test arguing against such a delay this time bearing the u.k. prime minister's signature. 6 outside parliament demonstrators cheered as british lawmakers voted to delay the approval of the braggs a deal for singh johnson to send the request to the view hundreds of thousands marched through the streets of london calling for a 2nd referendum. know what to do with johnson had initially said he would not request a delay despite the vote but i will not negotiate a dilemma with. neither does the law
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compel me to do so i will tell our friends and colleagues in the e.u. exactly what i've told everyone in the last 88 days that i've served as prime minister good for the good they would be bad for this country. to democracy but legal experts and opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn said johnson was legally bound to day is a historic day for parliament because it said it will not be blackmailed by a prime minister who is apparently prepared once again to defy a law passed by this parliament are inviting him to think very carefully about the remoxy just made about refusing apparently to apply for the extension which the e.u. number 2 act requires him to do. e.u. leaders have made it clear they do not want an extension and i was for your own
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facility because the function you have is you have to deal with these folks that's not the least of which that's my view. now the prime minister is seeking advice as to how he can get back to done by the end of the month but northern ireland's influential democratic unionist party is still unconvinced over the deal and members have said they will consider all previous amendments which includes one backing a 2nd referendum the prospects of which would further break the mood among the throng still clinging to their european dream. of a zal is in london following all the latest brazen twists and turns for us hello to you barbara so what does boris johnson hope to achieve by sending these different and contradictory letters. now what he's trying to achieve is what if you look at the sunday papers for instance the sunday times rick said leaning bricks are directors are trying to scupper bricks it and he sent 3 defined
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letters to brussels is exactly that to define the purpose of parliament that is to explain to the european leaders on the other side of the channel listen i was forced to write this letter i didn't sign it parliament forced me to send it but i don't mean it now we have to see what the lawyers say about that because in legal terms that would be bad faith can you sort of get around a law saying yes i'm forced to do this but i don't want it that's the question so the courts will probably have another word on that bought of course he was trying to he is trying to sort of undermine the will and the these purpose of parliament it was go a bit more slowly was dyspraxia proses not to ram it through in one go but to look at the legislation 1st that it's needed to in action for exit in britain and there they can then to attach another him and mint or 2 to it and that is what the
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majority of parliamentarians want at the moment all right so what is the next where does this leave johnson's breaks the deal. leaves are on hold maybe in the fridge cold storage if you want for maybe at least another week because what will happen on the other side of the channel is that brussels very likely is not going to rush into an extension they're just going to sit there and watch what is happening here behind us in the house of commons like this is a seer to we have to sort of see how the play ends and so parliamentarians have another week to come up with something what they want to do probably is force of legations on the government not after the end of the transition period the end of next year 2022 crèche out then without further sort of closeness and deal further trade deal with the european union that ties britain to
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european rules and regulations that is one aspect and the other might be a 2nd referendum so there is still all to go for in parliament and for assurance and i mean the 2 sides are it's like big cats looking at each other and see who's going to strike 1st and strike next and they're really on their toes so everybody is watching the other side what their next step will be. to w.'s barbara vai's all reporting for us from london we thank you very much. let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world. 3 people have died during protests in chile against public transport fare hikes president sebastian pinera announced the price increases would be suspended following days of violent protests and rest has been chile's worst in decades. australian airline quantas has completed the longest ever nonstop commercial passenger flight the
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boeing 707 dreamliner took off from new york with 49 passengers and crew on board 19 hours and 16 minutes later at touchdown in 15 it was part of a test to assess how ultra long haul flights affect passenger jet lag and crew. to hong kong now where protesters are defining police and recent attacks on pro-democracy activists to attend and an authorized march police say anyone attending risks arrest tensions are high after a prominent rally organizer and an activist handing out flyers were brutally attacked last week protesters have set fire to barricades and tear gas and water cannon have been fired by police demonstrators are pushing for more democratic freedom in the semi autonomous chinese territory. w.'s charlotte chills the pill is covering that march for us and
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a short time ago she described the scene. we are only a few hours into this protest and already we have seen tear gas being fired on multiple occasions now we're very near by where that a gas was fired we can still smell is still lingering in the area the moment it was fired outside a police station very close to here processes also have been seen throwing molotov cocktails at that police station we've seen water cannon already on the streets as well not been used so far as far as we know but tensions really are very high here that was of course expected this march was originally organized by an organization a group called the civil human rights front then the people behind a number of the remarks of protest that we've seen in recent months here in hong kong they are known to draw a big crowd this protest their application was denied permission was denied by police to hold this to anyone who is taking part is now acting unlawfully police
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already have issued very stern warnings about that and of course anybody who is wearing a face mask as the vast majority of people arms who you can see many of them behind me they are also acting unlawfully as well so it's still very the relatively early in the day here we are expecting scenes like this to continue for the coming hours . now charlotte remind our viewers about what happened a few days ago when a number of pro-democracy activists were attacked quite brutally we we said at least been hearing and have those events impacted the focus or the feeling of today's protest. absolutely that is a big driving force and most of people to turn out to protest once again today we did see really dramatic images if 2 separate individuals who were attacked this week firstly on wednesday activists called jimmy sham he is actually the convenor
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of the civil human rights for the group who were behind a ridge in the organizing this process he was attacked by unknown assailants with hammers he is still in hospital he is reported to have been hit in the head he is in a stable condition of the moment but that really fueled a huge amount of the anger that we're seeing on the streets today a number of pro-democracy lawmakers came out condemning that attack and then late last night we saw yet another attack a man who is at a london war now those are the places where people who put up a post it notes posts is expressing that their feelings that demands he was reportedly stabbed one man a suspect in custody to. tell for us in hong kong thank you very much. all right let's turn our attention now to german soccer news and sutter is going to slip a match ups on dortmund play host to glom bah and surprise legal leaders early in the season dortmund was without a victory in their last 3 games but
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a one nil win put them right back into the running for the title. dortmund we're looking to get into the run of draws against the team with the strongest away form in the table a tough task thing full d.c.m. 5 a side. chances at a premium early on by stefan lane a kind clothes for gladbach off the last load dennis whipped a free kick round to the back post. dortmund's best opportunity also came from a set piece but again some of it was more than equal match hormones had a. dortmund looks to attack in the league through token hazza but it wasn't to be with the video referee sporting an offside in the build up. knocker royce the offender. the team's remained nick and nick nil nil at the
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interval. after the break the home side came out with fresh gusto and in themselves a late as up for old in the 1st half hour mark a royce with these 3 ball and the captain converted. his 5th goal of the season. but dortmund have had trouble holding on to their leads this season and i soon had a scare after going in front run in turkey went off injured replaced by modern hits and gladbach smelled blood patrick helman couldn't converse and dortmund's 3 points stateside. well meanwhile byron munich visited fellow bavarians out for it in a darby match which they hoped would real stylish their position at the top of the bunch as they have but slack defending cost them as outs for managed to entre.
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biron legend thomas mohler starting yet another match on the bench with his teammates on the pitch not really present at the start either oxburgh took the lead after 27 seconds marco richter scoring against a sleepy munich defense i'd and things got even worse when defender nick glass zula went down with a torn me leg i'm and he's out for at least several months not only for biron but for the german national team. byron did finally wake up in the match at aldeburgh when robert leaven dusky tied things with his 12th goal of the season. a few minutes into the 2nd half surge cannot very put biron in front i the bavarian nailing a pinpoint shot to the corner. but by and blew a number of other chances substitute muller missing here. and they paid the price in injury time albert finney bogus and rounded out the $2.00 to final score i've said geo cordova teed it up nicely for him and alberts celebrated
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a surprise point. when you've seen our team's mentality is to keep on believing to the end and we have to believe that we won't achieve anything and it's going to sleep the fire meanwhile missed their chance to go top of the table. and you have so many chances you waste so many of them it's hard to explain to shots on goal 2 goals it felt like $25.00 chances and only 2 goals that's not enough and it's vital that as a submission nico callbacks his team has some work to do to get back on track. after the fall of the berlin november night w. .


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