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would you like to explore most of the winter tribute to g.w. dar com slash trouble good luck and enjoy some. of this is due to over the news live from berlin protesters in hong kong the 5 band to make their voices heard thousands of demonstrators take to the streets for an unauthorized rally undeterred by recent violent attacks on pro-democracy activists also coming up. another brags that extension is on the table british prime minister barak johnson writes to the e.u. asking for him to lay even though he doesn't want one this comes after the u.k.
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parliament voted to put off ratifying his proxy deal. and brazilian photographers sebastiaan sold out so got 0 has been awarded this is prize peace prize of the german book trade. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program protesters in hong kong undefined police and recent attacks on pro-democracy activists to attend an un authorized march police say anyone attending risks arrest protesters have set fire to barricades and tear gas and water cannons have been fired by police demonstrators and pushing for more democratic freedom in the semi autonomous chinese territory tensions are high after a prominent rally organizer and an activist handing out flyers were brutally
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attacked earlier this week. over the latest we're joined by day to be correspondent charlotte shells and pill he's in hong kong charlotte tell us what's happening there at the moment. rebecca hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people have been back on the streets today is really turning into another violent evening we've seen news very liberally on the streets with that said blue dye which is so often used here in hong kong designed to to stain and mock anybody who is hits in an attempt to try and identify them perhaps arrest them later and then of course tear gas as well round after round of tear gas canisters have been fired at protesters now this protest did begin very peacefully we had people of all ages on the streets but then as is the passage at these protests police moved in to clear the protesters out because after all this is an unauthorized protest left behind the young people mainly who are on
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the front lines who've been engaged in these clashes with police we what we've really seen in the last few hours is that a cat and mouse game between the police and protesters is one follows another to various different locations and just remind us about what happened this week some pro-democracy pro-democracy activists were attacked has that impacted the focus of today's protest. there are a number of things that really fueling the anger here in this particular process when it was all denies it was. under the label fight against the face off ban which has been introduced by the government but since those 2 attacks which took place earlier this week that really has fueled the anger and among people here those images gruesome images of the 2 attacks have gone viral here on social media is on the everybody's been talking about including pro-democracy who will make is now one of those people who were attacked was the convener of the civil human rights front
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that is the organization that regionally planned this rally before it was called off by police say the very high profile figure here in hong kong he was attacked with hamad very brutal images that he was his only head he is still in hospital he said to be in that it is stable condition at the moment and then last night another protest a stamp to including it in the stomach gruesome images that one person has been arrested suspected of carrying out at a time you shall not chosen people in hong kong thanks very much for the update. now to some of the other stories making news around the world in lebanon tens of thousands of people have a game taken to the streets it's the 4th day of protest since the government proposed new taxes and part of an austerity measures aimed at combating a growing economic crisis the protesters blame the a political elite for the poor state of the economy. more than $60000.00 passengers a german airports are facing delays or cancellations after cabin crew extended
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a strike the walkout was called over pay and legal status of the union. 3 people have died during protests in chill a against public transport fare hikes presidents about sebastian pinera announced the price increases would be suspended following days of violent protests the unrest has been chile's worst in decades. indonesian president junko. doto has been sworn in for a 2nd and final term window a former furniture salesman has pledged to attract more investment and focus on improving the country's human resources in his inauguration speech he said he expected poverty to be wiped out in indonesia of the next 2 decades. and today after what was being hailed as super saturday in the british parliament it looks like another breaks and extension could be on the table u.k. lawmakers version to postpone ratifying a deal struck between prime minister barak johnson and the e.u.
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just a few days ago johnson then sent a series of contradictory letters to brussels the 1st asking for breaks a delay followed by a later text reaffirming his determination for the u.k. to leave the e.u. by the end of october. mixed messages from british prime minister boris johnson one letter to council president donald tusk requesting a briggs extension but left unsigned. and another letter to tuscon arguing against such a delay this time bearing the u.k. prime minister's signature. 6000 side parliament demonstrators cheered as british lawmakers voted to delay the approval of the drugs that deal forcing johnson to send a request to the new hundreds of thousands marched through the streets of london calling for a 2nd referendum. johnson repeatedly said he would not ask for a delay post vote here made defiant i will not negotiate
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a delay with. i am neither does the law compel me to do so i will tell all friends and colleagues in the e.u. exactly what i've told everyone in the last 88 days that i've served as prime minister good job or do they would be bad for this country. i'm fine. to democracy but legal experts and opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn said johnson was legally bound to day is a historic day for parliament because it said it will not be blackmailed by a prime minister who is apparently prepared once again to defy a law passed by this parliament i invite you to think very carefully about the remarks he just made about refusing apparently to apply for the extension which the e.u. number 2 act requires him to do. no matter how the response the prime minister
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says he's determined to get briggs it done by the end of the month for northern ireland influential democratic unionist party is still unconvinced over the deal brokered by johnson and members have said they'll now consider all previous amendments which includes one backing a 2nd referendum on the prospects of which could further brighten the mood among the throngs still clinging to their european dream. devaney's bomber of a cell is covering the story for us in london earlier i asked her what boris johnson is hoping to unchanged by sending different contradictory letters to the. first chance of course is trying to scan for the intention of parliament to slow down the whole breadth of process and to force him into a more obligations and more promise is put down on paper to for instance keep the safeguard workers' rights environmental and consumer rights after brics it because this is basically about
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a total breakdown of trust because between the opposition and some of the rebel army off this parliament here and on the other hand the government the opposition really doesn't trust for a sunset as far as they can throw him they don't believe a word he says and they still are very suspicious off his intentions they fear that he might yet somehow manage to sort of pressure. britain without a deal if not now at the end of october there next year at the end of the interim period when this deal was the e.u. runs out so there is just basic problem in parliament is trying to sort of arrest back control from drugs and at least steer the managing of the brakes it with their own hands. and borrow a vessel speaking to us from london a little bit earlier resilin photographer sebastian else salgado has been awarded this year's peace prize of the german book trade the prize worth 25000 euros is
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awarded for contributions to literature science or art in support of pace so danno was recognized for his artistic commitment to the fight for social justice as well as conservation and climate protection his images consistently taken in black and white have featured in numerous exhibitions and books. sebastiano salgado 1st gained international acclaim for these photos taken in 1986 to show workers at the center of the world's largest open cast gold mine in brazil. so got his photo perfect almost staged leading critics to accuse him of sizing human suffering but for the photographer they simply represent reality i born in brazil or in a shorter pictures like. it's not to provoke a conflict in the concept of you know what it is i'm sure on the side my side of it
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will. in his latest project salgado his return to his roots be amazon he says that 20 percent of its area has been destroyed in the past 50 years and the destruction continues. to blames current brazilian president on our own. satisfaction for the business he has allowed for it destroyed the forecast now because of the international pressure he's saying that he's for a 2nd it's just not the true. along with his wife lilia sebastiano so god who continues to use his art to draw attention to the exploitation of people and the planet and he's the 1st photographer to receive the peace prize of the german book trade it's a tribute to his ability to say so much without words. of. german
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football news now in saturday's bundesliga match up ups all by munich visit fellow bavarians. a game that ended in a surprise draw and put one of binds and germany's best defenders out of competition for the near future. byron legend thomas muller's starting yet another match on the bench with his teammates on the pitch not really present at the start either oxburgh took the lead after 27 seconds marco richter scoring against a sleepy munich defense i and things got even worse when defender nick glass ziller went down with a torn new ligament he's out for at least several months not only for biron but for the german national team. byron did finally wake up in the match at aldeburgh when robert leaven dosti type things with his 12th goal of the season. a few minutes into the 2nd half surge going to put by. and in front of the bavarian nailing a pinpoint shot to the corner. but byron blew
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a number of other chances substitute muller missing here. and they paid the price in injury time albert from bogus and rounded out the 2 to final score my sarah g'kar dover teed it up nicely for him and albert celebrated a surprise point. when you seen our team's mentality is to keep on believing to the end and we have to believe or we won't achieve anything in the bundesliga the only buyer meanwhile missed their chance to go top of the table. for us to finish and let you have so many chances you waste so many of them it's hard to explain to shots on goal 2 goals it felt like $25.00 chances and only 2 goals that's not enough that's what i thought as a civilian ish nico call that his team has some work to do to get back on track up. without a win in their last 2 matches as they welcomed to the east of germany on saturday false flag is 2nd in the lake and gave the hosts all they could handle in
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a 11 troll. off to a slow for us tof of group one open us will the hosts take the lead a huge clearance from peter good luck she found team oh very top and the strike a muscled his way through to an open go hardly typical light switch tactics but typical of strength and pace from the german international saw him send the red bulls in front with his 6 league goal of the season. but both have their own talismanic striker and in the 82nd minute he'll never destroy us i touch number 9 vote very forced finishing off a clever move with a smooth not made to bring things level and snatch a draw was we continue the way we continue to fix we are still on beat and what i said it's a tough game here way we came to treat points. but sometimes in so much as yours are to be honest you have to be. satisfied with what a part of after 8 games votes for are still the last beaten team to take.
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as train an airline quantas has completed the 1st the longest ever nonstop commercial passenger flight the boeing 787 dreamliner took off from new york with 49 passengers and crew on board.


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