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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2019 2:15am-2:31am CEST

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send us your story you are trying always to understand this new culture. another very little another guest you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for a while information. men seem in goma exults in opera but he earns his living driving a taxi in his hometown of durban south africa. the la economy a passenger took a video of him singing and it went viral. these going high. but is the hype enough to launch
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a real career carlos. was no used bottom the only flaw oh. man he knows every street and alley in durban he's been driving on them for 2 years now and when he drives he loves to sing often to the surprise of his passengers was all was she. saying the thought is that it's a radio old saddam city your years besides all that bad a lot of play i'm just i'm just going to let go and then they let. things that is that really you and all of your it's only. since the video came out his phones hardly stopped to ringing with invitations to castings inquiries from sponsors and bookings for performances let's take this. and all. kinds remotely you know
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i'm going to sell i'm going to i'm going to be rammed. home you. know morning you want i could. go down because. we have an introductory hour in the month oh i mean if you know we induct here and we have you do you know what you think you know kind of thing we were ok you oh really this. it's just me talking something that is nothing you can't see in the stuff. they just tell you to. it's just get to my emotions so much because i didn't realize it will go the spot i thought maybe it can just go to to facebook maybe a 100 or 2 on the hill was one of them or just saying can you bring that guy to come and perform in my wedding or something like that just just
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a small things would solve a world like incident. in fact he had long been active in durban's music scene performing at concerts and taking part in competitions but it had never been more than a hobby. now every one of his rehearsals is live streamed menzi hopes to keep people talking about him. the. news it teacher said below makhanya has known n.z. since childhood but even before menzies big discovery they met several times a month to practice mensing never formally studied voice. since he was young i can see that he's got something special i'm i'm so proud of him for his achievement in the moment. i don't even know it's full for 48 the m m m m m
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m so peaceful in front of his it's amazing this is i've been praying for this for a long time and i seen him on stage is you know because the even if he does have a target. he's even received a call from a men's wear shop which lent him a tuxedo for his next performance. please . i'm really pleased to. break up this. strasser. sure it's. like an opera singer a guy who's driving and he sings i'm a cook it is very interesting you know so i'm just through i was really excited to meet him and deceiving birds and now that i see him in person. the next day nancy
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takes a plane from durban to cape town he's been invited to perform at the voices of south africa singing competition he's optimistic. it's a good life this is how. the public sees you. i'm so excited about this to the whole team just books kids are. it's sad to see him. even so menzi is seen as the underdog many of his competitors are professionals who studied music formally for added motivation the prize money is 30000 round about 2000 euro says. the son of home he even gives it one last run through in the dressing room was. an great relief.
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he sings an aria from the opera tama nano by gaynor peter chandel of the the. the. come. out of the. heaven. was. was. the audience approved. by the city for our history for the so that it was too full of his voice and the single had to do and each and every phase was amazing
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and wonderful and well as such as a my son means a performance of a beat improving his voice was amazing. time for the jury's decision. to. release. these. before. i. think that's the experience yeah yeah he wants us to take. it to now will come to. a. back in durban a few weeks later. and then she lives in this township with his partner and 2
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children. they're going to get out of the city for a while and visit his parents in the country. but my family's by the study comes home it was the old limbo must where you find that like the whole segment that will come out so many with so cause so good subplots one person. means in one. news it's like competition saw that will come my dead it will take off. and then my mom was not. in the way they were dressed up the. soul it was just a good thing. uhm julie. the menzies parents are both talented
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singers they used to sing in a choir and often used to sing at home as well. she often will do all these are told. on display in the living room or the trophies menzi one at regional singing contests. menzi has great ambitions in december he plans to fly to the united states for a casting he shows his mother his fundraising page by which he hopes to raise the money for the trip from people he's never personally met. opportunity for the former. leisure although they are. not. the last i am being stout. there is only one goal for me is to be an interest now performa. that's all and that's only my wish i just want to be an internet stop performa been reported as when i go to china i've been recognised when i go to
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england are being recognised everywhere so that's my wish. menzies father is an out of work truck driver and his mother is a traditional healer he joined together to communicate with their ancestors the suit tradition and pray for menzies success. of a vehicle or one. of the part of the city to new york but the greater the pride the higher the expectations of. what he wanted. i'm very excited and happy that my son may even be going abroad. but he mustn't forget his roots away he comes from coal. oh my course he's going to represent the family without writing about us. and he should think of us as parents even if all
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goes well for him as mayor night. jim didn't walk. on but in the meantime countless other videos have also gone viral on social media the big hype over menzi is dying down. time and that the only ones who come out call myself a hustler i'm special so by that i just don't carry that and then have that evil but i because at the end of the day you saw on the 5 that i did and it's a i need to put bread on the table so i can say i'm special and keep keep motivated myself with nonsense so i just need to i just need to wake up and what this is south africa that people do with my status that people will take but they don't weigh. the. next rehearsal in durban together with the city's modest circle of opera singers
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hardly any of them can manage to earn a living with their music. eat. nancy's friends and colleagues are all rooting for him. i must say the cause. must say the ghost of an impatient which is a pussy i am. at the moment says menzies luck is on his side so he's got to use it while he can and hope for a turn on the big opera stage. on the. los cheek.
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truism on the monday. with the construction boom to. kristie lu seems to have made way for a new island airports and luxury hotels nothing but the best for 1st class tourists but who is looking after the environment. thousands next to dublin. and justice
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and freedom the 1st words of the german national anthem and the 3 central values that form the foundation of this country. most country has the heaviest cohesion despite its diversity years. ago in germany more. in 45 minutes on d w. luxury behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered. big brands have committed to fair working conditions and sustainable production. but who is monitoring the some contractors. and investigative
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documentary goes to italy and china and looks pretty high in the glamorous. a fresh . look surety. starts non-membership. welcome to global 3000 this week we meet a young entrepreneur who's helped breathes life back into a russian village on the brink of extinction. the multi a stunning and more and more luxury hotels and airports are being built that we look at the downside of tourism. and we head to uganda where p. .


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