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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  October 29, 2019 1:30am-2:01am CET

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some contractors. and investigative documentary goes to italy and china and looks behind the glamorous facades of fashion houses. luxury behind the mirror starts november 5th on t.w. . not stay knowing in the bundesliga gives job a good. job and does a solid rule of kali rivals the mama of home talkies. energetic
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and susie essman togetherness spirit shall feels fresh when you lead them to victory what about dortmund with coach lucian father up against the ropes of late week defeat in midland russell their confidence their job could surely turn things around. but still. what's been going on behind the self-confidence be restored with the women. has that some mia feeling gone. with the record shop speed without robot leventhal ski. i got a gig i was thirsty so that's the balance in full view. especially when it's a tight race up top could like to keep pace in the title race would surprise package my board to do it again has to face 6. which clubs could build their confidence and. call out with
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a rum. start with the riviera dobby and. it's the mother of all derbies show the endorsement blue and white this yellow and black fierce rivals separated by just 27 kilometers or valley bragging rights at stake. the 1st derby for new shop to coach david wagner's but he's already aware of what the occasion means to fans energetic and togetherness spirit. battles all over the place. becky knows what it's all about and his players do too apparently the spirit is strong in childcare. for dortmund's lucy and father a the calm and collected swiss coach is not exactly want to stir up
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a fiery atmosphere for derby games father prefers to plan to sing to strategize but things didn't go according to fox is planning doesn't care shit dortmund repeatedly gave the ball away cheaply gifting shell to chance after chance shock away close to making it one nil from the corner so he sent a rising high as tonight against the bar. dortmund looked shaky as jayden sam show lost the ball in his own half to answer dark should have given shelter the lead another huge lead off for the visitors. durban were quite literally shooting themselves in the face but crucially discoursed a meal no. maybe this kind didn't win that he scored as halftime beckons dortmund finally fashioned a chance same show tonight but alexander knew but why. one chance in 45 minutes is
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just not good enough to see him fall for it would have some explaining to do and best side to have always given my whole since i became coach and try to help players develop those along that's all i can say i just try to do my best best best. the 2nd half saw a different side of sabra we're not too used to seeing the calm thinker and planner was certainly more than many of his players. out on the pitch little change for do it and same show again produced their only chance of the half the coach was not impressed. when a trace in was lacking in the final 1st movement was there but the penetration wasn't. the final 3rd refers to the space just in front of the opposition goal good to have experts out wide target as our sun show yulian brands and they have plenty
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of playmakers x. of it so mark over us mario good but they only have one striker a lot of hassle with him out injured schools have been hard to come by. the moment i listen i've been excited things are a bit tricky at the moment that much is clear we're making simple mistakes i'm struggling with full possession with self confidence and the instinct isn't there when it needs to be nice. because i could do it in missing the swagger they had last season 12 months ago they were high on self confidence and the goals were pouring in now with results less than impressive their shadow of their former selves. was at work on the longest you could say that we didn't put enough effort to understand we lacked the confidence to move. on and put in just work in jersey no 6 striker may have been missing but so was the experience. in the end the nil
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nil draw was lucky for do it didn't and a missed opportunity for their arch rival shelf is only 5 books and this is oxygen where points are awarded it well i think we would have been clear when it was but alas in the 1st world cup the field to get the points of light to move the button in a table but sandwiched in between the 2 with lysis in fright. one of the bundesliga smallest clubs a tiny budget few superstars yet they find themselves up among german football's big boys this campaign this week they took on like 6 wildly different clubs with big ambitions could fly book rise to the challenge. well from the start the black forest hosts were reminded that they were the underdogs like sick arrived with the confidence of a champions league club and look stronger over the pitch the red bulls were simply
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much too fast and too well drilled a little like tampa. it became clear that only one of these teams belonged to the upper reaches of the industry go. if we didn't want to play defensively we were forced back we always want to create as many scoring chances as possible but we struggled to do that. to make matters worse off the half an hour top scorer luke a vulture at the team's only real stud got injured for 6 ties was even forced to make a 2nd substitution inside the opening period you know templeman also had to be withdrawn the 20 year old midfielder was a bit overwhelmed in his book this league debut. it seemed simply a matter of time before like c. would strike. ship impossible to kill the opponent in the 1st half but. i think the
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4 minutes before the half time that the tent were just a game in this part of the game. but one thing must be said for a fly ball they never lose their courage was that in mind they stunned their guests by opening the storing was nicholas who flock made of one mill shortly before the break was the was. from that moment on the self belief returned to the little hosts. the belief that they can actually defeats that larger opponents every friday player raised his game it's like 6 dominance faded the hosts the playing times it's not as geeks. just get into these we doubled their lead with this long range rocket.
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in the 2nd half we played brilliantly because we didn't allow a single leipsic counter-attack and to deny them any counterattacks is really something the boys did a great job. fribourg took advantage of like 6 indecision on the ice home when it mattered most was pietersen made it to the mill in the 90th minutes of victory much of the underdog goes on with pot and courage trumping stop power was . terms like more than a match for 50 but in terms of mentality they were able to compete. now 4 games without a win this defeat coming to see a friday togetherness fight and to win. even a last minute goal was not enough. to tilt things back in like 6 favor the title
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hopefuls could meely watch on ash libeled ok took them in the bundesliga table. i am outraged by john his little freiburg side were on cloud 9 at the final whistle as another one of the big boys left empty handed. i. could i things can change quickly in this league which if we continue like this we can stay in control 17 points now but we need to keep working is it simple to the way it's going to. fly book didn't play the better football but they won the match by knowing how to get the better of their opponents the confidence continues to flow in the black forest next up we head to live acoustic. quiz how many goals have labored who scored in their last 4 matches the answer one
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things need to change. that i started what was discussed during the week we know we have to score more goals. no surprise then that kevin federline was assigned a strike partner for this clash against bremen stepped forward lucas a lhari o. . back in the summer fans were convinced the argentinian would return to spanish football playing time hard to come by last season but this campaign has seen a status grow he might not be a reliable scorer just yet as he showed against frankfurt recently but his coach is preaching patience. in. a full game season which you can go 2 or 3 games without scoring sometimes billington on the and then it suddenly comes back that's kind of i know he did. and peter bosh was
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betting on a lariat ending his goal drought against bremen on match day 9 and a coach's fate was repaid well sort out a corner in the 3rd minute and just like the one there it was britain's former top rack who actually got on the scoresheet but it was a lottery 0 who flipped that ball on the argentinian saturday made the crucial difference. live a cruising finally back among the goals but britain struck back miller sheets with a stunning solo goal to level the scores what a strike and with laver couzin low on confidence after miserable defeat to let it cool madrid in the champions league in midweek brennan began to dominate and the exchange proceeded did you classes compose fish. to want to visit me because you were on course for
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a 4th defeat in 5 the the. big bosses tactical game was to pay off yet again lucas a lottery 0 made it to 2 in this form it's hard to believe how close you came to leaving with some assist for the 1st goal before scoring the equaliser himself couldn't add another to win the game. yes he could just 4 minutes later you know massie's international strike partner made it 3. but celebrations were cut short as the 8 are spotted hambone the build up you know the way. she was and stayed 5 matches without a win for the hosts the 4th drawn succession from grim end but there was a silver lining laver couldn't appear to have down there scoring boots again. our
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devotion field day was much better with lucas and kevin up top and i think we have reason to be positive. thanks to lucas a lhari out. the difference now for more goals in our contacts nation half. had a born have been waiting for their 1st win and against the time to celebrate her finally come. i would like to 1st congratulate stefan for the 1st one is legal when he didn't have to come against us but i think it was long they've experienced. how to derive thanks to a moment of magic from. scoring his maiden blunder see go. fans certainly enjoyed that one. as a kite burger was pulling the strings for part of born just before the alamo the midfielder whipped in a delightful cross for the bust i'm sure love. and enjoying every 2nd of it
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dissolute went close at the end but keep a little put single ensured possible and kept the 1st clean air campaign and got a 1st 3 pointer since returning to the top flight. a strike worthy of winning any blueness to get clash but would it be and not perhaps had to be constantine or was it merely a glorious consolation. 33 minutes this sumptuous goal from you can look idea janet huff and can't believe. in just 5 minutes later it was already 2 nil for the visitors with mr reliable andre crocker it next week or perhaps a coach contact i watching from the stands was less than impressed but really struck back to don't look about you as one your goal. was this the start of the comeback it was just 22 minutes to go it was all square. even laurie and salomon
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kalou with the leveler. but despite the fight back cats are let themselves down again benyamin goodness. kept us on the street to defend his 1st post using to seal 3 point. 83 to 4 hof in time making their victory in a row. nothing seems to be going right for the poor old cologne visit mines on friday but they started brightly strikers him until the sublime finish giving them an early lead but things soon went south showing paula good just equalized for mines shortly after. that at least in so many of the idea so i'm so annoyed because we lost so many individual battles in one phase i think we lost 4 or 5 tackles and
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that led to a goal we need to avoid there so that if i come out and did their level best to regain the lead but mines keep up the vincent that was a very well. before this robin why someone destroyed have that mindset the breakthrough 8 minutes before the end of team a horn was beaten when he should have done better. on the final store another day to forget the color. of spirit when he did this match knowing they were potentially 90 minutes from reaching the top of the table against a lowly outing. up in a walk in the park but oliver class their team pulled it under pressure they produced more than enough chances to win the game and defended robotically when needed. impressive out of the match made in the 84th minute to spare. not the one with this close range fit. but the goal was disallowed
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for offside to spare killed the score for the 1st time this season and some top spots slipped by their. luck but went into the weekend's top of the table for a 2nd week running the bulls with a pen to sign the 1st whistle it wasn't until the hof alomar though that they broke the deadlock. on the stroke of half time the hosts doubled their advantage. to mail at the break and they've done it with neither of the world cup winners on the pitch frank could lead one back an hour in to maintain their record of scoring in every game so far this season danny de costa with the finishing touch. and they were growing more dangerous but glovebox would leave the mounting pressure with
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a quarter of an hour remaining. nico ellsbury restoring the 2 goal cushion with the limping header. but just 3 minutes later frankfurt book in its martini him to reg heading home from a corner young summer less than impressed. but it was not enough with 5 minutes ago glovebox delivered a sucker punch dennis eckersley at storing to seal the points a goal to put the smile back on some a space for the final straw come out on top in the 6 gold rilla and now to another team with that i'm going to sling a summit. is this the same old dominant firing unit decide to carries itself with a different swagger than the rest and strikes fear into all who stand before them no not. white at least that's the impression we got judging what he's concerned
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expressions ahead of kickoff. came to visit clearly finds players knew they were in for a tough afternoon and it didn't help their confidence that the club's 2 best defenders are out injured nicholas sooner and lucas hernandez their teammates offered their best wishes before the match a makeshift team 18 year old alfonso davies starred well for their back jerome boateng was drafted in to marshall the defense. byron are finding that aren't as easy to break down as they once were it's just 15 points on the board this is their worst start to a season for 9 years they have failed to win half their games this campaign despite this fine still have the talent to blow teams away. benjamin fulford for example the fact that they're open to scoring with this under board in the 13th minute but a stunning strike and one that should have set them on the path to victory but are
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not as confident these days as they once were but the south. even when trailing still fear bahrain as they once used to and why should the serial champions are softer version of themselves these days and for neon we're up for the fight. these days by and grab most of their balls to individual moments not the fast attacking combinations they were once famed for it live and dusty did the honors this time to nil surely putting the game beyond the plucky visitors a little fortunate with the run of the ball perhaps but good players make their own luck move and dusty has now scored in all 9 match days this season and new goodness legal record. we weren't about to give up
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a spot to space hoping that the gas lines depleted defense struggled to cope with school neons positive approach opponents never used to be this board's. turn the pressure only appeared concerned the defense. has conceded in each of their past 5 matches a citizen. on byron. warning something to spying team and not just on the pitch. criticize his players falling out with the stars if he doesn't he's called week up there was nothing colebatch to do about this him ball don't put me on your head to chance some spot. but manuel neuer came to the rescue as per usual about stop penalty but an even better see i shortly before the end put me on were given
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a 2nd chance sebastian poulter was brought down in the area and did the honors himself but. aspire. despite the victory expressions remain concerned as defensive continue to wreak havoc honorable especially when opposing teams no longer fear coming to the allianz arena. now let's take a look back at all the weekend's results. strange to see fine. again meanwhile 90. 6 love came out victorious with. the frankfurt but what else happened over the weekend in the 2nd division. the headlines. play. still goldstein killed in the 2nd good to see
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a gun but has yet to make an appearance for his class despite he still managed to get away a penalty on match day not. the only one to help while warming up people to the ball from going out of play and the linesman spotted. it's a strange and relatively new rule should substitute interfere with the plate inside the area up close and a yellow card must be given to the folks who made it $11.00 from the spot but surely much to me relief kill still an answer when she won election on the lead but back to the 1st division still sitting pretty in 1st compared to the last few weeks the top of the table is starting to get a little less tight next weekend only 5 teams can grapple for the 1st place.
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they're going to show their 1st sign of life this season but it didn't help their place in the table much down below everything is still pretty neck and neck the time it's taken off of these send me wins in a row. match day nothing is done justice so who is the real winner here the fans who calls. my book. a couple of surprises in the bundesliga so paul will buy and be back to their best next week. which record will live and dusty break next. will fully support ever be. a little shall come to react after a disappointing dummy. lukavac here score another goal. skills.
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such will come out of boredom set off on the run up to finally baggy green points and a bubble will cause some strikes blood pressure never returned to normal. we'll find out all those songs are more on another episode of take off on match day tamer co-features a. chicago
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crime wave. there's been an explosion of violence in america's 3rd largest city. in some parts of town right now are fighting over territory ganesan bystanders are caught in the crossfire. many local residents say it's trying to stop the bloodshed . chicago. just enough detail.
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kickoff. happy days hopeful resi a mention defending mathematician at the top of the bundesliga a little when at home against i trust france. the mood is not so great that by a minute after an unconvincing win against underdogs the net is this was true champions look like. because. of the double. nico is in germany to learn german. published in the. why not learn with him online on the mobile and free stuff for the w.c. learning course because vic. take a trip on us to go christmas market hopping with dean w.
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this is the do believe news live from perlin. president elect valves to turn the page on austerity alberta finance makes income but played a plea to begin transition talks and promises to take the country in a new direction 1st he must pull the economy back from the brink of collapse also coming up. the wildfire ravaging gold in california's wine country doubles in size turning homes and famed wineries into ashes meanwhile a separate fight in los angeles area forces.


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