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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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portrait from a destroyed city. philippines in the sunshine starts october 24th calling to tell you. this is news live from berlin they tromp turnaround on turkey the u.s. president lift sanctions on congress after putting them in place just over a week ago he says that turkey has told him that it has permanently ended its offensive against kurds in northern syria. also coming up police find $39.00 bodies in a truck parked at an industrial park near london they've moved to the vehicle to
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a secure locations that they can identify the victims plus basketball fans in the u.s. protest in support of a free hong kong superstar le bron james is singled out for criticism at the n.b.a. season opener in los angeles. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump is lifting economic sanctions on turkey saying that uncle informed him it would permanently and force a cease fire in north eastern syria where it had been fighting kurdish militia the cease fire which trump claims credit for requires kurdish forces to would move out of the 30 kilometer zone on the turkish border turkey launched its offensive into syria after trump told u.s. forces out of the reach. this was an outcome created by us the united states and nobody else no other nation very simple and we're willing to take blame and we're
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also willing to take credit this is something they've been trying to do for many many decades since then others have come out to help and we welcome them to do so other countries have stepped forward they want to help and we think that's great turkey syria and all forms of the kurts have been fighting for centuries we have done them a great service and we've done a great job for all of them. and now we're getting out let's get more now on the situation in northern syria we are joined by from the german institute for international and security affairs get a welcome to the program i'd like to 1st ask you about that statement that we just heard from the u.s. president quite an upbeat statement essentially saying that by all indications turkey is making the ceasefire permanent lifting the sanctions against turkey your take well it's the statement is is bizarre the sanctions were bizarre u.s.
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policy was bizarre in recent weeks the united states has left no we do see russia the assad regime and turkey dividing north and syria between themselves this has nothing to do with the u.s. and it's not a success at all for the u.s. and western policies in turn or and those 2 parties i mean now that there is you know no more u.s. presence in the area those 2 parties essentially came up with this deal to sort of carve out the region yesterday where does this leave the kurds and the syrians well the syrians the syrian regime is winning together together with the russians simply because. the assad regime has been weak it suffers from a lack of personnel but because of the u.s. withdrawal it has been able to regain control of some small parts of northeastern syria the syrian kurds they will lose their autonomy they are losing territory
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right now to the russians to the syrian regime and to the turks and in the end they will be they haven't agreed to that they haven't agreed to agree to that but that shows us something about their future kurdish autonomy without american protection will not continue to exist for a long time they have already they have already approached damascus and they will return to the syrian fold in the coming months or years we heard the german defense minister weigh in yesterday. a on the situation there she suggested a security zone in northern syria what do you make of that proposal is it realistic could it possibly be implemented the way the europeans have no say in what is happening over there we have seen an agreement between russia and turkey russia is the protector of the syrian state right now turkey has some influence and there is
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no way to bring back any western troops into the country without fighting for it and the germans are not ready and ready for it my take on the situation is that the german defense minister if she knew what she was talking about yesterday was talking what was addressing dimiss the mastic audience what she said has nothing to do whatsoever with the situation in syria and nothing nothing to do with the german syria policies in recent years is europe dropping the ball right now is nato dropping the ball right now on the we had secretary general. saying it's too early to judge the consequences of that deal that was struck between russia and turkey over northern syria your view oh it's not the u.s. is out without the u.s. there is no western presence in the country anymore we've got some 200. u.s. military in a ton of that is of no consequence to the to the to future of the syrian state
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there is no nato no western presence in the country we have seen yesterday the new reality of syria it's. who's in charge and it is turkey and turkey only because putin wants to what's to break the alliance between turkey and the west that's the only reason why the turks are allowed to remain in syria right now that's the new reality on the ground it has nothing to do whatsoever with us. middle east analyst thanks for your perspective. in the u.k. investigators are trying to piece together a tragedy $39.00 people have been found dead in a truck container on the outskirts of london a vehicle was discovered at an industrial park and the driver has been arrested on suspicion of murder police say the container where the victims were found traveling
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to the u.k. from belgium. at 1st glance there is nothing unusual about this cargo truck parked in an industrial estates in the town of gray's east of london but when police forced open its doors in the early hours of wednesday they made a gruesome discovery the lifeless bodies of 39 people believed to have made their way to the u.k. from area. police say they arrived too late to help those inside emergency services attended but sadly 39 people inside the container who died. early indications suggest that one of these paper was a teenager the rest it believed to be adults. a murder investigation was launched and the lorry driver a 25 year old man from northern ireland was arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in place custody prime minister. prime minister boris johnson expressed his condolences in parliament so the whole house will be short by the pool the news
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that $39.00 bodies have been discovered in a lorry container in essex this is an arm imaginable tragedy and truly heartbreaking i know that the thoughts and prayers of all members are with those who lost their lives and their loved ones. the truck entered britain via our london saturday police are now trying to piece together how the journey ended in tragedy. and charlotte potts joins us now from there that industrial park in the town of grey is east of london where those bodies were discovered charlotte one of the latest developments well the police are just slowly lifting the cold and behind me at this area has been cordoned off all day but now the truck with the 39 dead bodies inside has been taken out of this parking lot away from that street that has been cordoned off to recover those bodies and a further identify him them we had
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a closer look at the truck before we were able to go behind that gates and see the forensic teams at work they were working at high speeds to just find out who these people were and chai and to identify them. chelate there's conflicting information about how the truck reached the u.k. what more do we know about that. well we know that the truck was driven by a 25 year old irish man and this man has apparently driven the so-called taxi off that. through ireland into the united kingdom he then picked up the container somewhere in belgium authorities believe at the moment and drove it back to the united kingdom so that container originated not as we originally thought in bulgaria you have probably in
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belgium again this is what authorities believe at this point and this confusion with ball garia originally was because the truck itself has been registered in that country in bulgaria for tax reasons so far we really don't know where those victims were from and how they came into that container charlotte parks thank you very much. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world european council president donald tusk says that he will recommend the e.u. grants the u.k. another extension to leave the bloc british prime minister boris johnson says that he wants no further break the delay but after parliament rejected the schedule for debate on his divorce seal he could now push for an early election. and this one person has died and 2 others are missing after torrential rain caused flash floods in northern spain the heavy rainfall also prompted power cuts affecting almost
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25000 people and forcing the closure of dozens of roads due to flooding and landslides. bolivian president evo morales says that his rival in sunday's presidential election was attempting to stage a coup this after opposition led protests accused authorities of rigging the vote the latest official count puts the incumbent 9.5 percent ahead but what alex needs a 10 point lead to avoid a runoff. lebanese troops attempting to on block roads have scuffled with the demonstrators there were reports of minor injuries is the 7th day of protest in the country the rest was 1st parked by a proposed tax on messaging services such as whatsapp but now the entire political class is under attack for corruption and mismanagement. nearly half of the population of north korea is under nourished according to the united nations a u.n.
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special investigation has found that $11000000.00 people are facing what it calls alarming levels of food insecurity the u.n. says that collective farming is exacerbating food shortages. and the united states basketball fans have protested in support of a free hong kong at the n.b.a. season opener for the los angeles lakers the league has been locked in a war of words with china. lakers player le bron james has inserted himself into the crossfire some protesters directed their criticism squarely at the star player . face of the n.b.a. le bron james was the focal point of protests at the season opener los angeles lakers top player was targeted after he criticized an official from a rival team for tweeting support for hong kong residents in their political dispute with china last week james took to social media himself stating i do not
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believe there was any consideration for the consequences and ramifications of the tweet my team and this league just went through a difficult week i think people need to understand what a tweet or statement can do to others but james attempt to salvage the lucrative relationship between the n.b.a. and china before the season started didn't really work chinese t.v. didn't broadcast any of the n.b.a.'s opening games in protesters in los angeles are disappointed at the league's response i asked the n.b.a. to come out and make a forceful statement that they support the mystique and support the people of hong kong and they support the american values even fans of james own team were perplexed. you know it's always tough to to use force as a little device to talk about you know politics but sometimes it's necessary and i think when the bra james did. tough. it was not
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a happy night for the lakers off and on the court they lost their opener to a cross-town rivals the los angeles clippers. meantime in tempe and league football byron munich escaping with a narrow victory over a great team olympiakos but they lost yet another defender to injury lucas hernandez left on crutches yossef ravi gave olympiacos the lead in the 23rd minute but 2 goals from obert leave dusky fired byron ahead of poland international is now the. highest goal scorer of all time in the champions league olympiacos press to the end of fire and came away with a 3 to blitz. and now to an elephant's long journey from chile to a sanctuary in brazil finally made it after being mistreated for 14 years as a service animal but now she is being cared for in a safe space for elephants in western brazil she is estimated to be over 50 years old but she's still not looking too long in the tusk have some fun.
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