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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2019 8:00am-8:31am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the biggest show of dissent lebanon has seen in decades hundreds of thousands turned out for the 4th day of protests over tax hikes and corruption some are calling for a revolution against the embattled government also coming up boris johnson promises to deliver breaks it in 10 days time conservative lawmakers say he's got the numbers to get his deal passed so what stands in the way of abuts. and recent scandals have taken the shine off can it is sunny prime minister justin trudeau is
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in a close race from a conservative challenger as candidate votes today in national polls. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program calls for change are ringing out in the streets of lebannon as the wave of dissent continues for 4 consecutive days hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in protest against the government a rolled out of new taxes triggered the outcry the government has since backtracked but that hasn't stopped the spread of public discontent. protesters gathered for a 4th day of demonstrations. sunday drew the largest crowd yet all over lebanon anger at a corrupt political class and. effective government has reached boiling point. why
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didn't these ministers and legislators should be thrown in jail that thieves were boring money from other countries on behalf of the lebanese but then put it in their own pockets you know what does this government has done nothing but divide us as well as making us poor citizens must retain their dignity this is why we won't leave the streets without taking down the regime and forming a transitional government with exceptional powers to rebuild the country. right now . people can't afford it anymore there are no good schools electricity and no water . basic needs in lebanon are not being met and these are the 2 months of each person here and. then almost all. that. what began as a protest over proposed tax hikes turned into demand for sweeping change high unemployment poor public services and
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a soaring government debt as you noted lebanon's diverse religious sects in protest prime minister saad hariri on friday promised far reaching reforms but he was put under further pressure when lebanon's christian leader went on air and announced the withdrawal of his party from government do you see it going to be a good one. has decided to awesome ministers the to resign from government i. what that keyed and to assist on on demand to form a new government. fall away from the current majority of ministers of music and how the. late on sunday reports emerged that the governing coalition had agreed on a reform package that would slash government wages cut the budget deficit and overhaul the electricity sector. the embattled hariri will hope that the rich. form satisfy
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those calling for change on the streets. we're joined by our correspondent in beirut by so the government there is promising to address at least some of the protesters grievances are the demonstrators satisfied with that good morning the protests as they start to slide by old beast packages announced by the government with an. from now we're going to have a cabinet meeting. old the forces. on forces. to proceed the heavy security measures the presidential palace so right now old be. completely blocked. to. make sure that the old the employees won't go to the old. we. meant what the protesters demanding right now the
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government that is the nation that needed no other option in the coming days. to tell us more about what the government is actually promising right now because it says it's going to put in place reforms that will satisfy the protesters demands what are those planned reforms. right but. we mentioned the. meetings with the political parties. maybe maybe. they wish that old. but as i mentioned
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before. they can do this now in beirut. lebanon. government the nation. all the. many years ago. so how do you see this playing out that sounds like the protests are going to continue many of the demonstrators are calling for the government to resign can the government survive this. nation. the government can survive but if you're going to.
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go from. a very tense situation. thank you jim. now over to london a defiant boris johnson there has vowed to deliver bragg's it within the next 10 days and his conservative party allies are backing his push for a vote in parliament the u.k. foreign minister says he believes the prime minister has the votes to get his brags that deal through british lawmakers on saturday postponed taking up the proposed deal with the european union that required johnson to request another extension something he had been refusing to do. that we have reached the best possible a tale of 2 letters after
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a day of parliamentary wrangling boris johnson was forced to write to the e.u. requesting get another brags that delay he had earlier said he would rather be dead in a ditch than request another extension to show is on happiness he did not sign the letter to his fellow brags a tears that was making the best of a bad business letter was sent because paul and it required to be sent home and consists of the letter was sent the poem and come change the prime minister's mind as if to prove that point johnson then sent another letter more true to his heart arguing against any delay and this time he signed it so with less than 2 weeks until oct 31st what will happen next. some are bracing for more legal and parliamentary maneuvers that could bog down any progress meanwhile the idea of having another referendum on leaving the e.u. seems to be gaining ground hundreds of thousands of protesters massed in london while parliament was in session calling for britain to remain in the e.u.
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. we feel it's take the time out of this we've got to get back to people we've got to do a lot more thinking it's not right to say well it's been 3 years now well that's it with that no will i think i'm a bit confused about what happens next i'm not quite sure why is it a lie i think if we were on a stage one of the lie so they can have a referendum after years of wrangling over brags that many britons and people in the rest of the e.u. are exhausted by all the drama but the latest away means the play will run a little longer. oh did reveal has been following the breaks it saga from the beginning she joins us now from london barbara boris johnson is not giving up what do you make of those around him who say he can still get a break is it done by october 31st. yeah they would of course say that terry i mean they're they can't be seen to be giving up and they can't be
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seen to be desperate and now british newspapers set all sunday trying to calculate the odds if he could get the deal through are now not and they all say it's on a knife edge if one or 2 of parliamentarians strange their. opinion overnight or till tomorrow then it could go the other way but we're not there yet it is quite likely that he is not going to get another meaningful vote in parliament today it all hinges on the speaker the man we order parliament so so nicely and came to international fame with it and he can decide that it's possible to bring the same this same vote 2 times just in order to sort of push it through you know if you don't like the 1st round you just go for another round and say let's try again so he might not allow it and then all the whole drama is going to be pushed back til tomorrow and then everything is again up for grabs so we can
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still hear john bercow the speaker there saying order barbara you've been shuttling between london and brussels where those this latest development leave brussels or e.u. leaders inclined to give the u.k. another extension on. of course in the end they will they are not going to be the ones who pushed britain over the break definitely absolutely not in spite of all the talk of say you know tough talk saying no we don't want this anymore not another extension oh they don't want it because they exist for aged because they think that this wrecks it so i got this ongoing drama is poison in the waters politically but they will sit there and wait they're going to wait out this yet another dramatic week in breakfast at the mary roller coaster and then they will decide next week after all this has played out whether they're going to want an extension and the answer is yes we're hearing that momentum is building among
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british voters for another referendum on breaks it is that momentum also building in parliament. it is difficult to say at the moment the numbers are not yet there but if the parliamentarians the m.p.'s in the house of commons in the back behind us there is still asleep everybody of course if they get to the point that they forced boris johnson not only internet extension but into a soft of rexx it then in the end of course if the opposition is looking for a new allies it to push through a 2nd referendum we're not there yet but this is just monday we have a whole week to go for it barbara thank you so much barbara in london. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today there been more violent protests in chile despite the government announcing the suspension of
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a controversial metro fare hike at least 2 airlines have canceled flights to santiago which has been put on a state of emergency officials report 7 people are dead in fires related to the on the rest. kurdish led forces have withdrawn from the northern syrian town of runs apparently in line with the terms of a deal between the u.s. and turkey ankara wants to establish a buffer zone in the region and demands that kurdish forces withdraw a convoy carrying wounded civilians and kurdish fighters was seen leaving the area on sunday. and australia's major newspapers have published redacted front pages in a coordinated campaign to protest against laws that restrict press freedom as follows federal police raids earlier this year on the national broadcaster a.b.c. and news corp journalists home over 2 stories that have proved embarrassing for the government in regards to the recent group. following strong elections in
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switzerland the right wing people's party remains the strongest force in parliament despite a slip in support green opposition parties made unexpected gains because of the country's unique electoral system remains unclear whether the greens will become part of the government which parliament will vote for in december. a ballot count in bolivia shows a left wing president evo morales in the lead following sunday's vote but it might not be enough for an outright win a runoff may be necessary mid december wreckless is seeking an unprecedented 4th term and face a tough race despite getting credit for lifting millions out of poverty and critics accuse him of corruption and democratic. or honest voiced confidence that he would ultimately be the winner. for more than 13 years our political movement has presented social and professional progress in several sectors in the
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face of a right wing opposition that wanted to go back to the past. they failed well we went ahead with our process of change and we are going to continue with it . the. canadians head to the polls today and it could be a nail biter for prime minister justin trudeau is campaign has been overshadowed by a series of errors that have raised allegations of racism and ethics violations recent polls show trudeau's liberals in a virtual dead heat with the conservatives and that could be good news for smaller parties like the left leaning new democratic party. in the lead up to kind of those elections it's been all of it a smooth ride for prime minister justin trudeau his approval ratings drop to almost record lows and his liberal party is engaged in the neck and neck race with the conservatives both are polling at around 30 percent. despite
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a strong economy and low unemployment trudeau's popularity dipped after a series of scandals like this old photo of trudeau wearing blackface for his violation of conflict of interest rules. during the last weeks of campaigning to do is been trying to make up for his missteps often attacking his main opponent the conservative party here's the question you have to ask yourself do you want 53000000000 dollars worth of conservative cuts or do you want a progressive government that will continue investing in families and investing in communities that's the choice it's that simple. and it's not important. it's not true those attacks aren't the only wary of conservative leader andrew scheer he is also quite unpopular according to the polls in one of the closest races in recent years most of the conservatives and the liberals may not win
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a big enough majority to govern alone but. this is where jack singh leader of the left leaning new democratic party could come into play with approval ratings soaring for his party same could become the kingmaker and kind of his election as a prospective partner in a liberal minority government. in the states is struggling to get an opioid crisis under control over the past 2 decades 400000 people have died and millions more are addicted to opioids about the legal and illegal con now a landmark trial will decide whether the pharmaceuticals industry should be made to pay for the crisis exams or phenomena reports from maryland about how the opioid epidemic is impacting people's lives just take it out the box hold your thumb on the bottom of the plunger and press one time and whichever nostril you prefer they
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are learning how to use narcan and nasal spray that can help reverse an opioid overdose 1st responders social workers especially members people on the front lines of america's crisis the health the problem and recommends the training through anyone working with the public or we're trying to target the mandate community to get them nor can. i know for sure for a fact we have saved several lives putting this in the hands of those who need it. brian overly completed the training but he tells me he never expected to needed here in his library he did when a visitor with symptoms of an overdose was discovered in the restroom the librarian used narcan to save his life we've never had anyone cross this line before we've had to call the ambulances before we call the police sometimes but we've never had anyone really sound like this so it is perhaps more telling
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of. epidemic as a whole. that it is now becoming. visible. merrylands ranks among the top 5 states in the us in related overdose deaths it has seen a nearly 300 percent increase since 2010 they all searches believe pharmaceutical companies have been fueling the crisis maryland's attorney general has filed charges against purdue pharma accusing the company of engaging in the sept of trade practices to sell highly addictive painkillers such as oxycontin they knew what to do properly and the fact is that many people became addicted to heroin because they couldn't afford oxycontin they became addicted to turn opioid medications and switched to her own because it was cheaper merrylands is just one example for how america is struggling with the epidemic cities and counties across the united
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states have filed thousands of lawsuits over the crisis targeting every facet of the health care industry from truck makers to pharmacies to individual doctors they want to industry to pay up to recoup the costs borne by communities grappling with widespread addiction. communities like this one in maryland where they desperately need help to fight the epidemic but they also. the want the pharma industry to admit their wrong doing and stop and. he has alexandre phenomena reporting there now protesters in hong kong have defied an official ban and staged a pro-democracy rally that descended into chaotic scenes the city has been rocked by months of protests from residents who see their semiautonomous freedom being the last to mainland china tensions have spiked again after a protest leader and another activist were violently assaulted earlier this week.
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protests went on into the night defying a ban by police. as has happened multiple times under the cover of darkness chaos descended i d w reporter i'm talking confronted by riot police i believe was that not only did i not believe the. one that i thought he's had forbidden the rally in a high end shopping district some protesters said they were they are simply to check out the match and eyes. of the just as we saw was the last. days of the son. of the. law. that. seemed to be rising sunday's violence follows the stopping and beating of 2 pro-democracy protesters this week demonstrators targeted mainland chinese own shops and banks was
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unresolved the anger for the city's chief executive kerry lamb and many see as a chinese pop it. was the are over the. first world political force was the informal tool of the police number one the controversial was full was humble told the sun the sun. with passions running high demonstrators seemed to be enormous to back down any time soon the 6. brazilian photographer sebastiano salgado has been awarded this year's peace prize of the german book trade at a ceremony in frankfurt the prize 425000 euros is wanted for contributions to literature science or art in support of peace of god. recognized for his part just
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a commitment to the fight for social justice as well as concert conservation and fight with protection is images consistently taken in black and white have featured in numerous exhibitions and books. sebastiano salgado 1st gained international acclaim for these photos taken in 1906 to show workers at the set up the world's largest open cast gold mine in brazil. so got his photos seem perfect almost staged leading critics to accuse him of aesthetic sizing in human suffering but for the photographer they simply represent reality i born in brazil when i showed you pictures like these what. is not to provoke a conflict in the concepts of no one is unsure on the side my side of the wall. in his latest project salgado has returned to his roots the amazon he says that 20
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percent of its area has been destroyed in the past 50 years and the destruction continues so god who blames current brazilian president. leaving satisfaction for the aigle business he's allowed it then to go ahead it destroyed for us now because of the international pressure he's saying that these for a 2nd the amazon that's just not the true. along with his wife lilia sebastiaan some guy who continues to use his art to draw attention to the exploitation of both people and the planet and he's the 1st photographer to receive the peace prize of the german trait it's a tribute to his ability to say so much without words. sports now on the rugby world cup where wales are into the semifinals thanks to a stunning come from behind win over france ross moriarty's try with 6 minutes left
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made the difference in the french were playing short handed in the 2nd half because of a play because a player was sent off for a foul wales will play south africa in the semifinals springboks defeated tournaments hosts japan marking the end of a magical run for that team in the 1st rugby world cup staged in asia. this is t w news hand these are our top stories british prime minister boris johnson is pressing ahead with efforts to win parliamentary backing for his new brakes that deal despite m.p.'s voting to delay ratifying the deal on saturday the government is now trying to hold another vote on monday asking employees for a clear yes or no to the deal but it's not clear if the parliament speaker john bercow will allow the. under to thousands of anti-government protesters have been rallying across lebanon it's the 4th straight day of protests and the biggest show of dissent lebanon has seen in decades the
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protests were initially against new taxes but have expanded to express wider anger at government corruption and incompetence it's. a ballot count in bolivia shows left wing president evo morales in the lead following sunday's vote but it might not be enough for an outright win a runoff may be necessary come mid december seeking an unprecedented 4th term despite getting credit for lifting millions out of poverty critics accuse him of corruption and democratic rule. this is state of the news coming to you from berlin we've got more news for you at the top of the hour and of course you can always find more on our web site at t w dot com. coming up next it's the bonus league shaka only needed to be tough and high on sunday to go top of the table did they manage it well chris harrington and his guests will have that and
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a complete wrap of weekend in just a few moments on the bonus track. i'm terry marchant i'll be back at the top the next hour with more thanks for being. plugged. in.
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hundreds of music yes into the concert back to the pan. gaia supercontinent. the highest concentration of fossils including landing on philippians and reptiles even relatives of tremendous saurus rex is located in eastern germany. cailean tama just continue to uncover some sessional finds. the 60 minutes on d w. rooms
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. are always a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. and the christian population. with instructors on this new century 2017 president church's response was. i. will never again will call him. the ricoh quest turn to. the future that all of this is not the kind of freedom that leon. how did it become a gateway to islamist terror. until now you see so you got
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a more serious. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sight of us starts october 24th on d w. but stopped of the table is packed like sardines with no wiggle room at all to put to sleep. can't get any more competitive than that welcome to the show that bears the same name right here on t w majesty is nearly eaten highlights plus expert analysis is on the menu here's what we've got cooking. the royal blue shocker had the chance to rave supreme in the standings becoming number one required getting 3 points well there are protests in hoffenheim.


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