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well it's a personal device it's about topics but it's also want to climb a tree and the attorney. the only reason check out. the for. this is did every news ever get coming up in the next 15 minutes a technology pioneer making the world safe that kenya is juliana wrote to has been awarded the 2019 german africa prize she's also the founder of the biggest public wired by provider in sub-saharan africa but in her words she's elaborate her against problems one learns. a bit of an average. and will tell you about the guns on display at the russian africa summit they're
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not just for show. i'm christine want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along this is juliana right each for those of you who haven't heard of her she's a kenyan i.t. entrepreneur and the woman behind that is an online platform used in more than 160 countries new zealand chile highty and afghanistan to name a few now we'll tell you more about what you say to desert the movement because on wednesday germany's chancellor i'm going to map full awarded juliana right change the $29000.00 german africa prize now the prize on is africans who have made their mark on human rights and sustainable development. wrote it was recognized not only for their technological innovations and business achievements but. also for
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her outstanding sense of social responsibility. the removed region in the north of kenya sparsely populated the landscape arid many who live here counted them selves lucky if they have access to the internet and electricity the last thing you would expect here is a tech house where you can learn to cook and fund your own startup. and it wasn't for julie and i wrote each such a how it might not exist b i g consultant has made it her mission to support young people who would otherwise not have enough opportunities yeah. it's not only. the most rewards 2nd i think it's the most inspiring place that reminds you that technology still has the capacity to inspire to create solutions to to create
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a sustainable living for anyone anywhere. giuliano supports the hob together with the ngo lead in lyons between young adults in programming web design and media skills aim to create a workforce of youth who can do freelance work right from where they live. just because. people may be living outside of what is considered the core of either tech culture or culture in general or media in general or business doesn't mean they don't have value to bring. so we need to shine a light on learning and other initiatives that are considered on the edge of what is currently the core. over half of the students into kannada women some have used the newly acquired skills to start own businesses one
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of the most successful projects. an online shop run by a marine. the 27 year old found is already selling her traditional jewelry internationally. when she comes here and we get to listen to get to see what she's doing enough. and they're going to somebody like me can do with even. what's best for my community. you know we. when asked to describe herself juliana is far more modest so we got herself a somebody who helps him able to change. i'm part collaborator i guess problems are. a bit of an urge.
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julian is pushed to change kenya's tech scene started 12 years ago kenya's capital nairobi at that time kenya's a position to go to the streets to protest the disputed election the entire country was in crisis. together with other developers to learn from that a crowdsourcing platform shahidi which is kiswahili for testimony it allowed ordinary people to report incidents of violence in the areas they deal was to create a platform where people could quickly say this is where i am this is what i see this is what's going on and this is because there were lots of incidences that were under reported so we wanted to create a repository where we would put all of this information so that there would be our record of what happened to the country today shahidi is an internationally recognized platform it has been used to report hate crimes during
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the us elections documents the war in syria and help disaster relief after the earthquake in the poll. and juliana has evolved from a young tech nerd into a global room an advocate for freedom of information. and she's here in person. off the german africa prize 29000 welcome to africa it's exciting to have you here and i'm just thinking back to when you created the platform in 2007 right that was about addressing a challenge in your country it was person actions violence did you ever think that it would take on the way that it did we're talking about a platform that's used in all of the 100 countries today. thank you for having me 1st of all it's great to be here i never would have thought that the collaborative work that myself and the co-founders of the shahidi did plus the community of volunteers and bloggers in their early days of. can and blogging
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seen could've put together something that would have scaled as much as it did so i never could have imagined that it was it would be available in languages like russian nor german you know you know all being used by the barack obama campaign i rage as i say seeing i think the credit for that goes to barack obama's team hopper read the c.t.o. of barack obama for america and incredible thing about that and the really encouraging thing about that is they paired use of the platform with lawyers who could respond to reports of voter suppression or any of the issues around the election there i mean so i want to talk about something that's perhaps more recent than that and that would be the fact that you have found it and
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i have to read this yes i could write the biggest public wife i provided in sub-saharan africa so just explain that because there were so in 2012. the company called brick was co-founded with my colleagues eric and david cole b.-a and a few other people who were part of that he did not work and the biggest challenge was having stable internet connectivity with time and specifically early this year . there was new though brick acquired surf internet so there are fixed wireless hotspots and also more by wireless hotspots. now the cost of connectivity is still high and what the network by brick allows is for storage of some content so that you can still access useful content. on the brick and save up using your internet connectivity charges so
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it's actually quite exciting although i'm not longer actively part of the company but i continue to remain. a supporter there of and i can see how that's taken off because i mean as you mentioned data costs on the content are exceptionally high i can think of so africa for example you know this week on the program we had a nigerian woman and she was talking about her if it's in training women up for the tech sector the industry that you work in a she talked about how difficult it isn't really how hostile the industry is on the continent i guess in the world as well to women i just wonder what your experience has been and are you seeing things improving are there more women like you leading the charge seriously. 2 things 1st is support for women in technology is also support for women in science and support for women in all walks of life really and i think it also starts at home i was fortunate that
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my family was encouraging of my interest in science i was not told that or you're you know you shouldn't be interested in that so i would encourage. everyone to really how are you encouraging young girl or a young boy who's interested in science and mathematics it's it shouldn't be that it's an uncool thing it should be quite encouraged if that's a passion right so that's number one and it is a social construct in schools in in all the places where people gather these should be safe spaces for people to to show their interest in technology and to be able to thrive the 2nd thing that really. and courage is me is the pipeline of women in technology and organizations that are trying like the women in nigeria that are trying to change the ratio and it is
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a long game it's not going to be something that way able to achieve right now but in kenya very encouraged by groups like akira chick's in nairobi they they run training programs and in northern to o'conor the tech part of learning lions they are very encouraging ok well and you are very encouraging i must say i julianna wrote if 29000 job in africa prize winner and i t. will take by india thank you thank you. now depending on which side of the debate you're on you may be off the opinion that something africa but century doesn't need is more weapons but that's not what russia seems to think at the russia africa summit still idiots are discussing everything from nuclear technology to mining but on the sidelines or on the sidelines of some it stands for arms companies dominated african attendees test everything from gun range simulators to next generation kalashnikov assault
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rifles but it wasn't just for show during the summit russia announced a deal to supply nigeria with 12 attack helicopters this year alone countries including one mozambique and i'm goal nossiter receive arms from russia which by the way is the biggest supplier of arms to the region. now when it comes to defense russia is an important partner for africa observers say moscow is using a combination of arms exports and security expertise to expand its political and economic footprint on the continent african countries now account for 40 percent of the sales of russia's state arms exporter. well appear to be even the most popular equipment we sell is aviation and air defense equipment and 80 percent of these deliveries are dust and for africa farm such as kalashnikov assault rifles are also in high demand in fact the whole kalashnikov range is very popular because their
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news hits. well that is it for now from africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page and let's connect on social media because we're interested to know what you think about the stories that we cover hail and news africa and the stories that you think we should be covering next time if i find out. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but mostly i'm laughing with the jim bittermann thanks deep into the german culture. new to predict those grandmas day on t.v. you know it's all that who know i'm rachel join me for me think i'm going to double post. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language the 1st word can cause the coaxing germany to learn.
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why non-farm with him. in simple online on your mobile and free. t. w z learning course. german me b.c. . greetings from berlin and welcome to our news from the world of arts and culture i'm karen helm said and here's what's coming up on today's show. it's national library day here in germany and we look at the way at the ways libraries around europe are evolving into places of knowledge and exchange and community as well as good old analog books. and violin virtuoso.
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burst onto the scene in 1970 and has managed to stay true to herself despite the demands of life on tour. but we start off in istanbul with the 16th edition of the city's biennial which features more than $220.00 works by $56.00 artists a turkey has one of the oldest and proudest artistic traditions in the world and yet today with scores of journalists and intellectuals in prisons as a result of government crackdowns on freedom of expression the country can be a hostile place for contemporary art all the more kudos then for a show that continues to find ways to push the envelope. of the. first set.


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