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through the recent german news story. churchill number 6 on b.t.w. . this is g.w. newsline from berlet nato prattles with turkey's invasion of northern syria the alliance meets today to hammer out a unified response as nato member turkey conducts operations with russian troops and itself declared a safe zone in syria also coming up russian president vladimir putin welcomes african leaders for a 1st ever summit focused on trade moscow's looking to expand its influence on the
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continent it will tell you what is at stake british media are reporting that all $39.00 people found dead inside a truck near london for chinese nationals that's as police ramp up their investigation including graves on 2 homes in northern ireland. plus the world's penguin populations are in decline we'll take a look at efforts to save the only penguin species native to africa. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us nato defense ministers are gathering in brussels today to discuss turkey's incursion into northern syria it is an unprecedented issue for the alliance because turkey a nato member is closely cooperating in syria with russia and nato outside. that
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sees the alliance as a threat a trick turkish and russian troops are now jointly patrolling a so-called safe zone in northern syria where turkey wants to resettle its syrian refugees. this area is now under moscow's control russian military police made their way into the north syrian border town of kabbani on wednesday. u.s. troops had withdrawn from the region earlier abandoning their kurdish allies and making way for their nato partner turkey to lead a military incursion into the area. a move that faced harsh international criticism nato ever has been reluctant to criticize the so efforts of their allies. in brussels general secretary voiced concern and called for international effort there war has been there for years we have seen hundreds of thousands of people being killed at all so it is so there's a need for progress for for a political negotiated solution now russia which is not
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a member of nato has become turkey's closest ally in an attempt to implement a military solution as part of a deal struck between the leaders of turkey and russia they seek to create a buffer zone in the formerly kurdish held border region and german tornado fighter jets could be part of a greater international effort to stabilize the area this is according to a recent plan by a german defense minister and they could come she wants to take billions commitment even further. my suggestion is that we set up an internationally controlled security zone involving turkey and russia. and a suggestion that took many by surprise back home in germany in brussels the proposal was met with interest by the nato chief i welcomed out laws proposals on how to move forward how to fund a political solution and of course a political solution how to. all actors on the ground but this proposal just might
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be too little too late russia one of the actors on the ground has made clear already that it rejects berlin's vision of a security zone in northern syria. let's bring in our correspondent teri schultz who's covering the story for us and brussels hi terry as we heard there russia rejects that proposal of a security zone but nato is tentatively welcoming it how will this be discussed in today's meeting i mean the issue of syria overall will be discussed and certainly the german proposal will be discussed on the margins although it's not officially on the agenda everyone is talking about it so it will it will definitely be raised by the germans and by other allies wanting answers to questions about how this would work but in effect on the ground it's been a fait accompli by russia and. the united states has now given its blessing via president trump's announcement yesterday to this arrangement and
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so if the european allies and nato would take any role in this they have no choice but to negotiate this with russia that puts them in a very awkward position not only are russian troops going to be patrolling just miles from nato's border the turkish border but now they would have to negotiate with the russians about a solution inside syria with the syrian government which they've been opposed to for all these years so it's a very complicated situation and i don't think anybody sees an easy way out an easy political solution you listen in on a speech from the u.s. secretary of defense mark asper ahead of the nato meeting what did he have to say most of the questions were about turkey although he also spoke about threats coming from russia and china and secretary esper is also in a difficult position because he had been very very critical of ancora saying that turkish behavior inside syria was unacceptable that there was
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a humanitarian disaster that atrocities were likely being committed on the ground and then yesterday his boss president trump says it's all ok it's all going to work out a permanent cease fire is is now going into effect so secretary esper basically has to tone down his own rhetoric coming into this nato defense ministers meeting and what he said is that turkey has put the alliance in a very difficult position turkey's own war to incursion into northern syria jeopardizes the gains made there in recent years. terry so how will the u.s. proceed in nato with a partner like turkey. secretary esper said that turkey is no longer at the moment the reliable partner that nato has come to count on that the us has come to count on it has been a. stalwart. partner in many of nato's operations and now simply nato doesn't know what to do about turkey it has bought russian missile
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defense system it is now partnering with russia inside syria so there are going to be some very serious questions addressed to the turkish defense minister today but don't forget that the european allies are also uncomfortable with what the u.s. did in pulling out of northern syria allowing the turks to go in so secretary espers got some questions coming his way to our correspondent reporting there in brussels thank you very much russian president vladimir putin has welcomed dozens of african leaders to sochi where he's hosting the 1st ever russia africa economic forum the 2 day summit is focused on expanding cooperation and trade infrastructure technology and security all $54.00 states are represented at the event it's being seen as part of russia's drive to restore its influence on the african continent which faded after the collapse of the soviet union in 1901 well china has long been leading the way on investment in africa but now it seems russia is eager to catch up for example by pursuing its business interests in one
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of the poorest countries in the world the central african republic. russia's colors who are on display at this youth sporting event in the central african republic tickets from the capital bangui seem to be enjoying themselves and that was a good sign for the figures in sunglasses in the background. russia has set out to win hearts in africa. this woman says she loves russia for organizing the event. russian money was also spent on a beauty contest that crowned miss central africa. the sponsor at events like these is a radio station promoting russian african time radio lingo. so what's it like it a broadcaster that does advertising for moscow we don't get an answer to that question at its headquarters in a suburb of bangor. but we do get to view an animated clip aimed at showing
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russia's friendly feelings toward the country's children it was paid for by low buy invest. that's a company with ties to russian president vladimir putin a company that was named for a region known for its diamonds the government here has granted by invest a lot of mining rights the country wants to look for the precious stones more efficiently whether with russia or other partners because what other. president has said that we are open to anyone who wants to cooperate in public private partnerships to exploit these valuable resources. this is the minister at the russian embassy he's with the areas that are of a security advisor to the african countries president so iraq has seen as a man with power behind the scenes who has helped train its army russians can now view that army on state television only
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a fraction of the trainers are officers from the russian army most of the rest reportedly work for a private russian security firm for the opposition here and that's unacceptable. don't. corporation was working with mercenaries in our constitution it is forbidden that's why we are against kind of 4 edition so what's behind russia's new solidarity with central africa how much is about mercenary services or weapons paid for with diamonds critics say russia is using private business to help secure national interests on the continent but most go says it's stop playing geopolitical games if you use african governments as partners. so what is at stake in russia push back into africa we have to. settle and africa isaac welcome to you both here with you there in moscow this is the 1st ever russia africa summit how important is this
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a to moscow. well quite important to me i think russian participants of this summit in sochi have been talking about cooperation in almost every possible field from oil and gas to steel production agriculture energy mining as well as yeah education and even signs a stream of deals up for discussion among them a deal said to be able to nuclear power plants for example deals on defense and security equipment tourism agrium agreements industrial zones one of the key sectors for russia is nuclear technology russia has found a nice for itself in sailing it to developing countries like egypt and nigeria is the o.p.o. or for example around these countries among those in the market for russian built nuclear power plants of course russia's economic more involvement in africa is quite worth of by china but moscow doesn't really see china as
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a rival but rather as a partner assuming that africa is big enough and open to both russia and china. ok so isaac some of africa's most influential leaders have gathered for this summit tell us more about why this is important to them you know what are they gaining from this deeper partnership with moscow. would the needs from russia vary from country to another country for instance some country would lead to boost military cooperation with russia they hope that russia would say and secure to experts like has been the case in the central african republic so they can be able to fight off the different music groups that they have to do with on a daily basis only it's the day russia sent to block the boom bust there was biggest profit to south africa as part of a defense cooperation agreement at the same time nigeria send an agreement with russia to purchase 2 of combat helicopters which he tends to use in its fight
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against boko haram militants now i wait for a major corporation just like my colleague yuri name most guys mentioned russia has made a name for itself in the coordinates for sending nuclear technology to developing nations example round egypt and nigeria that among those in the market for russia bitch nuclear power plants and for starters also south africa's been russia's business but now for some time now under the brics regiment so there's a lot at stake for lead as you know in sochi ok so you're coming back here we're talking about a nuclear technology here economic investment military cooperation what is behind moscow's push into africa is this about money or is a more about power and influence. well i suppose it's about both the summit is not only about economic interests and the russian splines to expand its economic involvement in africa there is also a political component to all this moscow wants to restart its status as an
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influential player in the region that it's used to be in soviet times russia is keen to cost itself as a friend to african nations and to power able to mediate in conflicts russia soviet era track record steal and generally place in its favor in africa despite again off several decades after the collapse of the soviet union did use the kremlin could once again be welcome in many african capitals now and here in russia president putin doesn't miss a chance to score political points. russia's offer to africa at least on paper is cooperation with all the kinds of conditions attached to western and engagements with the continent ok so isaac russia saying here we are a friend how do african leaders view moscow's presence. some of them give quick examples like run does. russia to be dealing with an equal basis and therefore it doesn't he doesn't accept it to interfere in its internal affairs just like uganda
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and rwanda also has already approved russia's states nuclear energy cooperation was a term for the construction of a plant by train cheap plentiful so somebody does a course of sleep shooting that would not put russia at all costs nearing nation not to do it because to them this would be no go they want to be treated as partners they want to be treated don't you could bases or no we'd win situation all right our correspondents isaac mugabi and yuri resettle thank you both. now to some other stories making headlines around the world 16 people have been sentenced to death in bangladesh for the murder of a teenage schoolgirl including the school's principal they set john roughie on fire after she reported them for sexual harassment or murder sparked outrage and protests across the country. final preparations are underway at
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a madrid cemetery where the remains of the spanish dictator francisco franco will be read buried his body has been moved from a shrine that critics say glorifies franco's victory in the spanish civil war instead of honoring its victims franco ruled spain from 1939 until his death nearly 4 decades later the. supporters of bolivian president evo morales and his main rival have clashed in the city of santa cruz what alice is accused his opponent of trying to stage a coup mason says bolivia's president presidential election last weekend was undermined by a gigantic. british media are reporting that the 39 people found dead in a truck container near london on monday or chinese nationals police are still questioning the truck driver who was arrested on suspicion of murder the investigation has also led to raids on 2 homes in northern ireland britain's national crime agency says it is working to identify whether organized crime groups
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might be involved. it's britain's largest murder investigation in years police are still trying to piece together what happened to the $39.00 bodies found in this truck. it's also a tragedy which has touched many in this community. and completely and utterly shocked and devastated but actually happened here today especially in this area i mean my mom i knew my mom and you were down the road my dad works down there so i would be there but i you know i drive down all the time so for that to happen is i'm completely shocked detectives want to know the exact the truck took on its way to the industrial park on the outskirts of east london. this footage shows the vehicle passing by 2 separate c.c.t.v. cameras shortly before the bodies were discovered. british police a facing and europe wide investigation it's known the dory has gary number plates
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and pos through the port of support in belgium the truck's driver was from northern ireland. forensic investigations along under way with victims still not identified late wednesday offices told the truck away. this market has attracted national and international interest and it's absolutely imperative that the operation is conducted. that different people defend the hard. way here to the gym and not smartish just to be with their families for now there are still more questions than. in this one case which of horrified many britons. have some breaking news coming in now the european union the prize which honors people who defend human rights and freedoms has just been awarded to hum toti toadies an economist and a member of china's weaker community he has worked for more than 20 years to improve the rights of the minority ethnic group he's currently serving
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a life sentence in prison in china the prize is worth 50000 euros that was 1st handed out 30 years ago. and let's get more on the story we can speak to our correspondent in beijing my. tell us more about the laureate and his work. talk he was a scholar is a scholar who used to teach economics at a university in beijing he was born and says on the homeland of the week is a muslim population in western china and 5 years ago he was sentenced to imprisonment for life for what the chinese authorities said was separatism talked he had run a website that promoted the rights of weakness and he has called on the austerities to implement autonomy as it is said in the constitution and in the chinese laws
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that would mean self-government of the weakest in this region since john which is called the weaker autonomous region but we did which is tightly controlled by beijing that is you have reported extensively on the waycross in china how important do you think this prize is to their community. i think this prize will be welcome by the exile community. but the week is in china have little chance to know about it at all internet in seem john is more strictly sends it than anywhere else in china information is tightly controlled china at the moment has incarcerated huge numbers of weak is in so-called internment camps and prisons the numbers go into the millions it is estimated. that people call it a cultural genocide children are taken away from their parents and raised and also
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notice where they are taught chinese the chinese language but not the weaker language so what we are seeing in scenes young now must be called one of the biggest crimes against humanity in the last few decades so this prize is certainly not it is certainly no coincidence that this prize is awarded to you right now where this crisis is looming in seems young and incarceration or the sentence of talk to you might be seen as something that led to these these crimes that are happening now and that is how do you think the chinese government is likely to react to this price. the chinese government is very sensitive to any price that is awarded to people its does not like that to people it considers its enemies there's certainly going to be some diplomatic measures
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which we want to extend is a question because of course europe is not small when in 2010 the nobel peace prize was awarded to late or dissident and human rights activist. diplomatic relations were frozen for several years well in the way what he thought the final testing a speaking to us from beijing thank you. now 100 years ago it's believed that more than 2000000 penguins were living along the southern coastline of namibia and south africa but now africa's penguin colonies are endangered the population is decreasing rapidly our correspondent adrienne cringed visited an organization and cape town that is trying to stop the alarming decline. one last chance to relax together before things starts to get uncomfortable. an appointment with dr roberts is not something
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these penguins seem to be looking forward to so at the moment putting doing is we just checking on the penguins and making sure that they're all ready for release so we each one has his own can cause this is medical records this one he had most will say he was 70 percent oil and he was emaciated he was really underweight the conservationists take in sea birds in peril and try to prepare them to be released back into the wilds thousands of injured animals come here every year some will stay here forever as they would not so wife in their nature will have the tents. but these birds might not be here in the long term. they are in danger of extinction it's quite possible that one can go extinct in the future and we've had a dramatic declines in 10 numbers even between the concert last year and this year the numbers of dropped by about 2000 breeding as so we have less than 20000 breeding pairs that's scary you know. these penguins 1st have to spend time in
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a small box but only briefly until they have fully recovered and are ready to return to the wood so. in simon's town one of the few remaining pinguin colonies they are released. oh. it went really well. so quickly they didn't get confused the crowd was very polite and not too noisy so that didn't scare the penguins and they were they went straight out in the direction they should have gone. already we can see them i think there's one head sticking out over there so now the threats that they face of the same as all the other wild penguins people need to think about the impacts of what they're doing and how they can affect. all other sea life and other wildlife that is in danger of human interaction but still the message seems to have got
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through to the hundreds of people in the crowd over here we have a lot of folk musicians who are trying to save the oceans and animals and obviously the pingers were being rehabilitated back in but there's a lot more we can do is you must do more to protect them because you see what is happening and see this is not only seen as it used to be this last big problem however the biggest threats to the african pingree is the fish there are not enough . in the oceans due to overfishing. and the worst case scenario of the last african penguin colony will die out in 20 or 30 years but people here definitely want to prevent that from happening. this is deja vu news these are our top stories turkey's incursion into northern syria is expected to top the agenda at a meeting of nato defense ministers today the military operation has drawn condemnation from many nato allies who. it could reverse the gains made against the
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so-called islamic state. 16 people have been sentenced to death in bangladesh for the murder of a teenage schoolgirl who was beyond alive this rajon brothy was set on fire after refusing to drop a sexual harassment complaint against the head teacher at the religious school she attended her murder sparked outrage and protests across the country. russian president vladimir putin has welcomed dozens of african leaders to sochi where he is hosting the 1st ever russia africa economic forum the 2 day summit is seen as part of russia's efforts to expand its influence on the african continent. supporters of bolivian president evo morales and his main rival carlos mesa have clashed in the city of santa cruz what alice has accused his opponent of trying to stage a coup mason says bolivia's presidential election last weekend was undermined by
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dan take from. this is news from berlin for more news you can always go to our website. coming up next on day of your business mario draghi is on his way out to the european central bank he once said he would do whatever it takes to save the euro cause he succeeded by looking at trying to use likes to. vent his own has a coming up next on t.v. business agent. mob.
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use safe water and safe raw materials to avoid content. producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food. but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases and the whole new pipeline the 5 key is to say for food use them you also have a role to play. the druggie era ends with division criticism imperils e.c.v. chief legacy of his last policy meeting today dolby pressure on his success as you pull back from a loose monetary policy. time led drive sales fiat by the german colleague also pushes on with its cost cutting campaign. and stuck in the middle serbia balance to
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boost ties with russia while it also strives to become part of the e use. of interest.


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