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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2019 2:30pm-3:00pm CEST

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darkness has fallen and it's still peaceful and they have remained some for your sakes my grandchildren. the limits of our family. starts to number 60 on d w. hello and welcome to this new edition of the africa b. environment magazine brought to you by channels television nigeria da chevelle in germany on m.t.v. in uganda. the niger conservation foundation in lagos niger's largest city am co-presenting with me today is my colleague sunda how do you sundra how you do it hello neal to good to see once again on the gritting all of you watching us from
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different parts over the world i am sundered to know you're coming to from kampala the biggest city in uganda we do have some amazing reports for you today let's get started. we will take you to mount kenya to find out about giffords to protect the antelopes leaving. them to look in a fossil where women run a project through papa's plastic waste they kill from the streets. on a week and come in with a famous american company is helping to replant the forest. but forced to kenya to meet one of the rarest species of until of africa the mountain bungle they are critically endangered with less than $100.00 still living outside conserving says they are of the most of porches predictors disease and hard bitten close the government is the land and has implemented a plan to save the species and also boast its numbers at the fault of mount kenya
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it will africa visit some commute of course a vision it's working hard to make but the reality. of the. animal keep us women more ruthie has come to check on his charges he looks up to mountain bongos of the mount kenya wildlife conservancy he feeds them twice a day and makes sure the head of their antelopes is intact i like it i love the job and i'm proud you know having that. that was no more there but now it's here so it's makes me do it what with me not with me a lot so i like walking here i love it and my aim is to have as many as i can. here in captivity the animals don't have access to all the vegetation that would find in the wild that's why they're given me to tional supplements known as well
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good fields these spatial pellets i reach in protein and fiber which boost the antelopes immune system. the air force seems to be paying more into the kenyan wildlife conservancy. the mountain born goal was nearly extinct in the wild in kenya and so are a few born and taken to the us is breeding and in pools of and for we received. from different groups in the us and for those in a team we started the breeding program here on sunday and the. 77. last youngest boy was born on the 7th of july and it is that is 7 percent of the bungle. with the increase in numbers the conservancy plans to release 25 goes into the mount kenya forest where kenya forest service ok if this has and located about
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800 acres for a protected century. this enclosed area at the 4th of mount kenya is not just a sanctuary for mountain bungalows knows the rare white zebras and halves of buffalo also find protection here from porches and pretend we divide this bongos into different products because of the species that we have a moment. in the near future when we put them in the sanctuary this is problem would be sorted out completely so what you can see here is one of the breathing hard. conservancy also offers to us to tourists and schoolchildren to get revenues and donations are the main sources of much needed funds for the schools on the program is very important was number one because we are trying to create awareness to the future generation. species like the mounted bengal. grew up.
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passing the information to this appearance and different. people to minimize the cases of watching. the destruction of israel and one of the highlights for visitors is that i knew more orphanage where i keep was looked after old friend and injured animals before returning them to the wild about 15000 kenyan schoolchildren come to visit $170.00 every year others excited to be here. i think their minds can never love conservancy. for me to think of all this i was. very interesting creatures who are. close out of the mountain long ago. which has been endangered for many years by the process. it's not just porch in the threatens their reaction to lopes they also have to contend with a variety of diseases and the loss of being natural habitat. so women will rule 3
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eric more into an avid animal keep looking forward to the coming weeks soon 5 new mountain bumble tells you he born increasing the species chance of survival he. would haunt a lot of interesting reports about people who practice recycling or up cycling from car to as soft as funny to bugs made of drinking straws and women school or party in a fossil came up with another idea you need to take a look at that yes indeed sandra they turn plastic bags into new products we'll meet with them now in a new episode in our series of doing your bit where we will showcase initiatives of individuals who are really doing something to help the environment. and. plastic waste clutters the environment and contaminates the soil.
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and plastic bags of the biggest problem in the gulf right is the woman's cooperatives invoking a fast. supports both female empowerment and environmental protection for. the women here wash the plastic bags on disinfect them in the move leave. the next step is to cut the bags into thin strips and roll them onto spindles. in. thing fred is woven on into durable fabric. which is used for making briefcases and other stylish bags. to sell for between 20 and 50 euros. the woman in the co-operative 250 year as a weak. dollar allows them to support their families. also doing something good for the environment.
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and how about you. if you are also doing your bit tell us about it visit our website or send us a tweet hash tag doing your bit. we share your stories. now for taxing the environment is one thing economic activity is another but they don't necessarily have to be in conflict with one another but you know next look at a phony situation in bellows where conservationists are warning that the government's plans to turn the idyllic meandering river pripyat into a major commercial waterway ultimately linking the baltic the black sea would be an ecological disaster. this might look like
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a legendary kayaking excursion but for constantine chick karloff it's a protest for the river. this is the 3rd year that the chairman of the belorussian environmental organization bogner has organized tours like this one. he wants people to experience the unspoiled nature along the river and to demonstrate against an inland waterway which could be built here. then ask at a company for us the purpose is like a european version of the amazon river. this place is unique because people can come here and see what rivers used to look like what nature in europe was like once . and if we could preserve these large areas of wild nature we're also hoping to keep the ecological balance on the european continent along sickle you skew. the proposed waterway would cut straight through 11 nature reserves and the
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activists say it could destroy a unique ecosystem the canal is supposed to connect to the baltic sea and the black sea its route goes through one of the last big wetland areas in europe with rare black older forests. 90 percent of the birds in bellerose live here including endangered species some animals nest directly on the untouched banks. this is tall covers 35 kilometers along many narrow wild sections of the river which would have to be dug out to allow commercial traffic. when the group stops for a break they talk to local that's about the pan of water way. often people in the villages only have limited sources of information and we can be one of those sources for them so that they don't only get information from state media but also hear
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a different opinion. should be sure the war because and then they can decide for themselves what they want the rivers infrastructure to develop what they want to protect the environment around them and keep it healthy of their own for with as they are new day to the kayaking campaign many here are participating for the 1st time cheering breakfast constantine chalak of shares his concerns about the water way he believes that balance should be investing in eco tourism on the river people at rather than in cargo transport. them with onslaught people don't think about leaving these spots untouched simply leaving them to nature itself. someone. to just sit down peacefully just like this and simply watch to hear the birds singing or watch things slowly changing the thought of going by your so it's in your own. the activists warns that the construction of the canal could destroy the wetlands
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here the river bed would have to be deepened to allow big ships to pass that's why constantine chalak of is doing what he can to prevent the pre-pay out from becoming another example of an ambitious economic project with catastrophic consequences for the natural world. and it would be and here. i think. there are those who often wonder if school really teaches you what you need to know for the future well there is that in the mantra school not too far from here on the ask that of league us where the children certainly learned some important lessons about renewable energy about sustainable living on the earth. they do indeed for one thing they think fox hunt the advantages of solar power because the school generates its own but that's not all and we'll show you why was. it
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was that what these kids have lots of ideas about what can be done to combat climate change burn fuel for still feel this ride a bicycle use solar power discussions of this nature are giving high priority at this school who want our children to problem solve us who want them to be people able to move at the environmentalists do things they have always school principal because. it is leading by example she runs the abbos heart school the private elementary institution not far from lagos the principal has had solar panels installed on the roof of the building. the firm was such that we have ordered out the whole lot and they all. each of them retired what i focus by right in. the klein view then. they're not really the thing the dust the air conditioning the lights in. the barn without in order
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classroom. but getting to this point wasn't. a sizeable investment will be required but the school was only able to get a bank loan so part of that money. to make it up with our own pursue now to nancy and those school finances so. we have issued the challenge of financing and we also have a challenge of getting. mom power you know trained to manpower all understand the setting up of the project the automation parts of the project and then the maintenance also. the students of land that everyone can do their part to ease the burden on the environment. instead of going in for sue for news you can use in your book any source you. like so not all will see your funny when
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anna g. and i jus commercial tried our best to save the planet like the car took some day without using the. qualify for it he says he only uses jerry charles for only 2 days the rest of the disuse will upon those hours all humans should try to do on days where there is little direct sun the abbotts hard school is dependent on reserve solar energy stored in batteries it then has to limit the use of electricity turn down the conditioning all turn of some of the lights but by generating its own clean energy the school is saving money and producing electricity without producing harmful see you emissions we are way behind in nigeria are in. bringing up creative and innovative ideas so protecting our environment and protecting the future of the nation one of the greatest lessons we
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have to teach our children in this day and age is how to make them permanent a better and safer place the example set by the school is teaching the students the importance of protecting the environment in very practical ways the home is that they will now share their new insights with us. yes indeed in our sense that european union is very stout and can descend light bulbs amaj a consumption for lighting has dropped 30 percent african countries could do that too what do you think sandra i think that would be a great idea that technology comes from the global north by the many other ways rich countries can support the global south undoing embarrassment to damage income iran so many of the trees have been cut down without regard for the future now i us
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get america is helping plant thousands of new ones. is the most important material when it comes to making guitars. with its density durable a t. and dark color is particularly suitable for fret boards and bridges and taylor guitars a leading manufacturer of acoustic guitars gets most of its raw material from cameroon one of the world's biggest suppliers of ebony recently the u.s. based company committed itself to raising and replanting ebony trees in the congo basin forest of southeastern camera so far it's grown 5000 saplings its target is 20000 trees within the coming years matthew the project manager is responsible for the nursery. collection of seeds. the germination of the seeds care of the plants and.
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cameroon is facing a rapid increase in deforestation the country is set to lose an area of forest around twice the size of gambia by 2035 according to the center for international forestry research. ebony trees which take hundreds of years to mature are disappearing fast cameroon's forests are cleared for palm oil rubber and cocoa plantations the cameroon based congo basin institute carries out research on ebony and other tree species in the region. then sound the blue leads the ebony project field work he's very aware of the threats that ebony trees face. probably the biggest threat to the survival of ebony is the destruction of forests because evony is that dense forest tree that thrives in the undergrowth they can't
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grow in a plantation once the forest is removed the essence is lost it can't regenerate itself and agricultural land you go to goes. in 2011 taylor guitars became the cohen of this evony saw mill in yellow in de cameron's capital. the wood comes directly from the forest to the sawmill where the company processes it to make different parts of guitars and other musical instruments. only the best wood is used to make the instruments this means that many trees have to be felled and milled to ensure the company gets the quality it wants. the firm insists it's not interested in green washing trying to buy an environmentally friendly image. i think there's a wonderful opportunity for us to. not just use the word that people like to have on their guitars and violins but also
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a great opportunity to be able to replace that that that would replace those trees make. a really responsible exploitation of ebony that benefits not just the people who buy the guitars or the company that produces them but also the local communities that depend on these forests for their livelihoods. the evony project has teamed up with the cameron government local villagers and the congo basin institute to ensure a sustainable production circle. but there are also plenty of people who criticize the company's initiative. according to val sound to blue there are viable alternatives to the precious black hardwood. if them so this is obviously this is not necessarily be only wood that can be used and other woods are also popular but i think there's actually a very strong aspect of tradition in the end we use that money to make the guitar
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because it's what the customer wants to kill q so. with these young ebony trees the company wants to insure its own future of course but it also hopes to give at least something back to the forest after all that's been taken from that. getting around and make a speech if there's often i would want to work if one can take me literally always there is the one in tanzania has been growing but crawling out like and if no one to want to watch me and people just because of the nightmare that it very well with the help of the wild bank mystique even when the from no by developing i was one of it but it was operating only a little. there was a time when it could take up to 2 hours for you to get from his home to work in the morning although he lives within the city limits so. he was dependent on the
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dollars mini buses that are the most common means of transport here. there's a lot of pickpocketing on the many buses because so many people are packed in together they usually fold before you even get on. the other problem is that there are so many traffic jams. so you spend a lot of time just sitting and waiting to move it's also exhausting. heavy traffic on a typical morning here with more than 5000000 inhabitants dinah's salaam is the biggest city in tanzania and it's growing rapidly in the next decade the population is expected to balloon to 10000000 and that poses a huge challenge for transport authorities run of luck atari heads one of the agencies tasked with adapting and improving infrastructure. people were experiencing
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a look when just. their infrastructure was also some of it was not very good so many hours were lost. being on the roads were going to work in the mornings and in the evenings when people would be back home. one solution a bus based rapid transit system with a network of dedicated bus lanes that bypass much of the traffic across the city the system so far stretches around 21 kilometers and has already cut travel time for some residents in half the 1st phase of the 6 phase project was finished and 2015 when we considered all the options the bus systems could be easier we can maintain in our city because all he said nor course was. train system and we also looked at inclusive it because when you. bring in a bus system most of the people who are working in that i've got to ask would be
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absorbed. into then a new system this is still benefits the environment and it was supported by the institute for transportation and development policy a global organization that advocates sustainable transportation before the b r t came into doris a log of public transport services provided by heavily polluting mini buses and the b r t was able to replace 3000 of those vehicles with 140 high capacity buses that all meet a much better emissions standard and it was also able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the global credit crisis the new bus system has been a blessing for salim and he's just one of thousands of passengers who have cut up to 50 hours a month from their commute. the money. i used to feel bad because i was getting home so late my kids were p.s. . by the time i got home i want to know why but it's so much better now you know i
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get to spend time with my kids and look over the homework i'm playing with them a little so it's not the model because the rapid bus gets me home so much faster when. there are still 5 phases to go until the project is complete the network will then cover around 130 kilometers until then some indeed and the other residents. will have to rely on dollar dollar as for at least some of their journeys. what a great project the rocky transit buses would then be kept in late in the cold but 100 people flies in any case and the one that's open today if papa thank you for joining us i do hope you have the book on both i did i am fun to know you find up on can find it in uganda and farewell for me too now it's a way and i joke of the mission foundation talk you can stay in touch by visiting our website and on our social media platforms to see them on your screen on to our
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next show as well by.
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cologne and follow the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to simulate racial politics on the front of the world's 250th birthday where embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on the t.w.a. plane. to. morrow with.
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symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. christian population. the best fighters on the central belt and 70 presidents church's response was to a. different. name the be above the law the reconquest terms of travel. the gibberish that all of this is not the kind of freedom that. become a gateway to islamist terror. and can now be sorry but i mustn't ask for sole. and exclusive reports from a destroyed city. starts
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oct 24th. place. we will. book travel now.
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this is deja vu news live from a horrific discovery in a truck container near london. emergency services attended it but sadly. inside the container. the truck was fully to have come from both carry out could the victims in migrants hoping for a better life. also coming up russia and turkey.


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