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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin tonight confusion at nato as the u.s. signals it may return to syria a nato headquarters in brussels a struggle to find a common voice says the united states says it may send tanks and troops back into northern syria after pulling them out just a week ago also coming off the man who could be argentina's new president left
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leaning out the front on this as a huge 20 point lead as the nation prepares to vote on sunday if you are in europe the poll of populism in the german heartland the far right party could deliver another stinging book to chancellor angela merkel in regional elections on sunday plus the boy in this league is fiercest while hillary always complains the passions of football fans and on saturday afternoon it's time once again hold on to your seats when shaka take on dortmund in the latest edition of the group. i'm bring coffee it's good to have you with us tonight nato is struggling to find one message to deliver about its own member turkey and its offensive in northern
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syria it's ended a 2 day summit in brussels acknowledging that there are different views about this and it's the behavior of another member of the united states that's also causing concern and nato. the behavior having pulled its troops from the region earlier this month washington mail says that it will send them back to syria to prevent so-called islamic state from capturing crucial in the east. it isn't easy keeping up with america's position in syria after president trump emphatically said u.s. troops are coming home his statement seemed in doubt its reports came in that the white house it sets out options believing u.s. forces in northeast syria the new order seems to be modifying the objective of keeping isis extremists at bay to include the safeguarding of the oil fields the region is in a state of flux off to trump declared he was withdrawing u.s. troops creating a vacuum on tuesday russia and turkey struck a deal on
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a 30 kilometer deep safe zone to enable the withdrawal of kurdish units from the area the oil fields which are of interest to the u.s. and in the east of the region at a nato press conference in brussels u.s. defense secretary mark try to give some clarity to the u.s. position where both objectives and the reversal of trumps earlier order of troop withdrawal set out. and its team so we are reinforcing that position it will include some mechanized forces again i'm not going to get into details but the mission in syria remains what their mission in syria began with it's always been about defeating the isis coalition. while russian forces step up their presence with turkey. drew attention to news that turkey had said it had recaptured some of the 100 isis militants believed to have a scaped from prison in syria as a result of the turkish incursion. are not in south america bolivia's president evo
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morales has declared himself the winner of the presidential election official results nearly gave him the 10 point lead that's necessary to win outright his main rival carlos mesa has led days of protests he accuses merola's of quote monumental fraud both the united nations in the organization of american states have called for a runoff. the winner. they say they feel cheated of the election results and of their future in the capital pass on thursday night students clashed with armed forces for them a 4th term for president abel morale is is unimaginable. we want to move forward we want bolivia to be respected that's why all us young people have gathered here was a little tricky some of what i did get them with us and we study but what good will that do us if we don't get a degree and if nobody gives us work you know when that awful president able morale
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is has ruled the country for almost 14 years for a long time he stood for political and economic stability but corruption allegations have led to a drop in support among the population has declared victory is no splitting the country his supporters and opponents rush through the streets in the opposition stronghold of santa cruz the clashes have long spread to rural areas i mean. unfortunately we believe the ends are letting our impulses take over. where attacking each other. that's sad but people feel powerless and want their votes respected. because. the organization of american states says they were serious of regularities in the electoral process has called for a runoff vote so as to restore credibility to the electoral system. argentinians head to the polls on sunday and the opposition is on course for an election victory
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over incumbent president. a rapidly tumbling economy soaring inflation and the market crash have handed the left leading alberto fernandez a huge 20 percentage point lead he's benefited from the disappointment felt by many over president mockeries inability to stabilize the economy. 4 years after marketing to power annual inflation in argentina nel stands at more than 53 percent . was. president mauricio mockery striking a winner's pose at his last campaign rally in weren't as irish as all of us are aware that back here we will turn over the page of frustration we will turn around the election and we will turn around this country forever. murray himself has a lot to turn around as his victory in the presidential election looks highly unlikely the man projected to defeat him by
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a landslide is opposition candidate albert of hernandez he's benefited from the disappointment felt by many arjan tines over much chris unsuccessful handling of the economy. came to power in 2015 promising market reforms open door trade policies and strong investment but 4 years on the argentine economy is shrinking and annual inflation stands at more than 53 percent in a primary vote in august seen as a dress rehearsal for the election mockeries suffered a shock a landslide defeat fernandez won by a massive 16 percent polls now predict that fernandez will win the presidency out right without the need for a 2nd round runoff a win for fernandez would also spell the return of argentina's controversial former president cristina kirchner who is running for vice president she's
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a polarizing figure a populist who retains a huge following and is viewed as a champion of the poor yet she also faces investigations into fraud and money laundering. economists are predicting that a win for fernandez could exacerbate economic volatility. after the primary vote financial markets were thrown into turmoil and the peso plunged more than 30 percent. and protests over the worsening economic situation led lawmakers to approve an emergency food law last month with neighbors chile and bolivia currently suffering protests and on rest could this election push another country in the region into further instability. or earlier we spoke to our correspondent nick overlays in the country's capital when it's ours and we asked her why people in argentina are looking for so much change. this is
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a truly devastating crisis the country is experiencing right now but the polarisation the report was just talking about also spills over into the hopes people have for these elections a lot of people say that the only reason why people aren't out in the streets here in argentina like they are for example in chile is that these elections are coming and that with them people are hoping for a democratic change that is about to arrive other people especially older voters are saying that they have no hope for this country in the state it is in right now because no matter who you vote for everybody is corrupt that is what they believe there is a deep distrust into the political class here in argentina they say that crises are part of the argentinean circle of life and that even if the government that is to come leaves the country out of this crisis it's only a matter of time until the next one strikes there was the cold for their reporting
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from. our viewers some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in ethiopia 2 days of protests have left $67.00 people dead including 5 police officers the demonstrations started as a standoff at an activist home then spread the protesters are challenging the rule of. who won the nobel peace prize this month the u.k. from the european union has been delayed yet again but e.u. officials were not saved for how long britain was set to leave the e.u. in just under a week's time but a recent vote in the u.k. parliament against an ambitious breaks the deal schedule made the deadline impossible to reach. british police have arrested a 4th person in connection with the deaths of 39 people found in the back of a truck in south eastern england authorities believe most of the victims were chinese but human rights activists are now saying that some may be vietnamese.
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well voters in the german state of the regio which is in the heartland of germany they go to the polls this weekend it's an election that's shaping up into another crucial test for transfer on the americans conservative c.d.u. party the far right party has been polling strongly and could overtake the conservatives as the state's number 2 party behind the post communist left party the regio was part of the former east germany before unification in 1900 it's the only german state with a governing coalition that's headed by the left party w. reporter on your return to her hometown air for us to gauge the mood ahead of sunday's vote. renovated 3 cows this and narrow and waste just like in fairy tales. small medieval city front a well known and loft in the eastern state of the ranger. that was my home for
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a long time i spent most of my youth and soaring jet and went to effort to study when i lived here people didn't argue much about politics like then they if they didn't even exist but now they are likely to win at least 20 percent of the road and i wonder whether they have changed their region. leftist off right that's often what people here want to know is politics dividing the state into. i try to talk about it with former classmates but then i noticed that most of the people i was friends with have moved away to big cities just like i did i was right back saying it's a delicate topic society i hear it's pretty divided but no one wants to talk to me about it on camera. to get an idea of what's going on now i go to an a if t.
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campaign event the far right edge. is considered the top candidate here he insults other parties and journalists too but can his constituency accept of opinions or reasons or. if you have more i always look for an arena where i could influence people and if there is someone who doesn't want to accept this then i'm sorry you consider the next table and drink his beer alone. when we have a family celebration sometimes we start arguing my wife keeps the arguments from escalating by changing the subject. i need to withdraw to handle he has been the state prim you know of 3 for the past 5 years he's the only left party state premier engine money many think he's down to earth and he's pragmatic but while he was in office the a if t. succeeded in expanding its base so why couldn't the left party keep the f.t.
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in check and to put i try to keep them in check they began polarizing the constituency i want to talk to the people on the streets and i want an end to this polarization and i want to let the people know where we stand and where we're headed or know if they can vixen. the only problem is that the range is becoming increasingly polarized that's what left party supporters keep telling me. there's a small rebellion but it's not a small as we'd like it to be. some people irreconcilable if that speech is harsha more vicious and dimwitted my old hometown seems withdrawn and i fear of the state elections might make things worse. according to a poll on the left party with the board a woman or the more full port but might not succeed in forming a coalition government since no one wants to work with the a.f.p. the federal and state is the drift of the political deadlock which would further
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deepen the social trenches. sometimes when i go back home i feel like a stranger. a stranger in our own home to argue about that and more i'm joined now by our chief political editor bill keller. first talk about the polarization that we saw in that report was there so much polarization for that city what the big tent parties who would like to see both ends of the spectrum also debate under that tent just like the social democrats are so in crisis and i'm going to you are trying to find out so did the i mean one thing is quite clear that in theory you know what we actually have really good data of people favor of democracy at the same time their favor of having a much foma grip on politics so much fun a high and so there's a lot of potential there physically for the far right a 50 to tap into and it's an interesting direct standoff between the left and far
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left and the and far right this is unique and it's the politics of extremes almost how one would you see it is that the far right if he could become part of the regional government after the election it simply won't happen because the major parties doubt going into any coalition with the far right if t. and this raises the question what else could happen and the left party the unable to form a coalition i'm going to michael's conservative c.d.u. party has also ruled out going into coalition with the left party so the math simply don't add up they would have to be creative and if anything this is proof that the far right if he has a very minus to shake up i dare say disrupt the usual. politics in particular done here and that's an important point because that takes is the next level why does this what does it matter beyond the range of what is why does it matter on the national level and why should german chancellor merkel why should she be concerned
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well she's a lot less concerned than she was just a couple of months ago i mean we see her so-called grand coalition with the social democrats politically pretty much on the rocks and the only thing that's holding them together is that they know if they were to cool fresh elections which is not easy here in germany would need a long lengthy process and they both have a lot to lose rather than anything to gain so the ring is yet another test of how bad things are for the big tent parties and typically how bad things can still get for the social democrats because as you know the time you and i were talking about this earlier this is the 1st election in germany that we've had since the attack on that synagogue in hollow which is north of the range of is not that far away. do you think that's going to have any impact on this election well if it will be interesting to see whether it's has certainly it has seen a lot of statements from politicians who have also been threatened by far right
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circles. basically calling for a no extremism but beyond the most far right extremists politician within the far right if tea leaves if tea into these elections and they look like they could become the 2nd strongest force it doesn't really look like that's made much of a difference right or chief political editor mcculloch if as always thank you well as a resigning it's been just 2 weeks ago that synagogue of the eastern german city of hala was the target of an anti-semitic attack that attack failed but 2 passers by died when the gunman simply opened fire today the president of the world jewish congress went to holland to pay tribute to the victims. candles and flowers evidence of what happened here police company ronald lauder he has come to visit the scene of the attacks lauder is president of the world jewish congress an organization that was established in 1986 in reaction to the rise of naziism and
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the growing way for european anti semitism 80 years later anti semitism is on the rise again i was told by what happened. these are always in danger but we should do everything we can to action. after the attack and holler jewish leaders have called for more security at your sites the synagogue was not the only target when the shooter was unable to open the door he shot a female possible and a man attic about shop about 600 meters away this is where ronald lauder is headed next he wants to pay tribute to the victims on the phone he reaches the owner of think about shop. if you. will but. why does it happen. where did these people get that he. was not going to be learned from him to the very few other politicians and people talking about he must be able
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to stop these groups following the attack germany's interior minister stressed the importance of a strong police presence in front of the country synagogues many people are calling on the german government to take more decisive action against right wing extremism i feel one way said. the other way when i see the flowers and. i'm optimistic optimistic picture can rise above this type of. all this weekend's wonderfully good action that sees a shock to host the last year dortmund and what is germany's fiercest derby game in the tell us all about i'm joined now by john think rain from v.w. sports. and what can we expect a young man well if meetings are anything to go by we can expect lots of goals we have 40 last season for all the season before that forget dortmund by dortmund. and this in this league is a big grudge match is called in germany the mother of all darby's and missing
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father is what he really can't afford to lose it and the pressure after a string of poor results and if the room is it to be believed then the special one and so gerry cena renia is being lined up to replace him so there is a lot at stake in this one. this match is being billed as lucy in the fall for his date with destiny if some reports are to be believed a defeat against bitter rivals shall kill would spell the end of his reign is dortmund coach is the rising on the. far right says not as good as his efforts at darby is a very special game i've known that since the moment i arrived it's very important but there's a pressure for every game and it's no different for shell shock said darby and it's very special. a special match but one with bad recent memories for dortmund fans a 42 home defeat at the end of last season to their title chances but form and
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past study results will count for nothing according to the man preparing for his 1st road r.t. . i don't think you can automatically draw any advantages or disadvantages not even from the latest results and especially not darby results. what happens in the days or weeks before it doesn't matter. it's completely irrelevant exclaims or maybe just. and it's all down to one game nothing less than local bragging rights are up for grabs and for some jobs are on the line too. so jonathan what makes this fixture then so special but it's a rivalry that goes back to 1925 but it wasn't really until the late sixty's when the bullets league was still quite new that the rivalry started heating up these 2 sides are very close geographically just 30 kilometers apart but it's a dobie kind of unlike a lot of others look dobby's
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a founded on kind of religious or political divides the south and in fact they both have working class backgrounds they're very proud about that but that makes them very very passionate your friends if you are some of the machines like sometimes you get the impression that they hate each other's team more than they actually love their. dads so the name of the opponents and again if you are some of them would you rather do when the bird is in a good size or when the dobby match then they would imagine mazie got ok so it's understandable that the emotions are running high here but what does each side have to gain besides bragging rights well it is incredibly close to the top of the brain as they were the moments they were when could send the the sites hoping that shout will probably be kicking themselves a bit already because they've had a couple of chances in recent weeks to go top already but if you're. new into the job things are going really in the right direction he's sitting pretty dormant counterpart at least in the fall when you talk about what do they have to
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gain what does he have to lose because he really is under pressure they've had some very inconsistent performances don't when they strayed away leads when they should have won games and that's not really the kind of form you want if you're going to be a title contender and we talk about passion passion of the fountain found one thing father gets criticized always is softly softly approach sometimes you know he's a good tactician is one of good having stuff up here but you sometimes need something in here you as well don't have to be don't you just instead of using your noggin as they say any other big games that you're looking for this weekend. and then you in the band is legal remember they travel to munich to face the mighty bind doesn't really come much bigger than that. if there is also under pressure that pressure is never really gone away they've only picked that one point from the last few games that he will really need to win against you know leaders grab back an action against. the ne and b. since i did the league will have to protect that against a lot of action there is one of the great b.w. sports jonathan as always thank you you're welcome. this is g
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w news and these are our top stories nato has ended a 2 day summit in brussels acknowledging differences over its own member turkey's offensive in northern syria the us pulled its troops from the region earlier this month but washington is now saying that it will send them back to prevent so-called islamic state from capturing crucial oil fields. e.u. breaks in negotiations michel barney and ambassadors from the member states have delayed the u.k.'s exit from the european union yet again but even officials will not say for how long britain was set to leave the e.u. in just under a week's time but it cannot get the latest breaks that deal enshrined into law in time to meet that deadline. olivia's president evo morales has declared himself the winner of the country's presidential election official results narrowly gave him that 10 point lead necessary to win el running his main rival has led to days of protest calling the results fraudulent both the u.n.
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and the european union have called for a runoff vote. this is d.w. news from berlin for more news you can always go to our website that's d w dot com all right electric kick scooters and they've seen them they've become popular in europe in recent times that's for sure but angry residents of the french capital paris complained that the city's 20000 east scooters well they're cluttering the sidewalks they should come to berlin see this dozens of them even land in the river said every day that requires a team of superheroes to retrieve them enter the lime scooter patrol. cats to look out then really back in it's a simple english principle the carriage just has to be landed cases like this requires serious effort home and dry this time but it usually means wet feet. i'm
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sort of like that one over there where the handlebars are stuck in the case it's impossible for us to pull it out of the water practically impossible he really got to get into the water turn the angle must pull it out and then bring it up chip for a little bit this patrol took 15 scooters inside 3 hours they'll be overhauled and then set free again electric scooter angling might just turn out to be a recession proof profession. indeed orator watching. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see the.
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