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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  October 26, 2019 7:30am-8:01am CEST

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after the fall of the berlin november night w. o . i remember the name alexander nuba shock as promising young king who already 'd has some high profile fans. plus another one to
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watch he's gone so. he joined frank 28 scene but it's really getting into good this season. i'm playing. as is this man both spoken out without valve a cost. one simply because i know it's really important it couldn't welcomes a kick off. a glimpse into the soul of a strong i. just want to. say. i much when i bring spargo the last time i see. school so i'm playing and i'm scoring goals i feel me part in this. c.n.c. is the lazy bundesliga breakthrough just. the job for frank 1st off of the summit
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of conscious of rabbit shield which. was more or playing. with the fans more in the game than just spoken about in the front and the i've resolved yet that the season is different in different ways to play because we are playing more with the ball we are playing more football style that clearly suits the 25 year old portuguese from my sincere a school 5 goals for an on track side use current form could well put them into contention for the champions league he's played his way onto the list of frankfurt find favorites already not least by knuckling down to the local lingo a little gun for. the. war to she's with team mates lucas toro and de on your village practicing some populist stadium songs for years since this is the. thing is the big give you i thought about it a. lot for keeping spirits buoyant nothing beats scoring
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goals. it's fantastic when we play for them it's for me it's like the best the best feeling in the in the world i don't play with these fans these crazy. since just still has to play seem on tracks hole of fine but competing with illustrious previous this is nothing new to him his father domingo's played said he full time for portugal i decide to lies to some city people to. my father was a big big i also sometimes i think old times because of these because i think i made a bad game and the people of ok i was always thought like the father and for me was also always my my example for me to make it on although it's my father so. after an injury start at frankfurt last chance to hit the headlines so much to $24.00 last season so. i used to go to sleep go.
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to frank's last gasp winner off the bench against hoffenheim this was like. the feeling that i feel when i score because i know that. was disappointing to know about me because i can get things that i was 6 months out i think was a good way to start the car and. one of those moments when you just want to 6. i. haven't seen goals from that helps a fireball spurgeon's a european is made in his league campaign and he's not messing up the season. in a place of far from. strong. strong
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character. so let me enjoy. this very close this is it still. holds plugs number knowing their number one goal scorer a dutchman at holland in jenin and. i feel really good sitting with. myself. i've become a lot of respect just can be mild i just can't be. in germany so. now in the world sometimes. it's not always that easy he arrived in the summer of $28.00 straight down to business come the end of the season because it was the least joint school with one much they had much setting up thus no highlight. there is very cool security it is fair trade in the produce. you get the full
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display of a spade finished off by a very joyous. or serious sort of head when she gets a good especially close this is extraordinary. last democrat pulled the superstar to take our shoulder for the trying not to have her before so it was her 1st ones i was so yeah that was definitely also special special his route to the top was unconventional at 17 he was still playing amateur league football in the netherlands yet it's a little bit strange to use used to say he wanted you to move people. of course and i always confidence and always have come through but i didn't want to give up the truth to be here for them to hear all the noises off can do is to say. they're really good because because of that i was mentioning. that they goes mentality definitely how. my dad we have known company and he was always working with
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daughter came home late so i think that sort of thing. we learn from it so to work hard for the goals and the direction i have so i think that's something. before. i listen he still putting into practice today looking tirelessly on his own round guy. i really liked from proof my my my reading skills but that's something i really can improve and i want to improve because i know it's really important and that would make value even more of an asset savalas book it seemed very much on the up again not just until the feeling yes. we are really strong as a team really acting like a fool this year it's even more like yeah we straight to the goals we have only had that sense of really good positive. yeah that's the same picture in journalism. sure what we what we want to show. we have to show. we can be successful.
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no number 10 in the league is likewise looking for success is the man behind the superstar. coaching. a brazilian in both areas. but a. little magician but i. view my career very positively i've played for some great clubs and now i'm playing for another great club so really it's a case of dreams coming true. to me to.
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get here. particularly safe neighborhood it's a bit dangerous to have your walking down the street just hoping you went in for an unpleasant surprise. your wife live just a bit. sometimes we had to school to hear all that back home again and then we'd be running nights very scary days out of the. polling groups longtime friends washington told us french. and we spent most of the time together on a very streets their houses at the end. going to sewer near there was a concrete pitch near my parents' house and i beat dad playing football every day with my friends. in fact football was his 1st love as
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a youngster and 7 he joins us kodama way used team coach marcus alexander a was a. school science at all same he was doing technical stuff you know games that was simply beyond 100 children his age could do it. and that's when he acquired the nickname for little magick shop use you can imagine that magic couldn't him a pre-contract with internet 16 a continual state a further 2 years of vasco and professional. are simply vasco was my 2nd home in brazil. means a lot to me they formed me as a player as a person and i also learned a lot about helping prepare for the european all the sins of falling. from him to respect you know to liverpool then barcelona. was scapegoated for barcelona as
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a lack of success i don't think it was frank who should not every dream should serve as you wish so to the next one of the fresh stars of buying. stocks very much a family home after the most important people in my life or my parents my wife my brothers my daughters we go through everything together whether it's now he spends his new focus but really. some of kenya's compactor it says found the footballing family supporting shock and 2 of them ahead of the big weekend job we meet 2 of them in brazil. the riviera is the most intense study in all of germany tempers boil over whenever shellfish and george meant to meet everybody who wants to prove that they are the number one in this region so they've got this famous singing we are the number one in the court since it's nice to feel so stone famously if you feel like to give. because.
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if you're looking for trouble shaka dortmund is the right place housewife's transform it's a really good sense. but does it really have to be this why. 10000 kilometers away from dortmund and shell is south paolo brazil here you can find a mini version of jordan's best file and study on. this man george he's my job and his life george is a special kind of fun. to do kill book i'm proud to kill fast but those fights like this those are the people who need to the mindset to move forward play it for money and we're. all in on black and yellow he's even dedicated his football academy to dortmund we are even. by showing them because they also media are huge is the real. squeeze that quality and of course the wusa leaves us
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a partial so we all went and got that proposal of ailment that georgia transforms local kids into footballers and the fans nearly $400.00 at a time despite its appearance the academy isn't an official part. loaded with trophies banners and black and yellow memorabilia just how does a brazilian boy become an ambassador for dortmund. it must be in the blood. into a message you are missing links in a real visa who review the leeway here you have are stopped. because you put more i do of and instead of shall care it could be royal blue instead of black and yellow right george a. couple sure billboards will be with you all collude with your choices are broken purely mo therefore you are one of the credibility to me going to brasilia to my screen see the. you will put
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30 is will move. the people missiles. pedro who lives a couple of streets down he caught the shall care fever from a baker if you can imagine that a political party. to most of the movie screen of. different quality of the moon not to the father used to novels who proposal a minute. or 2 of our show you have improved going you know you put american folk achieved years ago also the world over here of course where there were never. maybe things would be very different if dormant one back then but today drugs online chatting with other shelter fans about their shared love. of me it was. hard to my. job as the show.
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let's hope it signs. he. pulls. someone you. don't need of the pedro probably just most about shocker with his mom he'd probably have more kindred spirits if he supported dormant time for a switch. from the ocean the following show confession. just researching all. used to be the better of the 2 but that was a while back the 1st darby took place in 1925 around the room region back then. but didn't put up a proper fight until after the 2nd world war in 1940. 7 they lifted the top tier
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best fall and championship over their rivals which shell can still haven't forgotten. georgia in petra might not be aware of all this history as they focus on the darby from a sporting perspective with plenty of brazilian passion. to follow but as a leader with a partial group which are both my i could you tell me the supply shows their sales . pdvsa what you did those who do it because otherwise level besides do so for much who prefer to bowl do you think business will so you just shoot him with proof which both of you. can show compared to move. it from the very very and they're passing their passion on to the next generation is that taking it a bit far that the we study music that we should be so positive your parts of all of us i didn't hear some of them you. know who didn't argue no point in time i mean that eugene you saw in the scene for what the music or counsel was you know put into. sybil to fill in your post each of you can move the back
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a little bit of what's one of the festival. moves so she moved to greece even with the partial are the things you may see as our series the ok me face kind of your mind most of the sequels. sometimes the passion is taken too far in germany that have been unsavory scenes it ws in the past. things got really serious between blue and yellow with the bundesliga scandal of 971 tape recordings expose the bundesliga clubs including shaka should frights and intentionally lost and matches. chalco players pocketed a total of $40000.00 marks from the match fixing. because fisher did he did since and she revealed if you go from the small young. dormant were relegated despite being innocent that season was. yes stayed up that's only field resentment. which
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played into open hostility groups like boston font and the mighty blues were founded by fans of both clubs and often brought violence to the fore which remains a factor to this day. things are a bit more laid back in brazil petro georgiou and the kids organized a small dog the of their own to shelter fans faced off against just woman made. sure the shelter boys can put them away but they had to see if they kept the job and in the end in far off germany club still have a chance of the title but that doesn't matter in the dobie. when the classes cools the scarcity suppose i mean to get across the people who voted out those about those come i assume you pretty much read you this thing my house. you
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some of them but the major parties the class of course was. only important in brazil 2 of them came out on top. fortunately all were some of the boys for whom a boy quoting them seem quaint. the hell of a movement but this is without most of human import let me go about it and choose the measurable which both. at the moment do often seem to be the top dog in both germany and brazil but don't worry shocker fans back in the day the royal blues dominated the derby and they just might be the most successful side against the padres of the world are just waiting for their moment. and rivals or not pedro in georgia i sure have similar dreams for the future. as for like yeah if you enjoy a win my version is a ring and you know you think you should. cause a lot. which will not you're going to that guy that just he turns over the rules
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you know not part. of the state. is the only thing we largely between us is to my our limited use all the school students who could be key causes the shingles the view the saw the. pupil solve some shelter with a cheerful advantage means to be in mind something some sort of assault along with the kids thing is over there is compelling pretty common goals you know my worst final cause he's president obama cause our minds miscreants their president to my friend here the loser the original there but i kid is like you know what i mean you saw most players play sport anything or who saw a woman shit you want to think. alexander nubile is now showing his 1st choice keeper plans that form a great so like you're predicting a bright future for the young custody. this
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man is currently being told up as one of germany's biggest goalkeeping talents should we believe the hype is the lowdown from the legendary oliver card. well this week in my keep in check i'm going to run the rule over shall custody invoke alexander in my name people should. be ready for you might wonder why alexander nubile bobs up and down the room i must return to supporting the shot whether it's a peculiarity of the shell goalkeeping school or about basically he's getting his legs ready to explode into action at the right moment so he had to cut those shelters need chance to help with the rope last piece of job keeping. what he has seen a come here again we've got about a brief bumping motion from the new belt to be optimally primed for the shot and when it comes his response is absolutely world class absolute. class or
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look very short but maybe even a thing for people to see and hear you see the explosive reflex reaction to this effort from close range passing the ball away with his hand lightning fast take it down and of us all know if he can world class keeper doesn't just use his hands to make a reaction save he can deploy its legs and feet as well in a fraction of a 2nd. if use of alexander newbill demonstrates that ability and great style here and this is a double save why for hearts you want to ask 1st he manages to get a foot to the ball and then by so common that then he shows tremendous speed to get back on his feet again. and again knows there's another live cd player there and responds with the instant follow up family task stuff i. take a look quickly he's back on to speak.
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as if we haven't got a team always means the feeling they've got a man behind the moves not just glued to the line but sometimes comes out of his goal and then he has to be decisive both for high balls into the box and for corners and a bundesliga keeper has to be able to come out and punch these days but in this situation he demonstrates something else of the physical presence he's appealing as a matter and his opponents respect shuffle see as big ben get. every keeper has good footballing skills these days there is not so much of a disparity is before this is a good example from alexander knew well even the way says a k. finds its way directly to a team mate or date another of his qualities is that he's a very can be used on the ball weak precise no nonsense passes out from the basket sees a good team to run his own firing it out all over the place it. looks on a new report within the density in this instance new who does. also benefit from
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marco ross playing the ball slightly turned far ahead but he still illustrates his top draw positional play and it's i theory can just block it to sign for a corner but. the key for some of want to roll supply alexander new burrows already shown he's a top class goalkeeper and at 23 he obviously has the potential to get even better he certainly a player who can make the difference. to round off some blasts from the past as we take you through the 94 much history of the riviera darby thanks for watching and enjoy. was.
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it. i. was.
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they say. thank you this is the bravery of dumping.
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8. declining merged reality wait a 2nd we want the whole picture our facts instead of make ideas shift to live us. from l.a. to reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing digital world let's talk digitalisation. shift. d.w.t. . he has long been
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a must do it making station wagons when you are a 6 month close tremendous performance that really causes any trouble free. such stuff in the sadie's 1020 s c b because sadat has been an object of love and that moderation for 60 is. trying. certain limits on deep don't let. me take football personally i do it with a little good wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans was. because more than football online. to france dear antonia dear sissy him
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this is a tough as it was i'm sitting on the terrace in twilight it's peaceful my 3 grandchildren sleep on trouble that's asked out when i was 8 france's age germany was split in 2 and remain divided for decades and it might have on him when your mother was born in 1969 the one was already 8 years old you know my grandchildren were born after the wall fell born inning remain a fight in germany a wonderful time a time of great joy. 3 generations of one family on a journey through recent german history. missed. the bus or family and us starts november 6th on d. double. you.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin an unprecedented mass protests in chile 1000000 take to the streets of the capital santiago and elsewhere in the south american country to the biggest rallies yet in a week of protests in which at least 19 people have died also shot. in a blow to president in trouble u.s. federal court rules the house impeachment inquiry is legal and the justice department must give democrats a full copy of the miller report into russian election meddling and.


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