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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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this is the w. news live from berlin protesters in hong kong defy a ban on making their voices heard thousands of demonstrators take to the streets for an authorized rally undeterred by recent violent attacks on pro-democracy activists also coming up. thousands turn out. for 4th day they're protesting protesting austerity measures aimed at tackling the country's crippling economic crisis. and polls have closed in bolivia an unprecedented 4th term remains uncertain for
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a left wing president able to run this. a 1000000 blue cross thanks for joining us in hong kong protesters attended a march despite authorities efforts to ban it protesters have blocked streets and set fire to barricades police met the under arrest with tear gas and water cannon this is part of months of widespread outrage by residents who see their semiautonomous freedom getting sold out in mainland china. tensions are particularly high after a protest leader and another activist were brutally attacked earlier this week i. protest went on into the night defying a ban by police by then things had descended into chaos. i don't see from the reporter and her camera man were confronted by police that the nothing was
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happening now that you know who did the guy was look it was the authorities had forbidden the rally in a high end shopping district some protesters said they were simply there to check out the merchandise. my i just want to disprove the song was fast. paced the my stuff from the from the office of my. back. the stakes seem to be rising sunday's violence follows the stabbing and beating of 2 pro-democracy protesters this week. demonstrators targeted mainland chinese own shops and banks and they had special venom for the city's chief executive kerry lamb who many see as a chinese pop it was the. over the.
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first world tour the earth was the informal to the biggest number little kind of the whole i fumble or the top of the sea floor. with passions running high demonstrators don't seem to be in the mood to back down any time soon but the protests are also gripping lebannon for a 4th consecutive day hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets to express their anti-government grievances it started with new taxes to address severe economic crisis but when those plans were dropped protests expanded to wider dissatisfaction with corruption and incompetence. they have come in their thousands thronging list streets of beirut protesters gather for a 4th day of demonstrations. sunday drew the largest crowd yet all over
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lebanon anger at a corrupt political class and an ineffective government has reached a boiling point. and what is not to these ministers and legislators should be fair and in jail the thieves they were boring money from other countries on behalf of the lebanese but then put it in their own pockets but your motto is that the money this government has done nothing but divide us as well as making us poor citizens must retain their dignity this is why we won't leave the streets without taking down the regime and forming a transitional government with exceptional powers to rebuild the country the ordinary people had xabi and i just can't afford it anymore there are no good schools electricity and no water. basic needs in lebanon are not being met and these are the demands of each person here and. then almost all. that. i began as a protest over proposed tax hikes turned into demand for sweeping change high
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unemployment poor public services and a soaring government debt as you noted lebanon's diverse religious sects in protest prime minister saad hariri on friday promised far reaching reforms but he was put under further pressure when lebanon's christian leader went on air and announced the withdrawal of his party from government do you see it. he has decided to awesome in a says to resign from government i. what becky and to assist on our demand to form a new government. fall away from the current majority of ministers of music and heidi. late on sunday reports emerged that the governing coalition had agreed on a reform package that would slash government wages cut the budget deficit and overhaul
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the electricity sector. the embattled hariri will hope that the reforms satisfy those calling for change on the streets. and polls have now closed in bolivia where voters have been deciding whether to give left wing president abel morales a 4th term around his face a tough race opinion polls suggesting an outright victory i think difficult for him to win that could trigger a runoff election in may december as has been credited with lifting millions of people out of poverty but also accused is also accused of corruption and anti democratic rule. at this market in the past the presidential election was the number one talking point when a simple no it's time for change more on this has been in power for too long at the moment look ok i got a label i want ever modalist to carry on until 2025. leftist evo morales has governed bolivia for the past 13 years and he took the lead in
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pre-election polls the full macaca foma has improved conditions for the country's indigenous population puns now has a modern climate friendly cable khan network the economy has been growing for years thanks mainly to bolivia's gas exports. but not honest candidacy is controversial as the constitution bans him from running for a 4th time. and you know what the now for the since that's the perception is that the president has deliberately ignored throughout sat. many bolivians of war eat that morale is believe know the rules in future to it but if he did that that may be a letter that. the president is facing criticism for the fine is that ravished one of these rain forest this year the backlash could cost him the election. now to some other stories making news around the world there have been more violent
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protests in chile despite the government announcing the suspension of a controversial metro fare hike at least 2 airlines have canceled flights to santiago which has been put into state under a state of emergency officials report 7 people dead in fires were laid into the unrest. indonesian president yoko we doto has been sworn in for a 2nd and final term we go to as pledged to attract more investment and focus on improving education and creating jobs in his inauguration speech he said he expected poverty to be wiped out in indonesia over the next 2 decades. following elections in switzerland the right wing people's party remains the strongest force in parliament despite a slip in support green opposition parties made unexpected gains because of the country's unique electoral system remains unclear whether the greens will become
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part of the government which parliament will vote for in december. the european union is reportedly set to grant the u.k. a 3 month breck's it extension if prime minister boris johnson can't get the deal he struck with brussels past his own m.p.'s in the coming week. u.k. lawmakers voted on saturday to postpone ratifying the proposed deal struck between johnson and the e.u. the prime minister has told brussels he doesn't want to delay and that he's determined brecht's it will happen on october 31st. that we have reached the best possible a tale of 2 letters after a day of parliamentary wrangling boris johnson was forced to write to the e.u. requesting get another brags that delay he had earlier said he would rather be dead in a ditch than request another extension to show is on happiness he did not sign the letter to his fellow brigadiers that was making the best of a bad business letter was sent because paul and it required to be sent paul it
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consists of the letter was sent the poem and can't change the prime minister's mind as if to prove that point johnson then sent another letter more true to his heart arguing against any delay and this time he signed it so with less than 2 weeks until oct 31st what will happen next. some are bracing for more legal and parliamentary maneuvers that could bog down any progress meanwhile the idea of having another referendum on leaving the e.u. seems to be gaining ground hundreds of thousands of protesters massed in london while parliament was in session calling for britain to remain in the e.u. . we feel it's take the time of this result to get back to people we've got to do a lot more thinking it's not all right just to say well it's been 3 years now well that's it with that no will i think i'm a bit confused about what happens next i'm not quite sure want is a deal i i think the people who are on a state want to delay so they can have
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a referendum after years of wrangling over brags that many britons and people in the rest of the e.u. are exhausted by all the drama but the latest away means the play will run a little longer. to have your correspondent barbara vai's all sent us this report from london. how often have we said that the coming week may be decisive for pricks it this time it could really be the case in spite of the extension which forced johnson had to ask for in brussels over the weekend something he did was ill grace and that face. a scottish court will decide on monday whether the prime minister is therefore in contempt of parliament and of the law the leader of the conservatives in the house of commons has meanwhile tables a fresh attempt to have a meaningful vote on the breakthrough deal was the e.u. for this monday senior tories like my could go and dominate drop it declared on sunday they were confident if the numbers to push it through and therefore to be
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able to leave the e.u. an october 31st as pledge but this speaker of the house might yet prevent this no voting on the same bill till the outcome fits the government he had already told to reason may last winter. australian airline quantas has made aviation history setting a new record for the longest nonstop commercial flight the journey from new york to sydney was part of a series of test flights to help the airline launch new ultra long haul routes to give the plane sufficient fuel range the aircraft took off with a full tank a restricted baggage load and just $49.00 people on board weeks before they were to graze sadat's some i was 6 right place so let's touch down in sydney off to 19 hours and 16 minutes in the air competing the longest commercial passenger flight to date and its journey huff way around the globe the quantize boeing 787
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dreamliner covered 16200 kilometers. the test flight with 49 passengers and crew on board was conducted to see how ultra long haul and travel can affect pilots crew and passengers. off to taking off in new york the crew kept on the cabin lines to each user jetlag instead of dimming them as there's no money down on a night flight i'm feeling wonderful because i followed the passengers of the advice to the passengers which was to immediately go. on to sydney to the moment we stepped on the plane in new york we did special exercises in the cabin crew thanks to sizes to refresh and revive the passengers we had special hydration advice was on the picture. the flight was the 1st step to its quantas goal of operating nonstop flights connecting sydney with new york and
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london which would save passengers up to 4 hours of travel time so we need to show that this can be done safely the company tone with with the rest that we have for the pros we believe that this to this information will help us get there. to more research flights a planned and if you're wondering about the long haul flights comp and footprint qantas hasn't given any specifics but said that will call up and emissions from the flight will be offset. there watching t w news coming up next it's the bonus league. shelter only needed to be hoffenheim on sunday to go to the top of the table did they manage it 1st hiring 10 and his guests we'll have that and a complete wrap of the weekend in just a few moments on the board asleep. meanwhile don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's t w dot com or follow us on twitter at u.w.
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news i'm willing to cross to berlin thanks for watching. and i don't need to keep it there you go in the boats. oh for the russian home the 4th time for the last machine that we can unlock the door that is the bottom of the valley that the last dragons in this water as we call the heart of the 2 years. did agree but. i'm not laughing at the jam. just sometimes i am but i said nothing when shit happens because you haven't fixed even.


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