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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  October 20, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm CEST

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i. mean 60 minutes w. . every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word which in the. cold is in germany to learn german why not with a simple online. free. learning course you can speak german. hi there a very warm welcome i want to call maura and this is the 77 per cent i was show for africa's. here's what's coming up for you in the next half hour. down below we're discussing difficulties between the migrants face when they come back home. he
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joined ugandans cooling oh pizzas and do all that on an aggregate like the plague. and in kenya we need to get 100 subject to. violence just because she's a lesbian. but fost we head to north and god know where a lack of basic amenities and job prospects are pushing many people to the brink so more and more young people are risking the dangerous journey to europe some of them make it others tragically die on the way and some like how do not one not return home after facing too many said the make the right decision. has made the gender for youngsters cruel thing on the outskirts of tamani about 640 kilometers from ghana's capital i'm very happy to have it go and his and his and his and it's my. no m.p. before it all went for b.
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but these wasn't always the case with no education no money and no job and lack of prospects in ghana's no vent region dro had not to libya after many setbacks he returns to his home country in 2017 however landing that illustrate well in libya has given him a new perspective on life come in austrian imbibe but deplane me i was happy because of lend some sort of lending knowledge that you sit. back and use it only to get something to eat. it's the youth who suffer the most from development problems in nov and ghana according to unicef just 60 percent attend primary school. i mean when kolya also wanted to leave during his journey to iraq he not only avoided to death but he survived and is now
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back in ghana working with after he has people who just like he had lost faith in themselves and their holy land so if there was all the peril to send them to school got to stand up and weren't disappearance has a role to play and 2nd government also has a role to play most of those children who are seen are formal role communities religious religious well you don't they don't have access to schools so that you make those basic amenities available there were places you got a standard. of about a set of people that was to assess that there is a good assess to it to the future bright and. after home has helped more than 200 people since 2007 by giving them support and providing jobs in the region the want to make sure we have a future. was able to make their own money it's a struggle for going to go it's a struggle for more even beyond go to libya places like libya algeria libya old to europe and search for mother distant green opposes. also went after them for
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support they have too much of a country's past trauma now he's finally back on truck. look at my brother at school years says i look at my mom to do this i look at myself and go my father is number 2 i'm the man of the house now. so i'm very happy. i do not dreams of opening his own organization to help support other young people from his homeland. i'm glad the tyros choice to return home has worked out well for him believe it or not he's actually one of the lucky ones either way to me migrants across africa face many more challenges when they go back home from unemployment to stigmatization in the gun via our reporter it can mine he met with young rita knees and the international organization for migration to find out how they deal with the situation.
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the gambia is responsible for the highest number of people emigrating pro-capital than any other african nation and that's truly shocking if you consider the size of the population here but now a lot of young people are coming back in fact the international organization for migration estimates that on a monthly basis over 100 return use a stepping right back into this country question is is the country prepared to take care of them and who better to answer this question for me than at troll gambians. and we'll begin with mr demba here he is actually one of the people who left the country as an immigrant and he decided to take the back route known because it is that irregular way of going how was that journey for you was it worth it how long did it take just give you a little insight into what happened is the i came to new. you could not force the city if you don't mean when you're on
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a green or 2 to the present here having elastic going back to you see too difficult to punch through prospectors to. you know i mean you can bet it would actually you money if you don't bring money do would be to you and in most you know when you came back did you have a support system where your friends good to you did they treat you differently no i don't have support of anybody i want to. support you support me but still no no but i don't have support ok let me come are you one of the very few women actually because statistically women from the gambia don't migrate it's men who make up 97 percent of those people who are leaving and i'm curious to know as a woman if that journey was more difficult for you and if the government has been there for you since he returned is was very difficult a week me i don't talk see it and i didn't throw a lot of money back you've not need there after i get there kidney clearview i get kidney problems before i am poor mean i meet him there i think they are of me
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because that then i was going there. in. i got this that's was my still wishin is very daniels but they are very take care of me take me to the hospital a little me back you know so a lot of gratitude being expressed particularly to i.o.m. which i find interesting what does somebody you are a social analyst do you think of the gambia it's too heavily dependent on international organizations to solve a local problem. that's for sure because gambia does seem tough the capacity 200 this every right to depend on those international organizations from the national youth to the international organization for migration on the e.u. projects. if success stories that become but on billboards in the country nothing is being done here it's not ready it's not able to $103.00 tonys on the better for the international community to make sure that our young people i'm not
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seeing what i have on look for long term. pushing but mr sevan you're not talking about people who were forcibly treated back into their countries but these ones return voluntarily because of gambians where should they be taken wish will they go but they should come here what i'm saying here is under you know what's happening in libya it came about from the media because according to. the international report the european union was the disobedience who taught you and me of all young people i'm sorry i can't allow you to say such things without backing i mean we i. mean there's fact. there's no reason to be. on the international report i can send you the link you gave me a study of this stuff that is conflict ok so some very serious accusations being leveled not just against you but international organizations i hear effective as i.o.m. or any u.n. agency or any international organization our role in any country is to support the
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government it's a bit unfair to see any international organization will sold the entire problem on its own expertise is in our we assisted voluntary return in reintegration but at the same time we understand i cannot support returning forever and i think we all need to work together with many different organizations to address this issue one of them being of course the national youth council the i.o.m. as his has rightly said is not here for the long haul what are your plans for people like and don't mean you know 2030 years from now and for the thousands of others who still haven't reached the shores of. i think his arguments supporting what is an international organization is something yes but did. he have to compliment the government for lissa drudgery you all part of this government you are a representative of government and you're speaking as though it's a foreign entity what are you doing what have you done what we do is basically
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advice from government in terms of what are the new young. sponsibility it is provided for them ok i don't know what has been provided what i'm delighted is what is coming from. the discussion is to ensure that we work with government and we can bring out the example to see government hospital by that i mean dollars or $10000000.00 and this is about investment in terms of supporting young people alright let me come to will suffice here because you know we're hearing from the n.y.c. that they have plans because of things that might happen in the future but you know already doing something about it do you think your government has let you down. you know for members. but does not you know. does not work you think you know. almost every talk a i want to us as well who is another social analyst it sounds like the more we dig into this issue the more complex it appears to be so what needs to happen to
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resolve it if every step towards resolution compounds into another one we are feeling our young people and we are continuing to feel our young people and that's not the kind of news i want to be putting out there because we don't have it i mean how can you leave it national project which should be responsibility of the state to sort of sponsibility use our citizens what plans have been good for the future what are we doing not in fact of what to ensure that in 202-020-3020 extension 35 when most attending here get talking about the same issues what this is happening now is because we have feared to be a country for these people that is why they want to leave anybody who decides to do . political economy is a problem in our country ok on the topic of reintegration as a solution to deter future irregular migrants how does that work how does one become reintegrated back into the country a lot of this reintegration happens on an individual basis so there are questions
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of sustainability especially when it comes to how communities are being supported so one thing we want to do with i.o.m. is to shift reintegration to be community based what that means to develop projects for that involve the entire community so we can ensure that other individuals who have not yet migrated irregularly can benefit from these projects very quickly dr i want to finish with you what do you think the gambian needs looking forward so that we're not discussing the same thing 2 years from now people are put in so we must develop otherwise we'd be doing the same thing government cannot employ everybody but everybody is a businessman some people i wouldn't support. explore and see how we can help to develop so they can live in dignity to live in countries will go and look for dignity in some other place and that's what we're thinking about very well and that's where we're going to conclude this conversation is definitely very complex and multi-layered at the beginning we asked the question what does it take to get people to stop migrating here regularly so was resoundingly give them something to
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stay for thank you for. a big thanks to everyone who was involved in the debate as always you can watch a longer version of that debate on our you tube channel hands up those of you who can drive. ok but how many of you can raise a cow over a bumpy gravel road like these. folks who you think carry me but for susan one gift from uganda what are we seeing is her life's dream and she's pretty good at it too. motor sport fans in uganda will do anything to cheer their teams was i dreamed a limb sport has a big following among both men and women 2 2 was but things look quite different in
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the cockpit. we had just over 50 license drive us into national championship. almost exclusively men but the phrase one woman who runs the best. of all when i had just gotten little did they know that these so of course i was young by then that this young lady who had come up to challenge man everybody despised me that is a lady the speeds. whatever over. mistakes in the national championship are high and susan more often gets nervous when her rivals are on the truck. and fast so you become anxious. but let our own when you get to the tide when i get to the stats and. i drop
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all the fellows. it is not easy. hock or driver knows how to give someone a boast when the competition is stiff. so i also tend to be a lady more in such a moment when she feels likely to be depressed the guys are faster than her and there is still a no we are fast. team strategy seems to be paying off when she sits on this super league she's known to have funds can be an catchable. in 20 living the longest surprised me when she won uganda's national rally championship. she wanted to gain last year the only african woman ever to achieve such racing success i remember myself i don't know i can't tell everything. as long as i mean so i've lived my life so from the one. to have funds and especially to women
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belong is an icon of empowerment and to her. she is a right for to be broken we've read it watched the competition. from one strong woman to the next this lady here is mary with me from kenya looks like any other happy woman well what you don't see in this picture is the horrific violence she has faced the reason mary easily and in kenya like in many african countries homosexual relationships some people like mary find themselves living in fear. but in a minute of their lives which means. sometimes i ask myself why. just because i used to love to find
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if it weren't for mary. you had a hard time guessing what she's been through mary identifies as a lesbian that is why his stepfather cast her out onto the street when she was told a child that is why she was so tired by a group of men as a teenager and infected with hiv. they took down. to me all of them and then after me baffled. by the pool of my own blood. type thinking question if they even killed myself that's because they have done that. through my work over there so i know i was pregnant. and i'm so thankful for growth who may cause some in 10 years later. i can see the mama. he said. give me. his son christopher has given mary strength when
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facing prejudice. and we did this really we did. because they're bringing evil on the world god created adam and eve not adam and eve. it's not accepted here we can't do that and have never learned with that it's our behavior to be created selves all they are born like that i don't know i see it is i'm not which is again it's good but all the hostility she's saying countered hasn't broken marriage spirit so you start asking yourself. a minute that this guy. or i'm unique in my own way to because all that different in theirs and make me reza what he wants everybody when love goes well love i don't know what this world would. mary hopes that
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one day she won't have to fear prison meant for women and that she might be able to morrow she laughs. hall i haven't. been. here. but it looks like marry him with his dream when it come true any time soon a few months ago the high court upheld the existing ban on same sex relationships it's a painful setback not just for mary but also for one of all of us just like mary he feels discriminated against so he got in touch with the love and relationship expert. she reveals what's really behind kenya's anti-gay law. hello there and welcome to the spread a safe space where we get to discuss everything sex and relationships today we got
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an e-mail from ted and it's a really important question he asked their cast thank you for creating a platform for us to be open about our sexuality i recently came out to my friends as gay and it seems like people around me seem to hate the idea of it i sometimes get bullied at uni and can't seem to understand what the fear of homosexuality is really about can you explain it thank you so much for that e-mail ted and i'm really sorry that you have to go through that but in order for me to explain to you the origins of homophobia i'm going to have to take you back to 181007 before the british criminalized same sex relationship why are you aware that homosexuality existed in many countries across africa and been in for example homosexuality was considered a rite of passage among boys in some kenyan cultures same sex relations were given marriage status complete with dowry payment in some buntu cultures a woman can marry another woman if she's barren and able to bear children for her husband these are some of the examples of practices that existed prior to european
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and arab intrusion and then we were colonized in our laws were written for us and some things were added into the constitution and then these new religious practices are what instilled shame and fear and to be honest homophobia centry exist because homosexuality is hyper sexualized which means same sex is looks everything like sex and nothing like love so based off of this alone it's clear to see that the fear of homosexuality is actually manmade most fear is man made and passed down through radical teaching but the good thing about fear is that we can learn it by facing it there's nothing wrong with 2 people loving each other as long as they're not harming themselves or other people my advice to you is the kind and gentle with yourself and try to find spaces where people are going to accept you for exactly who you are like here i hope i was able to answer your question and i know that you're going to be great from the cast so many times thank you for the insight and
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if you have any questions folks have write to us. now let's head to beneath from beaches to historic sites the nation's biggest city quick to know has something for everyone. at this takes us on a tour of his house. welcome and thank you for being with us you know my name is. probably. like to introduce you to my city where i was born where grew up this beautiful city it's called welcome to my city my city where i. come all loves the vibrant life of cotton oh here he is semi johnson on locally as sam's make sure any trip across the city is cheap and fast come all is taking us to the neighborhood where he grew up his family still lives here the train station is part of the legend of bigamy as well as the market place where my mom used to have a stunning welcome to become
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a. big army is located in the center of cotton a lot but it's still small like a village everyone knows everyone here around 700000 people even called to know making it means biggest city as well as the political and economical capital been in pecan independent from the french in 1960 for almost 20 years and follow that max's ideology which is still visible in the cities i could talk for come on the history of this country is also a source of inspiration that in the past the hour trip has gone. on there very well the on. the same. way i didn't want to. come out texas to the most symbolic place in cotton as you know this place is called martyrs square it's someone you meant in memory of the patriotic soldiers who fell in 1973 when the french. invaded by. when we try to
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walk through the government if obama don't much you can. come all is not just a politically engaged artist but also a successful businessman. in 2016 he opened his restaurant to bamboo gnumeric on the esplanade in the heart of the city. bamboo numeric bake has become a meeting point for young people from all over the world visiting benyamin and it's also the perfect spot to enjoy come ons john sessions believes. were designed for the wrong d.c. the long i'm good to see love gone. missing. like everyone else come on loves to go to the beach to relax it was a great pleasure to introduce you to my city of this special place and bell which we love so much we are here at a place of pleasure and relaxation
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a beautiful beach don't forget to visit and see our beautiful beach. our show is coming to an end and i hope you what inspired. entertained or even better all 3 you can let us know what issues not talk to you via facebook or. coming up in the next edition nigeria's alternation in 4 jumped up to double by 20 hours for it to easy money discusses the young people and what in the north of the country how to deal with expected. you've already met commodity raji as a round could you know. that's well oh it is now why did you up the show with his piece let alone is it enjoy. just follow.
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the. good. i mean you need to go. on the whole album i want to discuss the launch. of it. just wanna suck you. want to use it. you know what you just saw says the mouse and the. elders are dollars.
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he takes good personally with the wonderful people and stories that make the games so special. for true fans following was. a.
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good. 30 minutes on d w. unity and justice and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central values that formed the foundation of this country and how have these values developed to post war germany come hard is it is who lives by and defend the principles of unity justice and freedom in our every day miles above our german history serious starts october 21st on d w. 2 fronts dear antonio there's a scene here and when your mother was born in 1969 the world was already 8 years old and you know my grandchildren were born after the wall fell morning read in the financial. 3 generations one family on a journey through
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a recent german history. the boy. starts number 60 on t w. this is a 15 year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a boy for talking back and class. for the rest of the class watches. appearing tall 1st being the. but his mother. breaking up wants. his child sleeps in the streets because her family through. fear. online. pushes a teenager over the edge. just because you can see violence or comes to children doesn't mean others and there are make them visible visible opus might violence or
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comes children disappear. this is d.w. news live from berlin another break that extension is on the table you can prime minister boris johnson was compelled to write to the e.u. asking for a delay he also wrote a separate letter saying he doesn't want one this comes after the u.k. parliament voted to put off ratifying his brakes a deal. also coming out.


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