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is just how reliable these reports are about al baghdadi his death well miranda the news of baghdad he's killing should be tape handled with a bit of care really over the last few years there have been several claims that but he had been killed in 2017 for example russian forces said that he had likely been killed in a russian as strike in syria and as we just saw in that report he is very elusive i mean he's a fugitive he doesn't make many public appearances so over the last few years there's been a lot of uncertainty and speculation over whether he's actually still alive now there's obviously been no official confirmation from the white house as yet but high ranking pentagon sources talking to newsweek magazine and gave some details about the operation he said that after a short gun fire a gun exchange fire exchange in dieties compound in it live province and
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the detonated a suicide vest and killed himself the pentagon souls also said that this still waiting for d.n.a. and biometric tests to confirm his identity so the white house has announced that the president will give a major statement in a few hours time everyone is expecting that statement to be about baghdadi of course and if indeed it is then it will be interesting to see what sort of evidence there will be coming out with then well as you've mentioned baghdadi has been on the run for several years he's been on the united states most wanted list also for a very long time so what is the timing of all of this tell us why do you think this operation took place now well if the killing was confirmed that would obviously be a very big coup for the u.s. and it would come very good time for the u.s. president i mean he's come under a lot of fire for his decision to pull troops u.s. troops out of northern syria. and in no way that has given the green light for the
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turkish offensive against the kurds there and many experts warned that friends of the fighting the ensuing chaos may well help to strengthen i assume that every other if the reports of bias fighters escaping from prison camps that and potentially regrouping so a setback in the fight against the us in many ways then of course at home trump is facing impeachment inquiry and there's been bad news about the budget so this would be very welcome for the white house. or as we thank you very much for your insights . let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world hong kong police used tear gas to break up an authorized demonstration in a waterfront tourist district organizers had called the protest to express their concern about police conduct during the month long pro-democracy demonstrations that's included the use of pepper spray rubber bullets and police dogs. married men
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in the amazon region will now be allowed to be ordained as catholic priests that's following the landmark vote by bishops of the vatican the proposal made of the 3 weeks known as the senate passed by a vote of 128 in favor of and 41 against polls are open in the german state of turin gera in the statewide election the far right of d. has been polling strongly and could overtake chancellor merkel's conservatives as the state's number 2 party behind the former communist left party. to spain now where a day of protests in the city of barcelona ended in violence police clashed with catalan pro independence demonstrators on saturday firing tear gas and water cannon after what began as a peaceful rally in the city protests have swept across the region after spain's supreme court imposed a lengthy prison sentences on catalan separatist leaders were found guilty of
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sedition. the rally began peacefully but the streets of barcelona awash in a sea of protesters from the waterfront to the city's landmarks a grad a familiar church. many carry cattle and flags and banners branded with slogans such as sit and talk and freedom for political prisoners. pro independence groups had called for a peaceful march to demand the release of 9 separatist leaders found guilty of sedition they were imprisoned by the supreme court on october 14th. the move triggered a wave of anti madrid demonstrations some marked by heavy violence. spain's main parties have consistently rejected any moves towards catalan independence protesters accuse madrid of criminalizing dissent. less about it's time for the state to find a solution because it seems that this has no wind and we are always at the same point. we've come here because we are fed up with so much for
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a person that believes suffered from the stage that he is not one of us that the government in madrid doesn't want to listen to us or sit down and talk which is what we want we have always defended nonviolence what is happening in barcelona is not a reflection of us we separatists are not violent we want our country we want to be free. but when night fell violence flared up again. several 100 protesters surrounded police headquarters. apparently bills peoples and other objects at officers in riot gear police backed by riot vans charged the demonstrators to disperse them. officials in the u.s. state of california are warning that dangerously strong winds could spread raging wildfires largest blazes burning in northern california is famous sonoma wine region 50000 residents have been ordered to leave their homes there and nearly
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a 1000000 households are facing power cuts. dry ground and low humidity had already created dangerous conditions for tens of thousands of california residents but just as firefighters look to be finally getting the better of the situation with a full custis believe it bad news that would affect many more were expected significant increases in winds gusts in some parts of our state $7075.00 by some estimates 80 miles an hour as ground crews cleaned up in sonoma county where the fire had already done the damage a tank is with tickets to talk to set a containment line with historically dangerous winds on the horizon. now. out of the area. 60000 sonoma county residents were ordered to evacuate on saturday adding to the
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growing fear for 37 residents of complications caused by deliberate power outages all just 2 years removed from the loss of 43 lives. 'd with the utility company fearing power lines being blown down by the wind 940000 homes that you to have their power cuts that means as the danger approaches 2000000 people will be left in the uk. you're watching d.w. news coming up after the break we'll have the highlights from saturday's one as the games including germany's biggest local darby shall then dortmund faced off in the latest chapter of one of the most heated rivalries in world soccer we'll have the action from that clash and all of the goals from germany's top division. omarion evans team from me and the entire news team here in berlin thanks for the
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company. and. the people of the world known for information part of the pains they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch. and i'm getting i'm going to grant a new w from the bottom of the book it's personal it's divisive it's about topics that affect us all the water pollution climate change and the return. of. the recent check out.
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the for. its rock home sako the royal blues rubble and big jungle good a long time rivals dog big yellow cords everywhere the discord is real and so was the physical contact in their latest back. only one point separated dog made and sold. in the table ahead of kick off but bragging rights always mean more than points in this emotional explosion and fire in munich watching the throne back at home hosting young burley the middles have already taken down big fish in the but as think a c. would it be another. welcome to the but as they are right here on t w i'm chris harry said let's start with a bit of history shall come and do it mate have been at each other's necks for
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nearly 100 years now shaka won the very 1st match and the most recent by the same scoreline for 2 it's a safe bet this feud will produce a few goals but both clubs are in need of some neither dortmund's nor sulk has had much bite in their recent outings which side would turn the tide and ride on their enemy. you know when black took over 3 points home from the felton's arena last year before blue and white went to dortmund and scuppered their rivals title challenge with an away when of the other 8 was shy guy who had the best of the 1st half this time around with 28 minutes gone saif sonny rose high to me to corner but was denied by the bar. on the half an hour mark welsh young still dropping the tondo picked axe writs was pocket and though he failed to keep his foot on target his energy continued just coastal problems shortly afterwards some confusion in the
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guest's back line gave shock a brilliant chance to go in front but the post prevented su etc from giving his side the least. the hosts were unable to find an opening goal before the break still an encouraging 1st half for diving but in his darby davis cup. shot to have the upper hand on the stands to their goal of stolen rival flags drew from what the dortmund ultras managed to swipe and in return. the 2nd 45 saw fewer chances ditto bush tyler was unable to put an end to his on going goal drought and then much london missed a chance to make himself a hero blazing unlike opportunity over the park right in front of the news corp for the deadlock remained unbroken up until the final whistle i'm very very happy about
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the performance today in the end and how they played how they how they used our game plan i'm a little bit disappointed but the result but sometimes in football games you don't get what it is a split owners in the 1st goalless ruled to be since 2016. byron munich. i've been watching the throw not from their typical top of the vantage point the table that is instead looking up at other teams trying to see if the crown fits well robert levin dosti is byron's best bet to reclaim the table position that the bavarians believe is rightfully theirs could the league's number one striker strike again and possibly reshuffle the standings. before kickoff the buy in players paid tribute to the injured center backs nicholas and lucas 7 and then they were placed by jerome but tank and benjamin they provided
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the highlights of the 1st half with the opening call it was a moment of true quality from the frenchman he pounced on a loose ball smashing home a 1st time effort the combined power and persuasion to get by in the lead in the 30 minutes. it took them until the 2nd half to double that late but the inevitable go from robert 11th of ski. it was no surprise that the poll found the net be ruthlessly capitalized on a lucky bounce to become the 1st ever player to score on each of the opening 9 but does lead to much to ease. the game looks safe supply and then a handball in the books by even parish church handed only on a lifeline. sebastian anderson stepped up and saw his effort saved manuel know everything it's not just live and just be used on for. the other end by and push for another goal never does he went close to making it 3 nil but he inserted in
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every failed to be inspired ref out p.k. which union keeper was clearly still hoping for a point to help him celebrate his 32nd birthday and with 5 minutes to go that looked like a possibility found sebastian poulter and the big 4 would roll find the spot case 21 and that's how it finished mentally how marked we clearly have a knack of making things tight even in games where we're coming to be the better side this is and. to think of as. we're working on playing better and more effectively it wasn't the convincing victory fans were hoping for but by and 5th win of the season was enough to get them back to the top of the table. now let's get to the other games on saturday was being freiburg a small club up against what many consider a plastic one rb live see both sides were in european spots in both had
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a shot to shoot up the table freiburg with a full tank of gas while life sick dealing with champions league fatigue who would take advantage of the opportunity. try burke was slow to get started in this one they took the lead in 1st half injury time nicholas 1st or applying the finishing touch to their 1st serious threat on goal. for flo was no doubt thankful for all the space afforded to him by the likes of defense. it was against the run of play freiburg have made the most of the chances that have come their way this season they capitalized again in the 90th minutes to neil's pay to send. he enjoyed it nearly as much as his coach. lucas close to men's effort in injury time was just a consolation it didn't dampen the freiburg celebrations they have their 5th win of the season. because it only needed 4 minutes to take the lead
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at hands of vetted braman thanks to braman zometa top rack if this was a full on goal equaliser just before half time could perhaps be counted as a half one as shot loops in viruses flexion. the visitors were quick ounce of the blocks after the break david klassen side facing them in front. of leverkusen with a better team but despite drawing levels to look a salary 0 they couldn't find a winner a draw was the obvious result braman now 5 games without a win leverkusen winless in 3. only a handful of half and home fans made the journey to balance the lympics stadium surprising given their side has been more successful away from home this season young new york and la cardia underlined that fact slotting the visitors in front on 33 minutes. 5 minutes later they were 2 goals to the good andre kraemer each having
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hoffenheim into a healthy halftime lead. but after the break it was all change baqir you pull the go back on 55. it's in some style i. guess acrobatic effort gave his site some much needed belief as herter then leveled through substitute salomon kalou. there was still some 20 minutes of the game to go but the visitors would get the last laugh heading in from the corner and you compound had his misery they finished the game with 10 men after of that imagery the 2nd yellow cards. let nobody say that part of bowen have no chance in the bundesliga not up to this one the goal from outer hand it's a beary part of born with the only team without a league win this season if things were on the up but homes are fortunate just a golf s├ębastien show now theo power.


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