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nicely for him and albert celebrated a surprise point i want to examine them i've seen our team's mentality is to keep on believing to the end and we have to believe or we won't achieve anything and it's going to sleep when the fire meanwhile missed their chance to go top of the table. finish and with you have so many chances you waste so many of them it's hard to explain to shots on goal 2 goals it felt like $25.00 chances and only 2 goals that's not enough and that's why the what does is to be an issue i call batches team has some work to do to get back on track. after the fall of the berlin november night w. .
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and i'm getting a look at the brand new w from the bottom of its person it's divisive and it's about topics that affect us all water pollution climate change and the turn. check out. female tech entrepreneurs have a hard time finding investors as do female entrepreneurs in general in 2018 for example only 2 percent of all u.s. venture capital went to startups run by women why is that and how can we change it i would topic today on shift.
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jennifer morgan is cosi all of the german tech company as a.p. sheryl sandberg has operations at facebook and so as of a disk it manages you to 3 female exceptions in an industry dominated by men to bed especially considering that programming used to be seen as a typical job for women in the u.s. in the forty's they played a big role in pioneering digital technology but today far less women work in tech only 14 percent of tech startups worldwide were created by women they found less developed less and because of that their creativity goes on used for the market do women face bigger challenges here's what these leaders have to say. as long as. we need more female role models come to think of it there's hardly any successful female entrepreneurs that i can look up to it's like in all areas of life. he is asking him even though without a role model or someone to live up to it's just hard for young people to find their
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way come and see and it's easy for them to get discouraged. on the 1st meeting with let's say investor base or big c.e.o.'s of companies that they don't take you seriously so you're like they're like oh are you here to see or just email founder trying to do some thinking that you're not being taken seriously because i'm a woman i'm not i'm not feeling that i'm the boss i was saying that we're here. and i cannot do anything without my team. that's not the only reason female decision makers are vital for the tech industry they are also an onside resource as consumers did you know that women drive some 70 percent of all consumer purchasing at malls and they're not they are the ones who decide which technology to buy for their households and families so companies want to create successful tech products
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should look more to their female target audience and that works best when women are made part of the development process. it's easy. startups with a balanced ratio of men and women are more effective and efficient teams reach decisions faster meetings don't drag on as long and products are aimed at a broader target group that's especially important in the tech world where men are mostly considered the prime consumers. hiring more women it also pays off financially startups with a large share of female staff are often more successful for investors that means more return. startups run by men generate $0.31 return for every day. dollar invested well female let's start ups generated more than double that according to studies in the us. the numbers show that women create far more sustainable startups. and their failure rates are lower. i hope these numbers get out to the
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wider public and we can put this whole thing behind us. stats show that tech companies tend to be especially successful with females in key decision making roles so why do may have taken from those 10 to capture capital more easily than women. and business woman mattah things many investors still have age old prejudice there is probably unconscious bias in their decision making most of the times the capital givers are men and they feel that male founders are more competent many female founders find themselves confronted with an equated stereotypes. to often the investors they face still believe that men are better leaders that they're more likely to be more successful and that men generate better business ideas. it's not true men just are better salespersons and can present themselves better than women women are often way to awful but that's not all smarter rob thinks
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another reason why women have such a disadvantage in the tech industry lies in our past take as much as a topic for women as it is for men but i think that has to do maybe it with upbringing and how we were educated stead's technical topics i'm more of a male domain than a female domain. the result women have to fight harder for venture capital for their start ups and they granted less take made us take deals in $2800.00 for example main run startups the quiet billions in investments while female run startups. didn't get a fraction of that what causes such a big investment. ideas research has found that men and women are treated differently even when they pitch. studies show when pitching their new
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ideas to investors prospective female founders are often treated differently than their male counterparts gender stereotypes are partly to blame for that behavioral scientist on accounts can demonstrate this simply based on the questions investors ask. her research shows investors ask male entrepreneurs more questions on how they plan to grow their startup they're curious about things like the prospects of their business idea how they plan to generate more revenue or what their long term vision is. female entrepreneurs on the other hand are expected to explain how they plan to avoid failure they need to show how much they know about their competitors how they plan to protect themselves from risk or how high their costs are but not only male venture capitalists displayed bias in their line of questioning. i expected fema view sees to be
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a similarly to male b.c.'s meaning that male b.c.'s would favor male entrepreneurs with promotion questions and female vcs would do the same for female entrepreneurs but instead all vcs display the same implicit gender bias the sort of questions asked had a huge impact on how much money the c's opted to invest in new startups if any at all. those startups who are asked for john minutely promotion questions went on to raise 7 times as much funding. when pitching their ideas to investors. recommends that female entrepreneurs question to call in the defensive when asked about potential risk. respond with positive arguments emphasize possible role of knowledge how to avoid loss so it is a lot harder for female phonos to acquire capital the good news is that lots of networks now aimed at supporting women in tech with coaching know how and resources
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to help women get the ideas of the ground. mark to rock use to work in finance and witness discrimination against women firsthand that's why she created the international women in sustainable finance network. we want to break the glass ceiling that obviously exists in the financial world it's a chance club it has always been and we wanted to create a safe a frame for women to get together within the financial worlds women in sustainable finance brings together women currently founding or running businesses and initiative by women for women full of discussion rounds and lectures. but not all male colleagues are supportive one. was from my male colleague who said all this is just a chit chat group it's just women meeting and drinking coffee. to avoid more
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comments like that in the future and to encourage more women to start their own tech businesses martha raw thinks society should fundamentally revisit the way it sees women. but of course the os successful female tech found those one of them as far from senegal she program to very 1st website when she was just 16 and since then she has led various tech companies in 201614 to one of africa's most promising young entrepreneurs but she too has experienced gender discrimination. the printer is has occurred so many times that you have you know this question is it's just enough to be asked to my are you single i'm going to make the bills you know better than you on the long run that is very actually talks it but function mocked up bob rose to the top anyway she founded and now leads jango a social tech incubator that invests in and supports african startups africa has
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plenty of startup hopes but not enough tech jobs it is estimated that 20000000 tech jobs will be needed by 2050 for men and women. the mother actually also making it on the agenda keynes of course it's a good reason enough to try to be fair and balanced but are you actually want to make it's a business case because we're actually missing probably hundreds of billions gooders of g.d.p. . because we are lacking actually entrepreneurs funding. bought herself proved that investing in female run startups can be very lucrative she helped start and run the regional branches of junior and african e-commerce platform in cote d'ivoire and nigeria. is considered the african equivalent to amazon and is active in 14 different countries more than 80000 companies sell their products on
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this platform it's a huge success and given africa's projected population growth many more such innovative business ideas will be needed to create enough jobs but many young entrepreneurs lack seed capital to get the ball rolling africa itself is suffering from a very strong competitor as a general thing you have so many private equity guys you have so many institutions and by pension funds but you don't have enough venture capital so i'm looking there are computers and the only milling to venture are those acts in there it's own as a contest it's really something critical. that's why she hopes. can also get global investors to support africa. and to back more female entrepreneurs with. the. word. so do we latest figures show things are slowly improving for women in the take industry it seems that women's networks and related projects are starting to pay
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off in so many obstacles remain i think that companies. benefit a lot from more diversity in the workforce and how do we get there as long as we haunted with the cliché that men have better business ideas what a female quota help what do you think that is no for example here and now i want to let a woman have the last word with a message to all you potential female leaders out there see you soon bye bye. my 1st of this they're. my 2nd day of business go for it and the 30th this persistence and stop me now faces watching needs in order to be successful.
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